hundred + Conn of the Hundred Battles - grandfather of Cormac mac Airt.

bordel - a house of prostitution, a brothel + (Joyce's note): 'the story of the house of the 100 bottles'.

illicit - not authorized or allowed, unlawful, forbidden + Chapelizod + (illicit drink shop).

lord mayor - the mayor of the large city

Baum (German) = boom (Dutch) - tree + baobab (stuttering).

litting - dyeing + to let off - to discharge with an explosion. Hence fig. To fire off (a joke, speech, etc.); to allow to go or escape.

flop - failure; a place to sleep, a cheap rooming house

dollop - large quantity of any thing; an untidy woman, a slattern, trollop + dead loop.

aloose - to loosen + alas!

lee - lie + the lee side and the weather side of a ship + Benjamin Lee Guinness - first Baronet Guinness, 19th century brewer and philanthropist (father of Arthur Edward and Edward Cecil)

benn - the Horse-radish tree + The Bennu-bird was supposed to have rested on a sacred pillar that was known as the benben-stone. The Egyptian priests showed this pillar to visitors, who considered it the most holy place on earth. The Bennu-bird The Book of the Dead says, "I am the Bennu bird, the Heart-Soul of Ra, the Guide of the Gods to the Tuat." While Bennu is the common name given to the bird in English, the original vowels of the name spelled as bnn by Egyptian scribes are uncertain, although it may have been pronounced something like bānana.

ARDILAUN - Island at North end of Lough Corrib, County Galway, near the Guinness family estates at Cong. Arthur Edward Guinness was Lord Ardilaun; his brother Edward Cecil Guinness was Lord Iveagh + a yard long.

evoe - shout of joy (the Bacchanalian exclamation ''Evoe!'')

breezy - windy + on the windy side of - so as not to be 'scented' and attacked by, out of the reach of; away from, clear of.

for show - for the sake of mere appearence or display

brewster = brewer - the owner or manager of a brewery + Humphrey Chimpden + TDV: I am as it's told me, flourishing like a lord mayor (on for show), the height of a brewer's Brewster's chimpney,

Barnum, Phineas T. (1810-91) - American circus man

humph - to utter an inarticulate 'h'mf!' + hump - to hoist or carry (a bundle) upon the back + TDV: humphing his showlders like he's such a grandfallar

shoulders + show there.

senken (ger) - submerge, lower

farfalla (Italian) - butterfly + grand fellow.

pocket knife - a knife with one or more blades which fold into the handle, for carrying in the pocket. + pock - to mark with pocks (a pustule or spot of eruption in any eruptive disease, esp. in small-pox) + pock (Slang) - syphilis.

in pickle - in reserve or use on occasion, in readiness; in an awkward or difficult situation; venereally infected (Slang) + pig in a poke (phrase).

firefly - a lampyrid or elaterid insect which has the property of emitting phosphorescent light + TDV: with a pockedwife in pickle that's a flyfire

nittle - a string or cord + TDV: and three sly little lice nittle clinkers,

clinker - pl. Fetters (slang); a very hard kind of brick of a pale colour, made in Holland, and used for paving + kliker (Serbian) - taw, marble.

twill - pattern of diagonal lines, to make a cloth with a twill weave + twilling (Danish) - twin + TDV: two twin twilling bugs and one midget pucell pucelle

bug - schoolboys slang for ''boy''

midget - an extremely small person

pucelle - a girl, a maid + pucelle (French) - virgin + puce (French) - flea.

aither - either + aithêr (gr) - ether.

ricorso (Italian) - recurring (Vico)

fourfooter - a creature having four feet; 1.2 m + footle (Slang) - to talk or act foolishly + *X*.

stool pigeon - a police informer

aboon - above + TDV: and either he did what you know or he did not what you know with weep the clouds alone for [weeping smiling] witnesses

that'll do - that is sufficient

shee (Anglo-Irish) - fairy (from Irish: sídhe) + TDV: and that'll do now but however that may be 'tis sure for one thing that he,

