Fenian - One of an organization or 'brotherhood' formed among the Irish in the United States of America for promoting and assisting revolutionary movements, and for the overthrow of the English government in Ireland; the name was also erroneously applied to the Fianna, Finn's army (2.-3. c.).

spittle - saliva, spit

stint - to limit (a supply) unduly, to give in scanty measure + stint of - to limit unduly in supply.

shabty - a figurine of deceased person placed in an Egyptian tomb to act as an substitute for the dead person + (notebook 1930): 'Shabti figures' → The Book of the Dead ch. VI: 'The text of Chapter VI was cut on figures made of stone, wood, etc. (ushabtiu), which were placed in the tomb, and when the deceased recited it these figures became alive and did everything he wished. The shabti figure... took the place of the human funerary sacrifice which was common all over Egypt before the general adoption of the cult of Osiris'.

image - a statue, effigy, sculptured figure + (Joyce's note): 'ushabti (male puppet in Egyptian tomb - servant)'.

pennyworth - the amount of anything which is or may be bought for a penny, esp. a very small, or the least, amount

dodge my eyes

city + suttee - a Hindu widow who immolates herself on a pyre with her husband's body.

'Osiris field of reeds - - grasshopp - - offerings of food' (notebook 1930) → Budge: The Book of the Dead (pamphlet) 21: 'Osiris offered... as a reward a life in the Field of Reeds, and the Field of Offerings of Food, and the Field of the Grasshoppers, and everlasting existence in a transmuted and beatified body among the resurrected bodies of father and mother, wife and children, kinsfolk and friends'.

miel (fr) - honey + miliodôros (gr) - of a thousand gifts + míle deóra (Irish) - a thousand tears.

medicine man - a magician or shaman among American Indians and other peoples; hence colloq., a doctor

poppy - a plant (or flower) of the genus Papaver, comprising herbs of temperate and subtropical regions, having milky juice with narcotic properties + pap - soft or semi-liquid food for infants or invalids, made of bread, meal, etc., moistened with water or milk + (opium).

passe-partout (French) - functioning in all circumstances; a master key

hive - an artificial receptacle for the habitation of a swarm of bees, a beehive

comb - the flat cake or plate consisting of a double series of hexagonal cells of wax made by bees; a honeycomb

earwax - a viscid secretion which collects in the external meatus of the ear

If the game is won, Ombre then takes the content of the pot and is paid by each opponent. Spanish card suits were commonly coins and cups (female) and swords and clubs (male) + TDV: Honey is the holiest thing ever was [(mind you keep pot!)] or some goat's milk, sir?

nectar - the drink of the gods; the sweet fluid or honey

basilicon ointment - an ointment of rosin, yellow wax and lard

Fintan MacBochra - the only Irish person to survive the flood. God preserved him to tell early Christian saints the history of Ireland's past. He spent centuries as an eagle, a hawk, and then became an otherworld god of wisdom, incarnate in the salmon from which Finn got his wise thumb.

Lalor, James Fintan - 19th-century Irish nationalist + The Fintan Lalor Pipe Band of Dublin.

pipe - to play (a tune, music) upon a pipe

Bothnian - rel. to Bothnia (province in Sweden); The Gulf of Bothnia is North part of Baltic Sea, between Sweden and Finland.

menhir - a single upright monolith of prehistoric origin + menheir - sir, master + meneer, mijnheer (Dutch) - gentleman, Mr, sir + TDV: The menhere's always talking of you.

roof tree - the highest horizontal timber in roof, a horizontal pole at a top of a tent + According to the ancient Egyptian narrative, the tree (erica or heather) was cut down and, still containing the body of Osiris, made into a roof tree.

hollow - a valley, a basin; a hole, cave, den, burrow (obs.)

hallow - a holy personage, a saint + Every bullet has its billet (proverb).

dreng - a free tenant in ancient Northumbria, a low or base fellow + dregs + "Manden gav Blommen TIL DRENGEN" (Danish) - "The man gave the plum to the boy" → The plural of nouns in Danish are formed by the addition of e to the singular; as, Dreng: boy / pl. Drenge: boys.

