Stanford: Complete Collection of Irish Music as Noted by George Petrie no. 393: 'Leather bags Donnel'.

shuffle - movement of the feet along the ground without lifting them + (shuffle and cut cards).

cut - appearence + Phil the Fluter's Ball (song): 'the shuffle, and the cut'.

HOPKINS AND HOPKINS - 1 Lower Sackvilie (now O'Connell) Street; goldsmiths, jewellers, and watchmakers.

eggy - annoyed, irritated + naggy - ill natured, bad tempered + egg-nog - a hot drink usually made of eggs, milk, sugar and spirits + everybody.

cis (kish) (gael) - wickerwork, basket + kiss.

tilly - a small extra measure given to a customer, the thirteenth of a baker's dozen (from Irish tuilleadh: added measure) + Kersse the Tailor.

buggerlugs (Nautical Slang) - Offensive term of address + bugger off (Slang) - go away + How Buckley shot the Russian General (motif).

"Jerusalem-farers" were the crusaders. 12th century Norwegian king Sigrid Magnusson (25.36), the most famous of the Northren Crusaders, was known as the "Jerusalem-farer" + be going to Jerusalem (Slang) - be drunk.

arse (Russian General) + Asia Minor.

gamier - comp. of gamy (showing an unyielding spirit to the last) + game cock - a cock bred and trained for fighting, or of the breed suitable for the sport of cock-fighting + agamê (gr) - virgin.

jake - an uncouth country fellow + Peter, Jack, Martin - in Swift's Tale of a Tub, they are the Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran churches. In FW they are also the Three.

stubble - to clear (land) of stubble (the stumps or lower parts of the stalks of wheat or other grain left in the ground by the sickle or reaping-machine).

Kherheb = priest 9 worms (notebook 1930) → The Book of the Dead ch. I and I.B: 'Chapter I was recited by the priest who accompanied the mummy to the tomb... the priest (kher heb) assumed the character of Thoth... Chapter IB gave the sāhu, or "spirit-body," power to enter the Tuat immediately after the burial of the material body, and delivered it from the Nine Worms that lived on the dead'.

scalding - very hot, burning + (notebook 1930): 'scalding water' → The Book of the Dead ch. LXIII) 'The recital of Chapter LXIII enabled the deceased to avoid drinking boiling water in the Tuat. The water in some of its pools was cool and refreshing to those who were speakers of the truth, but it turned into boiling water and scalded the wicked when they tried to drink of it'.

teaboiler - a vessel used for boiling tea + table + tay (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - tea.

PAPA WESTRAY ISLAND - Northmost of the Orkney Islands. The name "Papa" in several of the Orkneys derives from the Irish missionaries, or papae, sent there by Saint Columba to preach to the Pictish natives (6th cent) + vestry - church room with the westments of the clergy + vester pater (l) - the pope.

anear - near

whiter + As Your Hair Grows Whiter I Will Love You More (song) + (notebook 1930): 'wheat = Osiris' → Budge: The Book of the Dead (pamphlet) 31: 'Osiris was the Wheat-god... and the beatified lived upon the body of their god and ate him daily'.

celestial Liffey (notebook 1930) → Budge: The Book of the Dead (pamphlet) 38: 'cool water from the Celestial Nile and the springs of waters of heaven'.

hep - hip + (notebook 1930): 'Hep = river in heaven' → Budge: The Book of the Dead (pamphlet) 34: (quoting from a hymn to Rā) 'Thou didst create the earth, and man, thou didst make the sky and the celestial river Hep'.

Buddha was addressed as 'Hero' by a monk.