Aesop - the supposed author of a collection of Greek fables + Isis or in original more likely Aset. The Egyptian name was recorded as ỉs.t and meant "(She of the) Throne". The true Egyptian pronunciation remains uncertain, however, because hieroglyphs do not have vowels. Based on recent studies which present us with approximations based on contemporary languages (specifically, Greek) and Coptic evidence, the reconstructed pronunciation of her name is Usat. Osiris's name—that is, Usir "Osiris" (ws-ỉr) also starts with the throne glyph.

fable + fib (Colloquial) - a trivial lie.

sephiroth - any of the 10 emanations, or powers, by which God the Creator was said to become manifest (Kabbala) + zephyr - the west wind, esp. as personified, or the god of the west wind.

artsa (Hebrew) - to the earth (form of Hebrew erets: earth, country) + astra (l) - star.

zoom - to travel or move (as if) with a 'zooming' sound; to move at speed, to hurry

Ancient obelisks were often monolithic.

theatrocracy - government by the people assembled in their theater (as in Athenian democracy) + theocracy - priest-rule + white dwarf, red giant - types of stars.

qoheleth (Hebrew) - Ecclesiastes (literally 'preacher') + coalescing + (red + white = pink).

saraph (Hebrew) - poisonous snake; angel, seraph

torah - law; Pentateuch + Toraigh (tori) (gael) - Towery; island off N.W. Irish coast, Fomorian stronghold; anglic. Tory.

vouch - to cite, quote, to put in evidence, to announce

mappiq (Hebrew) - a dot in the letter 'heh'

put out - to utter, pronounce

hamma (Hebrew) - sun

Esq. - the common abbreviation of Esquire

overseen - supervised (as a person or work), esp. in an official capacity; somewhat drunk (Slang)

name + nayim (Arabic) - asleep + nayim (Hebrew) - pleasant + mayim (Hebrew) - water.


parochial - of a parish + raqia (Hebrew) - firmament.

firmament - the arch or vault of heaven overhead, in which the clouds and the stars appear, the sky or heavens

bum's rush - forcible ejection + get the bum's rush (Slang) - to be forcibly turned out + bulrush - a name applied in books to Scirpus lacustris, a tall rush growing in or near water; but in modern popular use, more usually, to Typha latifolia, the 'Cat's Tail' or 'Reed-mace'. In the Bible applied to the Papyrus of Egypt.

hull - the body or frame of a ship, apart from the masts, sails, and rigging + TDV: 'tis sure for one thing that he, overseen as we thought him, came to at this place some time or another in a hull of a wherry and has been repeating himself like fish ever since

wherry - a large boat of the barge kind (PICTURE) + hell of a hurry (phrase).

turbine + turban - a head-dress of Muslim origin.

dhow - a native vessel used on the Arabian Sea, generally with a single mast, and of 150 to 200 tons burden; but the name is somewhat widely applied to all Arab vessels (PICTURE).

Dublin Bay - embraced by Howth on the North and Dalkey on the South, Dublin Bay has often been compared with the Bay of Naples

archipelago - any sea, or sheet of water, in which there are numerous islands; and transf. a group of islands

schooner - a small sea-going fore-and-aft rigged vessel, originally with only two masts, but now often with three or four masts and carrying one or more topsails (PICTURE).

willow pattern - a pattern of blue-white English crockery, depicting willow-trees as a prominent feature + County Wicklow.

waxen - made of wax; grown up (obs) + wench - a girl, maid, young woman.

prow - the fore-part of a boat or ship

figurehead - a piece of ornamental carving, usually a bust or full-length figure, placed over the cut-water of a ship

dugong - a large aquatic herbivorous mammal inhabiting the Indian seas + Dublin Historical and Topographical 7: [...] in 938, at the great battle of Burnanburh (Brumby, near Beverley), Aulaf suffered a signal defeat. Five kings and seven earls were amongst the slain, and Aulaf, son of Godfrey, fled to Ireland with the remnant of his followers, as graphically described in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle [...] "Departed the Northmen in nailed ships / Drear remnant of darts on the sea of Dyng, / O'er the waters deep Dublin to seek, / Back to land of the Erse, depressed in mind."

up dip - situated in a direction upwards along the dip (depth of a vessel)

repreach - to preach again + TDV: and has been repeating himself like fish ever since

Holland 58: The mountains on the eastern side of Meccah rise very steeply, like cliffs. Quite close to the town, and between their spurs are long narrow ravines called Shebs. The word Sheb means, in Arabic, a rock + shebi (Turkish) - likeness + shevi (Hebrew) - captivity + sheva (Hebrew) - seven + Sheba (i.e. wife).