The Salmon House - a Chapelizod public house (mentioned in Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu's "The House by the Churchyard", prologue)

shillelagh - an Irish cudgel of blackthorn or oak

manument - management + monument + manus (l) - hand + manumit - to free from slavery or bondage → "To the left of the portal are 11 images of the zodiacal constellations. There are 11, rather than the statutory 12, because Scorpius and Libra are merged as one, in the image of a scorpion grasping in its chelae, or claws, the balance of Libra. In this form, the ancient Greek images of the zodiac were manumitted from the writings of the Alexandrian-Roman astronomer, Ptolemy, to the architects of the first Romanesque cathedrals." (Mark Handsel: Zelator).

eirênê (gr) - peace

chep = chip + chip off the old block (phrase).

battery - a device that produces electricity + Wellington Monument, erected on site of old Salute Battery.

to be bought and sold - to be betrayed for a bribe

let down - to lower in position, intensity or strength, to abase, to disappoint

oner - something unique; to burden (obs) + owner of the land + honour of the Lord.

paddy - rice in the husk either gathered or still in the field; Irishman + planter - one who sows seed, one that cultivates plants + Joyce's note: 'paddyplanters walk bowed'.

pack up - to put (things) away in a proper or suitable place

lap - the upper side of the thighs of a seated person

goddess - a female deity in polytheistic systems of religion + in the lap of the gods - beyond human control, left to fate.

free and easy - unconstrained, natural

game - having the spirit of a game-cock; full of pluck, showing 'fight'

gunne - gun (a person of distinction or importance) + Michael Gunn, director of the Gaiety Theatre on Dublin's King Street + TDV: The grand old Gunne, they do be saying, that was a planter for you!

skaal! (Danish) - (toast)

spicer - a dealer in spices, an apothecary or druggist + daddy of them all - best example of som. pleasant or unpleasant.

begob, begod - mild oaths + bog (Serbian) - god.

dead and gone - dead + TDV: He's duddandgunne now but peace to his great limbs with the long rest of him!


sore - sickness, disease, a bodily injury; a wound + shoresh (Hebrew) - a root.

body + zadek (Czech) - buttocks, arse + tsedeq (Hebrew) - justice.

Buddha + buttock + badhach (Anglo-Irish) - lout, bumpkin, clown (from Irish: bodach) + hoch (ger) - high.

league long - that extends the length of a league (roughly about 3 miles)

TUSKAR LIGHTHOUSE - On Tuskar Rock, off Carnsore Point, County Wexford (had a one-million-candlepower light) + tusk (Buddha had incarnations as an elephant).

SEA OF MOYLE - Poetic name for the North Channel of the Irish Sea, between County Antrim and Scotland. Joyce thought (Letters III, 339) it was St George's Channel, between Wexford and Wales, which is swept by the Tuskar Lighthouse + James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Temora I: 'He turned his eye to Moilena'.

warlord - a supreme military leader

BRETLAND - In the Sagas, the name for Wales; later poetic for "Britain."

PIKE COUNTY - Missouri county on the Mississippi River, North of St Louis; site of the imaginary town of St Petersburg, home of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. In an introductory note to Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain refers to the care he has taken with the "ordinary 'Pike County' dialect" and its variants.

árd rí (Irish) - High King (of Ireland)

bung - a plug used to close a hole in a barrel or flask

Sun King - epithet of Louis XIV

hoist - elevate

Liam (Irish) - William + LIA FAIL - The "Stone of Destiny," a monolith at ancient Tara which shrieked at the coronation of rightful high kings, and caused "black spot" on any guilty man seated on it + James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Temora II: 'When thou, O stone, shalt fail'.

MacCool + mór (Irish) - great.

reise = raise

funny man + Fin.

compass - encompass, encircle, comprehend, grasp

cause - reason for action, motive + compas course - a course steered by compass.

Huckleberry + haggle - to dispute or bargain persistently, esp. over the cost of something.

Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 5: (Huck's pap) 'He was most fifty, and he looked it. His hair was long and tangled and greasy, and hung down, and you could see his eyes shining through like he was behind vines.'

table ("Tonight Better Half asked me to lay the table")

batter - one that bats (to strike with, or as with, a bat; to cudgel, thrash, beat); the player at bat in baseball and cricket

Mick - Irishman (offensive)

Macaulay, Thomas Babington (1800-1859) - English poet, historian

take off - to imitate (esp. by mockery), to mimic