After his enlightenment, Buddha was saluted seven times.

thereto - to that + "Having forced Finnegan back into his coffin, the mourner-conspirators witness his dismemberment. Mr. Atherton first mentioned this use of the dismemberment (Books, 198), but he did not include the salute, "Seven times thereto", which is important in the Osirian context, expressing as it does "seven times two" or fourteen, the number of pieces into which the body of Osiris was torn (Budge, Gods, II, 127). As Mr. Slomczynski points out this salute may also include the number of conspirators, seventy-two."

kit - a number of things viewed as a whole; a set, lot, collection; esp. in phr. the whole kit + the whole bag of tricks - things that are needed for particular purpose esp. when almost magically effective.

jackboot - a heavy military boot

included + "There are a number of parallels between the three characters, Osiris, Orion, and Dionysus. Dionysus was torn in pieces by the Maenads. In the Orion myth it says the Scorpion stung him on the heel and caused his death. Osiris was cut into pieces by Seth. In reference to this Plutarch says "Such is the tradition. They say also that the date on which this deed was done was the seventeenth day of Athyr, when the sun passes through Scorpion"."

koproi kaprôn (gr) - pig shit (literally 'excrements of boars') + Tropic of Capricorn - the southern Tropic forming a tangent to the ecliptic at the first point of Capricorn (the tenth of the twelve signs of the Zodiac).

cloister - convent + cluster

Virgo - the sixth sign of the Zodiac

olala - Expression of happiness or surprise + alala - a shout used by the ancient Greeks in joining battle, a (Greek) battle-cry.

in the region of - round about, approximately

Sahu, Sah, was an ancient Egyptian title for Orion. Allen (Star Names) says that in Egypt, Orion in the great Ramesseum of Thebes about 3285 B.C. was known as Sahu. This twice appears in the Book of the Dead: "The shoulders of the constellation Sahu"; and: "I see the motion of the holy constellation Sahu". The Ancient Egyptians, their soul - their being - were made up of many different parts. Not only was there the physical form, but there were eight immortal or semi-divine parts that survived death. Sahu is the incorruptible spiritual body of man that could dwell in the heavens, appearing from the physical body after the judgment of the dead was passed (if successful) with all of the mental and spiritual abilities of a living body + sahel (Arabic) - shore.

Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 29: 'sure as you are born'

shuck - shell, husk, an outer covering + Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 20: 'a corn-shuck tick... a shuck tick' (a kind of coarse mattress).

Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 12: 'texas' (an officers' cabin or deck on a steamboat)

tow - the fibre of flax, hemp, or jute prepared for spinning by some process of scutching

linen - cloth woven from flax, a linen garment + Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 20: 'tow-linen' (material for shirts).

lonesome + loam - clay, clayey earth, mud + Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 12: 'lonesome' (over ten times in 'Huckleberry Finn').

Lafayette - the name of the French general; a city in Louisiana (Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 31: 'the road to Lafayette') + Liffey river.

track - a bar or bars of rolled steel making a track along which vehicles can roll + Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 31: 'I most dropped in my tracks I was so scared'.

unrested - thrown out of the rest; not laid to rest, not refreshed by rest + onrustig (Dutch) - disturbed, restless.

bottlewasher + canopic jars with heads resembling the king's were found in Tut-ankh-amen's tomb.

chapel of ease - a chapel built for the convenience of parishioners who live far from the parish church + Temple of Isis + Chapelizod.

Tutankahmen - king of Egypt (reigned 1333-23 BC), known chiefly for his intact tomb discovered in 1922. During his reign, powerful advisers restored the traditional religion and art style. A curse was laid on those who moved his bones + totally calm.

saith - 3d. sing of say + Budge: The Book of the Dead ch. XL: 'Osiris Ra, triumphant, saith: "Get thee back, Hai... Thoth hath cut of thy head, and I have performed upon thee all the things which the company of the gods ordered concerning thee in the matter of the work of thy slaughter. Get thee back, thou abomination of Osiris... I know thee, I know thee, I know thee, I know thee... Thou shalt not come to me, O thou that comest without being invoked, and whose [time of coming] is unknown"'.

