tofee - a sweet-meat made from sugar or treacle, butter, and sometimes a little flour, boiled together + 'Taffy was a Welshman, Taffy was a Thief' (nursery rhyme).

CAPE OF GOOD HOPE - originally named Cabo Tormentoso (Cape of Storms) by Bartholomeu Diaz, 1488. The ship of the Flying Dutchman was usually sighted in the latitudes of the Cabo Tormentoso + FDV: This is the gay first lipoleum boy that spy the Willingdone Williamstown on his white harse. Tip.

stonewall - Used as an epithet for one who seeks to confound by dogged resistance. Chiefly applied to Thomas Jonathan ('Stonewall') Jackson (1824-63), Confederate general during the American Civil War.

maxie (Slang) - big mistake + foxy.

matrimony - a husband + FDV: The Willingdone is an old many mantrment mantrument montrument mantrumon mantrumoney montrumeny lipoleum is nice old young bustellen.

hung (Slang) - (of a male) having large genitals + young

busheller - one who repairs garments for tailors + bachelors

American humorist Finley Peter Dunne is creator of Irish-American bartender Mr Dooley and Mr Hennessy; among his works are Mr Dooley in Peace and War + fhionn (Irish) - fair (Pronunciation 'hin'; *V*) + Ó Fhionnghusa (Irish) - descendant of Fionnghus ('fair choice').

hyena + Battle of Jena-Auerstedt, 1806 (Napoleon's victory over the Prussians).

alout - to stoop, to bow down + aloud + FDV: This is lipoleum lipeleum hennessy hinnessy that spy the Willingdone on his big white harse. This is the three little lopoleums. Tip. This is the hinnessy that spy laughing spying the Willingdone, this is the lipsyg dooley that get the funk from the hinnessy.

Leipzig, Battle of - Napoleon's defeat by the Prussians and their allies in 1813 + syg (Danish) - sick.

dubh (Irish) - dark (Pronunciation 'dhoo'; *C*) + Ó Dubhlaoich (Irish) - descendant of Dubhlaoch ('black warrior').

Krieg (ger) - war + FDV: this is the lipsyg dooley that get the funk from the hinnessy.

Funk (ger) - spark, radio + funk (Middle English) - spark.

Hindoo - an Aryan of Northern India (Hindustan) + an fhionndubh siomar sin (un hindu shimer shin) (gael) - that fair-dark trefoil (or, shamrock) + fhionndubh (Irish) - fair-dark (Pronunciation 'hindhoo'; *Y*).

Samar Singh (Hindustani) - typical name for a soldier (literally 'lion in battle') + siomar sin (Irish) - trefoil, shamrock + Shem/Shaun + FDV: This is the hindoo Shim Shin with his tubabine between the dooleyboy hiena & the hinnessy. Tip.

waxy (Slang) - angry + foxy.

G.E. Pickett - American Confederate general + picked up.

threefold - having three parts + FDV: This is the Willingdone, he laugh that his & pick up from the field bluttlefield bluttlefilth bluddlefilth a flag hat-o'-the-ffrinch lipoleums.

Ranji ("Jam Sahib") - Rajput cricketer, played for England, made over 3,000 runs + raging.

pumpship (Slang) - urinate + FDV: This the hindoo getting mad ranjymad for a bombshell bombshoot.

hank - to fasten with a hank + hanging + FDV: This is the Willingdone hang the half of a flag hat o' the lipoleum on at the tail at on the backend of his big white wide white harse.

culpa (l) - fault + Copenhagen.

waggle - to move (anything held or fixed at one end) to and fro with short quick motions, or with a rapid undulation; esp. to shake (any movable part of the body)

tail (Slang) - buttocks; penis + crupper - the buttocks of a horse + telescope + FDV: This the harse of the Willingdone wangling his tailiscrupp tailoscrupp [& the half o'hat] to the hindoo seeboy.

insult + Iseult + insulto (l) - I jump + Soult, Nicolas Jean de Dieu, Duke of Dalmatia (1769-1851) - French marshal who fought Wellington in the peninsula and at Waterloo.

sepoy - a native of India serving in the british army

Ney, Marshal - one of Napoleon's marshals, fought at Waterloo + (onomat.) + hnúj (Czech) = hnii (Ruthenian - Ukrainian) - dung.

MAHRATTA WAR - The Mahratta Confederation, which replaced the Mogul Empire, was the main force opposing Britain colonialization in India throughout the 18th cent. In the decisive Mahratta War of 1803-1805, Wellington won victories at Assaye and elsewhere + mad as a hatter - completely mad.

