James Joyce


Book I

chapter 6

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    Who do you no tonigh, lazy and gentleman?
    The echo is where in the back of the wodes; callhim forth!
    (Shaun Mac Irewick, briefdragger, for the concern of Messrs
Jhon Jhamieson and Song, rated one hundrick and thin per
storehundred on this nightly quisquiquock of the twelve apos-
trophes, set by Jockit Mic Ereweak. He misunderstruck and aim
for am ollo of number three of them and left his free natural ri-
postes to four of them in their own fine artful disorder.)
    1. What secondtonone myther rector and maximost bridges-
maker was the first to rise taller through his beanstale than the
bluegum buaboababbaun or the giganteous Wellingtonia Sequoia;
went nudiboots with trouters into a liffeyette when she was
barely in her tricklies; was well known to claud a conciliation
cap onto the esker of his hooth; sports a chainganger's albert
solemenly over his hullender's epulence; thought he weighed a
new ton when there felled his first lapapple; gave the heinous-
ness of choice to everyknight betwixt yesterdicks and twomaries;
had sevenal successivecoloured serebanmaids on the same big
white drawringroam horthrug; is a Willbeforce to this hour at
house as he was in heather; pumped the catholick wartrey and
shocked the prodestung boyne; killed his own hungery self in
anger as a young man; found fodder for five when allmarken
rose goflooded; with Hirish tutores Cornish made easy; voucher

of rotables, toll of the road; bred manyheaded stepsons for one
leapyourown taughter; is too funny for a fish and has too much
outside for an insect; like a heptagon crystal emprisoms trues and
fauss for us; is infinite swell in unfitting induments; once was he
shovelled and once was he arsoned and once was he inundered
and she hung him out billbailey; has a quadrant in his tile to tell
Toler cad a'clog it is; offers chances to Long on but stands up
to Legge before; found coal at the end of his harrow and moss-
roses behind the seams; made a fort out of his postern and wrote
F.E.R.T. on his buckler; is escapemaster-in-chief from all sorts
of houdingplaces; if he outharrods against barkers, to the shool-
bred he acts whiteley; was evacuated at the mere appearance of
three germhuns and twice besieged by a sweep; from zoomor-
phology to omnianimalism he is brooched by the spin of a coin;
towers, an eddistoon amid the lampless, casting swannbeams on
the deep; threatens thunder upon malefactors and sends whispers
up fraufrau's froufrous; when Dook Hookbackcrook upsits his
ass booseworthies jeer and junket but they boos him oos and baas
his aas when he lukes like Hunkett Plunkett; by sosannsos and
search a party on a lady of this city; business, reading news-
paper, smoking cigar, arranging tumblers on table, eating meals,
pleasure, etcetera, etcetera, pleasure, eating meals, arranging tum-
blers on table, smoking cigar, reading newspaper, business;
minerals, wash and brush up, local views, juju toffee, comic and
birthdays cards; those were the days and he was their hero; pink
sunset shower, red clay cloud, sorrow of Sahara, oxhide on Iren;
arraigned and attainted, listed and lited, pleaded and proved;
catches his check at banck of Indgangd and endurses his doom at
chapel exit; brain of the franks, hand of the christian, tongue of
the north; commands to dinner and calls the bluff; has a block at
Morgen's and a hatache all the afternunch; plays gehamerat when
he's ernst but misses mausey when he's lustyg; walked as far as
the Head where he sat in state as the Rump; shows Early Eng-
lish tracemarks and a marigold window with manigilt lights, a
myrioscope, two remarkable piscines and three wellworthseeing
ambries; arches all portcullised and his nave dates from dots; is

a horologe unstoppable and the Benn of all bells; fuit, isst and
herit and though he's mildewstaned he's mouldystoned; is a quer-
cuss in the forest but plane member for Megalopolis; mountun-
mighty, faunonfleetfoot; plank in our platform, blank in our
scouturn; hidal, in carucates he is enumerated, hold as an earl,
he counts; shipshaped phrase of buglooking words with a form
like the easing moments of a graminivorous; to our dooms
brought he law, our manoirs he made his vill of; was an over-
grind to the underground and acqueduced for fierythroats; sends
boys in socks acoughawhooping when he lets farth his carbon-
oxside and silk stockings show her shapings when he looses hose
on hers; stocks dry puder for the Ill people and pinkun's pellets
for all the Pale; gave his mundyfoot to Miserius, her pinch to
Anna Livia, that superfine pigtail to Cerisia Cerosia and quid
rides to Titius, Caius and Sempronius; made the man who had
no notion of shopkeepers feel he'd rather play the duke than play
the gentleman; shot two queans and shook three caskles when
he won his game of dwarfs; fumes inwards like a strombolist till
he smokes at both ends; manmote, befier of him, womankind,
pietad!; shows one white drift of snow among the gorsegrowth
of his crown and a chaperon of repentance on that which shed
gore; pause and quies, triple bill; went by metro for the polis and
then hoved by; to the finders, hail! woa, you that seek!; whom
fillth had plenished, dearth devoured; hock is leading, cocoa comes
next, emery tries for the flag; can dance the O'Bruin's polerpasse
at Noolahn to his own orchistruss accompaniment; took place
before the internatural convention of catholic midwives and
found stead before the congress for the study of endonational
calamities; makes a delictuous entrée and finishes off the course
between sweets and savouries; flouts for forecasts, flairs for finds
and the fun of the fray on the fairground; cleared out three hun-
dred sixty five idles to set up one all khalassal for henwives hoping
to have males; the flawhoolagh, the grasping one, the kindler of
paschal fire; forbids us our trespassers as we forgate him; the
phoenix be his pyre, the cineres his sire!; piles big pelium on
little ossas like the pilluls of hirculeads; has an eatupus complex

and a drinkthedregs kink; wurstmeats for chumps and cowcar-
lows for scullions; when he plies for our favour is very trolly
ours; two psychic espousals and three desertions; may be matter
of fact now but was futter of magd then; Cattermole Hill, ex-
mountain of flesh was reared up by stress and sank under strain;
tank it up, dank it up, tells the tailor to his tout; entoutcas for a
man, but bit a thimble for a maid; blimp, blump; a dud letter, a sing
a song a sylble; a byword, a sentence with surcease; while stands
his canyouseehim frails shall fall; was hatched at Cellbridge but
ejoculated abrood; as it gan in the biguinnengs so wound up in
a battle of Boss; Roderick, Roderick, Roderick, O, you've gone
the way of the Danes; variously catalogued, regularly regrouped;
a bushboys holoday, a quacker's mating, a wenches' sandbath;
the same homoheatherous checkinlossegg as when sollyeye airly
blew ye; real detonation but false report; spa mad but inn sane;
half emillian via bogus census but a no street hausmann when
allphannd; is the handiest of all andies and a most alleghant spot
to dump your hump; hands his secession to the new patricius but
plumps plebmatically for the bloody old centuries; eats with
doors open and ruts with gates closed; some dub him Rotshield
and more limn him Rockyfellow; shows he's fly to both demis-
fairs but thries to cover up his tracers; seven dovecotes cooclaim
to have been pigeonheim to this homer, Smerrnion, Rhoebok,
Kolonsreagh, Seapoint, Quayhowth, Ashtown, Ratheny; inde-
pendent of the lordship of chamberlain, acknowledging the rule
of Rome; we saw thy farm at Useful Prine, Domhnall, Domhnall;
reeks like Illbelpaese and looks like Iceland's ear; lodged at quot
places, lived through tot reigns; takes a szumbath for his weekend
and a wassarnap for his refreskment; after a good bout at stool-
ball enjoys Giroflee Giroflaa; what Nevermore missed and
Colombo found; believes in everyman his own goaldkeeper and
in Africa for the fullblacks; the arc of his drive was forty full
and his stumps were pulled at eighty; boasts him to the thick-in-
thews the oldest creater in Aryania and looks down on the Suiss
family Collesons whom he calls les nouvelles roches; though his
heart, soul and spirit turn to pharaoph times, his love, faith and

hope stick to futuerism; light leglifters cense him souriantes from
afore while boor browbenders curse him grommelants to his
hindmost; between youlasses and yeladst glimse of Even; the
Lug his peak has, the Luk his pile; drinks tharr and wodhar for
his asama and eats the unparishable sow to styve off reglar rack;
the beggars cloak them reclined about his paddystool, the whores
winken him as they walk their side; on Christienmas at Advent
Lodge, New Yealand, after a lenty illness the roeverand Mr
Easterling of pentecostitis, no followers by bequest, fanfare all
private; Gone Where Glory Waits Him (Ball, bulletist) but Not
Here Yet (Maxwell, clark); comminxed under articles but phoe-
nished a borgiess; from the vat on the bier through the burre in
the dark to the buttle of the bawn; is A1 an the highest but Roh
re his root; filled fanned of hackleberries whenas all was tuck
and toss up for him as a yangster to fall fou of hockinbechers
wherein he had gauged the use of raisin; ads aliments, das doles,
raps rustics, tams turmoil; sas seed enough for a semination but
sues skivvies on the sly; learned to speak from hand to mouth
till he could talk earish with his eyes shut; hacked his way through
hickheckhocks but hanged hishelp from there hereafters; rialtos,
annesleyg, binn and balls to say nothing atolk of New Comyn;
the gleam of the glow of the shine of the sun through the
dearth of the dirth on the blush of the brick of the viled ville of
Barnehulme has dust turned to brown; these dyed to tartan him,
rueroot, dulse, bracken, teasel, fuller's ash, sundew and cress;
long gunn but not for cotton; stood his sharp assault of famine
but grew girther, girther and girther; he has twenty four or so
cousins germinating in the United States of America and a
namesake with an initial difference in the once kingdom of
Poland; his first's a young rose and his second's French-
Egyptian and his whole means a slump at Christie's; forth of his
pierced part came the woman of his dreams, blood thicker then
water last trade overseas; buyshop of Glintylook, eorl of Hoed;
you and I are in him surrented by brwn bldns; Elin's flee
polt pelhaps but Hwang Chang evelytime; he one was your of
highbigpipey boys but fancy him as smoking fags his at time of

life; Mount of Mish, Mell of Moy; had two cardinal ventures and
three capitol sinks; has a peep in his pocketbook and a packet-
boat in his keep; B.V.H., B.L.G., P.P.M., T.D.S., V.B.D.,
T.C.H., L.O.N.; is Breakfates, Lunger, Diener and Souper; as
the streets were paved with cold he felt his topperairy; taught
himself skating and learned how to fall; distinctly dirty but rather
a dear; hoveth chieftains evrywehr, with morder; Ostman
Effendi, Serge Paddishaw; baases two mmany, outpriams al'
his parisites; first of the fenians, roi des fainéants; his Tiara of
scones was held unfillable till one Liam Fail felled him in West-
munster; was struck out of his sittem when he rowed saulely to
demask us and to our appauling predicament brought as plagues
from Buddapest; put a matchhead on an aspenstalk and set the
living a fire; speared the rod and spoiled the lightning; married
with cakes and repunked with pleasure; till he was buried how-
happy was he and he made the welkins ring with Up Micawber!;
god at the top of the staircase, carrion on the mat of straw;
the false hood of a spindler web chokes the cavemouth of his
unsightliness but the nestlings that liven his leafscreen sing him
a lover of arbuties; we strike hands over his bloodied warsheet
but we are pledged entirely to his green mantle; our friend
vikelegal, our swaran foi; under the four stones by his streams
who vanished the wassailbowl at the joy of shells; Mora and
Lora had a hill of a high time looking down on his confusion till
firm look in readiness, forward spear and the windfoot of curach
strewed the lakemist of Lego over the last of his fields; we
darkened for you, faulterer, in the year of mourning but we'll
fidhil to the dimtwinklers when the streamy morvenlight calls up
the sunbeam; his striped pantaloons, his rather strange walk;
hereditatis columna erecta, hagion chiton eraphon; nods a nap for
the nonce but crows cheerio when they get ecunemical; is a simul-
taneous equator of elimbinated integras when three upon one is
by inspection improper; has the most conical hodpiece of con-
fusianist heronim and that chuchuffuous chinchin of his is like
a footsey kungoloo around Taishantyland; he's as globeful as a
gasometer of lithium and luridity and he was thrice ten anular

years before he wallowed round Raggiant Circos; the cabalstone
at the coping of his cavin is a canine constant but only an amiri-
can could apparoxemete the apeupresiosity of his atlast's alonge-
ment; sticklered rights and lefts at Baddersdown in his hunt for
the boar trwth but made his end with the modareds that came
at him in Camlenstrete; a hunnibal in exhaustive conflict, an otho
to return; burning body to aiger air on melting mountain in
wooing wave; we go into him sleepy children, we come out of
him strucklers for life; he divested to save from the Mrs Drown-
ings their rival queens while Grimshaw, Bragshaw and Renshaw
made off with his storen clothes; taxed and rated, licensed and
ranted; his threefaced stonehead was found on a whitehorse hill
and the print of his costellous feet is seen in the goat's grass-
circle; pull the blind, toll the deaf and call dumb, lame and halty;
Miraculone, Monstrucceleen; led the upplaws at the Creation and
hissed a snake charmer off her stays; hounded become haunter,
hunter become fox; harrier, marrier, terrier, tav; Olaph the Ox-
man, Thorker the Tourable; you feel he is Vespasian yet you
think of him as Aurelius; whugamore, tradertory, socianist, com-
moniser; made a summer assault on our shores and begiddy got
his sands full; first he shot down Raglan Road and then he tore
up Marlborough Place; Cromlechheight and Crommalhill were
his farfamed feetrests when our lurch as lout let free into the
Lubar heloved; mareschalled his wardmotes and delimited the
main; netted before nibbling, can scarce turn a scale but, grossed
after meals, weighs a town in himself; Banba prayed for his con-
version, Beurla missed that grand old voice; a Colossus among
cabbages, the Melarancitrone of fruits; larger than life, doughtier
than death; Gran Turco, orege forment; lachsembulger, leperlean;
the sparkle of his genial fancy, the depth of his calm sagacity, the
clearness of his spotless honour, the flow of his boundless bene-
volence; our family furbear, our tribal tarnpike; quary was he
invincibled and cur was he burked; partitioned Irskaholm, united
Irishmen; he took a svig at his own methyr but she tested a bit
gorky and as for the salmon he was coming up in him all life
long; comm, eilerdich hecklebury and sawyer thee, warden;

silent as the bee in honey, stark as the breath on hauwck, Cos-
tello, Kinsella, Mahony, Moran, though you rope Amrique your
home ruler is Dan; figure right, he is hoisted by the scurve of
his shaggy neck, figure left, he is rationed in isobaric patties
among the crew; one asks was he poisoned, one thinks how much
did he leave; ex-gardener (Riesengebirger), fitted up with
planturous existencies would make Roseoogreedy (mite's) little
hose; taut sheets and scuppers awash but the oil silk mack Lieb-
sterpet micks his aquascutum; the enjoyment he took in kay
women, the employment he gave to gee men; sponsor to a squad
of piercers, ally to a host of rawlies; against lightning, explosion,
fire, earthquake, flood, whirlwind, burglary, third party, rot, loss
of cash, loss of credit, impact of vehicles; can rant as grave as
oxtail soup and chat as gay as a porto flippant; is unhesitent in
his unionism and yet a pigotted nationalist; Sylviacola is shy of
him, Matrosenhosens nose the joke; shows the sinews of peace in
his chest-o-wars; fiefeofhome, ninehundred and thirtunine years
of copyhold; is aldays open for polemypolity's sake when he's not
suntimes closed for the love of Janus; sucks life's eleaxir from
the pettipickles of the Jewess and ruoulls in sulks if any popeling
runs down the Huguenots; Boomaport, Walleslee, Ubermeerschall
Blowcher and Supercharger, Monsieur Ducrow, Mister Mudson,
master gardiner; to one he's just paunch and judex, to another
full of beans and brehons; hallucination, cauchman, ectoplasm;
passed for baabaa blacksheep till he grew white woo woo woolly;
was drummatoysed by Mac Milligan's daughter and put to music
by one shoebard; all fitzpatricks in his emirate remember him, the
boys of wetford hail him babu; indanified himself with boro tribute
and was schenkt publicly to brigstoll; was given the light in drey
orchafts and entumuled in threeplexes; his likeness is in Terrecuite
and he giveth rest to the rainbowed; lebriety, frothearnity and
quality; his reverse makes a virtue of necessity while his obverse
mars a mother by invention; beskilk his gunwale and he's the
second imperial, untie points, unhook tenters and he's lath and
plaster; calls upon Allthing when he fails to appeal to Eachovos;
basidens, ardree, kongsemma, rexregulorum; stood into Dee mouth,

then backed broadside on Baulacleeva; either eldorado or ultimate
thole; a kraal of fou feud fires, a crawl of five pubs; laid out lash-
ings of laveries to hunt down his family ancestors and then pled
double trouble or quick quits to hush the buckers up; threw peb-
blets for luck over one sodden shoulder and dragooned peoplades
armed to their teeth; pept as Gaudio Gambrinus, grim as Potter
the Grave; ace of arts, deuce of damimonds, trouble of clubs, fear
of spates; cumbrum, cumbrum, twiniceynurseys fore a drum but
tre to uno tips the scale; reeled the titleroll opposite a brace of
girdles in Silver on the Screen but was sequenced from the set
as Crookback by the even more titulars, Rick, Dave and Barry;
he can get on as early as the twentysecond of Mars but occasion-
ally he doesn't come off before Virgintiquinque Germinal; his In-
dian name is Hapapoosiesobjibway and his number in arithmo-
sophy is the stars of the plough; took weapon in the province of
the pike and let fling his line on Eelwick; moves in vicous cicles
yet remews the same; the drain rats bless his offals while the park
birds curse his floodlights; Portobello, Equadocta, Therecocta,
Percorello; he pours into the softclad shellborn the hard cash
earned in Watling Street; his birth proved accidental shows his
death its grave mistake; brought us giant ivy from the land of
younkers and bewitthered Apostolopolos with the gale of his gall;
while satisfied that soft youthful bright matchless girls should
bosom into fine silkclad joyous blooming young women is not
so pleased that heavy swearsome strongsmelling irregularshaped
men should blottout active handsome wellformed frankeyed boys;
herald hairyfair, alloaf the wheat; husband your aunt and endow
your nepos; hearken but hush it, screen him and see; time is,
an archbishopric, time was, a tradesmen's entrance; beckburn
brooked with wath, scale scarred by scow; his rainfall is a couple
of kneehighs while his meanst grass temperature marked three in
the shade; is the meltingpoint of snow and the bubblingplace of
alcohol; has a tussle with the trulls and then does himself justice;
hinted at in the eschatological chapters of Humphrey's Justesse
of the Jaypees
and hunted for by Theban recensors who sniff
there's something behind the Bug of the Deaf; the king was in

his cornerwall melking mark so murry, the queen was steep in
armbour feeling fain and furry, the mayds was midst the haw-
thorns shoeing up their hose, out pimps the back guards (pomp!)
and pump gun they goes; to all his foretellers he reared a stone
and for all his comethers he planted a tree; forty acres, sixty miles,
white stripe, red stripe, washes his fleet in annacrwatter; whou
missed a porter so whot shall he do for he wanted to sit for
Pimploco but they've caught him to stand for Sue?; Dutchlord,
Dutchlord, overawes us; Headmound, king and martyr, dunstung
in the Yeast, Pitre-le-Pore-in Petrin, Barth-the-Grete-by-the-
Exchange; he hestens towards dames troth and wedding hand
like the prince of Orange and Nassau while he has trinity left
behind him like Bowlbeggar Bill-the-Bustonly; brow of a hazel-
wood, pool in the dark; changes blowicks into bullocks and a
well of Artesia into a bird of Arabia; the handwriting on his
facewall, the cryptoconchoidsiphonostomata in his exprussians;
his birthspot lies beyond the herospont and his burialplot in the
pleasant little field; is the yldist kiosk on the pleninsula and the
unguest hostel in Saint Scholarland; walked many hundreds and
many score miles of streets and lit thousands in one nightlights
in hectares of windows; his great wide cloak lies on fifteen acres
and his little white horse decks by dozens our doors; O sorrow
the sail and woe the rudder that were set for Mairie Quai!; his
suns the huns, his dartars the tartars, are plenty here today; who
repulsed from his burst the bombolts of Ostenton and falchioned
each flash downsaduck in the deep; apersonal problem, a loca-
tive enigma; upright one, vehicule of arcanisation in the field,
lying chap, floodsupplier of celiculation through ebblanes; a part
of the whole as a port for a whale; Dear Hewitt Castello, Equerry,
were daylighted with our outing and are looking backwards to
unearly summers, from Rhoda Dundrums; is above the seedfruit
level and outside the leguminiferous zone; when older links lock
older hearts then he'll resemble she; can be built with glue and
clippings, scrawled or voided on a buttress; the night express
sings his story, the song of sparrownotes on his stave of wires;
he crawls with lice, he swarms with saggarts; is as quiet as a

mursque but can be as noisy as a sonogog; was Dilmun when his
date was palmy and Mudlin when his nut was cracked; suck up
the sease, lep laud at ease, one lip on his lap and one cushlin his
crease; his porter has a mighty grasp and his baxters the boon of
broadwhite; as far as wind dries and rain eats and sun turns
and water bounds he is exalted and depressed, assembled and
asundered; go away, we are deluded, come back, we are dis-
ghosted; bored the Ostrov, leapt the Inferus, swam the Mabbul
and flure the Moyle; like fat, like fatlike tallow, of greasefulness,
yea of dripping greasefulness; did not say to the old, old, did not
say to the scorbutic, scorbutic; he has founded a house, Uru,
a house he has founded to which he has assigned its fate; bears
a raaven geulant on a fjeld duiv; ruz the halo off his varlet when
he appeared to his shecook as Haycock, Emmet, Boaro, Toaro,
Osterich, Mangy and Skunk; pressed the beer of aled age out of
the nettles of rashness; put a roof on the lodge for Hymn and a
coq in his pot pro homo; was dapifer then pancircensor then
hortifex magnus; the topes that tippled on him, the types that
toppled off him; still starts our hares yet gates our goat; pocket-
book packetboat, gapman gunrun; the light of other days, dire
dreary darkness; our awful dad, Timour of Tortur; puzzling,
startling, shocking, nay, perturbing; went puffing from king's
brugh to new customs, doffing the gibbous off him to every
breach of all size; with Pa's new heft and Papa's new helve he's
Papapa's old cutlass Papapapa left us; when youngheaded old-
shouldered and middlishneck aged about; caller herring every-
daily, turgid tarpon overnight; see Loryon the comaleon that
changed endocrine history by loeven his loaf with forty bannucks;
she drove him dafe till he driv her blind up; the pigeons doves be
perchin all over him one day on Baslesbridge and the ravens duv
be pitchin their dark nets after him the next night behind Koenig-
stein's Arbour; tronf of the rep, comf of the priv, prosp of the
pub; his headwood it's ideal if his feet are bally clay; he crashed
in the hollow of the park, trees down, as he soared in the vaguum
of the phoenix, stones up; looks like a moultain boultter and
sounds like a rude word; the mountain view, some lumin pale

round a lamp of succar in boinyn water; three shots a puddy at
up blup saddle; made up to Miss MacCormack Ni Lacarthy who
made off with Darly Dermod, swank and swarthy; once diamond
cut garnet now dammat cuts groany; you might find him at the
Florence but watch our for him in Wynn's Hotel; theer's his
bow and wheer's his leaker and heer lays his bequiet hearse,
deep; Swed Albiony, likeliest villain of the place; Hennery Can-
terel — Cockran, eggotisters, limitated; we take our tays and
frees our fleas round sadurn's mounted foot; built the Lund's
kirk and destroyed the church's land; who guesse his title grabs
his deeds; fletch and prities, fash and chaps; artful Juke of Wilysly;
Hugglebelly's Funniral; Kukkuk Kallikak; heard in camera and
excruciated; boon when with benches billeted, bann if buckshot-
backshattered; heavengendered, chaosfoedted, earthborn; his
father presumptively ploughed it deep on overtime and his
mother as all evince must have travailled her fair share; a foot-
prinse on the Megacene, hetman unwhorsed by Searingsand;
honorary captain of the extemporised fire brigade, reported to
be friendly with the police; the door is still open; the old stock
collar is coming back; not forgetting the time you laughed at
Elder Charterhouse's duckwhite pants and the way you said the
whole township can see his hairy legs; by stealth of a kersse her
aulburntress abaft his nape she hung; when his kettle became a
hearthsculdus our thorstyites set their lymphyamphyre; his year-
letter concocted by masterhands of assays, his hallmark imposed
by the standard of wrought plate; a pair of pectorals and a triple-
screen to get a wind up; lights his pipe with a rosin tree and hires
a towhorse to haul his shoes; cures slavey's scurvy, breaks
barons boils; called to sell polosh and was found later in a bed-
room; has his seat of justice, his house of mercy, his corn o'copious
and his stacks a'rye; prospector, he had a rooksacht, retrospector,
he holds the holpenstake; won the freedom of new yoke for the
minds of jugoslaves; acts active, peddles in passivism and is a
gorgon of selfridgeousness; pours a laughsworth of his illforma-
tion over a larmsworth of salt; half heard the single maiden
speech La Belle spun to her Grand Mount and wholed a lifetime

by his ain fireside, wondering was it hebrew set to himmeltones
or the quicksilversong of qwaternions; his troubles may be over
but his doubles have still to come; the lobster pot that crabbed
our keel, the garden pet that spoiled our squeezed peas; he stands
in a lovely park, sea is not far, importunate towns of X, Y and
Z are easily over reached; is an excrescence to civilised humanity
and but a wart on Europe; wanamade singsigns to soundsense
an yit he wanna git all his flesch nuemaid motts truly prural and
plusible; has excisively large rings and is uncustomarily perfumed;
lusteth ath he listeth the cleah whithpeh of a themise; is a prince
of the fingallian in a hiberniad of hoolies; has a hodge to wherry
him and a frenchy to curry him and a brabanson for his beeter and
a fritz at his switch; was waylaid of a parker and beschotten by a
buckeley; kicks lintils when he's cuppy and casts Jacob's arroroots,
dime after dime, to poor waifstrays on the perish; reads the charms
of H. C. Endersen all the weaks of his evenin and the crimes of
Ivaun the Taurrible every strongday morn; soaps you soft to your
face and slaps himself when he's badend; owns the bulgiest bung-
barrel that ever was tiptapped in the privace of the Mullingar
Inn; was born with a nuasilver tongue in his mouth and went
round the coast of Iron with his lift hand to the scene; raised but
two fingers and yet smelt it would day; for whom it is easier to
found a see in Ebblannah than for I or you to find a dubbeltye
in Dampsterdamp; to live with whom is a lifemayor and to know
whom a liberal education; was dipped in Hoily Olives and chrys-
med in Scent Otooles; hears cricket on the earth but annoys the
life out of predikants; still turns the durc's ear of Darius to the
now thoroughly infurioted one of God; made Man with juts
that jerk and minted money mong maney; likes a six acup pud-
ding when he's come whome sweetwhome; has come through all
the eras of livsadventure from moonshine and shampaying down
to clouts and pottled porter; woollem the farsed, hahnreich the
althe, charge the sackend, writchad the thord; if a mandrake
shricked to convultures at last surviving his birth the weibduck
will wail bitternly over the rotter's resurrection; loses weight in
the moon night but gird girder by the sundawn; with one touch

of nature set a veiled world agrin and went within a sheet of
tissuepaper of the option of three gaols; who could see at one
blick a saumon taken with a lance, hunters pursuing a doe, a
swallowship in full sail, a whyterobe lifting a host; faced flappery
like old King Cnut and turned his back like Cincinnatus; is a
farfar and morefar and a hoar father Nakedbucker in villas old as
new; squats aquart and cracks aquaint when it's flaggin in town
and on haven; blows whiskery around his summit but stehts
stout upon his footles; stutters fore he falls and goes mad entirely
when he's waked; is Timb to the pearly mom and Tomb to the
mourning night; and an he had the best bunbaked bricks in bould
Babylon for his pitching plays he'd be lost for the want of his
wan wubblin wall?
    Answer: Finn MacCool!
    2. Does your mutter know your mike?
    Answer: When I turn meoptics, from suchurban prospects,
'tis my filial's bosom, doth behold with pride, that pontificator,
and circumvallator, with his dam night garrulous, slipt by his
side. Ann alive, the lisp of her, 'twould grig mountains whisper
her, and the bergs of Iceland melt in waves of fire, and her spoon-
me-spondees, and her dirckle-me-ondenees, make the Rageous
Ossean, kneel and quaff a lyre! If Dann's dane, Ann's dirty, if
he's plane she's purty, if he's fane, she's flirty, with her auburnt
streams, and her coy cajoleries, and her dabblin drolleries, for to
rouse his rudderup, or to drench his dreams. If hot Hammurabi,
or cowld Clesiastes, could espy her pranklings, they'd burst
bounds agin, and renounce their ruings, and denounce their do-
ings, for river and iver, and a night. Amin!
    3. Which title is the true-to-type motto-in-lieu for that Tick
for Teac thatchment painted witt wheth one darkness, where
asnake is under clover and birds aprowl are in the rookeries and
a magda went to monkishouse and a riverpaard was spotted,
which is not Whichcroft Whorort not Ousterholm Dreyschluss
not Haraldsby, grocer, not Vatandcan, vintner, not Houseboat
and Hive not Knox-atta-Belle not O'Faynix Coalprince not
Wohn Squarr Roomyeck not Ebblawn Downes not Le Decer