Methyr - name of Isis in Plutarch + mether, medher (Anglo-Irish) - wooden drinking vessel (from Irish: meadar) + jar (Anglo-Irish) - a pint of stout; a drink (in general) + Netjer (ntrw) - 'Gods' + messenger.

salvation - the action of saving or delivering; the saving of the soul

The words of this Chapter shall be said after [the deceased] is laid to rest in Amentet; by means of them the region Tenn-t shall be contented with her lord. And the Osiris, the royal scribe, Nekhtu-Amen, whose word is truth, shall come forth, and he shall embark in the Boat of Ra, and [his] body upon its bier shall be counted up, and he shall be established in the Tuat. (THE EGYPTIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD).

abomination - an object that excites disgust and hatred + abram (Slang) - naked + Abraham (Genesis) + Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 31: 'The man that bought him is named Abram Foster -- Abram G. Foster -- and he lives forty mile back here in the country, on the road to Lafayette.'

precentor - a cleric who directs the choral services of a church or cathedral; a person, usually a clergy member, who is in charge of preparing worship services

grammarian - a specialist in grammar or linguistics

Christ Church and Saint Patrick's - Dublin cathedrals

tomb - to bury, entomb

howe - tumulus, barrow, burial mound + THING MOTE - The assembly place, usually on a mound, established by the Vikings whenever they settled. In Dublin, the Thing Mote was on a low hill South of the present Dame Street. The hill of the Thing Mote was called the Howe, Haugh, or "Howe over the Stein" (Steyne), from haugr, Old Danish "hill, sepulchral mound."

shipman - sailor, seaman

steep - precipitous + sleep well.

TDV: Everything's going on the same. Coal's short but we've plenty of bog in the yard. And barley's up again. The boys is attending school regular, sir. Hetty Jane's a child of Mary. And Essie Shanahan has let down her skirts. 'Twould delight your heart to see. Aisy now, you decent man, with your knees and lie quiet and repose your honour's lordship! I've an eye on queer Behan and Old old Kate and the milk buttermilk butter, trust me. And we put on your clock again, sir, for you. And it's herself that's fine too, don't be talking, and fond of the concertina of an evening: Her hair's as brown as ever it was. And wivvy and wavy. Repose you now! Finn no more!


holmsted (Danish) - homestead (a house with its dependent buildings and offices; esp. a farm-stead)

sanctuary - a holy place; a churchyard, cemetery

screain (skran) (gael) - bad luck! + bad scran to you (Anglo-Irish) - bad luck to you, an evil wish.

Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 35: 'we heard the breakfast-horn blowing'

William I, "The Conqueror"

keng = king

member - an external body part that projects from the body + Aesop's fable of the Belly and the Members.

shop slop - Used contemptuously for shop medicine + slop shop - a shop where slops or ready-made clothes, are sold.

Jacob's Biscuits - manufactured in Dublin. It was a Jacob's biscuit tin that the Citizen throws at Bloom. In FW they are the mess of pottage for which Esau sold his birthright to Jacob.

tipple - an intoxicating beverage; to indulge habitually to some excess in taking strong drink + Ulysses (619): "Dr Tibble's Vi-Cocoa."

Edwards - brand of "desiccated soup", mentioned in Ulysses (173).

dissipated - dispersed, scattered; dissolute

seagull - gull + Mother Seigel's Syrup - digestive tonic, sold in the British Isles.

Persse O'Reilly

bog - peat bog, marsh, swamp

barley - a hardy awned cereal, cultivated in all parts of the world; used partly as food, and largely (in Britain and the United States, mainly) in the preparation of malt liquors and spirits.

begrine - to dye in the grain, colour permanently

lessons + Nessans, St - to him, the Book of Howth is attributed + Church of the Three Sons of Nessan, Ireland's Eye, Ireland (ruins) + TDV: The boys is attending school regular, sir.

business + bee's knees (Slang) - acme of perfection.

hesitancy - the quality or condition of hesitating, indecision, vacillation + athanasia (gr) - immortality.

turn out - to result, to come about in the end + table-turning - the action of moving or turning a table without the application of force, such as by a group of people placing their hands on it in a spiritual gathering.

turn the tables - to cause a complete reversal of the state of affairs + tables - the common arithmetical tables, as the multiplication table and those of money, weights, and measures, esp. as learnt at school.


all for - entirely in favor of, on the side of

peg - to aim (a missile) at

smasher - something very large or fine or extraordinary of its kind