John Jameson and Son

Irish Distillers own two distilleries, Bushmills and the modern Midleton complex near Cork. Jameson are produced from whiskies distilled at these two distilleries.

From the back of the box. 
When John Jameson opened his distillery in Dublin in 1780 he was carrying on a tradition of whiskey making which had its origins in Ireland over a thousand years ago. 
    Today Jameson Irish Whiskey is world famous for its distinctive flavour and smooth caracteristics. 
    Triple distilled from the finest Irish barley and pure spring water and then matured in oak casks. Jameson carries the hallmark of quality which has made it the best selling Irish Whiskey around the world.

From Collins pocket reference :
The arrival in Ireland of Scot John Jameson in the 1770s marked a significant new departure for the growing legal Irish whiskey industry. Jameson already had connections with the Scottish industry - he had even married into the Haig family - and his son consolidated the business by marrying a daughter of John Stein, whose family who were among the biggest grain distillers in Scotland and who owned Dublin's Bow Street distillery which Jameson Senior was soon to purchase.
    His exacting standards and aptitude for the business helped build his firm in the eighteenth century and into the nineteenth. Although own-label sales were still a concept of the future, Jameson's whiskey, sold through merchants, acquired the reputation, with Power's, of being the best of Irish.