16 + soixante-dix (French) - seventy (literally 'sixty-ten')

shide (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - side

adi (Hebrew) - ornament + adi (Turkish) - ordinary + Adam and aid (Eve).

hoarish - somewhat hoary + (notebook 1924): 'grow old under turban' + Horus and Set (in next line)

sugar cane - a tall stout perennial grass, cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical countries, and forming the chief source of manufactured sugar + Cain and Seth (Genesis 4:25: 'And Adam knew his wife again; and she bare a son, and called his name Seth: For God, said she, hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew').

starch - a substance obtained from flour by removing some of its constituents, used, in the form of a gummy liquid or paste made with water, to stiffen linen or cotton fabrics in the process of laundry-work, to give a finish to the surface of textile materials, to size paper, etc. + (notebook 1924): 'plants turn sugar into starch & cellulose' → Haldane: Daedalus or Science and the Future 37: 'the average plant turns most of its sugar not into starch which is digestible, but into cellulose which is not, but forms its woody skeleton'.

tuttut - exp. of disapproval or disbelief + Tut's curse → Tutankhamen - Egyptian whose resplendent tomb was opened in the 1920s and the king "resurrected." A curse was laid on those who moved his bones.

cess - luck + bad cess to - bad luck to + tutto cessa (it) - everything ends + tutto un cesso (Italian Colloquial phrase) - a real dump, a complete mess (literally 'all a latrine').

batin (Turkish) = beten (Hebrew) - belly, abdomen + bating (Scottish) - with the exception of + TDV: an as also for all batin the bulkihead, [he bloats about, the that innebriate,]

bulkhead - one of the upright partitions serving to form the cabins in a ship or to divide the hold into distinct water-tight compartments, for safety in case of collision or other damage.

bloat - to swell, become swollen or turgid + float

inebriated - intoxicated, drunken + annebbiato (it) - clouded, foggy.

offender - one who offends, who transgresses a law, or infringes a rule or regulation

commune - to receive communion, to communicate intimely; common + TDV that he was of humile commune & ensectuous from nature,

insect + incestuous.

gauge - to 'take the measure' of (a person, his character, etc.) + TDV: as his you may guess from after his byname, & that he is he & no other he

byname - a secondary name, nickname

lashings (Anglo-Irish) - plenty + lashon (Hebrew) - tongue, speech, language.

khanneni (Hebrew) - pity me + Honi soit qui mal y pense (Med. Fr.) - 'evil be [to him] who evil thinks of this'; the motto of the Order of the Garter.

khamishim (Hebrew) - fifty + khamisha khumshey (Hebrew) - five fifths, i.e. Pentateuch.

sober serious (Joyce's note) → Evans: My People, Stories of the Peasantry of West Wales 25: 'A Heifer Without Blemish': 'What nonsense you talk out of the back of your head! Sober serious, mouth not that you have thrown gravel at Sara Jane's window!'

ee - eye; ye + Pigott's forged Parnell letter begins 'Dear E!... let there be an end of this hesitency' + he is he and no other he.

ultimately + timendum (l) - to be feared.

responsible + TDV: who is primarily responsible will be ultimendly respunchable for the high hall cost of everything.

hubbub - noisy turmoil; confusion, disturbance + khibbubh (Hebrew) - fondness.

Edinburgh - Scottish Gaelic DUNEIDEANN, city, district of the Lothian region, and capital of Scotland + Eden and Burgh Quays, Dublin, face one another across the Liffey river + eden - paradise + (Garden of Eden).