Le Mieux not Benjamin's Lea not Tholomew's Whaddingtun
gnot Antwarp gnat Musca not Corry's not Weir's not the Arch
not The Smug not The Dotch House not The Uval nothing
Grand nothing Splendid (Grahot or Spletel) nayther Erat Est
noor Non michi sed luciphro?
    Answer: Thine obesity, O civilian, hits the felicitude of our
    4. What Irish capitol city (a dea o dea!) of two syllables and
six letters, with a deltic origin and a nuinous end, (ah dust oh
dust!) can boost of having a) the most extensive public park in
the world, b) the most expensive brewing industry in the world,
c) the most expansive peopling thoroughfare in the world, d) the
most phillohippuc theobibbous paùpulation in the word: and
harmonise your abecedeed responses?
    Answer: a) Delfas. And when ye'll hear the gould hommers
of my heart, my floxy loss, bingbanging again the ribs of yer
resistance and the tenderbolts of my rivets working to your
destraction ye'll be sheverin wi' all yer dinful sobs when we'll go
riding acope-acurly, you with yer orange garland and me with
my conny cordial, down the greaseways of rollicking into the
waters of wetted life. b) Dorhqk. And sure where can you have
such good old chimes anywhere, and leave you, as on the Mash
and how'tis I would be engaging you with my plovery soft ac-
cents and descanting upover the scene beunder me of your loose
vines in their hairafall with them two loving loofs braceleting the
slims of your ankles and your mouth's flower rose and sinking
ofter the soapstone of silvry speech. c) Nublid. Isha, why
wouldn't we be happy, avourneen, on the mills' money he'll
soon be leaving you as soon as I've my own owned brooklined
Georgian mansion's lawn to recruit upon by Doctor Cheek's
special orders and my copper's panful of soybeans and Irish in
my east hand and a James's Gate in my west, after all the errears
and erroriboose of combarative embottled history, and your
goodself churning over the newleaved butter (more power to
you), the choicest and the cheapest from Atlanta to Oconee,
while I'll be drowsing in the gaarden. d) Dalway. I hooked my

thoroughgoing trotty the first down Spanish Place, Mayo I make,
Tuam I take, Sligo's sleek but Galway's grace. Holy eel and
Sainted Salmon, chucking chub and ducking dace, Rodiron's not
your aequal! says she, leppin half the lane. abcd) A bell a bell on
Shalldoll Steepbell, ond be'll go massplon pristmoss speople,
Shand praise gon ness our fayst moan neople, our prame Shan-
deepen, pay name muy feepence, moy nay non Aequallllllll!
    5. Whad slags of a loughladd would retten smuttyflesks, empt-
out old mans, melk vitious geit, scareoff jackinjills fra tiddle
anding, smoothpick waste papish pastures, insides man outsiders
angell, sprink dirted water around village, newses, tobaggon and
sweeds, plain general kept, louden on the kirkpeal, foottreats
given to malafides, outshriek hyelp hyelf nor his hair efter
buggelawrs, might underhold three barnets, putzpolish crotty
bottes, nightcoover all fireglims, serve's time till baass, grind-
stone his kniveses, fullest boarded, lewd man of the method of
godliness, perchance he nieows and thans sits in the spoorwaggen,
X.W.C.A. on Z.W.C.U., Doorsteps, Limited, or Baywindaws
Bros swobber preferred. Walther Clausetter's and Sons with the
H. E. Chimneys' Company to not skreve, will, on advices, be
bacon or stable hand, must begripe fullstandingly irers' langurge,
jublander or northquain bigger prefurred, all duties, kine rights,
family fewd, outings fived, may get earnst, no get combitsch,
profusional drinklords to please obstain, he is fatherlow soun-
digged inmoodmined pershoon but aleconnerman, nay, that must
he isn't?
    Answer: Pore ole Joe!
    6. What means the saloon slogan Summon In The House-
sweep Dinah?
    Answer: Tok. Galory bit of the sales of Cloth nowand I have
to beeswax the bringing in all the claub of the porks to us how I
thawght I knew his stain on the flower if me ask and can could
speak and he called by me midden name Tik. I am your honey
honeysugger phwhtphwht tha Bay and who bruk the dandleass
and who seen the blackcullen jam for Tomorrha's big pickneck
I hope it'll pour prais the Climate of all Ireland I heard the

grackles and I skimming the crock on all your sangwidges fip-
pence per leg per drake. Tuk. And who eight the last of the goose-
bellies that was mowlding from measlest years and who leff that
there and who put that here and who let the kilkenny stale the
chump. Tek. And whowasit youwasit propped the pot in the
yard and whatinthe nameofsen lukeareyou rubbinthe sideofthe
flureofthe lobbywith. Shite! will you have a plateful? Tak.
    7. Who are those component partners of our societate, the
doorboy, the cleaner, the sojer, the crook, the squeezer, the loun-
ger, the curman, the tourabout, the mussroomsniffer, the bleaka-
blue tramp, the funpowtherplother, the christymansboxer, from
their prés salés and Donnybrook prater and Roebuck's campos
and the Ager Arountown and Crumglen's grassy but Kimmage's
champ and Ashtown fields and Cabra fields and Finglas fields
and Santry fields and the feels of Raheny and their fails and Bal-
doygle to them who are latecomers all the year's round by anti-
cipation, are the porters of the passions in virtue of retroratioci-
nation, and, contributting their conflingent controversies of
differentiation, unify their voxes in a vote of vaticination, who
crunch the crusts of comfort due to depredation, drain the mead
for misery to incur intoxication, condone every evil by practical
justification and condam any good to its own gratification, who
are ruled, roped, duped and driven by those numen daimons,
the feekeepers at their laws, nightly consternation, fortnightly
fornication, monthly miserecordation and omniannual recreation,
doyles when they deliberate but sullivans when they are
swordsed, Matey, Teddy, Simon, Jorn, Pedher, Andy, Barty,
Philly, Jamesy Mor and Tom, Matt and Jakes Mac Carty?
    Answer: The Morphios!
    8. And how war yore maggies?
    Answer: They war loving, they love laughing, they laugh
weeping, they weep smelling, they smell smiling, they smile hat-
ing, they hate thinking, they think feeling, they feel tempting,
they tempt daring, they dare waiting, they wait taking, they take
thanking, they thank seeking, as born for lorn in lore of love to
live and wive by wile and rile by rule of ruse 'reathed rose and

hose hol'd home, yeth cometh elope year, coach and four, Sweet
Peck-at-my-Heart picks one man more.
    9. Now, to be on anew and basking again in the panaroma of
all flores of speech, if a human being duly fatigued by his dayety
in the sooty, having plenxty off time on his gouty hands and va-
cants of space at his sleepish feet and as hapless behind the dreams
of accuracy as any camelot prince of dinmurk, were at this auc-
tual futule preteriting unstant, in the states of suspensive exani-
mation, accorded, throughout the eye of a noodle, with an ear-
sighted view of old hopeinhaven with all the ingredient and
egregiunt whights and ways to which in the curse of his persis-
tence the course of his tory will had been having recourses, the
reverberration of knotcracking awes, the reconjungation of
nodebinding ayes, the redissolusingness of mindmouldered ease
and the thereby hang of the Hoel of it, could such a none, whiles
even led comesilencers to comeliewithhers and till intempes-
tuous Nox should catch the gallicry and spot lucan's dawn, by-
hold at ones what is main and why tis twain, how one once
meet melts in tother wants poignings, the sap rising, the foles
falling, the nimb now nihilant round the girlyhead so becoming,
the wrestless in the womb, all the rivals to allsea, shakeagain, O
disaster! shakealose, Ah how starring! but Heng's got a bit
of Horsa's nose and Jeff's got the signs of Ham round his
mouth and the beau that spun beautiful pales as it palls, what
roserude and oragious grows gelb and greem, blue out the ind of
it! Violet's dyed! then what would that fargazer seem to seemself
to seem seeming of, dimm it all?
    Answer: A collideorscape!
    10. What bitter's love but yurning, what' sour lovemutch but
a bref burning till shee that drawes dothe smoake retourne?
    Answer: I know, pepette, of course, dear, but listen, precious!
Thanks, pette, those are lovely, pitounette, delicious! But mind
the wind, sweet! What exquisite hands you have, you angiol, if
you didn't gnaw your nails, isn't it a wonder you're not achamed
of me, you pig, you perfect little pigaleen! I'll nudge you in a
minute! I bet you use her best Perisian smear off her vanity table

to make them look so rosetop glowstop nostop. I know her.
Slight me, would she? For every got I care! Three creamings a
day, the first during her shower and wipe off with tissue. Then
after cleanup and of course before retiring. Beme shawl, when I
think of that espos of a Clancarbry, the foodbrawler, of the socia-
tionist party with hiss blackleaded chest, hello, Prendregast!
that you, Innkipper, and all his fourteen other fullback maulers
or hurling stars or whatever the dagos they are, baiting at my
Lord Ornery's, just becups they won the egg and spoon there
so ovally provencial at Balldole. My Eilish assent he seed makes
his admiracion. He is seeking an opening and means to be first
with me as his belle alliance. Andoo musnoo play zeloso! Soso
do todas. Such is Spanish. Stoop alittle closer, fealse! Delight-
some simply! Like Jolio and Romeune. I haven't fell so turkish
for ages and ages! Mine's me of squisious, the chocolate with
a soul. Extraordinary! Why, what are they all, the mucky lot
of them only? Sht! I wouldn't pay three hairpins for them. Peppt!
That's rights, hold it steady! Leg me pull. Pu! Come big to Iran.
Poo! What are you nudging for? No, I just thought you were.
Listen, loviest! Of course it was too kind of you, miser, to re-
member my sighs in shockings, my often expressed wish when
you were wandering about my trousseaurs and before I forget it
don't forget, in your extensions to my personality, when knotting
my remembrancetie, shoeweek will be trotting back with red
heels at the end of the moon but look what the fool bought
cabbage head and, as I shall answer to gracious heaven, I'll
always in always remind of snappy new girters, me being always
the one for charms with my very best in proud and gloving
even if he was to be vermillion miles my youth to live on,
the rubberend Mr Polkingtone, the quonian fleshmonger who
Mother Browne solicited me for unlawful converse with, with
her mug of October (a pots on it!), creaking around on his old
shanksaxle like a crosty old cornquake. Airman, waterwag, terrier,
blazer! I'm fine, thanks ever! Ha! O mind you poo tickly. Sall I
puhim in momou. Mummum. Funny spot to have a fingey! I'm
terribly sorry, I swear to you I am! May you never see me in my

birthday pelts seenso tutu and that her blanches mainges may rot
leprous off her whatever winking maggis I'll bet by your cut
you go fleurting after with all the glass on her and the jumps
in her stomewhere! Haha! I suspected she was! Sink her! May
they fire her for a barren ewe! So she says: Tay for thee? Well, I
saith: Angst so mush: and desired she might not take it amiss if I
esteemed her but an odd. If I did ate toughturf I'm not a mishy-
missy. Of course I know, pettest, you're so learningful and
considerate in yourself, so friend of vegetables, you long cold cat
you! Please by acquiester to meek my acquointance! Codling,
snakelet, iciclist! My diaper has more life to it! Who drowned
you in drears, man, or are you pillale with ink? Did a weep get
past the gates of your pride? My tread on the clover, sweetness?
Yes, the buttercups told me, hug me, damn it all, and I'll kiss
you back to life, my peachest. I mean to make you suffer,
meddlar, and I don't care this fig for contempt of courting.
That I chid you, sweet sir? You know I'm tender by my eye.
Can't you read by dazzling ones through me true? Bite my
laughters, drink my tears. Pore into me, volumes, spell me stark
and spill me swooning. I just don't care what my thwarters
think. Transname me loveliness, now and here me for all times!
I'd risk a policeman passing by, Magrath or even that beggar of
a boots at the Post. The flame? O, pardone! That was what?
Ah, did you speak, stuffstuff? More poestries from Chickspeer's
with gleechoreal music or a jaculation from the garden of the
soul. Of I be leib in the immoralities? O, you mean the strangle
for love and the sowiveall of the prettiest? Yep, we open hap
coseries in the home. And once upon a week I improve on myself
I'm so keen on that New Free Woman with novel inside. I'm
always as tickled as can be over Man in a Surplus by the Lady
who Pays the Rates. But I'm as pie as is possible. Let's root
out Brimstoker and give him the thrall of our lives. It's Dracula's
nightout. For creepsake don't make a flush! Draw the shades,
curfe you, and I'll beat any sonnamonk to love. Holy bug, how
my highness would jump to make you flame your halve a ban-
nan in two when I'd run my burning torchlight through (to adore

me there and then cease to be? Whatever for, blossoms?) Your
hairmejig if you had one. If I am laughing with you? No,
lovingest, I'm not so dying to take my rise out of you, adored.
Not in the very least. True as God made my Mamaw hiplength
modesty coatmawther! It's only because the rison is I'm only any
girl, you lovely fellow of my dreams, and because old somebooby
is not a roundabout, my trysting of the tulipies, like that puff
pape bucking Daveran assoiling us behinds. What a nerve!
He thinks that's what the vesprey's for. How vain's that hope in
cleric's heart Who still pursues th'adult' rous art, Cocksure that
rusty gown of his Will make fair Sue forget his phiz! Tame
Schwipps. Blessed Marguerite bosses, I hope they threw away
the mould or else we'll have Ballshossers and Sourdamapplers
with their medical assassiations all over the place. But hold hard
till I've got my latchkey vote and I'll teach him when to wear
what woman callours. On account of the gloss of the gleison
Hasaboobrawbees isabeaubel. And because, you pluckless lanka-
loot, I hate the very thought of the thought of you and because,
dearling, of course, adorest, I was always meant for an engin-
dear from the French college, to be musband, nomme d'engien,
when we do and contract with encho tencho solver when you
are married to reading and writing which pleasebusiness now
won't be long for he's so loopy on me and I'm so leapy like
since the day he carried me from the boat, my saviored of eroes,
to the beach and I left on his shoulder one fair hair to guide hand
and mind to its softness. Ever so sorry! I beg your pardon, I was
listening to every treasuried word I said fell from my dear mot's
tongue otherwise how could I see what you were thinking of
our granny? Only I wondered if I threw out my shaving water.
Anyway, here's my arm, pulletneck. Gracefully yours. Move your
mouth towards minth, more, preciousest, more on more! To
please me, treasure. Don't be a, I'm not going to! Sh! nothing!
A cricri somewhere! Buybuy! I'm fly! Hear, pippy, under the
limes. You know bigtree are all against gravstone. They hisshis-
tenency. Garnd ond mand! So chip chirp chirrup, cigolo, for the
lug of Migo! The little passdoor, I go you before, so, and you're

at my apron stage. Shy is him, dovey? Musforget there's an
audience. I have been lost, angel. Cuddle, ye divil ye! It's our
toot-a-toot. Hearhere! Sensation! Let them, their whole four
courtships! Let them, Bigbawl and his boosers' eleven makes
twelve territorials. The Old Sot's Hole that wants wide streets to
commission their noisense in, at the Mitchells v. Nicholls. Aves
Selvae Acquae Valles
! And my waiting twenty classbirds, sitting
on their stiles! Let me finger their eurhythmytic. And you'll see
if I'm selfthought. They're all of them out to please. Wait! In
the name of. And all the holly. And some the mistle and it Saint
Yves. Hoost! Ahem! There's Ada, Bett, Celia, Delia, Ena,
Fretta, Gilda, Hilda, Ita, Jess, Katty, Lou, (they make me cough
as sure as I read them) Mina, Nippa, Opsy, Poll, Queeniee, Ruth,
Saucy, Trix, Una, Vela, Wanda, Xenia, Yva, Zulma, Phoebe,
Thelma. And Mee! The reformatory boys is goaling in for the
church so we've all comefeast like the groupsuppers and caught
lipsolution from Anty Pravidance under penancies for myrtle
sins. When their bride was married all my belles began ti ting.
A ring a ring a rosaring! Then everyone will hear of it. Whoses
wishes is the farther to my thoughts. But I'll plant them a poser
for their nomanclatter. When they're out with the daynurse
doing Chaperon Mall. Bright pigeons all over the whirrld will
fly with my mistletoe message round their loveribboned necks
and a crumb of my cake for each chasta dieva. We keeps all and
sundry papers. In th' amourlight, O my darling! No, I swear to
you by Fibsburrow churchdome and Sainte Andrée's Under-
shift, by all I hold secret from my world and in my underworld
of nighties and naughties and all the other wonderwearlds!
Close your, notmust look! Now open, pet, your lips, pepette,
like I used my sweet parted lipsabuss with Dan Holohan of
facetious memory taught me after the flannel dance, with the
proof of love, up Smock Alley the first night he smelled pouder
and I coloured beneath my fan, pipetta mia, when you learned
me the linguo to melt. Whowham would have ears like ours,
the blackhaired! Do you like that, silenzioso? Are you enjoying,
this same little me, my life, my love? Why do you like my

whisping? Is it not divinely deluscious? But in't it bafforyou?
Misi misi! Tell me till my thrillme comes! I will not break the
seal. I am enjoying it still, I swear I am! Why do you prefer its
in these dark nets, if why may ask, my sweetykins? Sh sh! Long-
ears is flying. No, sweetissest, why would that ennoy me? But
don't! You want to be slap well slapped for that. Your delighted
lips, love, be careful! Mind my duvetyne dress above all! It's
golded silvy, the newest sextones with princess effect. For Rut-
land blue's got out of passion. So, so, my precious! O, I can see
the cost, chare! Don't tell me! Why, the boy in sheeps' lane
knows that. If I sell whose, dears? Was I sold here' tears? You
mean those conversation lozenges? How awful! The bold shame
of me! I wouldn't, chickens, not for all the juliettes in the twinkly
way! I could snap them when I see them winking at me in bed.
I didn't did so, my intended, or was going to or thinking of.
Shshsh! Don't start like that, you wretch! I thought ye knew all
and more, ye aucthor, to explique to ones the significat of their
exsystems with your nieu nivulon lead. It's only another queer
fish or other in Brinbrou's damned old trouchorous river again,
Gothewishegoths bless us and spare her! And gibos rest from the
bosso! Excuse me for swearing, love, I swear to the sorrasims on
their trons of Uian I didn't mean to by this alpin armlet! Did you
really never in all our cantalang lives speak clothse to a girl's
before? No! Not even to the charmermaid? How marfellows!
Of course I believe you, my own dear doting liest, when you
tell me. As I'd live to, O, I'd love to! Liss, liss! I muss whiss!
Never that ever or I can remember dearstreaming faces, you may
go through me! Never in all my whole white life of my match-
less and pair. Or ever for bitter be the frucht of this hour! With
my whiteness I thee woo and bind my silk breasths I thee bound!
Always, Amory, amor andmore! Till always, thou lovest!
Shshshsh! So long as the lucksmith. Laughs!
    11. If you met on the binge a poor acheseyeld from Ailing,
when the tune of his tremble shook shimmy on shin, while his
countrary raged in the weak of his wailing, like a rugilant pugi-
lant Lyon O'Lynn; if he maundered in misliness, plaining his

plight or, played fox and lice, pricking and dropping hips teeth,
or wringing his handcuffs for peace, the blind blighter, praying
Dieuf and Domb Nostrums foh thomethinks to eath; if he
weapt while he leapt and guffalled quith a quhimper, made cold
blood a blue mundy and no bones without flech, taking kiss,
kake or kick with a suck, sigh or simper, a diffle to larn and a
dibble to lech; if the fain shinner pegged you to shave his im-
martial, wee skillmustered shoul with his ooh, hoodoodoo! brok-
ing wind that to wiles, woemaid sin he was partial, we don't
think, Jones, we'd care to this evening, would you?
    Answer: No, blank ye! So you think I have impulsivism? Did
they tell you I am one of the fortysixths? And I suppose you
heard I had a wag on my ears? And I suppose they told you too
that my roll of life is not natural? But before proceeding to con-
clusively confute this begging question it would be far fitter for
you, if you dare! to hasitate to consult with and consequentially
attempt at my disposale of the same dime-cash problem elsewhere
naturalistically of course, from the blinkpoint of so eminent a
spatialist. From it you will here notice, Schott, upon my for the
first remarking you that the sophology of Bitchson while driven
as under by a purely dime-dime urge is not without his cashcash
characktericksticks, borrowed for its nonce ends from the fiery
goodmother Miss Fortune (who the lost time we had the pleasure
we have had our little recherché brush with, what, Schott?) and
as I further could have told you as brisk as your D.B.C. beha-
viouristically pailleté with a coat of homoid icing which is in
reality only a done by chance ridiculisation of the whoo-whoo
and where's hairs theorics of Winestain. To put it all the more
plumbsily. The speechform is a mere sorrogate. Whilst the qua-
lity and tality (I shall explex what you ought to mean by this with
its proper when and where and why and how in the subsequent
sentence) are alternativomentally harrogate and arrogate, as the
gates may be.
    Talis is a word often abused by many passims (I am working
out a quantum theory about it for it is really most tantumising
state of affairs). A pessim may frequent you to say: Have you been

seeing much of Talis and Talis those times? optimately meaning:
Will you put up at hree of irish? Or a ladyeater may perhaps have
casualised as you temptoed her à la sourdine: Of your plates? Is
Talis de Talis, the swordswallower, who is on at the Craterium
the same Talis von Talis, the penscrusher, no funk you! who runs
his duly mile? Or this is a perhaps cleaner example. At a recent
postvortex piece infustigation of a determinised case of chronic
spinosis an extension lecturer on The Ague who out of matter of
form was trying his seesers, Dr's Het Ubeleeft, borrowed the
question: Why's which Suchman's talis qualis? to whom, as a
fatter of macht, Dr Gedankje of Stoutgirth, who was wiping his
whistle, toarsely retoarted: While thou beast' one zoom of a
whorl! (Talis and Talis originally mean the same thing, hit it's:
    Professor Loewy-Brueller (though as I shall promptly prove
his whole account of the Sennacherib as distinct from the Shal-
manesir sanitational reforms and of the Mr Skekels and Dr
Hydes problem in the same connection differs toto coelo from the
fruit of my own investigations — though the reason I went to
Jericho must remain for certain reasons a political secret —   
especially as I shall shortly be wanted in Cavantry, I congratulate
myself, for the same and other reasons — as being again hope-
lessly vitiated by what I have now resolved to call the dime and
cash diamond fallacy) in his talked off confession which recently
met with such a leonine uproar on its escape after its confinement
Why am I not born like a Gentileman and why am I now so speak-
able about my own eatables
(Feigenbaumblatt and Father, Juda-
pest, 5688, A.M.) whole-heartedly takes off his gabbercoat and
wig, honest draughty fellow, in his public interest, to make us
see how though, as he says: 'by Allswill' the inception and the
descent and the endswell of Man is temporarily wrapped in ob-
scenity, looking through at these accidents with the faroscope of
television, (this nightlife instrument needs still some subtrac-
tional betterment in the readjustment of the more refrangible
angles to the squeals of his hypothesis on the outer tin sides), I
can easily believe heartily in my own most spacious immensity

as my ownhouse and microbemost cosm when I am reassured by
ratio that the cube of my volumes is to the surfaces of their sub-
jects as the sphericity of these globes (I am very pressing for a
parliamentary motion this term which, under my guidance, would
establish the deleteriousness of decorousness in the morbidis-
ation of the modern mandaboutwoman type) is to the fera-
city of Fairynelly's vacuum. I need not anthrapologise for any
obintentional (I must here correct all that school of neoitalian or
paleoparisien schola of tinkers and spanglers who say I'm wrong
parcequeue out of revolscian from romanitis I want to be) down-
trodding on my foes. Professor Levi-Brullo, F.D. of Sexe-
Weiman-Eitelnaky finds, from experiments made by hinn with
his Nuremberg eggs in the one hands and the watches cunldron
apan the oven, though it is astensably a case of Ket's rebollions
cooling the Popes back, because the number of squeer faiths
in weekly circulation will not be appreciably augmented by the
notherslogging of my cupolar clods. What the romantic in rags
pines after like all tomtompions haunting crevices for a deadbeat
escupement and what het importunes our Mitleid for in accornish
with the Mortadarthella taradition is the poorest commonon-
guardiant waste of time. His everpresent toes are always in
retaliessian out throuth his overpast boots. Hear him squak!
Teek heet to that looswallawer how he bolo the bat! Tyro a
toray! When Mullocky won the couple of colds, when we were
stripping in number three, I would like the neat drop that would
malt in my mouth but I fail to see when (I am purposely refrain-
ing from expounding the obvious fallacy as to the specific
gravitates of the two deglutables implied nor to the lapses
lequou asousiated with the royal gorge through students of
mixed hydrostatics and pneumodipsics will after some difficulties
grapple away with my meinungs). Myrrdin aloer! as old Mar-
sellas Cambriannus puts his. But, on Professor Llewellys ap
Bryllars, F.D., Ph. Dr's showings, the plea, if he pleads,
is all posh and robbage on a melodeontic scale since his man's
when is no otherman's quandour (Mine, dank you?) while, for
aught I care for the contrary, the all is where in love as war and

the plane where me arts soar you'd aisy rouse a thunder from and
where I cling true'tis there I climb tree and where Innocent looks
best (pick!) there's holly in his ives.
    As my explanations here are probably above your understand-
ings, lattlebrattons, though as augmentatively uncomparisoned
as Cadwan, Cadwallon and Cadwalloner, I shall revert to a more
expletive method which I frequently use when I have to sermo
with muddlecrass pupils. Imagine for my purpose that you are a
squad of urchins, snifflynosed, goslingnecked, clothyheaded,
tangled in your lacings, tingled in your pants, etsitaraw etcicero.
And you, Bruno Nowlan, take your tongue out of your inkpot!
As none of you knows javanese I will give all my easyfree trans-
lation of the old fabulist's parable. Allaboy Minor, take your
head out of your satchel! Audi, Joe Peters! Exaudi facts!
    The Mookse and The Gripes.
    Gentes and laitymen, fullstoppers and semicolonials, hybreds
and lubberds!
    Eins within a space and a wearywide space it wast ere wohned
a Mookse. The onesomeness wast alltolonely, archunsitslike,
broady oval, and a Mookse he would a walking go (My hood!
cries Antony Romeo), so one grandsumer evening, after a great
morning and his good supper of gammon and spittish, having
flabelled his eyes, pilleoled his nostrils, vacticanated his ears and
palliumed his throats, he put on his impermeable, seized his im-
pugnable, harped on his crown and stepped out of his immobile
De Rure Albo (socolled becauld it was chalkfull of masterplasters
and had borgeously letout gardens strown with cascadas, pinta-
costecas, horthoducts and currycombs) and set off from Luds-
town a spasso to see how badness was badness in the weirdest of
all pensible ways.
    As he set off with his father's sword, his lancia spezzata, he was
girded on, and with that between his legs and his tarkeels, our
once in only Bragspear, he clanked, to my clinking, from veetoes
to threetop, every inch of an immortal.
    He had not walked over a pentiadpair of parsecs from his
azylium when at the turning of the Shinshone Lanteran near

Saint Bowery's-without-his-Walls he came (secunding to the one
one oneth of the propecies, Amnis Limina Permanent) upon the
most unconsciously boggylooking stream he ever locked his
eyes with. Out of the colliens it took a rise by daubing itself Ni-
non. It looked little and it smelt of brown and it thought in nar-
rows and it talked showshallow. And as it rinn it dribbled like any
lively purliteasy: My, my, my! Me and me! Little down dream
don't I love thee!

    And, I declare, what was there on the yonder bank of the
stream that would be a river, parched on a limb of the olum, bolt
downright, but the Gripes? And no doubt he was fit to be dried
for why had he not been having the juice of his times?
    His pips had been neatly all drowned on him; his polps were
charging odours every older minute; he was quickly for getting
the dresser's desdaign on the flyleaf of his frons; and he was
quietly for giving the bailiff's distrain on to the bulkside of his
cul de Pompe. In all his specious heavings, as be lived by Opti-
mus Maximus, the Mookse had never seen his Dubville brooder-
on-low so nigh to a pickle.
    Adrian (that was the Mookse now's assumptinome) stuccstill
phiz-á-phiz to the Gripes in an accessit of aurignacian. But All-
mookse must to Moodend much as Allrouts, austereways or
wastersways, in roaming run through Room. Hic sor a stone,
singularly illud, and on hoc stone Seter satt huc sate which it
filled quite poposterously and by acclammitation to its fullest
justotoryum and whereopum with his unfallable encyclicling
upom his alloilable, diupetriark of the wouest, and the athemyst-
sprinkled pederect he always walked with, Deusdedit, cheek by
jowel with his frisherman's blague, Bellua Triumphanes, his
everyway addedto wallat's collectium, for yea longer he lieved
yea broader he betaught of it, the fetter, the summe and the haul
it cost, he looked the first and last micahlike laicness of Quartus
the Fifth and Quintus the Sixth and Sixtus the Seventh giving
allnight sitting to Lio the Faultyfindth.
    — Good appetite us, sir Mookse! How do you do it? cheeped
the Gripes in a wherry whiggy maudelenian woice and the jack-

asses all within bawl laughed and brayed for his intentions for
they knew their sly toad lowry now. I am rarumominum blessed
to see you, my dear mouster. Will you not perhopes tell me
everything if you are pleased, sanity? All about aulne and lithial
and allsall allinall about awn and liseias? Ney?
    Think of it! O miserendissimest retempter! A Gripes!
   — Rats! bullowed the Mookse most telesphorously, the con-
cionator, and the sissymusses and the zozzymusses in their ro-
benhauses quailed to hear his tardeynois at all for you cannot
wake a silken nouse out of a hoarse oar. Blast yourself and your
anathomy infairioriboos! No, hang you for an animal rurale! I
am superbly in my supremest poncif! Abase you, baldyqueens!
Gather behind me, satraps! Rots!
   — I am till infinity obliged with you, bowed the Gripes, his
whine having gone to his palpruy head. I am still always having
a wish on all my extremities. By the watch, what is the time, pace?
    Figure it! The pining peever! To a Mookse!
    — Ask my index, mund my achilles, swell my obolum, wosh-
up my nase serene, answered the Mookse, rapidly by turning
clement, urban, eugenious and celestian in the formose of good
grogory humours. Quote awhore? That is quite about what I
came on my missions with my intentions laudibiliter to settle with
you, barbarousse. Let thor be orlog. Let Pauline be Irene. Let
you be Beeton. And let me be Los Angeles. Now measure your
length. Now estimate my capacity. Well, sour? Is this space of
our couple of hours too dimensional for you, temporiser? Will
you give you up? Como? Fuert it?
    Sancta Patientia! You should have heard the voice that an-
swered him! Culla vosellina.
    — I was just thinkling upon that, swees Mooksey, but, for all
the rime on my raisins, if I connow make my submission, I can-
nos give you up, the Gripes whimpered from nethermost of his
wanhope. Ishallassoboundbewilsothoutoosezit. My tumble, lou-
dy bullocker, is my own. My velicity is too fit in one stockend.
And my spetial inexshellsis the belowing things ab ove. But I
will never be abler to tell Your Honoriousness (here he near lost

his limb) though my corked father was bott a pseudowaiter,
whose o'cloak you ware.
    Incredible! Well, hear the inevitable.
   — Your temple, sus in cribro! Semperexcommunicambiambi-
sumers. Tugurios-in-Newrobe or Tukurias-in-Ashies. Novar-
ome, my creature, blievend bleives. My building space in lyonine
city is always to let to leonlike Men, the Mookse in a most con-
sistorous allocution pompifically with immediate jurisdiction
constantinently concludded (what a crammer for the shape-
wrucked Gripes!). And I regret to proclaim that it is out of my
temporal to help you from being killed by inchies, (what a
thrust!), as we first met each other newwhere so airly. (Poor
little sowsieved subsquashed Gripes! I begin to feel contemption
for him!). My side, thank decretals, is as safe as motherour's
houses, he continued, and I can seen from my holeydome what
it is to be wholly sane. Unionjok and be joined to yok! Parysis,
tu sais, crucycrooks, belongs to him who parises himself. And
there I must leave you subject for the pressing. I can prove that
against you, weight a momentum, mein goot enemy! or Cos-
pol's not our star. I bet you this dozen odd. This foluminous
dozen odd. Quas primas — but 'tis bitter to compote my know-
ledge's fructos of. Tomes.
    Elevating, to give peint to his blick, his jewelled pederect to
the allmysty cielung, he luckystruck blueild out of a few should-
be santillants, a cloister of starabouts over Maples, a lucciolys in
Teresa street and a stopsign before Sophy Barratt's, he gaddered
togodder the odds docence of his vellumes, gresk, letton and
russicruxian, onto the lapse of his prolegs, into umfullth one-
scuppered, and sat about his widerproof. He proved it well who-
onearth dry and drysick times, and vremiament, tu cesses, to the
extinction of Niklaus altogether (Niklaus Alopysius having been
the once Gripes's popwilled nimbum) by Neuclidius and In-
exagoras and Mumfsen and Thumpsem, by Orasmus and by
Amenius, by Anacletus the Jew and by Malachy the Augurer and
by the Cappon's collection and after that, with Cheekee's gela-
tine and Alldaybrandy's formolon, he reproved it ehrltogether

when not in that order sundering in some different order, alter
three thirty and a hundred times by the binomial dioram and
the penic walls and the ind, the Inklespill legends and the rure,
the rule of the hoop and the blessons of expedience and the jus,
the jugicants of Pontius Pilax and all the mummyscrips in Sick
Bokes' Juncroom and the Chapters for the Cunning of the Chap-
ters of the Conning Fox by Tail.
    While that Mooksius with preprocession and with propre-
cession, duplicitly and diplussedly, was promulgating ipsofacts
and sadcontras this raskolly Gripos he had allbust seceded in
monophysicking his illsobordunates. But asawfulas he had
caught his base semenoyous sarchnaktiers to combuccinate upon
the silipses of his aspillouts and the acheporeoozers of his haggy-
own pneumax to synerethetise with the breadchestviousness of
his sweeatovular ducose sofarfully the loggerthuds of his sakel-
laries were fond at variance with the synodals of his somepooliom
and his babskissed nepogreasymost got the hoof from his philio-
    — Efter thousand yaws, O Gripes con my sheepskins, yow
will be belined to the world, enscayed Mookse the pius.
    — Ofter thousand yores, amsered Gripes the gregary, be the
goat of MacHammud's, yours may be still, O Mookse, more
    — Us shall be chosen as the first of the last by the electress of
Vale Hollow, obselved the Mookse nobily, for par the unicum
of Elelijiacks, Us am in Our stabulary and that is what Ruby and
Roby fall for, blissim.
    The Pills, the Nasal Wash (Yardly's), the Army Man Cut, as
british as bondstrict and as straightcut as when that broken-
arched traveller from Nuzuland . . .
    — Wee, cumfused the Gripes limply, shall not even be the
last of the first, wee hope, when oust are visitated by the Veiled
Horror. And, he added: Mee are relying entirely, see the forte-
thurd of Elissabed, on the weightiness of mear's breath. Puffut!
    Unsightbared embouscher, relentless foe to social and business
succes! (Hourihaleine) It might have been a happy evening but . . .