Up guards and at 'em! - Wellington's order in the last charge at Waterloo + FDV: This is the hindoo hattermad madrashattaras, upjump & pumpt pumpim [, like as [he cry to the Willingdone. [Ap] Bukkarru Pukkarru! [Pukka] Yurep!]]

ABOUKIR (ABUKIR) - Bay and village, 13 miles North-East of Alexandria, Egypt. In A Bay was fought the "Battle of the Nile" (1798) in which Nelson defeated the French fleet. Later, Napoleon defeated Turks (1799) and Sir Ralph Abercromby defeated French (1801) there.

BARNSTAPLE - Market town and seaport, South-West England; one of the most ancient royal boroughs. The allusion is also to Thackeray, Lectures on the English Humorists, "If Swift was Irish, then a man born in a stable is a horse." Wellington (whose birthplace in Ireland is still a matter of dispute) is also supposed to have denied his Irishness on the grounds that "a man is not a horse because he was born in a stable" + The Letter: born gentleman.

tinder - to become inflamed, glow, burn + tenders his matchbox + tinderbox (to light bomb).

cursing + Corsican (Napoleon was).

shimmer - a shimmering light or glow; a subdued tremulous light


BUSACO - Sierra de Busaco, Portugal, site of battle, 27 Sept 1810, in which Wellington repulsed a French attack.

usted (sp) - you (formal)

FDV: This the hindoo he shaking [warm] hands with hinself shoot the hat of lipoleums off the tail & blow the whole of the half hat of o' lipoleum off the end of the tale of the back backend back of the big wide harse. Tip. This way the mewseyroom mewseyruin. Mind your boots going out.

do for - to ruin, damage or injure fatally; to act for or in behalf of + Lord Dufferin - famous 19th century British diplomat, including Viceroy of India.

bullseye - the center of a target, a shot that hits a bull's eye

"—What a time you were! she said." (Molly Bloom in Ulysses) + (long time).

phew - a vocal gesture expressing impatience, disgust, discomfort, or weariness + FDV: Phew!

cooling + killing + FDV: How warming 'twas to have been in there! But how keling is the airabouts here! Such reasonable weather too.


Jack-o'-lantern is typically a carved pumpkin. It is associated chiefly with the holiday Halloween, and was named after the phenomenon of strange light flickering over peat bogs, called ignis fatuus or jack-o'-lantern.


house + Howth.

windy - window; a tall story; a piece of boasting or exaggeration

'Down in yonder green field / Down a down hey down hey down / There lies a knight slain 'neath his shield' (song The Three Ravens).

Nummer (ger) = nummer (Dutch) - number

quaint - of things: Skilfully made, so as to have a good appearance, ingeniously or cunningly designed or contrived + 29


vagrant - one who wanders or roams about; wandering, straying, roving + WAGRAM - Village, Austria, 12 miles North-East of Vienna. Napoleon defeated the Austrian army there on 5-6 July 1809.

piltdown - the name of a village in Sussex, England (piltdown man) + (notebook 1924): 'Piltdown man (Sussex)' + '150,000 Piltdown (Sussex)'.

knolly - full or abounding in knolls or hillocks

spy - to catch sight of, to discover + Spy, Man of - prehistoric fossils were found in the Belgian cave of Spy.

gnarly - covered with protuberances; distorted, twisted + early bird (*A*) + - Ancient Egyptian sign used for small and evil things alike.

pree - to try what (a thing) is like esp. by tasting

helf- (ger) - help

pelf - to spoil, rob + FDV: The wind is so westerly sowesterly around the downs & on every blasted knolly-oak-rock stuck high there's a the same gnarlybird gathering up one little true little free little poor little fine little slick little civil little late little nice little swell little a runlittle dolittle preelittle porelittle wipelittle pickalittle kickalittle eatlittle waitlittle dinelittle pinelittle kenlittle livealittle aleavenalittle leavenalittle pilfalittle gnarlybird.

veritable tableland

bleak - barren, dismal + blackbird - a well-known European song-bird, a species of thrush.

Rothschild - one who resembles a member of the Rothschild family in being exceptionally rich; a millionaire + wroth - angry, filled with wrath.

uproar - loud confused noise from many sources + L'empereur (fr) - The emperor.

glav, glave, glaive (gael, archaic) - sword + glava (Serbian) - head.


skud (Danish) - a gun-shot