Back in those days of yore in late 90' of previous millennium, when with its glosses thrived on free hosting services like Geocities, frames were the next best thing - everyone used them and, as a matter of fact, for annotations in footnotes of this site they are even now unsurpassed. Be that as it may, frames are now deprecated or, more correctly, obsolete. Such an atavism that modern browsers and especially mobile devices are expressing open hostility towards commands like 'frameset', 'frameset framespacing', etc. An html5 coding language refuses to recognize those commands, Safari browser recoils in horror, Android tries its best but visual results are mediocre. So came the time for a major reengineering of; however everything that is on site now (and that is the content from September 2010) in frames and via tooltips, will stay as it is - that still works fine, at least on Windows. On the other hand, for mobile devices Finnegans Wake will be shrouded in div's and iframes, ''dirty'' html code will be cleansed, files will be smaller and result should be slick (sic!) performance on iOS, Android, iPhone, Tablets, and hopefully mobile watches (kh!). All that will be made available through ''Kidam Flying Colors Technology'' (kh! kh! if it does not exist it would be necessary quoniam to invent it). By the way, ''kidam'' in Serbian means ''I am ripping'' :)