    And they viterberated each other, canis et coluber with the
wildest ever wielded since Tarriestinus lashed Pissasphaltium.
    — Unuchorn!
    — Ungulant!
    — Uvuloid!
    — Uskybeak!
    And bullfolly answered volleyball.
    Nuvoletta in her lightdress, spunn of sisteen shimmers, was
looking down on them, leaning over the bannistars and listening
all she childishly could. How she was brightened when Should-
rups in his glaubering hochskied his welkinstuck and how she
was overclused when Kneesknobs on his zwivvel was makeact-
ing such a paulse of himshelp! She was alone. All her nubied
companions were asleeping with the squirrels. Their mivver,
Mrs Moonan, was off in the Fuerst quarter scrubbing the back-
steps of Number 28. Fuvver, that Skand, he was up in Norwood's
sokaparlour, eating oceans of Voking's Blemish. Nuvoletta lis-
tened as she reflected herself, though the heavenly one with his
constellatria and his emanations stood between, and she tried all
she tried to make the Mookse look up at her (but he was fore too
adiaptotously farseeing) and to make the Gripes hear how coy
she could be (though he was much too schystimatically auricular
about his ens to heed her) but it was all mild's vapour moist. Not
even her feignt reflection, Nuvoluccia, could they toke their
gnoses off for their minds with intrepifide fate and bungless
curiasity, were conclaved with Heliogobbleus and Commodus
and Enobarbarus and whatever the coordinal dickens they did
as their damprauch of papyrs and buchstubs said. As if that was
their spiration! As if theirs could duiparate her queendim! As if
she would be third perty to search on search proceedings! She
tried all the winsome wonsome ways her four winds had taught
her. She tossed her sfumastelliacinous hair like la princesse de la
Petite Bretagne and she rounded her mignons arms like Mrs
Cornwallis-West and she smiled over herself like the beauty of
the image of the pose of the daughter of the queen of the Em-
perour of Irelande and she sighed after herself as were she born

to bride with Tristis Tristior Tristissimus. But, sweet madonine,
she might fair as well have carried her daisy's worth to Florida.
For the Mookse, a dogmad Accanite, were not amoosed and the
Gripes, a dubliboused Catalick, wis pinefully obliviscent.
    — I see, she sighed. There are menner.
    The siss of the whisp of the sigh of the softzing at the stir of
the ver grose O arundo of a long one in midias reeds: and shades
began to glidder along the banks, greepsing, greepsing, duusk
unto duusk, and it was as glooming as gloaming could be in the
waste of all peacable worlds. Metamnisia was allsoonome coloro-
form brune; citherior spiane an eaulande, innemorous and un-
numerose. The Mookse had a sound eyes right but he could not
all hear. The Gripes had light ears left yet he could but ill see.
He ceased. And he ceased, tung and trit, and it was neversoever
so dusk of both of them. But still Moo thought on the deeps of
the undths he would profoundth come the morrokse and still
Gri feeled of the scripes he would escipe if by grice he had luck
    Oh, how it was duusk! From Vallee Maraia to Grasyaplaina,
dormimust echo! Ah dew! Ah dew! It was so duusk that the
tears of night began to fall, first by ones and twos, then by threes
and fours, at last by fives and sixes of sevens, for the tired ones
were wecking, as we weep now with them. O! O! O! Par la

    Then there came down to the thither bank a woman of no
appearance (I believe she was a Black with chills at her feet) and
she gathered up his hoariness the Mookse motamourfully where
he was spread and carried him away to her invisible dwelling,
thats hights, Aquila Rapax, for he was the holy sacred solem and
poshup spit of her boshop's apron. So you see the Mookse he
had reason as I knew and you knew and he knew all along. And
there came down to the hither bank a woman to all important
(though they say that she was comely, spite the cold in her heed)
and, for he was as like it as blow it to a hawker's hank, she
plucked down the Gripes, torn panicky autotone, in angeu from
his limb and cariad away its beotitubes with her to her unseen

shieling, it is, De Rore Coeli. And so the poor Gripes got wrong;
for that is always how a Gripes is, always was and always will be.
And it was never so thoughtful of either of them. And there were
left now an only elmtree and but a stone. Polled with pietrous,
Sierre but saule. O! Yes! And Nuvoletta, a lass.
    Then Nuvoletta reflected for the last time in her little long life
and she made up all her myriads of drifting minds in one. She
cancelled all her engauzements. She climbed over the bannistars;
she gave a childy cloudy cry: Nuée! Nuée! A lightdress fluttered.
She was gone. And into the river that had been a stream (for a
thousand of tears had gone eon her and come on her and she was
stout and struck on dancing and her muddied name was Missis-
liffi) there fell a tear, a singult tear, the loveliest of all tears (I
mean for those crylove fables fans who are 'keen' on the pretty-
pretty commonface sort of thing you meet by hopeharrods) for it
was a leaptear. But the river tripped on her by and by, lapping
as though her heart was brook: Why, why, why! Weh, O weh
I'se so silly to be flowing but I no canna stay!

    No applause, please! Bast! The romescot nattleshaker will go
round your circulation in diu dursus.
    Allaboy, Major, I'll take your reactions in another place after
themes. Nolan Browne, you may now leave the classroom. Joe
Peters, Fox.
    As I have now successfully explained to you my own natural-
born rations which are even in excise of my vaultybrain insure
me that I am a mouth's more deserving case by genius. I feel in
symbathos for my ever devoted friend and halfaloafonwashed,
Gnaccus Gnoccovitch. Darling gem! Darling smallfox! Horose-
shoew! I could love that man like my own ambo for being so
baileycliaver though he's a nawful curillass and I must slav to
methodiousness. I want him to go and live like a theabild in
charge of the night brigade on Tristan da Cunha, isle of man-
overboard, where he'll make Number 106 and be near Inacces-
sible. (The meeting of mahoganies, be the waves, rementious
me that this exposed sight though it pines for an umbrella of its
own and needs a shelter belt of the true service sort to keep its

boles clean, — the weeping beeches, Picea and Tillia, are in a
wild state about it — ought to be classified, as Cricketbutt Will-
owm and his two nurserymen advisers suggested, under genus
Inexhaustible when we refloat upon all the butternat, sweet gum
and manna ash redcedera which is so purvulent there as if there
was howthorns in Curraghchasa which ought to look as plane
as a lodgepole to anybody until we are introduced to that pine-
tacotta of Verney Rubeus where the deodarty is pinctured for us
in a pure stand, which we do not doubt ha has a habitat of doing,
but without those selfsownseedlings which are a species of proof
that the largest individual can occur at or in an olivetion such as
East Conna Hillock where it mixes with foolth accacians and
common sallies and is tender) Vux Populus, as we say in hickory-
hockery and I wish we had some more glasses of arbor vitae.
Why roat by the roadside or awn over alum pot? Alderman
Whitebeaver is dakyo. He ought to go away for a change of
ideas and he'd have a world of things to look back on. Do, sweet
Daniel! If I weren't a jones in myself I'd elect myself to be his
dolphin in the wildsbillow because he is such a barefooted rubber
with my supersocks pulled over his face which I publicked in
my bestback garden for the laetification of siderodromites and
to the irony of the stars. You will say it is most unenglish and
I shall hope to hear that you will not be wrong about it. But I
further, feeling a bit husky in my truths.
    Will you please come over and let us mooremoore murgessly
to each's other down below our vices. I am underheerd by old
billfaust. Wilsh is full of curks. The coolskittle is philip debli-
nite. Mr Wist is thereover beyeind the wantnot. Wilsh and wist
are as thick of thins udder as faust on the deblinite. Sgunoshooto
estas preter la tapizo malgranda. Lilegas al si en sia chambro.
Kelkefoje funcktas, kelkefoje srumpas Shultroj. Houdian Kiel vi
fartas, mia nigra sinjoro? And from the poignt of fun where I
am crying to arrive you at they are on allfore as foibleminded as
you can feel they are fablebodied.
    My heeders will recoil with a great leisure how at the out-
break before trespassing on the space question where even

michelangelines have fooled to dread I proved to mindself as to
your sotisfiction how his abject all through (the quickquid of Pro-
fessor Ciondolone's too frequently hypothecated Bettlermensch)
is nothing so much more than a mere cashdime however genteel
he may want ours, if we please (I am speaking to us in the second
person), for to this graded intellecktuals dime is cash and the
cash system (you must not be allowed to forget that this is all
contained, I mean the system, in the dogmarks of origen on
spurios) means that I cannot now have or nothave a piece of
cheeps in your pocket at the same time and with the same man-
ners as you can now nothalf or half the cheek apiece I've in mind
unless Burrus and Caseous have not or not have seemaultaneous-
ly sysentangled themselves, selldear to soldthere, once in the
dairy days of buy and buy.
    Burrus, let us like to imagine, is a genuine prime, the real
choice, full of natural greace, the mildest of milkstoffs yet un-
beaten as a risicide and, of course, obsoletely unadulterous
whereat Caseous is obversely the revise of him and in fact not an
ideal choose by any meals, though the betterman of the two is
meltingly addicted to the more casual side of the arrivaliste case
and, let me say it at once, as zealous over him as is passably he.
The seemsame home and histry seeks and hidepence which we
used to be reading for our prepurgatory, hot, Schott? till Duddy
shut the shopper op and Mutti, poor Mutti! brought us our poor
suppy, (ah who! eh how!) in Acetius and Oleosus and Sellius
Volatilis and Petrus Papricus! Our Old Party quite united round
the Slatbowel at Commons: Pfarrer Salamoss himself and that
sprog of a Pedersill and his Sprig of Thyme and a dozen of the
Murphybuds and a score and more of the hot young Capels and
Lettucia in her greensleeves and you too and me three, twinsome
bibs but hansome ates, like shakespill and eggs! But there's many
a split pretext bowl and jowl; and (snob screwing that cork,
Schott!) to understand this as well as you can, feeling how back-
ward you are in your down-to-the-ground benches, I have com-
pleted the following arrangement for the coarse use of stools and
if I don't make away with you I'm beyond Caesar outnullused.

    The older sisars (Tyrants, regicide is too good for you!) be-
come unbeurrable from age, (the compositor of the farce of
dustiny however makes a thunpledrum mistake by letting off this
pienofarte effect as his furst act as that is where the juke comes
in) having been sort-of-nineknived and chewly removed (this
soldier - author - batman for all his commontoryism is just
another of those souftsiezed bubbles who never quite got the
sandhurst out of his eyes so that the champaign he draws for us
is as flop as a plankrieg) the twinfreer types are billed to make
their reupprearance as the knew kneck and knife knickknots on
the deserted champ de bouteilles. (A most cursery reading into the
Persic-Uraliens hostery shows us how Fonnumagula picked
up that propper numen out of a colluction of prifixes though
to the permienting cannasure the Coucousien oafsprung of this
sun of a kuk is as sattin as there's a tub in Tobolosk) Ostiak
della Vogul Marina! But that I dannoy the fact of wanton to
weste point I could paint you to that butter (cheese it!) if you
had some wash. Mordvealive! Oh me none onsens! Why the
case is as inessive and impossive as kezom hands! Their inter-
locative is conprovocative just as every hazzy hates to having a
hazbane in her noze. Caseous may bethink himself a thought of
a caviller but Burrus has the reachly roundered head that goes
best with thofthinking defensive fideism. He has the lac of wis-
dom under every dent in his lofter while the other follow's
onni vesy milky indeedmymy. Laughing over the linnuts and
weeping off the uniun. He hisn't the hey og he lisn't the lug,
poohoo. And each night sim misses mand he winks he had the
semagen. It was aptly and corrigidly stated (and, it is royally
needless for one ex ungue Leonem to say by whom) that his
seeingscraft was that clarety as were the wholeborough of Poutres-
bourg to be averlaunched over him pitchbatch he could still make
out with his augstritch the green moat in Ireland's Eye. Let me
sell you the fulltroth of Burrus when he wore a younker. Here
it is, and chorming too, in six by sevens! A cleanly line, by the
gods! A king off duty and a jaw for ever! And what a cheery
ripe outlook, good help me Deus v Deus! If I were to speak

my ohole mouthful to arinam about it you should call me the
ormuzd aliment in your midst of faime. Eat ye up, heat ye up!
sings the somun in the salm. Butyrum et mel comedet ut sciat
reprobare malum et eligere bonum
. This, of course, also explains
why we were taught to play in the childhood: Der Haensli ist
ein Butterbrot, mein Butterbrot! Und Koebi iss dein Schtinkenkot!
Ja! Ja! Ja!

    This in fact, just to show you, is Caseous, the brutherscutch
or puir tyron: a hole or two, the highstinks aforefelt and anygo
prigging wurms. Cheesugh! you complain. And Hi Hi High
must say you are not Hoa Hoa Hoally in the wrong!
    Thus we cannot escape our likes and mislikes, exiles or am-
busheers, beggar and neighbour and — this is where the dime-
show advertisers advance the temporal relief plea — let us be
tolerant of antipathies. Nex quovis burro num fit mercaseus? I am
not hereby giving my final endorsement to the learned ignorants
of the Cusanus philosophism in which old Nicholas pegs it
down that the smarter the spin of the top the sounder the span
of the buttom (what the worthy old auberginiste ought to have
meant was: the more stolidly immobile in space appears to me
the bottom which is presented to use in time by the top primo-
mobilisk &c.). And I shall be misunderstord if understood to
give an unconditional sinequam to the heroicised furibouts of
the Nolanus theory, or, at any rate, of that substrate of apart
from hissheory where the Theophil swoors that on principial he
was the pointing start of his odiose by comparison and that whiles
eggs will fall cheapened all over the walled the Bure will be dear
on the Brie.
    Now, while I am not out now to be taken up as unintention-
ally recommending the Silkebjorg tyrondynamon machine for
the more economical helixtrolysis of these amboadipates until
I can find space to look into it myself a little more closely first
I shall go on with my decisions after having shown to you in
good time how both products of our social stomach (the excellent
Dr Burroman, I noticed by the way from his emended food
theory, has been carefully digesting the very wholesome criticism

I helped him to in my princeps edition which is all so munch
to the cud) are mutuearly polarised the incompatabilily of any
delusional acting as ambivalent to the fixation of his pivotism.
Positing, as above, too males pooles, the one the pictor of the
other and the omber the Skotia of the one, and looking want-
ingly around our undistributed middle between males we feel
we must waistfully woent a female to focus and on this stage
there pleasantly appears the cowrymaid M. whom we shall
often meet below who introduces herself upon us at some precise
hour which we shall again agree to call absolute zero or the
babbling pumpt of platinism. And so like that former son
of a kish who went up and out to found his farmer's ashes we
come down home gently on our own turnedabout asses to meet
    We now romp through a period of pure lyricism of shame-
bred music (technologically, let me say, the appetising entry of
this subject on a fool chest of vialds is plumply pudding the carp
before doevre hors) evidenced by such words in distress as I
cream for thee, Sweet Margareen
, and the more hopeful O Mar-
gareena! O Margareena! Still in the bowl is left a lump of gold!

(Correspondents, by the way, will keep on asking me what is the
correct garnish to serve drisheens with. Tansy Sauce. Enough).
The pawnbreaking pathos of the first of these shoddy pieces
reveals it as a Caseous effort. Burrus's bit is often used for a toast.
Criniculture can tell us very precisely indeed how and why this
particular streak of yellow silver first appeared on (not in) the
bowel, that is to see, the human head, bald, black, bronze, brown,
brindled, betteraved or blanchemanged where it might be use-
fully compared with an earwig on a fullbottom. I am offering
this to Signorina Cuticura and I intend to take it up and bring it
under the nosetice of Herr Harlene by way of diverting his
attentions. Of course the unskilled singer continues to pervert
our wiser ears by subordinating the space-element, that is to
sing, the aria, to the time-factor, which ought to be killed, ill
. I should advise any unborn singer who may still be
among my heeders to forget her temporal diaphragm at home

(the best thing that could happen to it!) and attack the roulade
with a swift colpo di glottide to the lug (though Maace I will
insist was reclined from overdoing this, his recovery often being
slow) and then, O! on the third dead beat, O! to cluse her eyes
and aiopen her oath and see what spice I may send her. How?
Cease thee, cantatrickee! I fain would be solo. Arouse thee, my
valour! And save for e'er my true Bdur!
    I shall have a word to say in a few yards about the acoustic
and orchidectural management of the tonehall but, as ours is a
vivarious where one plant's breaf is a lunger planner's byscent
and you may not care for argon, it will be very convenient for
me for the emolument to pursue Burrus and Caseous for a rung
or two up their isocelating biangle. Every admirer has seen my
goulache of Marge (she is so like the sister, you don't know, and
they both dress A L I K E !) which I titled The Very Picture of
a Needlesswoman
which in the presence ornates our national
cruetstand. This genre of portraiture of changes of mind in order
to be truly torse should evoke the bush soul of females so I am
leaving it to the experienced victim to complete the general
suggestion by the mental addition of a wallopy bound or, should
the zulugical zealot prefer it, a congorool teal. The hatboxes
which composed Rhomba, lady Trabezond (Marge in her ex-
celsis), also comprised the climactogram up which B and C may
fondly be imagined ascending and are suggestive of gentlemen's
spring modes, these modes carrying us back to the superimposed
claylayers of eocene and pleastoseen formation and the gradual
morphological changes in our body politic which Professor
Ebahi-Ahuri of Philadespoinis (Ill) — whose bluebutterbust I
have just given his coupe de grass to — neatly names a boîte à
. The boxes, if I may break the subject gently, are worth
about fourpence pourbox but I am inventing a more patent pro-
cess, foolproof and pryperfect (I should like to ask that Shedlock
Homes person who is out for removing the roofs of our criminal
classics by what deductio ad domunum he hopes de tacto to detect
anything unless he happens of himself, movibile tectu, to have a
slade off) after which they can be reduced to a fragment of their

true crust by even the youngest of Margees if she will take plase
to be seated and smile if I please.
    Now there can be no question about it either that I having
done as much, have quite got the size of that demilitery young
female (we will continue to call her Marge) whose types may be
met with in any public garden, wearing a very "dressy" affair,
known as an "ethel" of instep length and with a real fur, reduced
to 3/9, and muffin cap to tone (they are "angelskin" this fall),
ostentatiously hemming apologetically over the shirtness of
some "sweet" garment, when she is not sitting on all the free
benches avidously reading about "it" but ovidently on the look
out for "him" or so "thrilled" about the best dressed dolly pram
and beautiful elbow competition or at the movies swallowing
sobs and blowing bixed mixcuits over "childe" chaplain's "latest"
or on the verge of the gutter with some bobbedhair brieffrocked
babyma's toddler (the Smythe-Smythes now keep TWO domes-
tics and aspire to THREE male ones, a shover, a butlegger and
a sectary) held hostage at armslength, teaching His Infant
Majesty how to make waters worse.
    (I am closely watching Master Pules, as I have regions to sus-
pect from my post that her "little man" is a secondary school-
teacher under the boards of education, a voted disciple of Infan-
tulus who is being utilised thus publicly by the seducente infanta
to conceal her own more mascular personality by flaunting
frivolish finery over men's inside clothes, for the femininny of
that totamulier will always lack the musculink of a verumvirum.
My solotions for the proper parturience of matres and the edu-
cation of micturious mites must stand over from the moment till
I tackle this tickler hussy for occupying my uttentions.)
    Margareena she's very fond of Burrus but, alick and alack!
she velly fond of chee. (The important influence exercised on
everything by this eastasian import has not been till now fully
flavoured though we can comfortably taste it in this case. I shall
come back for a little more say farther on.) A cleopatrician in
her own right she at once complicates the position while Burrus
and Caseous are contending for her misstery by implicating her-

self with an elusive Antonius, a wop who would appear to hug
a personal interest in refined chees of all chades at the same time
as he wags an antomine art of being rude like the boor. This
Antonius-Burrus-Caseous grouptriad may be said to equate
the qualis equivalent with the older socalled talis on talis one
just as quantly as in the hyperchemical economantarchy the tan-
tum ergons irruminate the quantum urge so that eggs is to whey
as whay is to zeed like your golfchild's abe boob caddy. And this
is why any simple philadolphus of a fool you like to dress, an
athemisthued lowtownian, exlegged phatrisight, may be awfully
green to one side of him and fruitfully blue on the other which
will not screen him however from appealing to my gropesarch-
ing eyes, through the strongholes of my acropoll, as a boosted
blasted bleating blatant bloaten blasphorus blesphorous idiot
who kennot tail a bomb from a painapple when he steals one
and wannot psing his psalmen with the cong in our gregational
pompoms with the canting crew.
    No! Topsman to your Tarpeia! This thing, Mister Abby, is
nefand. (And, taking off soutstuffs and alkalike matters, I hope
we can kill time to reach the salt because there's some forceglass
neutric assets bittering in the soldpewter for you to plump your
pottage in). The thundering legion has stormed Olymp that
it end. Twelve tabular times till now have I edicted it. Merus
Genius to Careous Caseous! Moriture, te salutat! My phemous
themis race is run, so let Demoncracy take the highmost! (Abra-
ham Tripier. Those old diligences are quite out of date. Read
next answer). I'll beat you so lon. (Bigtempered. Why not take
direct action. See previous reply). My unchanging Word is sacred.
The word is my Wife, to exponse and expound, to vend and to
velnerate, and may the curlews crown our nuptias! Till Breath
us depart! Wamen. Beware would you change with my years. Be
as young as your grandmother! The ring man in the rong shop
but the rite words by the rote order! Ubi lingua nuncupassit, ibi
fas! Adversus hostem semper sac!
She that will not feel my ful-
moon let her peel to thee as the hoyden and the impudent! That
mon that hoth no moses in his sole nor is not awed by conquists

of word's law, who never with humself was fed and leaves
his soil to lave his head, when his hope's in his highlows from
whisking his woe, if he came to my preach, a proud pursebroken
ranger, when the heavens were welling the spite of their spout,
to beg for a bite in our bark Noisdanger, would meself and Mac
Jeffet, four-in-hand, foot him out? — ay! — were he my own
breastbrother, my doubled withd love and my singlebiassed hate,
were we bread by the same fire and signed with the same salt,
had we tapped from the same master and robbed the same till,
were we tucked in the one bed and bit by the one flea, homo-
gallant and hemycapnoise, bum and dingo, jack by churl, though
it broke my heart to pray it, still I'd fear I'd hate to say!
    12. Sacer esto?
    Answer: Semus sumus!



how do you do? - common phrase used in inquiring as to a person's health + FDV: So? How Who do you no to now nigh, lazy and gentleman?

wode = void; wood + woda (Polish) - water + FDV: The answer echo is where in the balk back of the wodes, callhim forth call himforth.

Brieftrager (ger) - postman + briefdrager (Dutch) - letter carrier.

concern - a business organization; a business, a firm

John Jameson and Son + REFERENCE

rate - to reckon, calculate, to estimate the worth or value of

sto (Serbian) - hundred; table + stor (Danish) - large, great + great hundred, long hundred - 120 + one hundred and ten percent + a score of one hundred and ten is perfect for final examinations in Italian universities, there being eleven examiners (i.e. ten points each) → if he got one hundred and ten on twelve questions at ten points each, this means he missed one.

quis - who (wants this) + quo = who + quock = quake + quis, quae, quod (l) - who, which (masc., fem., neut.) + quiz

Apostles - the twelve witnesses whom Jesus Christ sent forth to preach his Gospel to the world + apostrophe - " ’ " + apos (gr) - quick + apostrophes (gr) - aversions + REFERENCE

*C* (riddler), *V* (solver) + FDV: (Shaun MacIrevick, briefdragger, of for the concern of Jhon Jhamiesen and Song, rated onehundred onehundrick and thin per storehundred on this nightly quizquiquok of the twelve apostrophes set by Johnn Jacky Jocky Jockit MicEarweak.

misunderstood an M for an L + misunderstood a name for a motto (in question #3) + FDV: He misunderstruck the an aim of number three of them [and placed his left correct replies to four of them in their incorrect natural order disorder.])

(question #3 was answered incorrectly)

riposte - an effective reply by word or act + *V* did not reply to four questions (#4 by *X*, #6 by *K*, #10 by *I*, #12 by *C*).

(*X* answered question #4) + [*V* left his free natural ripostes to four (*X*) to sort them out].

myther = moider - to labour very hard + mytheria (gr) - traditions + FDV

rector - the permanent head or master of a university, college, school, or religious institution + myth erector.

Pontifex Maximus (Lat. pontus, bridge) + most (Serbian) - bridge + Maximos tries to bridge the gap between Christianity and Paganism in Henrik Ibsen's 'Caesar and Galilean' + in Genesis of the Geneva Bible, Adam and Eve 'made themselves breeches'.

beanstalk - the stem of the bean-plant: so called in the fairy-tale of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' + FDV: to rise taller through his tale beanstale

bluegum - Australian timber tree

baobab - a tree, also called 'Monkey-bread,' with a stem of enormous thickness + (stuttering).

welingtonia - the popular name in England of Sequoia (Wellingtonia) gigantea, a large coniferous tree, native of California

nudi- - naked + [pedibus] nudis (l) - with bare [feet].

trouter - one that fishes for trout + FDV: went nudiboots into a liffey liffeyette when she was barely in her streams trickles tricklies,

claudeo (l) - to limp, be lame + cloud - to cover or darken with clouds; hence fig., to overshadow, throw into the shade + {have a cloud [Issy] around his head at Howth Head}.

conciliation - conversion from a state of hostility or distrust; the promotion of good will by kind and considerate measures + FDV: was well known to wear clout a conciliationcap on the esker of his hooth,

esker - a long winding ridge of stratified sand and gravel, examples of which occur in glaciated and formerly glaciated regions of Europe and North America. Eskers are frequently several miles long and, because of their peculiar uniform shape, are somewhat like railroad embankments.

sport - to make public and ostentatious display of, to show of, to wear with satisfaction

chaingang - a gang or number of convicts chained together to prevent escape + chaingang (Slang) - jewellers, watch-chain makers.

albert - a watch chain worn across the front of a vest

Hollander (Dutch) - Dutchman + sports an [a chainganger's] albert over his, [hullender's] epulence,

opulence + epaulette - a military ornament worn on the shoulder.


heinousness - extreme wickedness, atrociousness

two Maries (*IJ*)

successive - characterized by or involving succession, brought about or produced in succeeding stages 

Serbian - of or belonging to Serbia + serebryanyj (Russian) - 'silver' + srebrn (Serbian) - of silver + sere (Archaic) - withered + {the rainbow girls}.

drawingroom - a private chamber attached to a more public room; now, a room reserved for the reception of company, and to which the ladies withdraw from the dining-room after dinner.

hearth rug - a rug laid before a fireplace to protect the carpet or floor + FDV: had several successive successiveful coloured coloured serevanmaids on the same [big] white parlour drawringroam hearthrug horthrug,

Wilberforce, William (1759-1833) - British M.P., chiefly associated with the abolition of the slave trade + Lord's Prayer: "Thy will be done". 

heather - a low-growing Eurasian shrub (Calluna vulgaris) growing in dense masses and having small evergreen leaves and clusters of small, bell-shaped pinkish-purple flowers + Lord's Prayer: "on Earth as it is in Heaven".

VARTRY RIVER - Rising at the base of Mt Douce in County Wicklow, it flows South to Roundwood, where it is dammed to form the reservoir which, since 1868, has been the main South Dublin water supply. From the reservoir the much-diminished Vartry traverses the Devil's Glen and ends at the sea inlet of Broad Lough, near the town of Wicklow. 

protestant + prode (it) - brave + {pumped the catholic water [ALP/Issy] and shocked protestant boys [3 soldiers]}

boyne - a flat shallow tub or bowl + river Boyne + 'The Protestant Boys' (an Orange song; "Boyne" appears in the song).

FDV: killed himself his own hungery self as a young man in anger,

fodder - food in general (obs.); food for cattle

(Noah, wife and three sons)

America + Marken (ger) - stamps + marken (Danish) - the field + FDV: found food for his five when the market allmarket allmarker was goflooded,

ge- (ger) - (prefix for certain nouns, past participles)

tutor - one employed in the supervision and instruction of a youth in a private household.

Cornish - the ancient language of Cornwall, a member of the Brythonic branch of the Celtic languages; it became extinct in the latter part of the 18th c.

voucher - one that sponsors or guarantees, witness

rotabilis (l) - whirling, rotary + rotabile (it) - (of vehicles) wheeled.

toll - a charge for the right of passage along a road (at a turnpike or toll-gate) + the toll of the road (phrase) - its cost in damage, injury and lives.

bred - p.p. of breed

stepson - a son of one’s spouse by a former marriage + FDV: [bred manyheaded sons stepsons and [a] leapyourown daughter, [& appeared to the shecook]],

heptagon - having seven angles and seven sides

imprison - to confine, shut up (in various connexions) + prisms.

false + fausse (fr) - false (feminine) + phosphorus.

indument - clothing, garment + {was a hunchback and had ill-fitting garments [Norwegian captain]}

shovel - to throw as if with shovel; to intrude; to excavate, dig up

arson - the act of wilfully and maliciously setting fire to another man's house, ship, forest, or similar property; or to one's own, when insured, with intent to defraud the insurers + 4 elements: earth, fire, water, air.

Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home? (song) + {ALP hung him out to dry}

quadrant - a square; a square thing or piece (also fig.)

tile - a thin slab of burnt clay (used in building generally); a hat (Slang) + to have a tile loose (and similar expressions derived from roofing tiles) - to be slightly crazy, or not quite right in the head.

cad a chlog (kod a khlug) (gael) - what o’clock

offer chances - in cricket, said of a batsman who plays the ball so that a fielder has oportunity of catching it, so dismissing the batsman

longon (French Slang) - penis + long on - a cricket fielding position.

stand up (Slang) - to coit with (a girl; originally of perpendicular conjunction) + stands up - in cricket, said of a wicketkeeper who takes up his position immediately behind the wicket.

legge (it) - law + legge (Norwegian) - to put, to lay + leg before wicket - in cricket, said of a batsman who prevents ball from striking wicket with his leg.

harrow - a heavy frame of timber (or iron) set with iron teeth or tines, which is dragged over ploughed land to break clods, pulverize and stir the soil, root up weeds, or cover in the seed.

moss rose - a garden variety of the cabbage rose, Rosa centifolia

seam - the junction made by sewing together the edges of two pieces or widths of cloth, leather, etc.; a line, groove, furrow or the like formed by the abutting edges of two parts of a thing (on a surface of rock, stone, etc.); Geol. A thin layer or stratum separating two strata of greater magnitude + seas + scenes.

fort - a strong position, stronghold

postern - a back door, private entrance

F.E.R.T. - "Fortitudo ejus Rhodum tenuit" (His firmness guarded Rhodes). This is a tribute to Amadeus the Great (b.1249), the founder of the dynasty of Savoy. In 1310 he helped against the Saracens at the siege of Rhodes + Femina erit ruina tua (l) - woman will be thy undoing.

buckler - a small round shield

in chief - in the chief or highest place or position

hiding places + Houdini - master of escaping.

out-Herod = to out-Herod Herod - to outdo Herod (represented in the old Mystery Plays as a blustering tyrant) in violence; to be more outrageous than the most outrageous; hence, to outdo in any excess of evil or extravagance. (A casual Shaksperian expression, which has become current in the 19th c.).

barker - one who barks, a dog; a noisy assailant; a pistol + {as fox he outsmarts the dogs}

SHOOLBRED'S - London department store of James Shoolbred and Co, in Tottenham Count Road

whitely - quietly + rightly + WHITELEY'S DEPARTMENT STORE - The London department store of William Whitehey, Ltd, in Queensway, Bayswater; founded 1863 in Westbourne Grove, it was the 1st of the great London stores + London department stores: Harrods, Barker, Shoolbred's, Whiteley's.  

sweep - a disreputable person; a scamp, blackguard + Swede

zoomorph - something in the form of an animal + zoomorphologia (gr) - the study of the shape of animals.

omni- - all, universally + omne animal (l) - 'every living creature'.

brooch - to adorn as with a brooch + {old Irish zoomorphic brooches with animal heads; Irish coins with pictures of animals}

Edison, Tomas - American inventor (1847-1931) + Eddystone lighthouse. 

lampless - darkened, unlighted

sunbeam - ray of light of the sun + Swann, Sir Joseph (1828-1914) - British inventor of an incandescent lamp.

deep - the deep part of the sea, or of a lake or river; a deep (i.e. secret, mysterious, unfathomable, or vast) region of thought, feeling, or being.

malefactor - one guilty of a heinous offence against the law; a felon, a criminal 

Frau (ger) - woman

Frou Frou - title of Meilhac and Halévy's opera

dook - duck


battleworthy - fit for use in battle + boose - alcoholic drink, chiefly beer; U.S. esp. spirits + BOSWORTH FIELD - Area in Leics, England, site of the last battle (1485) of the War of the Roses; Richard III ("Crookback") was defeated and killed by Earl of Richmond, hater Henry VII.  

junket - to make merry with good cheer, to feast

boos = 3d. sing of boo - a shout of disapproval, "boo"

baa - to cry baa, bleat + bás (Irish) - death.

ass + Aas (ger) - carrion.

luke = look

Plunkett, Luke - Dubliner who played Richard III's death scene (riding into Bosworth Field on a donkey) so comically that the audience demanded an encore. The corpse rose, bowed, died again. 

Levey & O'Rorke: Annals of the Theatre Royal, Dublin 16: 'A new Opera, written by a lady of this city... entitled "The Cavern; or, the Outlaws." It is surmised that Lady Morgan was the authoress'.

his business - eat, letters, smokes, fights (Joyce's note) Fay: A Short Glossary of Theatrical Terms 9: 'Business. -- All movements and actions used by actors in playing a scene; such as opening and reading letters, eating or preparing meals, fights, smoking, etc.'

tumbler - glass cup without a handle or foot, having a heavy flat bottom

minerals - mineral water

brush up - to brighten up by brushing, to free from dust or cobwebs + 'Wash and brush up': service advertised in English men's public toilets.

juju - a fetish, charm or amulet of west african tribes; a marijuana cigarette

toffee - a sweet-meat made from sugar or treacle, butter, and sometimes a little flour, boiled together + {would wash, go out and hear the local news with coffee, peruse the comics at a newsagents}

birthday, Christmas, Easter, New Year cards - cards printed with ornamental designs, etc. to be sent (on the occasions indicated) as an expression of compliments or good wishes.

red clay - a fine grained red or reddish brown clay

sahara - a shade of brown or yellow color

iron oxide (red, brown or black) + oxhide - the skin of an ox + iren = iron.

arraign - to call upon one to answer for himself on a criminal charge; to indict before a tribunal

attaint - to convict, accuse, condemn; fig. To sully (lustre, purity, etc.)

list - to include on a list; to recruit; to enclose, to shut in with rails or like

lit - to blush deeply + lite (it) - lawsuit, litigation, dispute, quarrel.

plead - to allege or urge as a plea esp. in defence, apology or excuse


check - a sharp stoppage of motion; an interruption in a course, a sudden stoppage or pause; a written order to a banker by a person having money in the banker's hands, directing him to pay, on presentation, to bearer or to a person named the sum of money stated therein (called in Bank of England books 1717 a Drawn Note).

Bank of England + indgang (Danish) - entrance.

endorse - to sign one's name on the back of (a bill, promissory note, or cheque) + endure - to suffer without resistance, submit to, tolerate.

Lane-Poole: The Speeches & Table-Talk of the Prophet Mohammad xvii: 'Damiri has a saying, "Wisdom hath alighted on three things, the brain of the Franks, the hands of the Chinese, and the tongue of the Arabs"'.

call the bluff - to make person show his 'hand', to accept the challenge

block - interruption of the function of the organ; customer's mould at hatter's + block a hat (Slang) - knock a man's hat down over his eyes.

MORGAN, JOSEPH, MRS - Hat manufacturer, 9 Grafton Street, around the turn of the century + morgen (Danish, Dutch) = Morgen (German) - morning. 


geheimrat - privy councilor (a confidential adviser) + {plays the dirty rat when he’s in earnest}

ernst (ger) - serious

Maus (ger) - mouse + mausey (Anglo-Irish) - having heavy buttocks, having large hips (from Irish más: buttock).

lustig (ger) - merry, cheerful

rump - the hind-quarters, posteriors, buttocks + Rump Parliament, 1648-53.

Early English - architectural style typical of 13th century

trademarks + transom - a window above a door that is usually hinged to a horizontal crosspiece over the door; horizontal bar of stone or wood in a window to divide the lights.

marigold window - a circular window with radial tracery (a decorative intelacing of lines)

myrioscope - a variation of the kaleidoscope

piscine - a stone basin near altar of a church for liturgical ablutions

ambry - a place for keeping things, pantry; a place for books, library, archives; a cupboard or closed recess in a church used for books, vessels, etc.

portcullised - furnished with or having a portcullis (a strong and heavy frame or grating, formed of vertical and horizontal bars of wood or iron (the vertical ones being pointed at the lower end), suspended by chains, and made to slide up and down in vertical grooves at the sides of the gateway of a fortress or fortified town, so as to be capable of being quickly let down as a defence against assault).

nave - the main part or body of a church, extending from the inner door to the choir or chancel, and usually separated from the aisle on each side by pillars.

from the year dot (also from/since the year one) - from long ago

horolge - a timepiece, a dial, hourglass or clock

Big Ben - tower clock famous for its accuracy and for its 13-ton bell (London) + The Wren: 'The king of all birds' (song).

fuit (l) - there was, he [she, it] was

est (l) - there is, he [she, it] is + isst (ger) - eats + ist (ger) - is.

herit (l) - there will be, he [she, it] will be

mildew - a morbid destructive growth upon plants, consisting of minute fungi, and having usually the appearance of a thin whitish coating.

mouldy - overgrown or covered with mould; hence, decaying or decayed + mouldy (Dublin Slang) - drunk + stone - to hurl stones, to kill with stones, to make numb or insensible + stoned (Slang) - drunk + {his gravestones are mouldy}

quercus (l) - oak, oak-tree

plane - a tree of the genus platanus, platain

megalopolis - a very large city + Megalopolis - ancient capital of Arcadia.

faun - one of a class of rural deities; at first represented like men with horns and the tail of a goat, afterwards with goats' legs like the Satyrs, to whom they were assimilated in lustful character.

blank - an empty place or space

hide - unit of land, 60 to 120 acres

carucate - old English unit of land (as much land as could be tilled with one plough in one year = 120 acres) + carruca (l) - four-wheeled coach.

hold (ger) - gracious, lovely + old.

shipshaped - arranged properly, as things on board ship should be; trim, orderly

graminivorous - eating or feeding on grass + (defecation).

dom (Serbian) - home, house, heartstone (however, plural in Serbian would be 'domovi' and is rarely used)

manoir - a manor house or country residence

will + villa + vill - feudal territorial unit corresponding to modern civil parish.

aqueduct + acque (Italian) - waters + 4 elements: air, earth, water, fire.

whooping cough + Ulysses.6.121: 'Gasworks. Whooping cough they say it cures'.

forth + fart.

carbon dioxide - a constituent of coalgas

Hose (ger) - trousers

stock - to lay up in store; esp. To keep (goods) in stock for sale

pudor (l) - shame + Puder (ger) - powder + There is a well-authenticated anecdote of Cromwell. On a certain occasion, when his troops were about crossing a river to attack the enemy, he concluded an address, with these words: 'put your trust in God; but mind to keep your powder dry'.

pink'un - a nickname for a newspaper printed on pink paper + SPORTING TIMES - The weekly "chronicle of racing, literature, art, and the drama," known as "The Pink'un," published in London 1865-1931 (published a hostile review of Ulysses) + Pinkham, Lydia - American purveyor of a female tonic. 

pellet - any globe, ball, or spherical body, usually one of small size; a ball of some plastic or soft substance, esp. of medicine or food, a pill + 'Pink pills for pale people' (advertisement).

The Pale - English-governed part of medieval Ireland (16th century)

Foot, Lundy - Mr Senn says, opened a tobacco establishment in Dublin (1758), where he sold: "Superfine Pig-tails for Ladies!" Once he asked J. P. Curran, his neighbour and celebrated legal wit, what motto should go on his carriage and was told: "Quid Rides" (Latin 'what are you laughing at'). Lundy Foot was stoned in 1835 + mundi- (l) - clean- + Slattery's Mounted Foot (song).

miseria (l) - wretchedness + Miserius (l) - male embodiment of Misery (*S*).

pinch - a nip, a squeeze

superfine - very fine

pigtail - a tight braid of hair + "Superfine Pig-tails for Ladies!"

ceresia (l) - cherry + *I*

keros (gr) - beeswax, sealing-wax + *J*

quid - pound sterling + Quid rides? [Mutato nomine de te / fabula narratur] - "What are you laughing at? [The name changed / the story is told about you]" (Horace, Satire I.i.69)

ride - an excursion or journey in some vehicle or conveyance, now esp. a public one; an act of sexual intercourse (slang).

Titus Andronicus - title, hero of Shakespeare's play, in which Caius and Sempronius are also characters + *VYC*   

notion - an idea or concept + a nation of shopkeepers - Napoleon's comment on the English.

shop keeper - the proprietor of a retail store, an article that has remained long in the shop unsold + (notebook 1923): 'William Shokkeeper Shopskeeper'.

duke - In some European countries: A sovereign prince, the ruler of a small state called a duchy + (Wellington).

shot (Slang) - fucked

quean (Slang) - whore + two female figures on Dublin coat of arms + queens (chess) + *IJ* and *VYC*

caskets + castles (chess) + three castles on Dublin coat of arms.

game of swans - flock of swans kept for pleasure + (chess).

Stromboli - one of the Lipari Islands containing one of the three active volcanoes in Italy

mote (Archaic) - may + mammoth.

fier (fr) - proud + (be in fear of him).

womankind - the females of the human race; a female person

pietas (l) - sorrow + Pietà - representation of Mary mourning over dead Jesus.

drift - an accumulation of snow driven together by the wind + (drop of sperm at tip of penis).

(heather on Howth)

(Christ's thorn crown)

chaperon - a round stuffed covering for the head + (condom on penis).

shed blood - to destroy human life by violent means + gore - blood.

quies (l) - rest, repose + peace and quiet(ness) - freedom from disturbance or perturbation (esp. as a condition in which an individual person is). 

Souvenir of the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Opening of The Gaiety Theatre 37: 'Miss Cissy Graham's entertaining "Triple Bill"'.

polis - a Greek city state

hove - to pass by, to go floating or soaring + go by - to pass without notice, to pass unheeded + hoved by (Danish) - 'capital', literally 'chief city' (Danish hoved: head, and Danish by: town) + (like sentence 'metro for the polis', city is dismantled).

filth + (condition of being full)

plenish - to fill up

dearth - a condition in which food is scarce and dear; often, in earlier use, a famine + death + earth.

hock - the wine called in German 'Hochheimer', produced at Hochheim on the Main; hence, commercially extended to other white German wines + (Shaun = white wine).

(cocoa = Shem)

emery = a hard grey-black mineral consisting of corundum and either hematite or magnetite, used as an abrasive (especially as a coating on paper = sandpaper) + {horserace: Emery [third combined character] tries to win}

pole (Slang) - penis + passer (French Slang) - fuck + polar bear + Browne/Nolan (motif).

orchestra (Slang) - testicle + orchis (gr) - testicle

midwife - a woman who assists other women in childbirth, a female accoucheur

fand sted (Danish) - 'took place' + stead - a space or place assigned to or occupied by a person; a seat (obs.) + found dead (was killed).

endo (gr) - inter

calamity - a grievous disaster, an event or circumstance causing loss or misery

delict - a violation of law or right; an offence, a delinquency + delictum (l) - crime, transgression + delicious

entree - the principal dish of a meal

finish off - to bring to an end

savourie = savoury - a savoury dish, served at the beginning or end of a dinner as a stimulant to appetite or digestion + (between the women and the soldiers).

flout - a mocking speech or action; a piece of mockery, jeer, scoff

forecast - a forecasting or anticipation; a conjectural estimate or account, based on present indications, of the course of events or state of things in the future, esp. with regard to the weather.

flair for - liking, taste, enthusiasm

fray - a disturbance, esp. one caused by fighting; a noisy quarrel; a fight, skirmish, conflict

fairground - an enclosure where outdoor fairs, circuses or exhibitions are held

idle - that which is useless, vain, or frivolous (obs.); an idle person, idler (obs.) + Lane-Poole: The Speeches & Table-Talk of the Prophet Mohammad xxi: (in the Kaaba) 'the three hundred and sixty idols, one for each day of the year, which Mohammad afterwards destroyed in one day'.

Lane-Poole: The Speeches & Table-Talk of the Prophet Mohammad xxiii: 'An Arab, who wished to avenge the death of his father, went to consult the square block of white stone called El-Khalasa' (i.e. the Kaaba; the name means salvation) + colossal.

henwives = pl. of henwife - a woman who raises poultry; a bawd + Lane-Poole: The Speeches & Table-Talk of the Prophet Mohammad xxv: 'These men were called "Hanifs," or "incliners," and their religion seems to have consisted chiefly in a negative position, - in denying the superstition of the Arabs'.

Lane-Poole: The Speeches & Table-Talk of the Prophet Mohammad xxiv: (before Mohammad's birth) 'a prophet was expected, and women were anxiously hoping for male children'.

flaitheamhlach (flahulokh) (gael) = flahoolagh (Anglo-Irish) - princely; generous, hospitable

grasping - that grasps, eager for gain, greedy + (Father, Son, Holy Spirit).

paschal - a large white candle lighted in a church on the evening before easter

forbid - to exclude, keep back, hinder, restrain; to render impossible or undesirable + Lord's Prayer: 'Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us'.

cineris (l) - ashes + cinders.

pile - to form into a pile or heap; to heap up

Pelion (gr) - high mountain in Thessaly, a continuation of Ossa (also high mountain in Thessaly) + Pelion on Ossa (Odyssey XI) - Latin 'mountain on mountain' (the Titans Otos and Ephialtes tried to pile Ossa on Olympus and Pelion on Ossa in order to climb to heaven and attack the gods).

pilula (l) - little ball + pilule (fr) - pill

Hercules' Pillars - the rocks Calpé (now Gibraltar) and Abyla (Ceuta), on either side of the Strait of Gibraltar, thought by the ancients to be the supports of the western boundary of the world, and to have been set up by Hercules + hircus (l) - goat.

Oedipus complex - in psychoanalytic theory, a desire for sexual involvement with the parent of the opposite sex and a concomitant sense of rivalry with the parent of the same sex.

drink to the dregs - to drink to the thick and turbid sediment

kink - a mental twist + king.

wurst = worst + Wurst (ger) - sausage + County Westmeath.

County Carlow

chump - dupe, fool; munch, champ

scullion - a domestic servant of the lowest rank in a household who performed the menial offices of the kitchen; hence, a person of the lowest order, esp. as an abusive epithet.

ply - to employ or occupy oneself busily or steadily; to work at something

trolly - a railroad dump car, a small truck, an electric car + (he signs a letter) 'very truly yours'.

psychic - psychical, rel. to the human soul or mind

espousal - the formal 'plighting of troth' between a man and a woman; the celebration of a marriage, nuptials, a wedding  

desertion - action of deserting or abandoning; wilful abandonment of the conjugal society, without reasonable cause, on the part of a husband or wife + *IJ* and *VYC*. 

Futter (ger) - fodder + futter (Slang) - to fuck + Futt (ger, vulg.) - vagina + Vater (ger) - father.

Magd (ger) - girl

Cahermohill, County Limerick + As Fritz Senn discovered, the actor Hill, described as "that mountain of flesh," played Cattermole in the play "The Private Secretary" (40.16) at the Gaiety Theatre in 1885 Souvenir of the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Opening of The Gaiety Theatre 29: 'the inimitable "Private Secretary" captured the town, with Helmore as the "Rev Robt. Spalding," and Hill, that "mountain of flesh" as "Cattermole"' + making a mountain out of a molehill (phrase). 

stress - a force acting on or within a body or structure and tending to deform it

strain - force tending to pull asunder or to drag from a position

tank up - to fill oneself with drink, to drink heavily; to fill a tank of (a vehicle) with a fuel

dank - to wet, damp, moisten + Dank (ger) - thanks.

tout - a spy, an informer; someone who advertises for customers in an especially brazen way + (ship's agent).

entoutcas - a combination of parasol and umbrella + (condom).

thimble - a bell-shaped sheath of metal (formerly of leather) worn on the end of the finger to push the needle in sewing

(Colonel) Blimp - a character invented by David Low (1891-1963), cartoonist and caricaturist, pictured as a rotund pompous ex-officer voicing a rooted hatred of new ideas.

dud - of little or no worth, ineffective, fake, bad + dud (Serbian) - mulberry.

dead letter - orig. A writing, etc. taken in a bare literal sense without reference to its 'spirit', and hence useless or ineffective; a letter which lies unclaimed for a certain time at a post-office, or which cannot be delivered through defect of address or other cause.

Sybil -  oracular seeress of the Ancient Near East 

byword - a proverb, a condensed but memorable saying embodying some important fact of experience that is taken as true by many people; a nickname, byname, epithet of scorn.

surcease - cessation, stop; esp. (a) temporary cessation, suspension, or intermission + Circe.

Lord Byron: Childe Harold's Pilgrimage IV.cxlv: 'While stands the Coliseum, Rome shall stand; When falls the Coliseum, Rome shall fall; And when Rome falls - the World' [.26]

frail - a basket made of rushes; a woman; liable to break or be broken, easily crushed or destroyed; morally weak, unable to resist temptation; Now sometimes applied as a half-jocular euphemism, to a woman who lives unchastely or has fallen from virtue + frails (Slang) - women.

hatch - to bring forth young birds from the eggs by incubation

cellbridge - a protoplasmic connection between cells, na intercelular bridge + CELBRIDGE - Village, on Liffey River 4 miles from Lucan. The private house Marley Abbey was bought by Bartholomew Vanhomrigh, and Swift visited Esther V. ("Vanessa") there. 

abrood - on a hatch, on its brood of eggs + abroad

gan = p. of gin - begin

Genesis 1:1, John 1:1: 'In the beginning' + Guinness.

wind up - to bring to conclusion, end + 'As it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be...' (prayer).

bottle of Bass (ale) + Battle of New Ross.

Roderick O'Connor, last high king of Ireland

Dane - a native or subject of Denmark; in older usage including all the Northmen who invaded England from the 9th to the 11th c. + (way of the Danes = displaced).

regularly - at fixed times or intervals, in accordance with rule or established principles

regroup - to form a new group

busman's holiday - leisure time spent in occupations of the same nature as those in which one engages for a living + bushboy - a native Australian or South African bushman.

Quaker's meeting - a religious meeting of Quakers, characterized by long periods of silent meditation and prayer

sandbath - a bath taken by fowls in sand + Witch's Sabbath.

'omos (gr) - same + 'eteros (gr) - other.

Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye (song): 'Ye eyeless, noseless, chickenless egg'

spa - a medicinal or mineral spring or well + (mad when in a spa, but sane at his pub).

Emillian - of or pertaining to Emilia, a district of northern Italy + Aemilia Via (l) - Aemilian Way: name of three different Roman roads, built by M. Aemilius Lepidus and M. Aemilius Scaurus + half a million.

bogus - counterfeit, spurious, fictitious, sham

census - an official enumeration of the population of a country or district

Haussmann, Baron (1809-91) - leading spirit in the rebuilding of Paris + Hausmann (ger) - tenant, lodger.

Jean Alphand was an assistant to Baron Haussmann in the 19th-century rebuilding of Paris. 

handy andy - someone skilled in many jobs + Rooney, "Handy Andy" - title, hero of Lover's novel. He is a bumbling Irish servant who turns out to be an Irish peer + Andes.

elegant + Allegheny Mountains, in Appalachians.

Humpty Dumpty 

secession - Rom. Hist. the temporary migration of the plebeians to a place outside the city, in order to compel the patricians to grant redress of their grievances.

plump - to vote at an election for one candidate alone (when one is entitled to vote for two or more). The original sense was app. to give a direct, straight, unqualified, or absolute vote for a person.

plebeius (l) - a plebeian, member of the Roman lower classes + phlegmatikos (gr) - full of phlegm.

Grace O'Malley was refused entrance to Howth Castle as gates were closed for dinner. In retaliation, she abducted the Earl's son and heir, the 10th Baron. He was eventually released when a promise was given to keep the gates open to unexpected visitors, and to set an extra place at every meal  [021.04].

rut - to mount or cover (the female); rut is the mating season of ruminant animals such as deer, sheep, elk, moose, caribou, ibex, goats, pronghorn and Asian and African antelope.

dub - to name, style, nickname

limn - to portray, depict (a subject) + (some dub him Rothschild and others Rockefeller).

fly - a spy (with allusion to the insect's finding its way into the most private places); lure in fishing; man's trouser buttons or zipper [shows his fly (i.e. exhibitionism)] + fly (Slang) - cunning, artful.

demisphere - hemisphere + damsels.

cover up a person's tracks - to conceal or screen his motions or measures

tracer - seeker, one who follows the footprints or track of anything + (tries to cover his traces to the three soldiers).

dovecote - a house for doves or pigeons + Seven cities of the ancient world claimed to be the birthplace of Homer (Chios and Smyrna are best supported) + 7 rainbow girls.

Pigeon - lived at the end of Dublin's South Wall and gave his name to the Pigeonhouse + Heim (ger) - home + Henrik Ibsen: "Et Dukkehjem" (The Doll's House). 

homer - a homing pigeon + home - to fly back to its 'home' or loft after being released at a distant point + Homer

SMYRNA - Now called Izmir, city and port on Aegean Sea, Western Turkey. In ancient times it was first Aeolian, then Ionian; both peoples claimed it as the birthplace of Homer, known as "son of the Meles" + Merrion, district of Dublin. 

Rhodes - island off Asia Minor, contender for Homer's birthplace + Roebuck, district of Dublin.

Kolophon - city in Ionia, contender for Homer's birthplace + Clonskeagh, district of Dublin.

SEAPOINT - Residential area between Blackrock and Monkstown, South-East of Dublin + Salamis - town in Cyprus, contender for Homer's birthplace

Chios (gr) - Ionian island, contender for Homer's birthplace + Howth, district of Dublin. 

ASHTOWN - Residential district North of Phoenix Park. Phoenix Park racecourse is just outside the park at Ashtown Gate + Argos (gr) - "Unworked, fallow": city in southern Peloponnesus, contender for Homer's birthplace.

Athens was one of the 7 cities claimed to be the birthplace of Homer + Raheny, district of Dublin.

lordship - the rank of a lord, dominion

chamberlain - an officer charged with the management of the private chambers of a sovereign or nobleman + Chamberlain, Joseph (1836-1914) - British politician, wrecked Home Rule, may have been the force behind Captain O'Shea, Dublin alone was exempt from his power.

acknowledging - recognizing or admitting as true or valid

prine - the holm or evergreen oak; ilex + Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies, song: I Saw Thy Form in Youthful Prime [air: Domhnall].

"Donald a Domhnall," the air to T. Moore's "I Saw Thy Form" + Domhnall (donel) (gael) - "World-mighty"; anglic. Donnell.

reek - to emit hot vapour or steam; to smell strongly and unpleasantly, to stink

il bel paese (Italian) - "the homeland"; the cheese of this name has a map of Italy on the wrapper

Iceland's ear ~ Ireland's eye (i.e. neither works) [John Bishop: Joyce's Book of the Dark].

quot - quotation; squat + quot (l) - how many, as many + quiet

tot quot - Eccl. A dispensation or licence to hold as many ecclesiastical benefices as the holder pleases or can get; hence, the holding of such benefices, unlimited pluralism; pl. benefices so held + tot (l) - so many [usually with quot] + (lodged in many places and lived through many reigns).

reign - royal power or rule, kingdom, sovereignty

sunbath - an exposure to the direct rays of the sun, orig. as a method of medical treatment + szombat (Hungarian) - Saturday.

Wasser (ger) - water + Wassernapf (ger) - water basin + nap - a draught + vasarnap (Hungarian) - Sunday.

bout - a contest, match, trial of strength, physical or intellectual + bye

stoolball - an old english game resembling cricket played chiefly by women + (notebook 1930): 'stoolball' → an old English game similar to cricket, believed to be originally played in Sussex with milkmaids' stools as wickets (reported in several British newspapers on 19 May 1930 or thenabouts, following a game played on 17 May at Arundel Castle).

Girofle and Girofla - title of and twin sisters in Lecocq's opera + (notebook 1930): '*L* Giroflé Girofla' Giroflé, Girofla (French song): 'Que t'as de belles filles! Giroflé, girofla': 'What pretty daughters you have! Giroflé, girofla' (children's game mentioned in Verrimst: Rondes et Chansons Populaires 51) + {after a goot bout at football he enjoys the twin sisters}

nevermore - never again + Poe: The Raven: 'Quoth the raven "nevermore"' + (Noah's raven missed land, while his dove found it).

Columbus + columba (l) - dove.

goalkeeper + gold + Protestantism: every man his own priest.

fullback - (Football), position in the field behind the other 'backs'; a player in this position + Allblacks - the New Zealand national rugby team + (notebook 1930): 'Africa for the fullblacks' → many newspapers reported in May 1930 about riots in South Africa over government policy against black people.

arc - an arch (obs.) + (notebook 1930): 'arc of his drive'.

drive - a private road affording access to a residence or other building + {the arc of his batting hit was forty degrees}

stump - a stake; (pl.) legs + to pull up one's stumps - to leave one's home, to move one's habitation + stumps pulled at end of play (cricket).

thews - muscles or tendons + thew (Archaic) - thigh + thew (obs) - custom + (notebook 1930): 'thick & thews (Gaels)'.

creater = creature + crater.

i nÉirinn (Irish) - in Ireland

look down on - to hold in contempt, to scorn, to consider oneself superior to

Robinson, Swiss Family - title, characters in a novel by J. S. Wyss 

colle (it) - hill

nouveaux riches (fr) - persons who have recently acquired wealth + nouvelles roches (fr) - new rocks + (notebook 1930): 'les nouveaux roches (Alps)' → the Swiss Alps are relatively new rocks.

turn to - to direct one's attention to something practically; to apply oneself to or take up an occupation or pursuit

stick to - to adhere, keep or hold to (an argument, demand, resolve, opinion, bargain, covenant, and the like); to refuse to renounce or abandon; to persist in.

futurism + futuete! (l) - fuck!

leglifter (Slang) - fornicator + (notebook 1930): 'chorus girls they hang their legs like censers'.

cense - to judge, estimate; to burn incense before, offer incense to; esp. by way of worship or honour + sense.

souriantes (fr) - smiling

boor - any rude, ill-bred fellow

browbending - frowning + Brow Bender (nursery rhyme): 'Brow bender, Eye peeper, Nose dreeper, Mouth eater, Chin chopper'.

grommellants (fr) - grumbling

hindmost - final, last, terminal, all the way to the rear

yeled (Hebrew) - male child + lasses and lads + Ulysses and Iliad.

glimse = glimpse + Thomas Moore: song: Tho' the Last Glimpse of Erin with Sorrow I See.

lug (lug) (gael) - mountain-hollow; name of several mountains + Lug - Celtic sungod.

luk = look; luck + luch (lukh) (gael) - mouse + Loki - Norse god.

Thor - Norse god

Wotan - another name for Odin, Norse god + Mangan and Berkeley valued tar water as medicine.

asana - manner of sitting (as in practice of yoga) + Asama - Japanese volcano + Asa - a name applied to the Æsir, the major Norse gods + asthma.

(heroes in the Norse Valhalla live perpetually on one boar)

stave - to drive off or beat with a staff or stave; esp. in to stave off, to beat off (a dog in Bear- or Bull- baiting; also transf. a human combatant), to keep back (a crowd) + pigsty.

reglar - regular + Ragnarøkr (Old Norse) - destruction of the Norse gods.

rack - the rib section of lamb used for chops and roasts

cloak - to cover with or as if with a cloak, hide, disguise, screen

reclined - placed in a reclining or recumbent position + (cloaked beggars recline around his pedestal).

padstool - a mushroom + paddy - Irishman; policeman + paddenstoel (Dutch) - mushroom, toadstool + pedestal

winken (ger) - beckon

Christien = Christian + {text of an obituary}

Advent - The Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour of the world; the Incarnation. Hence his expected Second Coming as Judge, and the Coming of the Holy Spirit as at Pentecost.

New Zealand

easterling - an inhabitant of an eastern country or district; also, a member of the Eastern Church + Easter - one of the great festivals of the Christian Church, commemorating the resurrection of Christ, and corresponding to the Jewish passover + Easterling - Viking (used for invaders of Ireland).

Pentecost - a festival of the Christian Church observed on the seventh Sunday after Easter, in commemoration of the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples + pentekostitis (gr) - inflammatory disease of fifty + peritonitis - infection of the abdominal lining following the rupture of an appendix or other intestinal organ + costitis - inflammation of the ribs.

follower - one who attends funeral

bequest - transference or bestowal by will, or by a similar procedure + (no flowers by request).

fanfare - to call attention to with much clamour + fun for all + funeral.

Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies, song: Go Where Glory Waits Thee

Ball, John - English rebel, subject of Morris' romance, "The Dream of John Ball." Mr Atherton knows a nursery rhyme in which John Ball "shot them all." 

ballotist - a professed advocate of the ballot (the method or system of secret voting, originally by means of small balls placed in an urn or box) + bulletist ~ maker of a bulletin [a brief report (especially an official statement issued for immediate publication or broadcast)].

Maxwell, James Clerk (1831-79) - British physicist

clark = clerk

commenced + commited + comminxit (l) - he [she, it] polluted, defiled, pissed on + (notebook 1930): 'to comminx'.

under articles (notebook 1930) → Ellis: The Life of Michael Kelly 22n: 'Michael Arne (1741-86)... was the composer of many songs, and pieces for the harpsichord... He was under articles to compose an opera for Covent Garden'.

finished + Phoenix.

Borgia - infamous Italian family

bier - a tomb, a sepulchre; beer + Bier (ger) - beer + een vat bier (Dutch) - a barrel of beer + vatbier (Dutch) - draught beer.

bure (Serbian) - barrel, vat, cask

buttle - to serve or act as butler + bottle.

bawn - the wortified court of a castle, an enclosure about a farmhouse or castle in Ireland + bawn (Anglo-Irish) - white.

Al *E* (notebook 1930) Paget: Babel 31: 'Let the reader try... raising the tip of his tongue to touch the roof of his mouth, as if pointing to the sky. If... the reader simultaneously grunts... he will find that it results in articulating a sound which might be written ULL or OLL in English, or AL in the Latin languages. AL... is therefore a natural gesture-word meaning up' + "One day the emissary's voice gave me a fabulous bonus. It said that, in order to ensure the keenness and accuracy of our dreaming attention, we must bring it from behind the roof of the mouth, where an enormous reservoir of attention is located in all human beings. The emissary's specific directions were to practice and learn the discipline and control necessary to press the tip of the tongue on the roof of the mouth while dreaming. This task is as difficult and consuming, the emissary said, as finding one's hands in a dream. But, once it is accomplished, this task gives the most astounding results in terms of controlling the dreaming attention." (Carlos Castaneda: The Art Of Dreaming)

an = wind (notebook 1930) Paget: Babel 47: (listing Indo-European roots) 'AN breathe' [.16-.18]

roh (ger) - raw, crude

re - regardings, concerning, with regard to

huckleberry - any of several shrubs of the genus Gaylussacia bearing small berries resembling blueberries + Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn.

whenas - while; for the reason that; although, whereas

tuck - to put into a snug place, to pull or gather up in a fold or folds, to fold + {filled himself with blueberries when [food was] luck}

toss - to fling or jerk oneself about + toss up - prepare food quickly. 

youngster - a young person who is not of age; a child, esp. a boy + yang (Chinese) - ocean. 

fou - drunk; foul + fou (fr) - mad.

hock - the wine called in German Hochheimer, produced at Hochheim on the Main; hence, commercially extended to other white German wines

Becher (ger) - beaker, mug + {fell drunk from wine (hock)}

wherein - in what, in which, where

gauge - to 'take the measure' of + (gained the age of reason).

raisin - a cluster of grapes; a grape (obs.) + reason

ad = eat (notebook 1930) Paget: Babel 47: (listing Indo-European roots) 'AD eat'

aliment - nutriment, food

da = give (notebook 1930) Paget: Babel 47: (listing Indo-European roots) 'DA give'

dole - food or money given in charity

rap - to exchange, barter (dial. and slang.) + (notebook 1930): 'rup = break' Paget: Babel 47: (listing Indo-European roots) 'RUP break' .

rustic - a countryman, a peasant; a stone of the kind employed in rustic work (usu. pl.)

tame - to overcome the wildness or fierceness of (a man, animal, or thing) + (notebook 1930): 'tan = stretch' Paget: Babel 47: (listing Indo-European roots) 'TAN stretch'.

turmoil - disturbance, tumult; trouble

has + (notebook 1930): 'sa = sow' Paget: Babel 47: (listing Indo-European roots) 'SA sow (corn)'.

semination - sowing, planting

sue - to woo, court; to institute legal proceedings against (a person) + (notebook 1930): 'su = squeeze' Paget: Babel 47: (listing Indo-European roots) 'SU squeeze out'.

skivvy - a female domestic servant

on the sly - secretly

from hand to mouth - with attention to immediate wants only; by consuming food as soon as it is obtained, without provision for the future + (notebook 1930): 'from hand to mouth' Paget: Babel 54: 'the influence of unconscious mouth-gesture will continue to affect human speech as long as the pantomimic instincts of man and the sympathy between his hand and mouth both persist'.

earish - auricular + Irish + (notebook 1930): 'to learn earish'.

hack - to clear (a path) by cutting away vegetation + (notebook 1930): 'hang = static hack = dynamic' Paget: Babel 60: 'compare such words as clang and clack, hang and hack... the nasal sound symbolizes something static, the same mouth-gesture without the nasal bypassing something dynamic'.

hick - hiccup + heck - hell + hock - prison; to tease or harass + hic haec hoc (l) - this, this here (masc., fem., neut.)

himself + his help

hereafter - after this in time

Rialto - an exchange or mart + Rialto Bridge, Dublin (carries South Circular Road over Grand Canal).

ANNESLEY - Bridge (also Road) over Tolka River, Dublin (West of Fairview Park) 

BINNS'S BRIDGE - Bridge carrying Drumcondra Road across the Royal Canal, Dublin 

BALLS BRIDGE - Bridge which carries the ancient highway from Dublin to Blackrock over the Dodder River

Newcomen Bridge, Dublin (carries North Strand Road over Royal Canal) + at all + Tolka Bridge, Dublin (no such bridge, but five bridges span the Tolka river: Annesley, Ballybough, Drumcondra, Saint Mobhi's, Glasnevin). 

Ulysses.2.41: 'How, sir? Comyn asked. A bridge is across a river' (possibly alluding to Skeat's definition of a bridge as 'a structure built across a river').

dearth - scarcity of anything, material or immaterial; scanty supply

vile - to bring to a vile or low condition, to defile

ville - a town or village

Bornholm - Danish island in the Baltic Sea

town + The Wild Man from Borneo (song): 'The flea on the hair of the tail of the dog of the nurse of the child of the wife of the wild man from Borneo has just come to town'.

dye - to diffuse a colour or tint through; to tinge with a colour or hue; to colour + died

tartan - to clothe or array in tartan (a type of criss-crossed cloth associated with the different clans of the Scottish Highlands) + (7 colours of rainbow).

rue - a perennial evergreen shrub + (notebook 1930): 'tormentil rue root } red' The Scottish Clans and their Tartans xxviii: (native dyes used in Scottish tartan manufacture) 'Red... Rue root... Tormentil'.

dulse - an edible species of seaweed, Rhodymenia palmata, having bright red, deeply divided fronds + (notebook 1930): 'lichen dulse currants & ales } brown' The Scottish Clans and their Tartans xxviii: (native dyes used in Scottish tartan manufacture) 'Brown (yellowish)... Lichen... Dulse... Currant, with Alum'.

bracken - a fern; spec. (in modern writers) Pteris aquilina, the 'Brake'; a shade of brown resembling the colour of turning bracken; a warm orangey-brown + (notebook 1930): 'ashtree & bracken bog myrtle } yellow' The Scottish Clans and their Tartans xxviii: (native dyes used in Scottish tartan manufacture) 'Yellow... Bog-Myrtle... Ash-tree root... Bracken root'.

teasel - a plant of the genus Dipsacus, comprising herbs with prickly leaves and flower-heads, used for teasing or dressing cloth so as to raise a nap on the surface + (notebook 1930): 'broom whinbark teasel fuller's thistle heather } green' The Scottish Clans and their Tartans xxviii: (native dyes used in Scottish tartan manufacture) 'Green... Broom... Whin-bark... Teasel, or Fuller's Thistle... Heather, with Alum'.

sundew - any plant of the genus Drosera, which comprises small herbs growing in bogs + (notebook 1930): 'sundew cup moss rue root } purple' (semi-cancellation of 'cup moss') The Scottish Clans and their Tartans xxviii: (native dyes used in Scottish tartan manufacture) 'Purple... Sundew... Lichen, Cupmoss'.

cress - the common name of various cruciferous plants, having mostly edible leaves + (notebook 1930): 'wild cress } violet' ('violet' replaces a cancelled 'yellow') The Scottish Clans and their Tartans xxviii: (native dyes used in Scottish tartan manufacture) 'Violet... Wild Cress'.

gone + Gunn, Michael (1840-1901) - manager of the Gaiety Theatre, South King Street, Dublin; husband of Bessie Sudlow, father of Selskar Gunn + (notebook 1930): 'Gunn' The Scottish Clans and their Tartans 28: (a Scottish clan) 'Gunn'.


stood - p. of stand - to resist without yielding or retreating + (notebook 1930): 'underwent a sharp siege'.

girth - to gird, surround, encompass + grosser (ger) - larger.

Cosgrave: North Dublin, City and Environs 29n: 'there are twenty-four Dublins in the United States'.

germinate - to sprout, put forth shoots, begin to vegetate

namesake - a person or thing having the same name as another + Lublin - City in Poland.

initial - an initial letter 

young rose [BUD] ...French - Egyptian [NIL] - Dublin + Nil (French) - Nile.

slump - to fall or sink suddenly, collapse; a collapse

Christie's - London auction house

heart + (Eve made of Adam's rib).

blood is thicker than water - the tie of relationship is strong

Bishop of Glendalough (post declined by Saint Laurence O'Toole)

Howth + hoed (Dutch) - hat + Finnegan's Wake (song): 'Tim Finnegan... he carried a hod' + Earl of Howth.

surrounded + you and I...surrented by...bldns - [dUblIns] + Sorrento - part of Dalkey. 

brwnt (Welsh) - foul, dirty

Erin’s free port + polt - a blow, a hard rap or knock; poult (a chicken, a child) + Lord Elgin signed a peace-treaty in 1860 which made Peking a port which Europeans could feely enter.

The Inner City of Peking contains Hwang Cheng, known as the "Imperial City" or "Forbidden City" + hwang (Chinese) - yellow + huang-shang (Chinese) - a term for Emperor (Chinese French Romanisation: chang).

was one of your 

pipey - containing tubular formations, having the hollow form of a pipe + highty-tighty (Slang) - uppish, quarrelsome + pipe

fancy - to frame in fancy; to portray in the mind; to picture to oneself

fag - a cheap cigarette; any cigarette (the current use)

at his

mish - missionary + SLIEVE MISH - Mountain, County Antrim, where St Patrick tended swine as a boy slave of Milchu.

MELL OF MOY - Ancient Irish elysium; Magh Meall, Ir. "honey plain." A name for the Otherworld.  

venture - voyage + cardinal virtue + *IJ* and *VYC*.

capitol - the building in which a legislative body meets, statehouse + capital sins.

pocketbook - a book for notes, memoranda, etc., intended to be carried in the pocket; a note-book 

packetboat - a boat or vessel plying at regular intervals between two ports for the conveyance of mails, also of goods and passengers; a mail-boat. 

keep - care, attention; charge

Bartholomew Van Homrigh, Lord-Mayor of Dublin (1697-8)

Benjamin Lee Guinness, Lord-Mayor of Dublin (1861)

Peter Paul McSwiney, Lord-Mayor of Dublin (1864, 1875)

T.D. Sullivan, Lord-Mayor of Dublin (1886-7)

Valentine Blake Dillon, Lord-Mayor of Dublin (1894-5)

T.C. Harrington, Lord-Mayor of Dublin (1901-4)

Laurence O'Neill, Lord-Mayor of Dublin (1917-23)

lunger - one suffering from a chronic disease of the lungs + lunch

diener - a laboratory helper + Diener (ger) - servant + dinner

souper (Anglo-Irish) - a Catholic who converts to Protestantism in return for food

Tipperary - county in Ireland

distinctly - clearly, plainly + Dear Dirty Dublin.

Wehr (ger) - defence, corps

morder = murder

ostman = hoastman - a member of a corporation of merchant guild in Newcastle-upon tyre + Ostmen - Scandinavians anciently settled along the east coast of Ireland + Ottoman (named after founder of the dynasty, Osman).

effendi - a Turkish title of respect chiefly applied to members of learned professions, master

serge - a woollen fabric

padishah - a persian title ("great king" or "emperor") applied in Persia to the shah, in Europe usu. to the sultan of Turkey + {a Viking offender, Sergeant Paddy or Ottoman ruler}

baas - master, boss; base

Priam - last king of Troy, character of Homer's, Shakespeare's 

parisite - a fluocarbonate of the metals of the cerium group, found in small brownish-yellow crystals in the emerald mines of Colombia + Paris - son of Priam. Carried off Helen to Troy, occasioning the Troyan War.

Les Rois Fainéants (fr) - "sluggard kings", last of the Merovingian kings (500 -751)

tiara - a high ovate-cylindrical or dome-shaped diadem worn by the pope; a kind of turban worn by Persians; the head-dress of the Jewish High Priest + Tara of the kings - ancient capital of Ireland.

scone - (More fully scone cap) 'The old broad bonnet of the Lowlands'; a large round cake + According to Keating, a 17th century Irish historian, the Coronation Stone in the coronation chair in Westminster Abbey is Lia Fáil, the stone on which Irish kings were crowned at Tara, brought to London by Edward I from Scone, Scotland, where it was on loan.

unfillable - incapable of being filled, insatiable

liam - leash + Liam (Irish) - William + LIA FAIL - The "Stone of Destiny," a monolith at ancient Tara which shrieked at the coronation of rightful high kings, and caused "black spot" on any guilty man seated on it. 

felled - p. of fell - to beat or knock down, kill + William Gladstone 'failed' Parnell ('uncrowned King of Ireland') in Westminster when the Home Rule Bill was defeated.

Westminster - section of London in which the house of parliament is located. Wesminster Abbey is now the repository of the Lia Fail, aka the Stone of Scone. 

strike out - to cancel or expunge with or as with the stroke of pen + strike - to deal or aim a blow with the fist, a stick, etc. Const. at. Also to strike back, out.

row - 'To make a vigorous investigation' into something (dial.)

saul = soul + Saule (ger) - column, pillar + Saul converted on road to Damascus, then took name Paul.

appaling + Paul.

predicament - condition, situation, position; esp. an unpleasant, trying, or dangerous situation.


match head - a piece of chemical composition with which a match is tipped

aspen - a tree of the poplar family (Populus tremula), with greyish bark and spreading branches, the leaves of which are specially liable to the tremulous motion that characterizes all the poplars + alpenstock.

He will never set the Liffey on fire (or 'He’ll never set the Thames on fire') - He’ll never make any figure in the world; never plant his footsteps on the sands of time.

spare the rod - to leave (a person) unhurt, to refrain from inflicting punishment upon + Spare the rod and spoil the child (proverb).

Marry in haste and repent at leisure (proverb) + married with Kate + 4-stage Viconian cycle: thunder, marriage, burial, providence [.14-.17].

punk (Slang) - prostitute + punk - to quit + repented

Rosie O'Grady (song): 'And when we are married, O how happy we'll be'

make the welkin ring - to make loud sounds + welkin (Archaic) - sky.

Wilkins Micawber - an improvident person who lives in expectation of an upturn in his fortunes (a character in Dicken’s novel "David Copperfield").

the god on top of the staircase - Osiris in 'the oldest representation of the god which we have', according to Wallis Budge.

carrion - dead putrefying flesh of man or beast + Budge: The Book of the Dead xxi: (The early inhabitants of Egypt) 'made no attempt to mummify the bodies... still... many bodies have been found wrapped in skins of animals, and grass mats'.

mat - a piece of a coarse fabric formed by plaiting rushes, sedge, straw, bast, etc., intended to lie, sit, or kneel upon, or for use as a protective covering for floors, walls, plants, etc., or in packing furniture.

falsehood - that which is contrary to fact or truth; an untrue proposition, doctrine, belief, etc.

spindle - intr. Of cereals: To shoot up into the slender stalks on which the ear is formed; to rise in a slender form + spindel (Swedish) - spider + Joyce's note: 'Spiders' web over cavemouth' Holland 82: It is related that some of the scouts came to the very mouth of the cave [where Mohammed was hiding], and were about to enter when they noticed a thick network of spider's web spun across the opening. Feeling certain that no one could have passed into the cave for a considerable time, they agreed that further search was useles..

unsightliness - ugliness

nestling - a young bird which is not yet old enough to leave the nest; the youngest child of a family + Joyce's note: 'accacia tree with 2 wild pigeons' Holland 82-83: Another legend tells that a party of armed men, ranging over Mount Thaur, came to the entrance of the cave, and behold! an acacia tree had sprung up just in front of the narrow opening, and two wild pigeons had perched on its branches… To this day the birds are regarded as sacred in the territory of Meccah; flocks of them are always to be seen around the Kaabah, and no one would ever think of hurting them.

liven = enliven

arbutus - a genus of evergreen shrubs and trees + My Love's an Arbutus (song).

strike hands - (said of two parties to a bargain) to take one another by the hand in confirmation of a bargain

warsheet - some kind of rope used on a ship + sheet - a broad piece of linen or cotton stuff, canvas, or the like, for covering, swathing, protecting from injury, etc. (obs.)

pledge - to bind by or as if by a pledge, plight + Joyce's note: 'great pledge' → Holland: The Story of Mohammed 77: (of a famous early pledge to Islam) 'the Second or Great Pledge of Al-Akabah'.

mantle - a loose sleeveless cloak of varying length; Applied (often with qualification Irish mantle) to a kind of blanket or plaid worn until the 17th c. by the rustic Irish, often as their only covering + Joyce's note: 'green mantle' Holland 80: Rumors of the plot [by the Kuraysh] having reached Mohammed, he escaped from the back of his house, and took refuge with his friend Abu Bakr. Meanwhile Ali laid himself down on the Prophet's bed, wrapped in his green mantle, to deceive any of the enemy who might chance to look in.

vicelegal, viceregal + (our friend the Viking king, but also our sworn foe).

sworn foe - one who has vowed perpetual enmity against another; hence, a determined or irreconcilable enemy + Swaran - in Macpherson's Fingal, leader of the Norse against whom Fingal fights. The Norse are defeated and general reconciliation occurs + foi (fr) - fidelity, loyalty, guarantee, confidence.

James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Fingal I: 'Four stones... rise on the grave of Câthba' (glossed in a footnote: 'This passage alludes to the manner of burial among the ancient Scots. They opened a grave six or eight feet deep... and four stones placed on end to mark the extent of the grave').

James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Temora III: 'It is pierced, by his streams' (describes the death of Tur-lathon, whose shield was apparently pierced by the streams of the the Moruth river).

wassail bowl - a bowl used for mixing and serving liquor formerly drunk in England

James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: The Death of Cuthullin: 'He offered him the shell of joy' + James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: The War of Inis-Thona: 'They rejoiced in the shell' (glossed in a footnote: 'a phrase for feasting sumptuously and drinking freely' (as shells were used as drinking vessels)).

MORA - In Macpherson's poems, one of a chain of hills overlooking Moi-lena, the valley of the Lubar River, and the hill of Lora across the valley. Fingal spends most of his time there watching battles in the valley. 

in readiness - in a state of preparation + James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Temora III: 'firm look in readiness' (gloss of name of Cairbar and Cathmor's father, Colc-ulla).

James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Temora I: 'forward spear' (glossed in a footnote as signifying hostility).

James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Temora V: 'her feet of wind'.

currach - a small boat made of wickerwork covered with hides, used from ancient times in Scotland and Ireland + Curach - Ossianic hero, killed by Swaran + James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Fingal I: 'Curach' (glossed in a footnote: 'Cu-roach... the madness of battle').

strew - to scatter, spread loosely

James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Temora VII: 'The poet describes a kind of mist, which rose by night from the Lake of Lego, and was the usual residence of the souls of the dead, during the interval between their decease and the funeral song'.

James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Fingal IV: 'I went, in suit of the maid, to Lego's sable surge. Twelve of my people were there, the sons of the streamy Morven!'

James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Temora III: (of Fingal) 'brightening in the last of his fields'.

James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Temora VIII: (Fingal's companions) 'looked sidelong on Erin's host, and darkened as they went' (i.e. grieved).

Year of mourning (Joyce's note) → Holland: The Story of Mohammed 64: (of the death of Mohammed's wife Khadijah and of his uncle and protector Abu Talib) 'With good reason was the year in which these events took place called the Year of Mourning'.

James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Fingal I: 'Fithil' (glossed in a footnote: 'an inferior bard'; also in Temora IV) + 'fidhil' is English 'feel' spelt as Irish.

James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Fingal II: 'the ghost of Crugal came from his cave. the stars dim twinkled through his form'.

James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Temora I: 'Fingal, who is terrible in battle, the king of streamy Morven!' + James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Fingal III: 'Morven's' (glossed in a footnote: 'All the northwest coast of Scotland probably went, of old, under the name of Morven, which signifies a ridge of very high hills').

James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Fingal IV: 'sunbeam' (glossed in a footnote: 'Fingal's standard was distinguished by the name of "sunbeam"... To begin a battle is expressed, in old composition, by "lifting of the sunbeam"').

hereditatis columna erecta (l) - the lofty column of inheritance [Wellington monument]

hagios chiton eripheios (gr) - holy garment of a kid, sacred tunic of a young he-goat

nod - to let the head fall forward when drowsy or asleep

for the nonce - for the occasion; hence (in modern use), for the time being; temporarily

crow - to utter a loud inarticulate sound of joy or exultation

cheerio - a parting exclamation of encouragement; 'goodbye'; a salutation before drinking

ecumenical - belonging to or representing the whole (Christian) world, or the universal church; general, universal, catholic

equate - to state the equality of (one quantity) to or with (another).

integras (l) - you make whole, heal, repair + eliminated integrals + {was split in the middle [two girls]}

3/1 is an improper fraction

conical - cone shaped + comical headpiece (Confucius had a strange bump on his forehead).

headpiece - a piece of armour for the head, a helmet; any covering for the head, a cap + Finnegan's Wake (song): 'Tim Finnegan... he carried a hod'.

Confucius and his mother moved to Chufu after father's death

chinchin - esp. of greeting or farewell, trivial talk, chatter; a phrase of salutation; insolent talk + name 'Chinese' taken from short-lived rule of Chins + (the Chinese letter 'Chin' looks like *M*).

Festy King [085.23] + Confucius (Kung Fu-tze) born after his parents' prayer at a shrine from which Tai Shan (The Great Mountain, a sacred mountain) was visible to the North + kangaroo.

Thailand + Tasmania + T'AI SHAN - Mountain, Shantung province, China; for 4 millennia it has been a sacred mountain and a pilgrimage site, with pilgrims climbing the road to the temples on top + shanty (Anglo-Irish) - old house.  

gasometer - aparatus for measuring and hoding gas; voluble talker (Slang)

lithium - a metallic element of the alkaline group + *I*

lurid - pale and dismal in colour; shining with a red glow or glare amid darkness + *J*

anularis (l) - relating to a signet-ring; a white color made from chalk

wallow - to move about heavily or clumsily

REGENT CIRCUS - When Nash built London's Regent Street, in 1816-20, the circus at the intersection with Piccadilly Street was called Regent Circus, and only later in the century did it become universally known as Piccadilly Circus + raggiante (it) - radiant + circos (l) - precious stone mentioned by Pliny.  

cabal - a small body of persons engaged in secret or private machination or intrigue; a secret + Cabal - King Arthur's dog + cobblestone - rectangular paving stone with curved top (once used to make roads). 

coping - Arch. The uppermost course of masonry or brickwork in a wall, usually made of a sloping form to throw off rain + København (Danish) - Copenhagen.

cavin - a hollow way or natural hollow, sufficiently capacious to hold a body of troops, and faciliate their approach to a fortress + cabin + cavern.

canine - of, belonging to, or characteristic of, a dog; having the nature or qualities of a dog + (canine constant ~ faithful dog).

American + ammirare (Italian) - to wonder at.

approximate + 'paroxysm' from Greek par oxys: beyond acute.

preciosity + a peu prés (fr) - almost.

Atlas - high mountain in Mauretania, on which heaven was fabled to rest

allongement (fr) - elongation in space or time + alignment.

stickler - mediator, meddler

BATTERSTOWN - Town, County Meath, 15 miles North-West of Dublin. Baile an Bothair, Ir. "town of the road" + Booterstown - district of Dublin + Battle of Badour, won by Arthur.  

bare + Finn's hunt for the magic boar.

truth + Twrch Trwyth - a boar hunted by King Arthur in Mabinogi, killed by Mordred.

Mordred on Modred - King Arthur's nephew/son, who brought down the Round Table and was killed by Arthur + madradh (Irish) - dog + moderates. 

CAMDEN STREET - The section North of the Grand Canal of the main road from Dame Street to Rathmines and Rathgan (not to Booterstown) + CAMLAN - Somewhere in Cornwall, possibly near Camelford, site of the battle (53 AD) in which King Arthur was killed, betrayed by his nephew Modred, who also was slain.   

Hannibal + The Book of Aneirin: 'an Arthur in the exhaustive conflict'.

Otho, Marcus Salvius (32-69) - Roman emperor for three months 69 A.D. Ineffectual emperor, he commited suicide so creating a by-word for softness of character + an author to return [transition to Shem].

aiger = eager - tidal bore + eager - characterized by or manifesting alacrity or impatient desire + William Shakespeare: Hamlet I.4.2: 'a nipping and an eager air' + aigre (fr) - chill, bitter.

struggle for lifer - one who has a struggle to live; usually, one who is unscrupulous in his efforts to advance himself in the world.

wooing - alluring, enticing + 4 elements: fire, air, earth, water.

divest - to unclothe

Nathaniel Lee: The Rival Queens (a play) + *IJ* + {he removed his clothes to save the two girls from drowning in the Liffey}

Grimshaw, Bagshaw, and Bradshaw - a farce performed at the Haymarket, 1856 + *VYC*.

make off with  - to decamp with (something) in one's possession


taxed - subjected to a tax

rated - subject to rates

licensed - to whom or for which a licence has been granted; provided with a licence. Now often spec. (of a house, etc.) licensed for the sale of alcoholic liquor.

rented - possessed of property yielding a revenue or income (obs.) + rant - to use bombastic laguage + granted

stonehead - the top of the stratum of solid stone or bed-rock beneath the loose or soft superficial deposit + James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Cath-loda I: 'Three stones, with heads of moss, are there'.

white horse - a mass of rock enclosed within a lode + The 'White Horse of Wanstead' is a figure almost 400 ft long cut into the side of a chalk hill near Uffingtom, England; by tradition it originally celebrated Alfred's victory over the Danes + White Horse Hill, Berks, England.

print - any indentation in a surface, preserving the form left by the pressure of some body, as the print of a foot in the ground.

costellare (it) - to constellate, to spangle

miracolone (it) - big miracle + mira (it) - look + culone (it) - big arse.

monstrum (l) - monster; evil omen + uccellino (it) - little bird.

lead - to go in advance of others, take the lead in an expedition or course of action


hiss - to make this sound as an expression of disapproval or derision

snake charmer - an entertainer who exhibits his proffesed power to charm or fascinate venomous snakes

stage + {led the applause at the Creation [play] and hissed a charming snake off the stage}

hound - to hunt, chase, or pursue with hounds

haunter - one who haunts (in various senses), a frequenter

harrier - harasser, a persistent attacker; a hound that resembles a foxhound but is smaller (used to hunt rabbits).

marrier - one that marries

terrier - a small, active, intelligent variety of dog, which pursues its quarry (the fox, badger, etc.) into its burrow or earth + 'terrier' derived from Latin terra (hence, burial).

tamh (tav) (gael) - sleep, death + tavs (Danish) - silent + Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man, Thief (nursery rhyme) + 4-stage Viconian cycle: thunder, marriage, burial, ricorso [414.31].

Olaf - first Norse king of Dublin

oxman - a man who tends or drives oxen + Oxman - Viking (as in Oxmantown, part of North Dublin).

Turko the Terrible - first Christmas pantomime at Gaiety Theatre, Dublin (Ulysses.1.258) + Thorgil - Turgesius [051.16].

vespasian - a public lavatory in France (from Titus Flavius Vespasianus, Roman emperor) + Vespasianus (l) - Roman emperor, A.D. 69-79, overthrew Vitellius who had overthrown Otho.

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (161-180 A.D.) - Roman emperor, stoic philosopher, author of Meditations

whiggamore - Originally, One of a body of insurgents of the West of Scotland who in 1648 marched on Edinburgh, their expedition being called the 'whiggamore raid, road, or inroad'; later (contemptuous), = Whig.

traditor (l) - traitor + traditore (it) - traitor + Tory + tory (Anglo-Irish) - robber.

raglan - an overcoat without shoulder seams (after the lord Raglan, the Brittish commander in the Crimean war) + Raglan Road, Dublin + Ragnarøkr (Old Norse) - destruction of the Norse gods.

MARLBOROUGH PLACE - A mews off East side of Marlborough Street. 

cromlech - a structure of prehistoric age consisting of a large flat or flattish unhewn stone resting horizontally on three or more stones set upright.

Cromail (krumil) (gael) - English name Cromwell + Cromleach and Crommal Hill, County Antrim, in James Macpherson's "The Poems of Ossian".

farfamed - that is famed to a great distance, well known

(pissed into the river)

Lubar (luber) (gael) - Convolutions; according to Macpherson, a name for the Six-Mile river, Co. Antrim.

mareschal = marshal - to arrange, place or rank in order at a feast + Marschall (ger) - marshal.

wardmote - a meeting of the citizens of a ward; esp. in the City of London, a meeting of the liverymen of a ward under the presidency of the alderman.

delimit - to mark or determine the limits of

main - the chief or principal part; a host of men, a (military) force

netted - caught in a net

nibble - to take little bites, to eat or feed in this fashion

turn the scale - to cause one scale of a balance to descend

gross - to become gross or great, to increase + grace


BANBA - One of the 3 queens of the Tuatha Dé Danann (according to Keating); the others were Eire and Fodhla. Sovereignty rotated annually among the 3 kings, and each year the country took the name of the ruling queens. Since Eire was queen when the Milesians arrived, they knew Ireland by her name alone. 

Beurla (Irish) - English language

mela (it) - apple + melarancia (it) - orange (fruit).

doughty - valiant, brave, stout, formidable

granturco (it) - maize + El Gran Turco (sp) - Sultan of Turkey.

orge (fr) - barley

formento (Italian Archaic) - wheat

Luxemburger + Lachs (ger) - salmon + bulge, lean + {a Luxemburger [lax], he leaps like lean salmon}

genial - sympathetically cheerful, jovial, kindly

sagacity - keenness and soundness of judgement in the estimation of persons and conditions

benevolence - disposition to do good, desire to promote the happiness of others, kindness, generosity, charitable feeling (as a general state or disposition towards mankind at large).

forbear - an ancestor, forefather, progenitor (usually more remote than a grandfather) + [Mahon].

turnpike - tollgate, a toll road, a main road

Carey, James (1845-83) - one of the Invincibles who killed Lord Frederick Cavendish and T. H. Burke in the Phoenix Park, then turned informer + quare (l) - by what means, how?

cur - a dog; a worthless, low-bred, or snappish dog + cur (l) - why? + Daniel Curley was one of the Invincibles hanged for the murders.

burked (Slang) - smothered + barked + {how was he convicted, and why was he murdered?}

partitioned - having partitions, divided or separated by partitions

Irsk (Danish) - Irish + holm (Danish) - islet + Partition of Ireland, 1922.

United Irishmen - nationalist group founded by Wolfe Tone, 1791

take a swing at - to deliver a punch with a sweep of the arm (boxing) + svigermoder (Danish) - mother-in-law + svig (Danish) - deceit.

Methyr - name of Isis in Plutarch + methy (gr) - wine.

gorko (Serbian) - bitter + tasted a bit corky (wine).

(salmon travelling upriver) + REFERENCE

komm (ger) - come + Tom, Dick and Harry.

eile dich (ger) - hurry up

Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer - characters in Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

warden - one who guards, protects, or defends + warden (ger) - wait.

havoc - devastation, destruction + Howth.

James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Fingal I: 'Moran the son of Fithil!' (glossed in a footnote: 'Moran signifies many').

rope - to lay hold of + Europe.

Home Ruler - one who advocates or practises Home Rule (government of a country, colony, province, etc., by its own citizens).

figure - portray, consider, assume, to give figure to, to form, shape, to represent in a picture + (figure in an illustration).

hoist - to raise aloft; to set or put up; to place on high

scruff -  the back side of the neck

shaggy - covered with or having long coarse or bushy hair + (hanged by the neck).

ration - to supply (persons) with rations, to provision; to divide (food, etc.) into rations, to serve out in fixed quantities

isobaric - indicating equal barometric pressure

patty - a little pie or pasty + (Eucharist) + (cannibalism).


RIESENGEBIRGE - "Giant mountains"; mountain range, part of Sudetic Mountains, along the boundary between South-West Poland (former Prussia) and North Czech + (the mountain of a man). 

fit up - to supply with necessary fittings, furniture, or stores

plantureux (fr) - copious + planters - English settled on forfeited Irish lands in 17th century.

existency - something which exists; a being, an entity

Sweet Rosie O'Grady (song) + oog (Dutch) - eye.  

mite - a very small object; often, a very small living creature, as a tiny child + (the mite of a woman).

taut ship - a disciplined or strictly run ship

scupper - pl. an opening in a ship's side on a level with the deck to allow water to run away; a deprecatory term for woman esp. a prostitute

awash - washed by the sea, covered with water

mack - neat, tidy, apt, convenient + mach - make, do.

Liebster (ger) - dearest + lobsterpot [or 'dear pet' ALP].

aquascutum (l) - water-shield + scutum (l) - shield + aquascutum - mackintosh ('Aquascutum' is a UK-based luxury clothing manufacturer and retailer, owned by Jaeger) + aquarium.

kay - key; left, sinister; "k" + gay women (Slang) - whores + kay (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - quay.

G man - a political detective in Ireland, a special agent (U.S.) + gee - horse, "g".

pierce - to enter, penetrate, or pass, as something sharp-pointed, into or through + Persse... O'Reilly + (javelin throwers).

ally - one united or associated with another by treaty or league

host - an armed company or multitude of men; a "company" of sparrows

"rawl chocolates" + (soldiers)

third party - a person other than the principals

rot - the process of rotting, or the state of being rotten; decay, putrefaction

rant - to talk or declaim in an extravagant high-flown manner; to use bombastic language; to be jovial, boisterous, uproariously gay or merry

oxtail - the skinned tail of cattle used for soup

porto - a well-known strong dark-red wine of Portugal

flippant - ready in the use of words, speaking freely, fluent, talkative, voluble

bigoted - obstinately and blindly attached to some creed, opinion, or party + Pigott Richard - English journalist. On April 18, 1887, The Times published a facsimile of a letter purporting to be written by Parnell condoning the Phoenix Park murders of May 1882. Nearly two years later, on the examination of Charles Russell, counsel of Parnel, Pigott's mis-speling of the word 'hesitancy' had revealed him as the forger of the letters supposedly written by Parnell himself, for in them the same error occured. 

silvicola (l) - inhabiting woods, sylvan + "Sylvia Silence, the girl detective..."

Matrosen (ger) - sailors + Hosen (ger) - trousers + "Meagher, a naval rating,... with whom were Questa and Puella,..."

sinews - strength, energy, force + the sinews of war - money. 

chest of drawers

fief = feoff - an estate of inheritance in land + William Shakespeare: King Lear III.4.174: 'Fie, foh, and fum'.

copyhold - a kind of tenure in England of ancient origin

alday - every day, always

polemy - warfare, strife; polemical writing + polity - mode of administering or managing public or private affairs, policy + polemopoliteia (gr) - war-citizenship.

suntime - a time of brightness or joy; solar time

for the love of - for the sake of, on account of + {his pub is always open for sake of the city, except at night-time when he makes love to Janus [ALP/Issy]}

Janus - an ancient Italian deity, regarded as the doorkeeper of heaven, as guardian of doors and gates, and as presiding over the entrance upon or beginning of things; represented with a face on the front and another on the back of his head; the doors of his temple in the Roman Forum were always open in time of war, and shut in time of peace.

petti- - designing garments having some of the characteristics or functions of a petticoat + pickle - an unattractive woman.

jewess - a female jew + Maria the Jewess (or Maria Prophetissa) - important figure of early alchemy (she has lived anywhere between the first and third centuries A.D.). Several cryptic alchemical precepts have been attributed to Maria Prophetissa. She is said to have spoken of the union of opposites: "Join the male and the female, and you will find what is sought." The following was known as the Axiom of Maria: "One becomes two, two becomes three, and out of the third comes the one as the fourth."

Raoul - hero of Meyerbeen's opera, Les Huguenots; hero of Sweets of Sin  

in the sulks - in a state of ill humour + silks.

popeling - papist, a petty or deputy pope + Ulysses.8.622: 'poplin... The huguenots brought that here' + (Catholic).

run down - to collide with and knock down, to chase until exhausted

Huguenot - a French Protestant (16., 17. cent.)


Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington

uber (ger) - over + Meer (ger) - sea + Schall (ger) - resonance, echo + marshal.

Blücher (1742-1819) - Prussian marshal who came to Wellington's aid at Waterloo.  

supercharger - compressor that forces increased oxygen into the cylinders of an internal-combustion engine

Levey & O'Rorke: Annals of the Theatre Royal, Dublin 15: 'Mons. Ducrow and his Equestrian Company in the interesting spectacle, "The Battle of Waterloo." Ducrow was indeed the Napoleon of Equestrians' (Andrew Ducrow was a horseman).

Mudson (Slang) - Adam

paunch - the belly + Punch - the name of the principal character, a grotesque hump-backed figure, in the puppet-show called Punch and Judy. (The name Judy for 'Punch's wife' appears to be later.) 

judex - judge

full of beans - lively

brehon - a lawyer of ancient Ireland

cauchemar (fr) - nightmare + coachman.

ectoplasm - a viscous substance which is supposed to emanate from the body of a spiritualistic medium, and to develop into a human form or face.

pass for - to be taken for, to be accepted as

baa - the bleat of a sheep + 'Baa Baa Black Sheep, have you any wool?' (nursery rhyme)

black sheep - a bad character

wooly - a woollen garment or covering; a sheep

dramatize - to convert into a drama; to put into dramatic form, adapt for representation on the stage

Buck Mulligan + Alice Milligan: The Last Feast of the Fianna (a one-act play about Finn MacCool).

shepherd + Schubert, Franz Peter (1797-1828) - German composer. 

Samuel A. Ossory Fitzpatrick - author of 'Dublin, Historical and Topographical Account' + W.J. Fitzpatrick - authority on social life of past Ireland.

emirate - the jurisdiction or government of an emir

The Boys of Wexford (song about the 1798 insurgents)

babu - a Hindy gentleman + babbo (it) - daddy (babbo was used in Joyce household).

identified + indemnify - to secure against loss or damage, to insure, to provide someone with protection, especially financial protection, against possible loss, damage, or liability.

boro - rice harvested in spring; a pledge, borrow + Brian Boru - Irish high king who defeated the Danes at the Battle of Clontarf, 1014; his name is etymologised as 'Brian of the tributes'.

schenken (ger) - to give (present), to pour out (a drink) + schenkt (ger) - pours, gives + Schenke (ger) - pub.

the brig (Slang) - military punishment cells + sent to Coventry - ostracised + (Henry II gave Dublin to people of Bristol in 1173).

drey = dry + drei (ger) - three + Ulysses.12.1460: 'three birthplaces of the first duke of Wellington'.

Ortschaft (ger) - village, place

entumulatus (l) - put into a burial mound, buried 

triplex (l) - threefold

likeness - a sculptured image, a statue; resemblance, similarity

terre cuite = terra cotta - a hard unglazed pottery, an object of art made of this substance + cuite (fr) - burned, fired.

give (something or someone) a rest - to stop thinking or talking about

rainbowed - brightened or spanned with or as with a rainbow

ebriety (Archaic) - drunkenness + Liberty, Fraternity, Equality - the motto of the French Revolution.

fraternity - a body or order of men organized for religious or devout purposes a body of men associated by some tie or common interest; a company, guild + froth-for-eternity.

reverse - the side of a coin or medal that does not bear the principal design.

make a virtue of - to make a merit of, to gain credit by + make a virtue of necessity - obtain kudos from apparently willingly doing something that one was in fact couldn't avoid doing. It is also used to mean 'submit with good grace'.

Necessity is the mother of invention

obverse - the side of a coin or medal bearing the principal stamp or design + the obverse and reverse - the front and the back side.

mar - to spoil, impair + to mar (one's) market - to spoil (one's) own trade + {his first son makes a virtue of necessity [Shaun], while his other upsets his mother with all his invention [Shem]}

gunwale - the upper edge of a ship's side; flat braided cord attached near the lower edge of a sail for tying up a reef + {put silk on his sides and he's the second city in the Empire}

imperial - a kind of roofing slate + Hall: Dublin and Wicklow: 'In population and size, Dublin is the second city of the British Empire'.

point - a lace for tying parts of a garment + (points attach hose to doublet).

tenter = tenter hook - a hooked nail or spike, a metal hook upon which anything is hung.

lath - thin strips of wood used as a base for applying plaster + lath and plaster (Rhyming Slang) - master.

plaster - a mixture of lime or gypsum with sand and water which hardens into a smooth solid (used to cover walls and ceilings) + {undo his stockings and his clothes and he’s the true master}

allthing - even, just, all through, entirely; everything + Althing (Danish) - national assembly.

ovum (l) - egg + ovo (l) - to exult, rejoice + uovo (it) - egg + each of us.

basideus (l) = basileus (gr) - king

árd-rí (Irish) - high king

kongsemne (Norwegian) - heir to the crown; pretender, claimant + Henrik Ibsen: "Kongs-Emnerne" (The Crown-Pretenders).

rex regulorum (l) - king of princes, king of kinglings

Dee river (two such rivers, in Scotland and in England) + Saint Patrick landed at Inverdea, at the mouth of the Vartry river (previously the Dea river).

broadside - at large, at random, all together + bared his backside at Balaclava [Russian General].

Eldorado - fictious country abounding in gold, a place of fabulous wealth

ultima Thule - The ancient Greek and Latin name (first found in Polybius's account of the voyage of Pytheas) for a land six days' sail north of Britain, which he supposed to be the most northerly region in the world; fig. the highest or uttermost point or degree attained or attainable, the acme, limit + thole - to endure with patience.

kraal - an enclosure for domestic animals, corral; a village of south African native peoples + kralj (Serbian) = král (Czech ) - king.

fou - drunk; foul + fou (fr) - mad + four

feud - a state of perpetual hostility between two families, tribes, or individuals, marked by murderous assaults in revenge for some previous insult or injury; Feudal Law. An estate in land (in England always a heritable estate), held on condition of homage and service to a superior lord, by whom it is granted and in whom the ownership remains.

pub crawl - a tour of bars or public houses (usually taking one drink at each stop)

pub - public house

lay out - to arrange, design, to plan in detail

lashings - a great plenty, abundance

livery - livery stable (a stable where horses are kept at livery, or are let out for hire) + lavery (Slang) - Irish one pound note with portrait of Lady Lavery posing as an Irish colleen (painted by her husband, Sir John Lavery). 

hunt down - to chase (an animal) until caught or killed

pled - p. of plead + paid + played.

double or quits - a bet of the same value as the initial one, resulting in either a doubling of a loss, or it being cancelled

hush up - to reduce to tranquillity, to suppress (anything disturbing or disquieting)

bucker - a horse given to bucking + bugger.

sodden - saturated or soaked with water or moisture + Deucalion and Pyrrha, the only two survivors of the Flood in Greek mythology, created people by throwing stones behind their back.

dragoon - to compel by coercion, threats, or crude means; a heavily armed trooper in some European armies of the 17th and 18th centuries + Cadmus sowed dragons' teeth and armed warriors sprang up (so had Jason).

peos (gr) - penis + opla (gr) - weapons + pladô (gr) - to be flaccid

Gambrinus, Gaudio - Flemish king, credited with brewing the first beer  

Peter the Great


diamonds + demimonde - a class of woman not considered respectable because of indiscreet or promiscuous behavior.

spate - a flood or inundation; esp. a sudden flood or rising in a river or stream caused by heavy rains or melting snow + spades

twi- - twice, double, two + 29.

nurse (Slang) - prostitute + *IJ*

drum (Slang) - brothel

three to one - three chances to one, the ratio of three to one + tre (it) - three + uno (it) - one + 31 + *VYC*.

tip the scale - to register weight on a scale, to shift the balance of fortune or power + {he enjoyed the two nurses [prostitutes] but three-to-one [soldiers] tipped the scale against him}

reel - a (long) portion of a motion picture; In early usage in Cinemat., reel was restricted in signification to a fixed length of film, normally one thousand feet at 35 mm.

brace - a pair, a couple. Often a mere synonym for two + Mrs Anne Bracegirdle (1674- 1748) - English actress.

girdle - a woman’s close fitting undergarment + girls

silver - the metal as used for the ornamentation of textile fabrics, silver thread + silver screen (Slang) - cinema + {he had the title role opposite a brace of actresses on the Silver Screen}

sequence - serial arrangement in which things follow in logical order or a recurrent pattern; to arrange in a sequence; the action of following in order

set - the place or area in which filming takes place

crookback - one who has a crooked back, a hunchback

titular - a person having a title

rick - a sprain or overstrain, esp. in the back + Richard III (1452-85) - English king of the House of York, crookbacked like HCE, called The Boar or The Hog, from the device on his crest. In Shakespeare's Richard III, he is a villain, brother-slayer + Richard Burbage - Shakespearian actor.  

barry - barracuda + Harry + Barry, Spranger (1719-77) - Dublin-born actor who built the Crow Street Theatre, David Garrick's London rival. 

get on - move along, proceed, to mount (a horse, etc.)

come off - to take place, happen; to get off, escape, to detach oneself, to fall off

vigintiquinque (l) - twenty five

germinal - incipient, embryonic, rel. to germ; the seventh month of the French revolutionary calendar (early spring, March 21 to April 19; so 25 Germinal fell on 14-16 April in the years it was in use) + [controversy between old Irish and Roman churches over the date of Easter, i.e. 22 March (first possible date) and 25 April (last possible date)].

Ojibway Indians of North Ontario + Haveth Childers Everywhere.

arithmo- - number + -sophy - knowledge + aritmosophia (gr) - skill in counting, number-wisdom, philosophy based on numbers (favourite of Crowley, Ripel, Grant etc.) + In Theosophy, it is believed the Seven Stars of the Pleiades focus the spiritual energy of the Seven Rays from the Galactic Logos to the Seven Stars of the Great Bear, then to Sirius, then to the Sun, then to the god of Earth (Sanat Kumara), and finally through the seven Masters of the Seven Rays to the human race.

Plough and the Stars - flag used by Irish rebels

URSA MAJOR - The most prominent constellation of the North hemisphere has been known as the Bear (Gk, Arctos; Lat, Ursa) since the time of Homer. Other names have been the Plough, the Dipper, the Wagon, and Charles's Wain + "According to an ancient magical tradition, the seven phases or lines of evolution were originally presided over by one of the seven stars of Ursa Major" (Kenneth Grant: Cults of the Shadow) + "They dwelt in Yuggoth [Pluto] for a time, and then came to a young planet called Sharhah [Earth], where they established their civilization; but, because of the punishment, they could not go back to the stars. Then the seven seasons of the  fell upon Earth." (Frank Ripel: Shautenerom). 

Wapentake - division of some English counties 

pike - a northern English name for a pointed or peaked summit, or a mountain or hill with a pointed summit + Mark Twain, Huckleberry Finn explanatory: 'In this book a number of dialects are used... the ordinary "Pike County" dialect' + pike, line, eel (fishing).

vicious circle - a situation in which action and reaction intensify each other + cicle = shekel - an ancient unit of weight of the Babylonians, a coin of this weitht; coin, money + Vico's cycles.

remains + renews + mew - Of a hawk: To moult, shed, or change (its feathers); also of other birds.

offal - waste parts, especially of a butchered animal; refuse, rubbish

floodlight - a light providing a beam of intense illumination; the illumination so provided

Portobello - city in South America + Portobello bridge, Dublin.

equa docta (l) - learned mare, skilled mare + aequa docta (l) - experienced female friend + aqueduct.

terracotta (pipe)

Persse O'Reilly (his remains)

Aphrodite or Venus (Botecelli painting of Birth of Venus standing on shell)

hard cash - money in the form of coin

Watling street - Roman road running from near London (before 12. c.); street in the city of London (16. - 17. c.), the principal street for draper’s shops + Wall Street + Ulysses 10.773: 'Watling street... visitor's waitingroom' (the visitor's waiting room of the Guinness Brewery is on the corner of James's Street and Walting Street, which runs north to the Liffey.) + Poetically the 'Milky Way' has been called the 'Watling Street of the sky'.

Giant Ivy flourishes in Glenasmole (Finn's hunting ground)

younker - a young man, child + Tír na nÓg - timeless Land of Youth, where Oisín (Ossian) was lured away by a fairy princess, having survived the destruction of his comrades (Fenians) at the Battle of Gabhra. Ossian spent 300 years there, returned to Ireland on his white horse, and aged as soon as his feet touched the ground.

apostolos (gr) - envoy, messenger, apostle; fleet ready to sail + polos (gr) - axis, pivot, thing on which anything turns + -opolos (gr) - son of (surname ending).

gale - a wind of considerable strength; a state of excitement or hilarity

gall - bitterness of spirit, asperity, rancour; filth, impurity + J.H. Todd, ed.: The War of the Gaedhil with the Gaill (1869), 79-81: 'They carried away their soft, youthful, bright, matchless girls; their blooming, silkclad young women; and their active, large, and wellformed boys' (Irish plunder of Viking-held Limerick, 968).

matchless - having no match, without an equal, peerless

bosom - to form a bosom + blossom.

blooming - in the bloom of health and beauty, in the prime of youth; flourishing

blot out - to efface, wipe out of existence, sight, or memory; to annihilate, destroy

Harald Fair Hair (Haarfager) (850-933) - first king of Norway, annexed Scottish isles

Olaf the White - first Norse king of Dublin 

endow - to enrich with property; to provide (by bequest or gift) a permanent income

nepos - a grandson, a nephew + {[like a Pharoah or Tristan] he would marry his aunt and produce nephews}

hearken - to apply the ears to hear; to listen, give ear + {listen and keep quiet – put up a screen and you will see him [a movie e.g. Book III.4]}

archbishopic - the jurisdiction of an archbishop + {now an archbishop, now a tradesman [his Everyman resurrections follow the wheel of fortune]}

brook - to possess and enjoy; to endure, bear, tolerate + beck, burn, brook (all synonyms of stream) + Brücke (ger) - bridge.

wath - a ford; a fordable stream

scale - a landing place, port

scarred - bearing scars or traces of wounds

scow - a large flat bottomed boat for transporting sand, gravel or refuse + {[HCE’s Dublin was once] an ancient ford of a brook, where a small boat landed}

rainfall - a fall of rain, the quantity of rain falling in a certain time within a given area + (rainfall in Dublin circa 30" per annum).

melting point - that point of the thermometer which indicates the heat at which any particular solid becomes fluid

bubbling - the process of forming bubbles, rising in bubbles + boiling

tussle - a vigorous or disorderly conflict; a severe struggle, a hard contest

trull - a girl, a lass; a whore (Slang) + Henrik Ibsen: Et Vers (A Verse): 'To live is - war with trolls in the heart's and mind's vault. To write, - that is to hold Doomsday over oneself'.

do oneself justice - to perform something one has to do in a manner worthy of one's abilities + do justice - to pledge in drinking; to do what is just, act justily + {falls at the hands of the soldiers}

eschatology - the department of theological science concerned with 'the four last things: death, judgement, heaven, and hell'.

Henry Humphreys: The Justice of the Peace in Ireland (1890)

Theban - of or belonging to Thebes, ancient capital of Upper Egypt

recense - to make revision of a text + recensor (l) - reviewer, reviser + Theban recension of The Book of the Dead.

bug - insect, fad, craze, hobby + The Book of the Dead contains drawings of Khepera, a self-created beetle-like god, representing Resurrection + The Book of the Dead ch. XXX.B, was often inscribed on, or said over, scarabs.


King Mark of Cornwall

melken (ger) - milk + melekh (Hebrew) - king + making

murry - merry + murrisch (ger) - surly, morose.

steep - having a sharp inclination; let sit in a liquid to extract a flavor or to cleanse + deep

armour + arbour + amour - affair, a usually secretive or illicit sexual relationship.

fain - glad, rejoiced, well-pleased

furry - resembling fur, fur-like, soft + Furry Glen in Phoenix Park, also called Hawthorn Glen.

show one's nose - to allow oneself to be seen, make an appearence + to show up - to expose (something underneath) + shoe - to put a shoe on, to cover with a shoe.

pimp - to spy on lovers + peeps

pomp - magnificent show, splendid display or celebration

blackguard + 'The king was in his countinghouse, counting out his money, The queen was in the parlour, eating bread and honey, The maid was in the garden, hanging out the clothes, Down came a blackbird and pecked off her nose' (nursery rhyme).

pump gun - a pump action shotgun or rifle

foreteller - one who or that which foretells

rear - to bring (a thing) to or towards a vertical position; to set up, or upright

comether = come hither - coaxing invitation to cows, horses, etc., to coax, wheedle + put the comether on (Slang) - coax, wheedle.

acre - a definite measure of land, originally as much as a yoke of oxen could plough in a day

mile - a measure of area equal to the content of a square with a side one mile in length

stripe - a long narrow tract of land 

Anakreon (gr) - lyric poet, fl. 540 B.C. + eanach (anokh) (gael) - marsh, fen + Krawatte (ger) - necktie + Eliot: The Waste Land 199-201: 'Mrs Porter... They wash their feet in soda water'.

he + whou = how + {he missed Mrs Porter [ALP]}

what + whot = hot.

set - to take a journey + + 'O Mr Porter, Whatever shall I do, I want to go to Birmingham and they're taking me on to Crewe' (song).

Pimpla (gr, l) - place and fountain in Pieria sacred to the Muses + Pimlico Street, Dublin + {Miss Pimp-Loco [Issy]}

overawe - to make submissive by awe or fear, inspire awe in + 'Deutschland, Deutschland über alles' (song).

Edmund + ST EDMUND, KING AND MARTYR - London church, North side of Lombard Street, in the City. Edmund was king of East Anglia, killed by Danes in 870 AD.

Saint Dunstan-in-the-East - London church 

ST PETER-LE-POER - London church, West side of Old Broad Street, demolished ca 1912 + pitre (fr) - clown.

Petrin - highest hill in Prague 

Bart (ger) - beard + Saint Bartholomew the Great - London church.

Saint Bartholomew-by-the-Exchange - London church + (4 churches/historians & ass).

hesten (Danish) - horse + STATUE OF WILLIAM III - The equestrian statue erected in College Green 1 July 1701 was long a symbol of the Protestant Ascendancy, a point of contention between the Orange faction (William was Prince of Orange), for whom it was a rallying point, and Irish nationalists. Before it was finally blown up in 1929, and removed, it was frequently covered with tan and grease, defaced, or partially blown up. Generations of Dubliners commented on the fact that the statue faced the Dame street and Castle, turning its back on TCD. 

troth - faithfulness, good faith, loyalty, honesty (obs.) + trot + street + { he hastens to the girls 'Truth' and 'Wedding-Hand'}

ORANGE - Town and region, South France. The title was inherited by William the Silent, 1st prince of Orange-Nassau, and founder of the Dutch Republic. 

Nassau - German duchy until 1866. William the Silent, founder of the Dutch Republic, inherited the title of Nassau-Dillenburg from his father, of Orange-Chalons from his cousin, was 1st prince of Orange-Nassau + Orange Nassau - Dutch Royal family + Nassau Street, Dublin, runs south of Trinity College. 

Bowlbeggar Bill-the-Bustonly - as Mr Mink says, a legless criminal of Stoneybatter who used his powerful arms to propel himself in an iron bowl and to strangle and rob passersby + bull beggar (Slang) - someone who scares children. 

brow - a steep hill or slope

hazel wood - a wood or thicket of hazel bushes + Drom-Choll-Coil - old Irish name of Dublin, means 'the brow of hazel wood'.

Dublin's name derives from Irish dubh linn: black pool

BULLOCK CASTLE - One of 7 castles in Dalkey, South-East of Dublin. The name is a corruption of its earlier Danish name, Blowick

artesian well - well made in Artois in the 18th cent., in which a perpendicular boring into a synclinal fold or basin of the strata produces a constant supply of water rising spontaneously to the surface of the ground. By extension applied to water obtainable by artesian boring.

The name of the Phoenix Park is derived from a misunderstanding by English speakers of fionn uisge, Irish "clear water," a spring in the park. The transliteration Feenisk was corrupted to "Phoenix," and the mistake is commemorated by the stately bird atop the Phoenix Pillar.

handwriting - writing with the hand, manuscript

face wall - a wall built to sustain the face of a natural bank of earth; the front wall (of a building) + (writing on wall at Belshazzar's feast).

conchoid - Geom. A plane curve of the fourth order invented by Nicomedes + siphono- - tube, pipe + -stomata - mouth, opening +  kryptokonchoeidesiphonostomata (gr) - hidden-shell-like-tube-mouths + Charles Collette: Cryptoconchoidsyphonostomata (a patter-farce given at Theatre Royal, Dublin; literally 'hidden shell-like tube-mouths').

Hellespontos (gr) - Sea of Helle (legendary girl drowned there): strait between Europe and Asia, the Dardanelles + Hero (gr) - priestess beloved by Leander who repeatedly swam to her accross the Hellespont, but at length drowned + heros (gr) - a hero + Herospontos (gr) - Sea of Hero; Sea of Heroes.

ylde = isle + Abdul Hamid II, Sultan from 1876, centralized all government functions in the Yibdiz Kiosk, a palace on the heights above the suburb of Beshiktash, and in fear of assassination withdrew behind its fortifications after the 1895 massacres + oldest

Glasnevin (Dublin cemetery) sounds like Irish 'Glaisin Aoibhinn', which means 'pleasant little field' (spurious etymology) 

kiosk - an open pavilion or summerhouse of light construction, often supported by pillars and surrounded with a balustrade; common in Turkey and Persia, and imitated in gardens and parks in Western Europe.

youngest + angustus (l) - narrow, close.

hostel - a public house, inn

Ireland, island of saints and scholars

night light - the light which burns or shines during the night

Daniel O'Connell killed D'Esterre in duel on the Fifteen Acres, Phoenix Park (Ulysses.6.249: 'hugecloaked Liberator's form').

deck - cover, dress, to adorn + a white horse is a symbol of William III, painted on walls by loyalists.

rudder - a broad, flat piece or framework of wood or metal, attached vertically to the sternpost of a boat or ship in such a way that it can be employed in steering it + Budge: The Book of the Dead ch. CXXII: (naming parts of the deceased's boat) '"Evil is it" is the name of the rudder'. 

mairie - (fr. mayor) a town hall (in France) + 'Amerikay' (James Joyce: A Portrait II).

quai - a public way constructed on the quay, spec. such a street on either band of the Seine in Paris


Hun - one of an Asiatic race of warlike nomads, who invaded Europe c a.d. 375, and in the middle of the 5th c., under their famous king Attila (styled Flagellum Dei, the scourge of God), overran and ravaged a great part of this continent.

dartars - a disease of sheep + daugthers

Tartar - a native inhabitant of the region of Central Asia extending eastward from the Caspian Sea, and formerly known as Independent and Chinese Tartary. First known in the West as applied to the mingled host of Mongols, Tartars, Turks, etc., which under the leadership of Jenghiz Khan (1202-1227) overran and devastated much of Asia and Eastern Europe.

repulse - to drive or beat back (an assailant); to repel by force of arms

oston (gr) - bone + Osten (ger) - East + Ton (ger) - sound, tone + Adams and Liberty (song): 'For unmoved at its portals would Washington stand, And repulse with his breast the assaults of the thunder; Of its scabbard would leap, His sword from the sleep, And conduct, with its point, every flash to the deep!'

falchion - to cut with a falchion (a broad sword), use a falchion upon + fashioned.

downs - 3d. sing of down

locative - pertaining to location

vehicule = vehicle


circulation + celi- - belly, abdomen + caelicola (l) - dweller in heaven, deity.

Eblana - name of Dublin used by Ptolemy

Hewitt - name used by Robert Emmet

castèllo (it) - castle + Howth Castle.

equerry - an officer in the service of a royal or other exalted personage, charged with the care of the horses


outing - the action of going out

look forward - to look ahead, to look expectantly towards the future or to a coming event

rhodon (gr) - rose + rhododendrons (on Howth Head).

doldrums - a condition of dullness or drowsiness; dumps, low spirits, depression + Dundrum, district of Dublin.

luminiferous - producing or transmitting light + legumen - the fruit, or the edible portion of a leguminous plant, e.g. beans, peas, pulse. 

Balfe: The Bohemian Girlsong: 'When other lips and other hearts... Then you'll remember me' + {when he is old he’ll resemble his spouse ALP}

clipping - a press cutting 

void - to clear

buttress - a brick or stone structure built against another structure to support it

stave - the system of five horizontal lines on which the musical notes are written + {the night train whistle sings his name, a song written by birds on a stave of wires}

wire - a metal conductor that carries electricity over a distance + James Joyce: A Portrait II: 'He was travelling with his father by the night mail to Cork... the insistent rhythm of the train; and silently, at intervals of four seconds, the telegraph-poles held the galloping notes of the music between punctual bars'.

crawl - to be all 'alive' with crawling things + (he is an insect).

lice - pl. of louse

swarm with - to be crowded or thronged with; to contain swarms or great numbers of

maggots + sagart (Anglo-Irish) - priest.

mosque - a Muslim temple or place of worship + quiet as a mouse - very quiet.

synagogue - a building or place of meeting for Jewish worship and religious instruction

Dilmun - Sumerian garden of Paradise (on eastern shore of Persian Gulf), in which Tree of Life is date palm [.09-.11] 

palmy - notably flourishing or prosperous + palmy days - triumphant, flourishing days.

crack a nut - to puzzle out, make out, solve + {after his head was cracked [Humpty Dumpty/Joyce’s skull cracked as a child]}

suck up - to swallow up

applaud + laut (Malay) - sea + Arthur's companions: Sugyn, who could suck up seas; Gillia, chief Irish leaper; and Gwevyl, who could let one lip drop below his belt and turn the other on to his head.

cushla ma chree = cuislin a chroidhe (Irish) - little pulse of my heart (endearment) + Thomas Moore: Irish Melodiessong: Come o'er the Sea [air: Cuishlih ma Chree] + {with one girl on his lap and another on his knee}.

porter - one who has charge of a door or gate; a kind of beer, of a dark brown colour and bitterish taste, brewed from malt partly charred or browned by drying at a high temperature + Glewlwyd of the Mighty Grasp - Arthur's gateman in The Mabinogion.

baxter - baker

boon - a benefit enjoyed, blessing, advantage

broadwife - a female slave + Broadway + white bread.

bound - to spring upwards, leap; to advance with leaps or springs + The Mabinogion: Culhwch and Olwen: 'Thou shalt receive the boon... as far as wind dries, as far as rain wets, as far as sun runs, as far as sea stretches'.

exalt - to raise or set up on high; to lift up, elevate; to elate with pride, joy, etc. 

assemble - to put together

delude - to befool the mind or judgement of, so as to cause what is false to be accepted as true


ostrov (Russian) - island

Mare Inferus - Tuscan Sea, west of Italy + inferno.

mabbul (Hebrew) - flood

flure = floor - to bring to the floor or ground; to overcome in any way; to beat, defeat + flew.

Moyle - sea between Ireland and Scotland

fatlike - resembling fat

tallow - the fat or adipose tissue of an animal + a long Sumerian poem on Paradise: 'It shall be the ninth day in her ninth month, month of the period of woman. Like fat, like fat, like tallow'.

grease - the melted or rendered fat of animals + gracefulness.

yea - yes, more than this, not only so but; affirmation, assent

dripping - that drips

scorbutic - 'one affected with scurvy' + a long Sumerian poem on Paradise: 'None said, "O disease of the eyes, thou art disease of the eyes". None said, "O headache, thou art headache". None said to an old woman, "Thou art an old woman". None said to an old man, "Thou art an old man".' + (Bruno takes a page and nearly a hundred examples to say he calls things by their right name: 'calls bread bread, wine wine, head head, foot foot' etc.)

URU - Sumerian ideogram for 'city' + a long Sumerian poem on Paradise: 'Thou hast founded a city, thou hast founded a city, to which thou hast assigned its fate. Dilmun the city thou hast founded, thou hast founded a city to which thou hast assigned its fate'.

raaf, raven (Dutch) - raven, ravens + Ulysses.15.3948: 'An eagle gules volant in field argent displayed' + (pirate boats of Dublin Danes had raven flags).

volant - represented as flying, having the wings expanded as if in flight + gueulant (fr) - bawling + gule - In heraldry, gules is the tincture with the colour red, and belongs to the class of dark tinctures called "colours".

fjeld - a barren plateau of the Scandinavian upland + fjell (Norwegian) - mountain + field.

dubh (duv) (gael) - black + duif, duiven (Dutch) - dove, doves.

halo - an indication of radiant light drawn around the head of a saint, aura + No man is a hero to his valet (proverb).

varlet - in medieval times a youth acting as a knight's attendant as the first stage in training for knighthood + *S*.

*K* + peacock + son of a seacook (abusive slang phrase)

haycock - a small rounded pile of hay

emmet - ant + Emmet, Robert (1778-1803) - Irish rebel hero, hung. 

boar + [Forum] Boarium (l) - cattlemarket at Rome + boaro (it) - cowherd.

taurus (l) = tauros (gr) - bull

ostrich + Österreich (ger) - Austria.

mangy - having the mange; squalid, poverty-stricken, shabby + mongoose.

skunk - a North American animal of the weasel kind, Mephitis mephitica, noted for emitting a very offensive odour when attacked or killed; a contemptible ill mannered person.

nettle - a herb of the genus Urtica, which is covered with stinging, mildly poisonous hairs, causing an instant rash + on nettles - in fidgets, excited.

rashness - the quality of being rash, inconsiderate haste or boldness + FDV: brewed pressed the beer of sapientia ale age out of the nettles of rashness,

coq - cock (chicken) + attributed to Henri IV of France: 'I want there to be no peasant in my realm so poor that he will not have a chicken in his pot every Sunday' + FDV: put a roof on the house lodge for God Hymn and a cog in the his pot for homo,

pro homine (l) - for man, for a person + prohomo (l) - vice-man, one who stands in place of a person + {he built the roofs of churches, and made sure people had food}

dapifer (l) - feast-bearer: waiter at table

panis et circensus (l) - bread and circus contests + pancircumcensor (gr) - all-around-censor.

Pontifex Maximus - chief priest in ancient Rome + hortus (l) - garden + magnus (l) - great + hortifex magnus (l) - great gardenmaker + {he was waiter, circus entertainer and chief gardener}

tope - an ancient structure for the preservation of relics (India and SE Asia); to drink, esp. to drink copiously and habitually

tipple - to tumble or topple over; to drink freely or hard; to drink (intoxicating liquor), esp. to take (drink) constantly in small quantities

type - a small cupola or dome; a person of certain character

topple - to fall headlong, tumble or pitch over

start something - to make trouble, create a disturbance + {he still makes our hair stand on end}

gate - to watch + gets our goat - makes us annoyed or angry (where 'goat' is slang term for anger: "Wouldn't that get your goat? We'd been transferring the same water all night from the tub to the bowl and back again."; The Times printed a piece in memory of the then recently deceased Friedrich Baedeker. This included a side-swipe at American tourists and uses the phrase as a typical piece of Americana: "... goggled Americans whispering aloud, 'Wa-al Sadie, these durned three star things get my goat'!").

man in the gap (Anglo-Irish) - sturdy defender, hero + {man with a notebook on a ferry, and the hardman on a gun-run}

Thomas Moore: National Airssong: Oft, in the Stilly Night: 'the light Of other days'

dire - dreadful, dismal, mournful, horrible, terrible, evil in a great degree

dreary - dismal, gloomy; repulsively dull or uninteresting + Dear Dirty Dublin.

timor (l) - fear + timur (Malay) - east.

Tartar + tortura (l) - torture + M.G. Lewis: Timour the Tartar (a play given at Crow Street Theatre, Dublin).

puzzling - bewildering, confusing, perplexing

startling - that causes a shock of surprise; that suddenly and forcibly compels attention

perturbing - that disturbs greatly, unsettling, confusing

brugh - a town or borough; broch (tower) + Kingsbridge Station, Dublin + Export Guinness is transported from the brewery to ships at the Custom House Quay and other quays below Butt Bridge by a feet of Liffey barges; in the days of steam barges, their stacks were hinged for passing under the Liffey bridges + Brugh Riogh (bruri) (gael) - King's Palace, Limerick; anglic. Bruree.

customs - the area at a seaport, airport, etc. where goods, luggage and other items are examined

doff - to undress oneself, put off one’s clothes; to remove a hat as a greeting or mark of respect.

gibbous - hunch-backed, having a hump, protuberant + gibus - opera hat (a collapsible top hat operated by a spring) + (old Guinness steam barge on Liffey, lowering funnel at bridges).

Bridge of Sighs, Venice

heft - weight, heaviness, bulk, mass; a dwelling place; a book + Heft (ger) - notebook.

helve - a handle of a weapon or tool, as an axe, chisel, hammer, etc. + (joke about genuine old cutlass with new blade from one owner and new handle (helve) from another).

cutlass - a short sword with a flat wide slightly curved blade; now esp. the sword with which sailors are armed

have an old head on young shoulders - young person as staid or experienced as an elderly one

age - to grow old, to become old

caller - fresh, cool + Caller Herring (song).

turgid - swollen, distended, puffed out

tarpon - the Jew-fish, a giant representative of the herring tribe found in the warmer waters of the western Atlantic


chameleon + Comal - a son of Albion [137.07], who slew by mistake the girl he loved who was disguised as a warrior, in Macpherson's The Poems of Ossian: Fingal + Comala - a daughter of Sarni, who, passionately in love with Fingal, follows him, disguised as a youth, and dies of grief, being wrongly informed of his death in battle, in Macpherson's The Poems of Ossian: Comala.

endocrine - denoting a gland having an internal secretion which is poured into blood or lymph

living + Lowen (ger) - lions.

life + loaf - a portion of bread baked in one mass; Obs. exc. dial. Bread.

bannock - a flat bread made of oat or barley flour; common in New England and Scotland + ‘Forty Bonnets’ [ALP].

he put up the blind (let the sun in)

does be  

perching - the action of the verb perch + (statue)

BASLE (BASEL, BALE) - Swiss canton and city on both sides of Rhine River, where in an annual ceremony 2 legendary figures, der wilde Mann and the bird Vogel Gryff arrive on a float on the Rhine. Site of 1st bridge (1225 AD) over Rhine between Lake Constance and North Sea + Ballsbridge - district of Dublin

do be (Anglo-Irish) - habitual present tense of 'to be' + dubh (Irish) - black.

pitch - to cast, throw, or fling forward + pitch darkness.

Kingstown Harbour (Dún Laoghaire harbour) + Konig (ger) - king + Stein (ger) - stone + Königstein - Saxonian town, Germany + {the doves [girls] are all over him [statue] during the day, but at night the dark ravens [3] set traps for him behind Kingstown Harbour}

triumph + tronfio (it) - puffed up

repertory - repertoire, a collection of works (plays, songs, operas, ballets) that an artist or company can perform + triumphus republicae (l) - triumph of the State (imitation of Latin inscriptional abbreviations).



prosperity - an economic state of growth with rising profits and full employment + prosperitas publica (l) - the public prosperity.

idol (with head of wood and feet of clay)

bally - used as a mild impercation and intensifier, 'jolly', 'bloody' + Balaclava + Baile Atha Cliath (Irish) - Dublin (Pronunciation 'Ballaclee').

hollow - a depression on the earth's surface, a valley; a hole, cave, den, burrow (obs.) + THE HOLLOW - Opposite the main entrance to Zoo, Phoenix Park.

Tristan + {he flattened trees when he fell in Phoenix Park}

vacuum (l) - empty space, open space + ..."experience" always has a colorfully narratable content to it, whereas sleep pitches one into a "vaguum" and sends one off "touring the no placelike no timelike absolent (609.1-2 ["absolute" "absent"]). To note further that English does not have a single word - let alone a mimetic convention - that does for the "absent" what "representation" does for the "present," is to begin seeing why Finnegans Wake had to be written as peculiarly as it is. (John Bishop: Joyce's Book of the Dark).


boulder + molten butter.

mountain dew (Colloquial) - Irish or Scotch whiskey, illicit whiskey

lumen (l) - light; lamp + lume, lumi (Albanian) - river + lemon peel.

Zucker (ger) - sugar + lump of sugar.

boiling + Boyne Water (song).

puddy - short and plump, chubby, bulky + Paddy - a brand of 80-proof blended Irish whiskey produced in Cork, Ireland, by the company Irish Distillers + penny.

make up to - to make advances to (a person), to pay court or make love to + REFERENCE

Ni Carthaigh (ni karhi) (gael) - Daughter of a Grandson of Carthach ("loving") + Ní (Irish) - Daughter of + née (French) - born (feminine).

make off with - to decamp with (something) in one's possession

swank - full of life or energy, fashionably elegant, smart

swarthy - of a dark hue; black or blackish

garnet - a family of crystals whose name is derived from their resemblance to red pomegranate seeds +  Diamonds cut diamonds (proverb).

Diarmaid cuts Grania

florence - a gold florin; city in Italy

wynn - old English runic letter (= W) + Gwyn (Welsh) - white + Finn + WYNN'S HOTEL - At 35-37 Lower Abbey Street since the 19th century.

leaker - a leaky receptacle for canned goods + there's his bowl and here's his liquor.

big white horse [008.21] + his big white arse, hic [tip].

Albion - Great Britain + Oliver Goldsmith: The Deserted Village 1: 'Sweet Auburn! loveliest village of the plain' [.23] [139.23] + (Swedish-English).

likely - credible, promising, agreeable, handsome

villain of the piece - the character in a play, novel, etc., whose evil motives or actions form an important element in the plot  

(hen and cock[ran])

CANTRELL AND COCHRANE'S - around the turn of the century, this manufacturer of mineral waters was at 2-11 Nassau Place; Sir Henry Cochrane was one of the owners + cantare (l) - to crow. 

(egg company) + egotism - an exaggerated opinion of your own importance. 

limitate - to limit + limited

tays (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - teas

Saturn - most ancient king of Latium; god of agriculture and civilisation; identified with Kronos, father of Zeus + Satan + de Sade + sad-urn [i.e. HCE interred] + Slattery's Mounted Foot - Percy French's song about comic Irish peasant warriors, extravagant in heroic wish, cowardly in act. 

Lund - the cathedral in Lund, Sweden, was built by Finn MacCool at the request of St Laurence. If the saint did not guess Finn's name by the time the church was built, Finn would get the saint's eyes. As the last brick was put in place, St Laurence guessed right. Finn tried to pull the church down, but was changed into a stone and stands there to this day. Mr Hart has seen him (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake).

kirk - church

guess + (title of Finnegans Wake).

fletch - feather + flesh.

praties (Anglo-Irish) - potatoes

fash - inconvenience, trouble + fash and chaps (Ulster Pronunciation) - fish and chips.

artful - marked by skill in achieving a desired end especially with cunning or craft

juke - a roadhouse or brothel; spec. a cheap roadside establishment providing food and drinks, and music for dancing + Juke and Kallikak - American families of supposedly-hereditary degenerates [033.24] + Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington.

huggle - to hug + Huckleberry Finn 

Kuckkuck (ger) = kukkuk (Danish) - cuckoo.

in camera - privately, secretly; in the judge’s chamber

excruciate - to subject to torture, put on the rack; fig. To torture mentally, inflict extreme mental anguish upon. 

boon - a favour, a gift, a thing freely or graciously bestowed

billet - to enter in a list, locate; to have quarters, lodge

Bann (ger) - anathema, curse

buckshot - a coarse kind of shot, used in shooting deer or other large game

chaos (gr) - unformed matter, infinite space; precreation state of the universe + foedatus (l) - defiled, filthied, befouled + født (Danish) - born + {spawned in heaven, born in chaos but man of earth [typical mythological ingredients of heroes and gods]}

presumptively - by presumption or inference, presumably

plough - to labour, to plod

overtime - in excess of a set time limit or of the regular working time, during extra time

evince - to prove by argument or evidence; to display, exhibit, manifest

travail - to exert oneself, work hard

fair share - one’s full share (of something enjoyed or suffered in common with others)


Magazine + Miocene (twenty-six million years ago).

hetman - a cossack leader + het (Norwegian) - hat.

unhorse - to throw or drag (a person) from his horse, esp. in battle

searing - pres. part. of sear - to burn or char (animal tissues) by the application of a hot iron + sear (Slang) - vulva + Ringsend - district of Dublin.

extemporize - to produce or get up on the spur of the moment; to invent for the occasion

'the' of Finnegans Wake + "He passed through the vast Gate of black stone. And He saw the Seal" (Frank G. Ripel: Shautenerom).

stock collar - a very tall standing collar with the points turned up over the chin, to be worn with an Ascot tie + Old Ones ("Grandi Antichi") and Elder Gods ("Dei Antichi"), from Ripel's Sauthenerom, the Source of the Necronomicon; Great Old Ones and Elder Gods, deities in the Cthulhu Mythos and the Necronomicon, a fictional grimoire written by H. P. Lovecraft

charter house - a carthusian (an austere religious order) monastery

township - the inhabitants or population of a tún or village collectively

by stealth - by an act of theft; secretly and without right or permission, secretly, clandestinely

Kersse [curse] the Tailor ~ Perrse O'Reily

auburn - of a golden-brown or ruddy-brown colour + Samuel Taylor Coleridge: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner II.59-60: 'Instead of the cross, the Albatross About my neck was hung'.

abaft - in the rear of, behind

Thersites - Homeric, Shakespearean character, unnamed narrator of "Cyclops". His role as railer, accuser is taken over in FW by Shaun-as-Wyndham-Lewis.

lympha (l) - spring-water, clear river water + amphora (l) - two-handled vessel for liquids + set the Liffey on fire (phrase).

concoct - to make up, devise, or plan by concert, or by artificial combination; to put together, make up, or fabricate (a story, project, fraud, etc.)

master hand - the hand of a master, the agency of one highly skilled or one possessing commanding power + Blavatsky's Mahatma Letters supposedly written by Tibetan masters.

assay - the action or process of trying, trial generally; the trial of metals, by 'touch,' fire, etc.;  the determination of the quantity of metal in an ore or alloy + Parnell's hobby was assaying gold + {his letter was concocted by the master of essays [Shem]}.

hallmark - a distinctive mark or token of genuineness, good breeding, or excellence; the official mark or stamp used by statutory Hall-marking Authorities in marking the standard of gold and silver articles assayed by them, without which articles of these metals may not legally be sold.

impose - to place authoritatively

weight plate - a plate on which articles are set to be weighed in a weighing-machine + {his hallmark was recognised by silver-plate [second–rate] standards [i.e. the Letter and its signature]}

pectoral - something worn on the breast for protection or ornament + (flying machine) + (*IJ* and *VYC*) + {Icarus flying with his false wings and tail or a fan}

get the wind up - to get into a state of alarm or 'funk'

rosin tree - a south African shrub which exudes resin

haul - to pull or draw with force or violence; to drag, tug + {a giant who lights his pipe with a burning bush and whose shoes are towed by a horse}

slavey - a male servant or attendant; a female domestic servant, esp. one who is hard-worked

scurvy - a disease characterized by general debility of the body, extreme tenderness of the gums, foul breath, subcutaneous eruptions and pains in the limbs, induced by exposure and by a too liberal diet of salted foods.

boil - a hard inflamed suppurating tumour; a furuncle; a blister

polish + {a travelling salesman who is caught in a bedroom}

Cornucopiae (l) - Horn of Plenty: horn of the goat Amalthea placed in heaven, emblem of fruitfulness and abundance (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

stack - a pile of grain in the sheaf, of hay, straw, fodder, etc., gathered into a circular or rectangular form, and usually with a sloping thatched top to protect it from the weather.

rye - a hardy annual grass + {is a judge, a priest, a farmer and a baker}

pospector - one that prospects (to explore, investigate (for mineral deposits)) + (mountaineer).

rucksack - a bag or knapsack carried on the back by walkers, climbers, etc. + rook (Dutch) - smoke + sacht (ger) - soft, gently.

retrospect - to look or refer back to; to reflect on + retrospector (l) - one who looks back.

alpenstock - a long staff pointed with iron, used in climbing the Alps, whence it has passed into general use in mountain climbing + holpen - dial. p.p. of help.

yoke - a contrivance, used from ancient times, by which two animals, esp. oxen, are coupled together for drawing a plough or vehicle + New York.

Yugoslavian - a native or inhabitant of Yugoslavia + jugo (Serbian) - south.

peddle - to be busy with trifles

passivism - a passive attitude, behavior or way of life

Gorgon - Gr. Myth. One of three mythical female personages, with snakes for hair, whose look turned the beholder into stone

selfrighteous - convinced of one’s own righteousness, narrowly moralistic and intolerant + Gordon Selfridge - 1920s director of Selfridges, London chain store.

information + Robert Greene: The Groatsworth of Wit Bought with a Million of Repentance

Larm (ger) - noise, hullabaloo + larme (fr) - tear + A.C.W. Harmsworth, Viscount Northcliffe - newspaper magnate, born in Chapelizod.

belle - a handsome woman, esp. one who dresses so as to set off her personal charms; the reigning 'beauty' of a place + La Belle Alliance and Mount Saint Jean (Waterloo) + Elizabeth, La Belle, Hamilton - an Irish beauty, the wife of the Comte de Gramont and the sister of his biographer.

ain - one, own + My Ain Fireside - song by Elizabeth Hamilton (1758-1816).

fireside - the side of a fire-place; originally, the place occupied by the two seats right and left of the fire under the chimney.

Irisg cd play Hebr- (notebook 1924) Crawford: Back to the Long Grass 185: 'Gordon knew as much of Arabic as the Irishman did of the page of Hebrew: a bit of a musician, Patrick, in answer to the question whether he could read some Hebrew characters they showed him, said "Read it? Shure, and I could play it!"'  

Himmel (ger) - heaven, sky + William Gerard Hamilton, "Single Speech" (1729-96) - Irish M.P., made a brilliant maiden speech in Parliament and never spoke again.

quicksilver - the metal mercury, so called from its liquid mobile form at ordinary temperatures + James Archibald Hamilton (1747-1815), first astronomer at Armagh Observatory, studied transit of Mercury (mercury: quicksilver).

quaternion - a set of four parts, things or persons; In mathematics, the quaternions are a number system that extends the complex numbers. Quaternion algebra was introduced by Irish mathematician Sir William Rowan Hamilton in 1843. Hamilton knew that the complex numbers (a + bi, where a and b are real numbers, and i is the standard imaginary unit with the property i² = −1) could be viewed as points in a plane, and he was looking for a way to do the same for points in space. Points in space can be represented by their coordinates, which are triples of numbers, and for many years Hamilton had known how to add and multiply triples of numbers. But he had been stuck on the problem of division: He did not know how to take the quotient of two points in space. The breakthrough finally came on Monday 16 October 1843 in Dublin, when Hamilton was on his way to the Royal Irish Academy. While walking along the Royal Canal with his wife, the concept behind quaternions was taking shape in his mind. Hamilton could not resist the impulse to carve the formulae for the quaternions i² = j² = k² = ijk = − 1. into the stone of Brougham Bridge as he passed by it. Hamilton later wrote: "And here there dawned on me the notion that we must admit, in some sense, a fourth dimension of space for the purpose of calculating with triples ... An electric circuit seemed to close, and a spark flashed forth." Hamilton called a quadruple with these rules of multiplication a quaternion, and he devoted the remainder of his life to studying and teaching them.

lobster pot - a trap for catching lobsters

crab - to catch crabs; to spoil, ruin; complain, to find fault + grabbed

keel - the lowest longitudinal timber of a ship or boat, on which the framework of the whole is built up; a ship + William Shakespeare: Love's Labour's Lost V.2.909: 'While greasy Joan doth keel the pot' ("keel the pot": to cool the contents of the pot by stirring or pouring in something cold) REFERENCE

garden pest [earwig] that spoiled our sweet peas [peas in a pod riddle]

importunate - expressing earnest entreaty; burdensome, grievous, grave (obs); troublesome, persistently troublesome (obs.) + important.

overreach - to reach above or beyond, go beyond; overtake, outwit

excrescence - an abnormal, morbid, or disfiguring outgrowth; a disfiguring protuberance or swelling on an animal or vegetable body

wart - a small, round, dry, tough excrescence on the skin

yit (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - yet

new made - recently or freshly made + nue (fr) - cloud.

mott - a girl or woman, harlot, a loose woman; a particle of dust; a spot, a blemish + Motte (ger) - moth + mots (fr) - words.

prurio (l) - to itch; to feel sexual arousal + rural + plural.

plausible - such as to be received with favour; acceptable, agreeable, pleasing

uncustomarily - unusually, not customary

perfumed - impregnated with sweet odour, scented

ath = oath + Ath Cliath (Irish) - Hurdle Ford (name of Dublin)



Themis - ancient Greek goddess of law and justice + chemise + demise.

Fingal - Finn's name in Macpherson's Ossian poems. Fingal is a Scottish hero who comes to Ireland and fights the Danes. The Irish called certain Norse invaders, fingal or fingall, meaning "fair stranger."  

Hibernian - Irishman + The Hiberniad, 1760 + myriad - countless, innumerable + {rish story full of holies [Patrick etc]}

hoolies (Anglo-Irish) - wild parties, uninhibited celebrations + Liam O'Flaherty: The Life of Tim Healy (1927), 314: 'The people have undertaken a vast electrical scheme on the Shannon with the assistance of the great German people. With the assistance of Belgians and Czecho-Slovakians, beetroot is about to be manufactured in the country. With the assistance of the French, under M. de Boudeville, the Liffey mud is going to be swept away from the streets of Dublin, lest a future James Joyce might find on its pavements the subject for future epics'.

Hodge - abbreviation of the name Roger; used as a typical name for the English agricultural labourer or rustic + head

wherry - to carry in or as in a wherry (a light rowing-boat) + Hodge's Ireland-Holyhead ferry + worry

Frenchy - a disrespectful name for a Frenchman or a French Canadian

curry - to tickle; to employ flattery or blandishment so as to cajole or win favour + carry.

Brabançon (French) - Belgian + national anthem of Belgium is "La Brabançonne" by Campenhout + breagh (bra) (gael) - fine, handsome + bean (ban) (gael) - woman.

Bieter (ger) - bidder + Beete (ger) - beds (of flowers) + Beter (ger) - one who prays.

Fritz - a German

switch - a mechanical device for shifting an electric current to another circuit

waylay - to lie in wait for and attack from ambush 

parker - a park-keeper (derived from Old French with the meaning "keeper of the park") + Parker, Charley - one of Wilde's boys, a soldier who was prepared to testify against him + barker (Slang) - pistol + "if he outharrods against barkers, to the shoolbred he acts whiteley". 

beschoten (Dutch) - shot at + FDV: was waylaid by a parker and beshotten by a buckeley,

lintil = lentil - duckweed, leguminous plant + Jacob bought Esau's birthright with pottage of lentils (Genesis 25).

cuppy - like a cup, hollow + in his cups - boozing + hicuppy + happy.

jacob - the gold coin; a simpleton + Jacob's Biscuits - manufactured in Dublin. It was a Jacob's biscuit tin that the Citizen throws at Bloom. In FW they are the mess of pottage for which Esau sold his birthright to Jacob.

arrowroot - delicate starch used to thicken gravies and desserts, derived from a West Indian water plant + Jacob's biscuit factory, Dublin, makes arrowroot biscuits. 

dime - a silver coin of the United States of America, of the value of 10 cents

waifs and strays - people or animals who have no home and no one to care for them

upon the perish - on the point or in process of perishing + FDV: kicks lintels lintils when he's cuppy and gives chucks casts Jacob's to the his childer on the parish,

charm - the chanting or reciting of a verse supposed to have magic or occult power

Hans Christian Andersen

evenings of the week

Ivan Grozny or Ivan the Terrible (1530 - 1584) - Grand Prince of Moscow from 1533 to 1547 and Czar of Russia from 1547 until his death + taurus (l) - bull + Shaun.


soap - to address with smooth or flattering words, to flatter + softsoap (Slang) - to flatter with soft words.

Bad (ger) - bathroom + badend (ger) - bathing.

bulgy - bulged, protuberant

bung - a brewer, or landlord of a public house; a large cork + FDV: owns the bulgiest bungbarrel that was ever tiptapped in the private privace of Mullingar Inn,

tip tap - light knocking or tapping

Mullingar Inn, Chapelizod + The centre of action in Finnegans Wake is a building called the Mullingar House, so named because in coaching days it was setting-out point for travellers to Mullingar. It still stands. ...It is three-storey structure, painted white, sharing a 'party wall' with building to the (approximate) 'South' (559.05) with backyard large enough to contain chickens (10.32), and, in earlier times, a privy (John Gordon: Finnegans Wake: a plot summary).

to be born with a silver spoon in one's mouth - to be born in affluence or under lucky auspices + silver tongue - eloquent person + Nuad Silver Hand - god or king of the Tuatha dé Danaan + nua (nue) (gael) - new.


Brian marches round I - his left hand to the sea - (LB) (notebook 1922-23) → after achieving power over several Irish kingdoms, Brian Boru embarked on a general tour of Ireland, with 'his left hand to the sea' (i.e. clockwise), forcing the remaining chieftains into submission.

that will do (that'll do) - that is sufficient

see - The building in which a bishop's throne is placed, a cathedral (Obs. rare.) + "C".

Eblana - name of Dublin used by Ptolemy

dubbeltje - a former silver coin of the Nederlands + double "T".

Amsterdam + damp (Dutch) - haze, vapour, steam, smoke, fume.

liberal - open to the reception of new ideas or proposals of reform + Sir Richard Steele: The Tatler, no. 49: (of Lady Elizabeth Hastings) 'to love her was a liberal education'.

dipped - baptised

Saint Olave's Church, Fishamble Street, Dublin + olive oil.

chrysme = chrism - to annoint with a chrism (a consecrated oil) + christened.

Saint Laurence O'Toole's Church, Seville Place, Dublin + {has ‘dipped’ into two prostitutes, Hoily Olives and Scent Otooles}

Charles Dickens: The Cricket on the Hearth + {his enthusiasm for cricket [sex] annoys preachers}

predikant (Dutch) - preacher, minister (of religion) + FDV: hears the cricket on the earth and but annoys the life out of preachers predicants,

turn a deaf ear (to) - not giving ear; unwilling to hear or heed, inattentive + dorcha (durukhu) (gael) - dark.

Darius - 6th-century Persian king, defeated at Marathon

infuriated - provoked to fury; maddened with passion; furiously enraged

jut - something that projects + {penis} + made Man with guts one jerk and minted money with mong many,

mint - to make (coin) by stamping metal

mong = among

many + maneh - Biblical coin.

six o’clock

era - a historical period; a period in an individual's life

misadventure - ill-luck, bad fortune + liv (Danish) - life.

moonshine - moonlight; intoxicating liquor, illegally distilled corn whiskey



pottle - a container holding one pottle (half a gallon) + bottled + one pottle = 1/2 gallon, 1 quart = 1/4 gallon, one pint = 1/8, one cup(ful ) = 1/16, one gill = 1/32, one glass = 1/64, one tablespoon(ful) = 1/320 = 1 ro, 1 teaspoon(ful) (U.S.) = 1/ 3 ro. Also, 1 Hogshead = 100 gallons, and one keg = 10 gallons.

Hahn (ger) - rooster + reich (ger) - rich; empire, reign + Hahnrei (ger) - cuckold.

Alte (ger) - old person + Heinrich (Henry) VIII - The Famous History of the Life of King Henry the Eighth was one of the last plays written by William Shakespeare, based on the life of Henry VIII of England. An alternative title, All is True, is recorded in contemporary documents, the title Henry VIII not appearing until the play's publication in the First Folio of 1623.

Richard the Third

mandrake - any plant of the genus Mandragora. The mandrake is poisonous, having emetic and narcotic properties, and was formerly used medicinally. The forked root is thought to resemble the human form, and was fabled to utter a deadly shriek when plucked up from the ground. The notion indicated in the narrative of Genesis xxx, that the fruit when eaten by women promotes conception, is said still to survive in Palestine.

shrieked + Schrei (ger) - cry, scream.

convoluto (l) - to whirl, roll around rapidly + convolusio (l) - cramp, convulsion + convulsions + vulture.

Weib (ger) - female + Henrik Ibsen: "The Wild Duck" + duck/drake (motif).

rotter - a thoroughly objectionable person

resurrection - the action or fact of rising again from sleep, decay, disuse, etc.


gird - to surround, encircle (the waist, a person about the waist) with a belt or girdle


veiled - covered with or wearing a veil; concealed, covered, hidden, as if by a veil, obscure + {sets the veiled sex grinning}

agrin - grinning + William Shakespeare: Troilus and Cressida III.3.174: 'One touch of nature makes the whole world kin' (Ulysses, speaking to Achilles about the readiness of mankind to forget past benefits, and to prize the glitter of a specious present rather than the true gold of that which has gone by. "The present eye praises the present object," says the wise old Greek, and there is one touch of nature that makes the whole world kin, that is, men's fondness for praising that which is new, though it be gilded dust, rather than that which is ancient, though it be gold that is somewhat dusty. "Then marvel not," he says to Achilles, "that all the Greeks begin to worship Ajax." Curiously enough, the line is always quoted as exemplifying the sympathy that, once awakened, makes men feel their close relationship to each other. "Nature" is taken as meaning fellow-feeling, one touch of which makes us all brothers. This is unconscious misinterpretation, or rather misapplication, of the great poet's words).

tissue paper - a very thin soft gauze-like unsized paper, used for wrapping delicate articles, for covering engravings or other illustrations in books, as copying-paper, etc.

gaol - place of confinement, a prison

Blick (ger) - glance, look

saumon = salmon

lance - a weapon, consisting of a long wooden shaft and an iron or steel head, used for various purposes, e.g. for spearing fish

doe - the female of the fallow deer

in full sail - ship with all sails set (at full speed)

whyte = white + James Joyce: The City of the Tribes: (of the parish house of Saint Nicholas) 'In the same place there is a curious document... in which the writer says that... he had never seen in a single glance what he saw in Galway - a priest elevating the Host, a pack chasing a deer, a ship entering the harbour under full sail, and a salmon being killed with a spear'.

host - Eccl. The bread consecrated in the Eucharist, regarded as the body of Christ sacrificially offered; a consecrated wafer 

flapper - a girl in her late teens, orig. one with her hair down in a pigtail; a young woman, esp. with an implication of flightiness or lack of decorum + flattery

Canute or Cnut, King (995-1035) - king of Denmark and England who reproached those who flattered him (commanding the sea to turn back).  

Cincinnatus - Roman dictator who at the time of his appointment worked on a small farm, defeated the enemy in a single day, then resigned and returned to his farm

farfar (Danish) - paternal grandfather

morfar (Danish) - maternal grandfather

hoar - grey-haired with age; venerable + our father.

Father Knickerbocker - New York City personified


crack a nut - to puzzle out, make out, solve, discuss + crack a quart (Slang) - drink a quart bottle + crack (Slang) - deflower + quaint (Slang) - vulva.

haven (Danish) - the garden

whiskery - having whiskers + Finnegan's Wake 2 (song): 'With a gallon of whisky at his feet, And a barrel of porter at his head'.

summit - the topmost part, top; the crown (of the head)

stehen (ger) - to stand   

footle - senseless or trifling talk or writing, nonsense, twaddle + FDV: blows whiskey about around the head but thinks stout upon his feet,

stutter - to speak with continued involuntary repetition of sounds or syllables, owing to excitement, fear, or constitutional nervous defect; to stammer + FDV: [was dubbed out of joke and limned in raw ochre,] stutters when he falls and gets goes up mad entirely when he's waked,

Tim Finnegan + timber (tree)

pearly - round and lustrous like a pearl, as a dewdrop, etc. + early

[stone] tomb + Tim/Tom (motif) + FDV: is Timb in to the pearly morn and Tomb in by the weeping mourning night

an (Archaic) - if



BABYLON - Ancient city on left bank of Euphrates River; mod Hillak. Two of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World were in Babylon: the Walls of Babylon, and the Gardens of Semiramis.

pitching - the action of setting or fixing in some place or position; spec. of stones in paving.

plus + place.

wan (Dublin Pronunciation) - one

wobbling + Dublin + FDV: and if though he had all the red baked bricks of bould Babylon for to his lusting placys he'd been be lost for the want of eying ogling a poor an old ould wubblin wall?

Finn mac Cool - legendary leader of the Fianna Éireann, an elite volunteer corps of warriors and huntsmen, skilled in poetry, which flourished under the reign of Cormac mac Airt in the 3rd century AD. After Cumhaill (Cool), chief of the Fianna, is killed, his posthumous son is reared secretly in a forest and earns the name Finn ("The Fair") by his exploits. He grows up to triumph over his father's slayer, Goll MacMorna, to become head of the Fianna, which later includes his son Oisín (Ossian), the poet, his grandson Oscar, the handsome Diarmaid (Dermot), and his former clan enemy Goll MacMorna. Finn was a descendant of the Druids. Disintegration of Fianna begins when Diarmaid elopes with Gráinne (Grace), whom Finn, as an old man, wishes to marry. Later, when Diarmaid is wounded, Finn lets him die for lack of water. The king and people finally turn against the overbearing Fianna, a conflict that culminates in the Battle of Gabhra, in which the Fianna is destroyed. Oscar is killed in battle; Oisín survives but is lured away by a fairy princess to Tír na nÓg (the "Land of Youth"). 

Mutter (ger) - mother + FDV + song Cecilia (1925): 'Does your mother know you're out, Cecilia?'

micky - familiarly used for Michael. Cf. Mick, Mike; penis (Slang. rare.)

myoptic - affected with myopia, short sighted + myopic eyes + (rhythm of Father Prout's song 'The Bells of Shandon': 'With deep affection and recollection I often think of those Shandon bells, Whose sounds so wild would, in days of childhood, Fling round my cradle their magic spells') + FDV: — When I turn me optics

suburban + FDV: From such urban prospects

filial - of or pertaining to a son or daughter

bosom - the breast considered as the seat of thoughts and feelings + FDV: Tis my filial bosom's

doth = do (arhaic) + that + FDV: Doth Behold with pride

pontificator - one who officiate as a pontiff esp. at a mass, one who delivers oracular utterances + pontificator (l) - one who acts as pontifex ("bridgemaker": Roman high priest) (*E*) + FDV: That pontificator

circumvallate - to surround with a rampart or entrenchment + circumvallator (l) - one who surrounds (a town) with a wall; blockader, beseiger.

dam - a barrier constructed across a waterway to control the flow or raise the level of water; dame (obs.); mother (archaic.)

garrulous - given to much talking, loquacious, talkative + FDV: And circumvallator with his dam so garrulous

slipt - arch. p. of slip + asleep + FDV: [All by his side.]

lisp - a speech defect that involves pronouncing 's' like voiceless 'th' and 'z' like voiced 'th'; a sound resembling a lisp, e.g. the rippling of water, the rustle of leaves + FDV: Annealive, the lisp of her  

grig - excite desire, tantalize, irritate, annoy + FDV: Would make mountains whisper her  

berg - short for iceberg: A (floating) mountain or mass of ice + Berg (ger) - mountain + FDV: And the bergs of Iceland / Melt in waves of fire 

spoon - to make love, esp. in a sentimental or silly fashion

spondee - a metrical foot consisting of two long syllables + sponde (Italian) - riverbanks + {her spooning poetry}

tickle me + FDV: And her spoon [me] spondees and her meet me yonders dickle me- drickle-me-yondees  

Undine - Greek water sprite, title of a novel (1811) by de la Motte-Fouqué in which Undine, personification of water, marries a human being, and, when set aside for another woman, kills her husband with a kiss + onde (French) - wave + on the knees.

rageous - enraged, furious

ossean - a sort of fish; bony, osseous, as a teleost fish + Ossian + ocean + FDV: Make [the rageous] Ossean kneel to her kneel / And quaff a lyre.  

lyre - a stringed instrument of the harp kind, used by the Greeks for accompanying song and recitation; fig. chiefly as the symbol of lyric poetry.

dann = dan - mister, sir + dan (Serbian) - day, daylight + FDV: if she's if he's dane she's dirty

plane - flat

purty - pretty + FDV: If she's he's Dan's Dann's plain plane she's Ann's purty,

fane - a temple; fain (disposed, eager [for her], inclined or willing)

flirty - characterized by flirting + FDV: if she's If she's he's fain fane she's flirty,

coy - displaying modest backwardness or shyness

auburn + burnt + FDV: With with her hair in her auburn streams

cajolery - blandishment, delusive flattery + FDV: and her cool coy cajolery cajoleries

dabble - to employ oneself in a dilettante way in (any business or pursuit) without going deeply or seriously into it; to work off and on at, as a matter of whim or fancy.

drollery - waggery, jesting, a comic play or entertainment; an amusing figure, often of a grotesque character. Drolleries appear throughout the history of book illumination, from insular works such as the Book of Kells to late medieval manuscripts + FDV: and her darkish darkeyed dabblin drollery drolleries,

rouse - to excite to vigorous action or thought, to provoke to activity; to awaken from sleep

rudder (Slang) - penis (i.e. erection) + FDV: for to rouse his rudderup or to drench his dreams.

drench - to wet through and through with liquid falling or thrown upon the object + wet dream.

Hammurabi (1955-1913 B.C.) - Babyloniam king, formulated an early code of law 

klesiastes (gr) - member of a vocation + Ecclesiastes - an Old Testament book consisting of reflections on the vanity of human life; is traditionally attributed to Solomon but probably was written about 250 BC + FDV: If great wise hot Hammurabi and cold cowld Ecclesiastes Clesiastes

espy - to discover by spying or by looking out; to catch sight of + FDV: could but hear but catch espy

prankle - to prance or caper lightly + Prankquean + {could see her playful pranks} + FDV: her prattlings prankguips pranklettes,

burst bounds, barriers - to break, snap, shatter (bounds, barriers) suddenly; now said only of the person confined within (chiefly fig.) + {they’d burst their self-imposed bounds} + FDV: faith, they'd rise amain they'd break bounds again,

agin (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - again

renounce - to give up, to abandon, give up, discontinue (a practice, action, habit, etc.)

ruing - pres. part. of rue (to feel regret, remorse, or sorrow for) + FDV: to and renounce their ruings, and denounce their doings

denounce - to proclaim, announce, declare; to publish, promulgate

ever + iver (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - ever.

amin (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - amen + FDV: foriver and for river and and river, and a night. Amen!

true to type - consistent with, exactly agreeing with, 'faithful to' + prototype + TITLE + ( is siglum for *F* = inn, hostel, tavern, grave, filth dump, pillar-box, book [FW], title).

in lieu - in stead or in place of the thing mentioned, as a substitute + mother-in-law + (what is the title of Work in Progress?) + (what is the name of the tavern?).

tit for tat - som. unpleasant which one does in return for som. unpleasant which one has suffered + tick - a whim, a fancy + tig (tig) (gael) - house.

teach (t'okh) (gael) - house + FDV: Which title is the truest title true-to-type motto-in-lieu for that Tiec for Teac thatchment

thatch - straw or similar material with which roofs are covered; transf. A thatched dwelling + "the curious warning sign before our protoparent's ipsissima verba... which paleographers call a leak in the thatch or the aranman ingperwhis through the hole of his hat,"

what with + wit (Dutch) - white + white with.

darkness - gloom of sorrow, trouble, or distress + [Mullingar House] is three-storey structure, painted white... The front door is dark, perhaps black. Before it are staple-ring and stepping stone (262.20-1) (John Gordon: Finnegans Wake: a plot summary).

aprowl - in a state of activity or motion, on the prowl

rookery - a collection of rooks' nests in a clump of trees + rookery (Slang) - brothel + {birds of prey are in the brothels}

the Magdalen(e - a disciple of Christ named Mary, 'out of whom went seven devils' (Luke viii. 2). She has commonly been supposed to be identical with the unnamed 'sinner' of Luke vii. 37, and therefore appears in Western hagiology as a harlot restored to purity and elevated to saintship by repentance and faith + Magd (ger) - maid.

monkey house - a building in which monkeys are kept for show (as at zoo) + monkish - of or belonging to monks; monastic + {maids go to convents}

pard - a panther or leopard (Now only an archaic or poetic name) + nijlpaard (Dutch) - hippopotamus (literally 'Nile-horse') + paard (Dutch) - horse + leopard (spotted).

witchcraft - the practices of a witch or witches, magic arts

horor + Vorort (ger) - suburb + (twenty-four wrong answers) + FDV: which is not whichcroft

Dreyfus affair - a famous case of French anti-Semitism (in which Dreyfus, a French captain of Jewish descent, was convicted for treason, whereas Esterhazy, a French major, who was the real culprit, was acquitted) + drei (ger) - three + Schloss (ger) - castle + (three castles on Dublin coat of arms) + FDV: not Ousterholm Dreyschluss

grocer - a retail merchant who sells foodstuffs (and some household supplies) + FDV: not Haraldsby, Grocer,

Vatican + FDV: not Vatandcan, Vintner, 

vintner - one who deals in or sells wine, a wine-merchant, an innkeeper selling wine

house boat - a barge with cabins for leisurely cruising in quiet waters + husband and wife + FDV: not Houseboat and Hive

nox atrabilis (l) - gloomy night + FDV: not Knox-at-a-atta-Belle

O felix culpa (l) - "O happy sin": medieval hymn on Adam's fall, which elicited the Incarnation + FDV: not O'Faynix Coalprince

wohnen (ger) - to live, reside + one square room + (square is siglum for *F*)

Eck (ger) - corner + FDV: not Wohn Squarr Roomyegg Roomyeck

Eblana - Ptolemy's name for Dublin + FDV: not Ebblawn Downes

le mieux (fr) - the best + FDV: not Le Decer Le Mieux

Benjamin Lee Guinness of Guinness brewery + FDV: not Benjamin's Lea 

Bartholomew Vanhomrigh and Dick Whittington (Lord-Mayors of Dublin and London, respectively) + FDV: not Tholomews Haddington Whaddingtun

Antwerp - City in Belgium. Joyce visited it in 1926 and called it "Gnantwerp" because of the mosquitoes (Letters I, 245) + FDV: not Antwarp not Byrne's

musca (l) - a fly + Moscow

corry = corrie - the name given in the Scottish Highlands to a more or less circular hollow on a mountain side, surrounded with steep slopes or precipices except at the lowest part, whence a stream usually flows + cora (Irish) - weir + two Corry's pubs, Dublin (circa 1900).

WEIR'S PUB - James Weir and Co, wine and spirit merchants, 6-7 Burgh Quay, Dublin, around the turn of the century + FDV: not Weir's

THE ARCH - Pub, 32 Henry Street, Dublin + FDV: not the The Arch 

smug - a smug person + FDV: not the The Smug

THE SCOTCH HOUSE - Public house on Burgh Quay, Dublin + FDV: not The Dutch Dotch House

THE OVAL - Public house, 78 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin + uva (l) - grape + úbhall (Irish) - apple + uvo (Serbian) - ear + FDV: not The Oval Uval 

nayther (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - neither + FDV: not Nagle's not Mooney's not Mooney's not Nagle's nothing Grand nothing splendid (Grahot Granho or Spletel Splotel) nayther nayther Erat Est Erit noor norr Non Michi sed Sed Lucefro?

erat (l) - there was, he [she, it] was + est (l) - there is, he [she, it] is + erit (l) - there will be, he [she, it] will be + "The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are and the Old Ones shall be. From the dark stars They came ere man was born, unseen and loathsome They descended to primal earth." (a translation of a cipher manuscript of Dr. John Dee's called Liber Logaeth, a portion of a larger manuscript, the origin and nature of which is not known. This document could be inspiration for H.P.Lovecraft's Necronomicon) + "The Old Ones are, the Old Ones were, and the Old Ones shall be. Since the dawn of the times, in the primal Chaos, in each center of the infinity called Naxyr, the Gods were and were-not; they swam in the shapeless waters of darkness, in the void of the Naxyr." (Beginning of Ripel's The Magick of Atlantis: Sauthenerom, the Source of the Necronomicon. In preface, Ripel states: "In respect to the Sauthenerom (The Book of the Law of Death) I can assert that it shall be considered the source of the true Necronomicon (The Book of Dead Names) - which is to say, the text from which consequently derived the Necronomicon. Concerning the Sauthenerom, for now I am not permitted to make any revelations and, thus, I hide the mystery of this book's origin in the following words: 'And in the twilight of the Gods, knowledge was not lost, but light was hidden from the gaze of the uninitiated. The Gods drew back into the abyssal depths of infinite Void...' From this point, I halt my regression in time toward pristine Light, ultimate expression of human becoming.") 

non mihi sed lucifero (l) - not to me but to light-bringer (lucifer) + Michael and Lucifer (Mick/Nick motif) + {''It wasn’t me'', said Lucifer}

(wrong answer)

obesity - excessive fatness or corpulence + Obedientia civium urbis felicitas - the municipal motto of Dublin (''Happy the city where citizens obey'').

civilian - a non-military man or official

solicitude - anxiety, care, concern + felicity - happiness.

orb - the globe of the eye, the eye-ball; the eye + FDV: Answer — The Thine obesity, of the O civilian, is hits the felicitude of us our orb!  

capitol - statehouse; capital + X

dea - abbr. of deacon + dea (l) - godess + a dhia (Irish) - o god! + dear + FDV: What Irish capitol city (ah dea o dea)

deltic - rel. to delta (fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, "D")

origin - beginning of existence in reference to its source or cause

nu (gr) = nuin (Irish) - letter "N" + ruinous end (dust to dust) + FDV: [with a deltoid deltic origin and a nunous end [(a dust to dust!)]]

boast + FDV: of two syllables six letters can boast of having

extensive - extending over or occupying a large surface or space + a) Phoenix Park + FDV: c) the most extensive park people's park in the world

b) Guinness's Brewery + FDV: a) the most expensive brewing industry in the world

expansive - expanding over or occupying a large surface or space, broad, extensive

peopling - population + FDV: b) the most expansive public thoroughfare in the world

thoroughfare - a main road or street + c) O'CONNELL STREET - Dublin's principal thoroughfare, sometimes called "the world's widest street." 

Philippic - name for the orations of Demosthenes against Philip king of Macedon in defence of Athenian liberty; hence applied to Cicero's orations against Antony, and gen. to any discourse of the nature of a bitter attack, invective, or denunciation + philohippikos (Greek Artificial) - fond of horses + hiccup.

theo- (gr) - god + bibosus (l) - given to drinking, fond of drink + theobibosus (gr-l) - god-drinking, god-drunken (i.e. wine in Mass) + theophobos (gr) - god-fearing + tea is produced from plants of the genus Thea (i.e. tea drinking) + FDV: d) the most philohippic phillohippuc theobibbis theobibbous populatio paupulation in the world?

population + {most horse-loving, god and drink worshipping population of paupers in the world}

harmonize - to bring into harmony, agreement, or accord; to make harmonious.

Belfast [Ulster; famous for its shipbilding industry (hammers, banging, ribs, bolts, rivets, din, grease, waters)] + (first romantic advance).

gould - gold + GOLD + FDV: a) Belfast Delfas. (Ul) And when you'll hear the hommers of my heart,

foxy - sly, clever; Of a woman: attractive, desirable, sexy + flax (Belfast's linen industry) + flaxy lass (*I*).

lass + FDV: my floxy lossy loss,

bing bang - onomatopea of a heavy thump or a continued banging noise + bang (Slang) - fuck.

against + FDV: bingbanging again the ribs of yer resistance

yer - your

thunderbolts + FDV: and the tenderbolts of my rivets

rivet - a short nail or bolt for fastening together metal plates or the like; pl. money, coins.  

destruction + FDV: working to your det di destraction,

shever = shiver + FDV: ye'll be sheverin

dinful - full of din or resonant noise, noisy + sinful + FDV: with all yer dinful sobs

cope-curly (Ulster Dialect) - head over heels + FDV: for the day when we'll go riding copecurly.

Orange (Ulster loyalists)

conny - a general epithet of approbation or satisfaction, canny, nice, comely + concordial - characterized by concord, harmonious.

cordial - hearty; coming from the heart; liqueur, an invigorating and stimulating medicine, food or drink + FDV: You with yer orange garland and me with my conny cordial,

rollick - to frolic, sport, or romp, in a joyous, careless fashion + (launching of a ship).

wetted - made wet, moistened, damped + wedded + FDV: down the greaseways of rollicking into the waters of wetted life.

Cork (Munster; famous for its gift of the gab through its association with Blarney Castle) + FDV: b) Dorghk. (Mu)

times + (wedding bells) + FDV: And sure where can you have such good old chimes anywhere, and leave you,

on the mash (Slang) - in constant pursuit of women + (wedding march) + {as on the whiskey}

engage - to bind by a promise of marriage, to betroth + {as I engage you with my soft accents}

plovery - characteristic of plover (bird) + FDV: and how I'd be engaging you with my plovery softest of soft accents

descant - to play or sing an air in harmony with a fixed theme; gen. to warble, sing harmoniously + {you beneath me with vines in your hair} 

beundre (Danish) - admire + beyond + FDV: and descanting on the scene before below me of the loose vines of your hairafall

loose - unleashed, unaffixed, free

vine - the climbing plant that produces grapes; a straw rope + with vine-leaves in his hair' - a recurrent motif in Henrik Ibsen's "Hedda Gabler".

loof - the palm of the hand + leafs + {and your hands braceleting your slim ankles}

ankle - the joint between the foot and the leg + FDV: with my two hand loving loofs braceliting the silks slims of your ankles

soapstone - a soft stone having a soapy feel + FDV: and your wildmouth mouth's flower rosy and bobbing at round the soapstone of speech.

silver - Of sounds: Having a clear gentle resonance like that of silver; soft-toned, melodious + Speech is silver, silence is golden (phrase) + SILVER + {and your mouth rising [to kiss] following my slivery speech}

Dublin (Leinster; famous for its affluence, gentry, money) + FDV: c) Nublid (Ga)

'uise (ishi) (gael) - well, indeed + isha (Hebrew) - woman + Issy (*I*).

avourneen - darling, sweetheart + FDV: Isha, why wouldn't be happy, avourneen,

mill - a building specially designed and fitted with machinery for the grinding of corn into flour + FDV: on the mills money he'll soon be soon leaving you

owned - possessed; acknowledged + FDV: when I've my own garden owned streamy Georgian mansion lawn to recruit on upon by Dr. Cheek's special orders

brooklime - a species of speedwell + Brookline, Rathgar, Dublin + Brooklyn, New York City.

Georgian - of or resembling the style of architecture esp. domestic architecture, characteristic of the reigns of the first four Georges (kings of Britain 1714. - 1830.) + Dublin is noted for Georgian architecture + Dublin, Georgia.

Mansion House, Dublin (Lord-Mayor's residence)

recruit - to increase or restore the vigour or health of (a person or animal); to refresh, re-invigorate (one's spirits, etc.)

copper - a vessel made of copper, particularly a large boiler for cooking or laundry purposes; a copper mug or vessel for liquor + COPPER.

panful - a quantity that fills a pan

soybean - the bean of Glycine max., grown for food

Irish whiskey (Power's Distillery, east of Watling Street)

Guinness's Brewery, James's Gate, Dublin (west of Watling Street) + FDV: with my panful of soybeans & Irish in my east hand and an bottle James's james's gate in my west,

arrear - a duty or liability overdue and still remaining undischarged, esp. a debt remaining unpaid + FDV: after all the errors errears & erroriboose of embattled embottled history,

erroribus (l) - to or for wanderings, meanderings, uncertainties, follies + Ouroborous - Greek name for an image of a serpent devouring its own tail, representing cyclicality and self-recreation, a major theme of FW.

combative + comparative.

embottle - to put into a bottle + embattled - filled or covered with troops in battle array.

churn - to agitate milk or cream in a churn so as to make butter + turning over a new leaf (phrase) + FDV: with yourself churning over the new newleaved butter (more power to you!)

more power to you - good luck + Power's Irish whiskey.

Atlanta, Georgia

Oconee - river in Georgia + Dublin, Georgia, on the Oconee river + FDV: the best and the cheapest from Atlanta to Oconee

gaarden (Dutch) - the yard; yards, gardens + (yawning) + FDV: while whilst I'll drowse be drowsing in the gaarden.

Galway [Connacht; famous for its fishing industry (hook, trot, eel, salmon, chub, dace, rod, line)] + FDV: d) Galway Dalway.

thoroughgoing - marked by thoroughness or zeal, extreme

trotty - lively, brisk + trout

Spanish Place, Galway + FDV: I caught hooked my thoroughgoen thoroughgoin trotty the first in Spanish Place,

sleek - entirely free from roughness; perfectly smooth or polished

Mayo - county in Connacht, Ireland

TUAM - Town, North County Galway, on the Nanny River; site of great 6th-century monastic see, and one of the Four Sees of Ireland.

Sligo - county in Connacht, Ireland

Galway - county in Connacht, Ireland + FDV: Mayo's Mayo in I make, Tuam's Tuam to I take, Sligo's pea sin but Galway's grace,

chuck - to throw with the hand with little action of the arm; to throw underhand; to toss + FDV: Holy eel and sainted salmon jumping chuck chubb and ducking duckin dace,

chub - a river fish of the Carp family 

duck - to plunge or dive, or suddenly go down under water, and emerge again + 'Chuck and duck' differs from fishing with a floating line in the notion that the line doesn't essentially carry your fly and leader during the cast, the added weight to the line is what carries the line to its destination.

dace - a small fresh-water cyprinoid fish

fishing rod - a rod of wood, steel, or fiberglass used with a line for catching fish + rod[of]iron + IRON.

aequalis (l) - equal, the same + FDV: I never saw your aequal! says she, leppin half the lane.

leppin (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - leaping

lane - Sc. A sluggish stream of water; also the smooth part of a stream 

SHANDON - An area on the North side of Cork City, noted for the bells of St Ann's Church. The coda, marked abcd), contains fragments of all four parts, but connects notably with the 'chimes' of (b), for it parodies The Bells of Shandon. Joyce's annotation to MS 47473, 194 states that here Ulster, Munster, Leinster and Connacht are ringing in unison. It continues 'A bell a bell/on Shandon steeple/The questioner, keeping alone at the end etc, should have 8 lllllllls to his howl!' The bells of St Ann's at Shandon in Cork are operated by eight ropes: X must be harmonizing their responses with one rope in each of their eight hands (McHugh, Roland / The sigla of Finnegans wake) + Francis S. Mahony ('Father Prout'): song The Bells of Shandon (*A* as harmoniser).


ond - on it + and we'll

on Christmas


Shandean - pertaining to Tristam Shandy + b) Shandon Cathedral, Cork.

fippence - five pence

moy (Anglo-Irish) - plain + c) mills' money [140.27]

aequqal = equal + non aequalis (l) - not equal, not the same + d) aequal [.04] + (eight l's, i.e. one bell-rope per hand for each of the *X*).

whad = what + S

slag - a worthless or insignificant person, a coward, a rough or brutal person + hvad slags (Danish) - what sort.

ladd (Norwegian) - overstock + Lochlann (Anglo-Irish/Hiberno-English) - Scandinavian.

retten (ger) - to save + rette (Norwegian) - correct + rettan (Danish) - serve up.

smutty - dirty; blackened + smussig (Danish) - dirty + flaske (Norwegian) - bottle + smutty flasks + FDV: Whad slags of a lad would retten oleflacks smuttyflesks,

empty out

old man (Anglo-Irish) - draught stout overflow (waste) + FDV: emptout old mans,

melk = milk (n.,v.) + melk (Dutch) - milk.

vitious - vicious

geit - a border on a garment + geit (Dutch) - goat + FDV: melk vitious geit,

Jack and Gill - lad and lass + FDV: scare off jackjills,

fra - from + fra tid til anden (Danish) - from time to time.

tiddle - to fondle or indulge to excess, to pet, pamper + tiddled - somewhat drunk.

anding - breathing, breath + {from time to time scare away children}

toothpick - an instrument for picking the teeth

waste-paper basket - a basket (or box) into which waste paper is thrown + T.S. Eliot: The Waste Land (T.S. Eliot was the bearer of an embarrassing parcel of old shoes from Pound to Joyce, as related in Ellmann: James Joyce 493).

papish - papistical, popish (a hostile epithet)

pasture - food, nourishment + FDV: smoothpick waste paper papish pastures,

outsider (Anglo-Irish) - two-wheeled horse-drawn passenger vehicle

sprink - sprinkle + FDV: sprink dirted water,

dirt - to make foul + {pee around the village}

tobacco - the leaves of the tobacco plant dried and variously prepared, forming a narcotic and sedative substance widely used for smoking or chewing

sweets - sweetened wine or other liquor; applied spec. to British wines and cordials; drugs + FDV: bear around village,

general (Colloquial) - general servant, maid-of-all-work

louden - to become or grow loud or louder + läten auf dem Kirchspiel (German) - ring the church-bells.

kirk - church + FDV: louden on the Kirkpeal,

Fusstritt (ger) - kick + FDV: give foottreats footreats given to malafides,

malafide - in bad faith + Irish pubs used to be open on Sundays to bona fide travellers only.

hjælp! (Danish) - help!

efter - after

burglar + Luggelaw - lake and valley, Wicklow Mountains (name means 'hollow of the hill').

underhold - to hold land by sub-tenure + underholde (Danish) - support.

barnet - In full 'Barnet fair', the hair; hence, the head; the name of the London borough + barnet (Danish) - child + FDV: might underhold three barnets,

Putz (ger) - ornament, decoration + putzen (ger) - to clean, polish.

dirty + crotte (fr) - dung + The Croppy Boy (song).

botte - a brand of marling on sheep + botte (fr) - boot + FDV: putzpulish all boots,

couvre-feu (French) - curfew (literally 'cover fire') + La Couleuvre Noire (The Black Snake) - This is the French-Haitian name for the old brotherhood of Afro-Atlantean magicians. It refers to the snake goddess of outer space, the primordial creative energy. There is another order, which has its powers parallel to this type. La Couleuvre Rouge - the red snake - or cosmic serpent fire. Noire refers to ancient primordial black energy, or fundamental and elemental shakti, the source of being. Red refers to what is derived from the primordial energy. (Michael Bertiaux: The Voudon Gnostic Workbook)

glimtfyr (Danish) - flashing beacon + glim (Slang) - a fire, a candle + FDV: nightcover all firelights,

baas (Norwegian) - stall + baas (Dutch) - master + bás (Irish) - death.

grindstone - stone that revolves on an axle (used for sharping)

knives + kniv (Danish) - knife + FDV: grindstone his knivses, serve time to boss, serve time to boss, grindstone his knivses,

boarded - provided with board (i.e. stated meals) as a lodger at another person's house + full board - the provision of a bed and all meals: an arrangement offered by hotels, boarding houses, etc. + bordet (Norwegian) - the table + FDV: full over boarded,

lewd - lascivious, unchaste

godliness - the conforming of one’s life to the god, righteousness + FDV: lewd man of the method in godliness,

perchance - perhaps

nieuws (Dutch) - news + FDV: perhaps perchance he now sits in the spoorwaggen,

thans (Dutch) - now, at present + now and then

waggen - wagon - an open four-wheeled vehicle built for carrying hay, corn, etc. + spoorwagon (Dutch) - railway carriage + sporvogn (Danish) - tram.

Y.W.C.A. - The Young Women's Christian Association, founded 1855 in England, adopted its present name in 1877 and has branches all over the world. In many cities it provides residences, club rooms, and educational programs in its own buildings + X or Z - not Y (not young). 

doorstep - the step at the threshold of a door, raised above the level of the ground outside

baywindow - a widow projecting outward from the wall; a large protruding stomach esp. of a man

bros - commercial abbrev. of brothers

swobber = swabber - one that swabs (to clean with swab) + {swobs doorways and windows}

watercloset - a closet or small room fitted up to serve as a privy, and furnished with water-supply to flush the pan and discharge its contents into a waste-pipe below 

scriobh (shkriv) (gael) = skrive (Danish) - write + skreve (Norwegian) - stride.

bacon - a rustic, a clown + {will do gardening or work in the stable}

stable lad - a boy or man employed in or about a stable

begripe - to catch hold of, apprehend, to take in, comprehend + begrief vollstandig ihr (ger) - comprehend fully their + begripe (Danish) - understand.

fullstendig (Danish) - complete

Irer (Danish) - Irishman + FDV: must fullstandingly fallstandingly begripe irers' language langurge,

jublende (Danish) - exulting + Jutlander + Sackerson is 'jublander or northquain', therefore often thought of in connection with Scandinavian invaders, thence pirates in general (John Gordon: Finnegans Wake: a plot summary).


bygger (Danish) - builder + bugger + FDV: joblander or northquain bigger preferred prefurred,

kein (ger) - no

fewd = feud - active hatred or enemity, hostility; a quarrel + few

five - to count by fives

ernst (ger) - earnest + FDV: may get earnst,

comic + combative + FDV: no get combitch,



obstain = abstain + FDV: drinklords to please obtain,

zondig (Dutch) - sinful + Henrik Ibsen: Peer Gynt: 'Han er faderligt sindet imod min Person; - men ökenom, - nej, det er han ikke!' (Norwegian): (of God) 'He is fatherly towards my little self, but economical - no, that He is not!' (inspired by seeing a yacht explode [530.23]). 

unminded - unheeded, unregarded, left unnoticed, overlooked + FDV: he is fatherly fatherlow soondigged soundigged inmudmined inmoodmined persho pershoon

person + James Joyce: Letters I.254: letter 31/05/27 to Harriet Shaw Weaver: (Joyce's translation of Ibsen) 'He feels like a father for yours truly P.G. But a stickler for thrift - Holy Paul, that he isn't!'

aleconner - an english town official charged with testing ale and beer + {a sound-minded person but an ale inspector, nay, he mustn’t be?} + FDV: but aleconnermen aleconnermon, ney, that must he isn't?

pore = poor + Poor Ole Joe (song).

ole - old + FDV: Answer — Poor old Joe!

joe - guy, fellow; sweetheart, dear

slogan - a war cry or battle cry; the distinctive note, phrase, cry, etc. of any person or body of persons.

summon - an authoritative call to attend at a specified place for a specified purpose + song 'There's someone in the house with Dina' (Ulysses.15.420 - REFERENCE).

housesweep - to act as housekeeper, keep house + FDV: 6) Where What means Summon in the Housewipe Housesweep Dina?

dinah - a man’s sweetheart or favourite woman + K

tic tac = tick tack = tic toc = tick tock - an imitation of the ticking of a clock, esp. the slow ticking of a large clock + tak (Danish) - thank you + tip.


son + Saints

God + {A glorious bit of sailcloth and beeswax to wipe away the mud of the pigs}


beeswax - to rub or polish with beeswax

clauber (Anglo-Irish) - mud from animals' feet + FDV: Gellory be to the sails of cloth nowand I have to beeswax the bringing in all the muck of the parks to us


floor + FDV: and I thawght I knew the his stain on the flower

midden - a dung hill, kitchen midden + maiden

honeysucker - one that sucks honey + 'You are the honey - honeysuckle, I am the bee' (song).


dandle - to fondle + candles + FDV: and who broke the dandleass

blackcurrant - a shrub that produces small, very dark purple, edible berries; the berry borne by this shrub

Temora - name for Tara in James Macpherson's "The Poems of Ossian" + tomorrow's + Gomorrah.


purpose - to offer, proffer, present + {I hope it’ll pour with rain, praise the climate of old Ireland}

Primate of all Ireland

grackle - a name applied to various birds originally included in the genus Gracula; jackdaw + crackles.

skim - remove from the surface ("skim cream from the surface of milk"); to coat (a liquid) with a layer

crock - crock-butter, butter salted and put down in a crock for winter use

sangwidges (Dublin Pronunciation) - sandwiches


gooseberry - the edible berry or fruit of the genus Ribes + FDV: and who seen the rest of the plum goosebellies and who leff that there and who put this here

mowld = mould - to cover (plant) with mould

measlest - poorest, blightest, inferiorest

Kilkenny - county in Ireland + To "fight like a Kilkenny cat" refers to an old story about two cats who fought to the death and ate each other up such that only their tails were left.

stale - to make or become stale; cheapen, to render common + stale (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - steal.

chump - the thick blunt end of anything; also chump-end: esp. the thick end of a loin of mutton + who let the cat steal the chop?

flure (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - floor

what in the name of Saint Luke are you rubbing the side of the floor of the lobby with?

shite - shit; nonsense

plateful - the amount a plate will hold + FDV: & who put the jam pot in the yard and whatareyou whatin the love of the whatin the name of Sin Pollareyou rubbing the flowerofthe sideofthe flowerofthe parlourwith Shite will you have a plateful?

tak (Danish) - thank you

component - serving or helping to constitute, constituent + (twelve months, *O*)

door boy - a boy who guards the door of a passage in a mine + January (named after Janus, the Roman god of doorways).

cleaner - one who cleans + February (named after Februa, the Roman feast of purification and cleansing).

sojer = soldier + March (named after Mars, the Roman god of war)

crook - swindler, a proffesional criminal + April (said to be named after Latin aperire: to open; crooks open locked doors).

squeezer - one who squeezes

lounger - idler

dogman - a man in charge of dogs + cur - a low-bred dog + July (dog-days).

August (touring and holiday)

September (peak mushroom season)

black and blue - discoloured by beating

tramp - one who travels from place to place on foot, in search of employment, or as a vagrant + October (grape trampling for wine).

gunpowder + November (Guy Fawkes' Gunpowder Plot, 5 November).

Christmass box - a box in which contributions of money were collected at Chrismass (the box being broken when full and the contents shared) + December (Christmas and Boxing Day, 25-26 December).

prés salés (fr) - salt marshes

Donnybrook, a suburb of Dublin, Ireland, once famous for its annual fair; a scene of uproar and disorder; a riotous or uproarious meeting + (eleven districts of Dublin, spiralling clockwise).

Prater - the name of a large wooded park in Vienna + pratum (l) - meadow + prater (Dutch) - talker.

roebuck - the male roe deer + Roebuck, district of Dublin.

campus - the grounds of a college or university; the open space between or around the  buildings + campos (l) - field.

ager (l) - territory, district; field, improved land

Roundtown - another name for Terenure, district of Dublin

Crumlin - districts of Dublin, West

grassy - covered with grass, abounding in grass

Kimmage - district of Dublin

champ - champion; a field + champs (fr) - field.

ASHTOWN - Residential district North of Phoenix Park. Phoenix Park racecourse is just outside the park at Ashtown Gate. 

CABRA - District, North-West Dublin. The Joyce family lived at No 7 St Peter's Terrace (now St Peter's Road), Cabra, in 1902-04. Mrs Joyce died there.

Finglas - district of Dublin 

SANTRY - District, North Dublin 

RAHENY - District, North-East Dublin, North shore of Dublin Bay 

BALDOYLE - Village, North of Sutton and Howth; site of race course 

latecomer - one that arrives late + FDV: Who are the components parts of our whole who are latecomers by anticipation,

all the year round - thorough, thoroughout, from beginning to end

porter - one who carries burdens

in virtue of - by the power or efficacy of (something aiding or justifying); hence, in later use, by the authority of, in reliance upon, in consequence of, because of

ratiocination - reasoning + retroratiocinatio (l) - backward reasoning + FDV: are the porters of the passions in virtue of ratiocination and,

contribute - to give or furnish along with others towards bringing about a result

confligo (l) - to fight, contend + confligens (l) - striking one thing against another, opposing, conflicting.

vox - voice

vote - the collective opinion or assent of an assembly or body of persons

vaticination - a prediction of an oracular or inspired nature, prophecy + Vatican + FDV: unify their voxes contributing the conflingent controversies of differentiation, unify their voxes in the one voice of vaticination,

crunch - to crush or grind uder foot, wheels, etc. + FDV: who crack the crust of comfort due to depradation,

crust - a hard dry formation on the surface of the body, caused by a burn, an ulcer, or disease of the skin; a more or less hard coating, concretion, or deposit on the surface of anything.

due to - that owes its existence to, attributable to, owing to, in consequence of

depredation - plundering, pillaging, ravaging; also, plundered or pillaged condition (obs.)

drain - to drink (a liquid) to the last drops + FDV: quaff drain the meed of for misery to incur intoxication,

mead - an alcoholic liquor made by fermenting a mixture of honey and water

incur - to become through one's own action liable or subject to; to bring upon oneself

intoxication - the making drunk or inebriated; the condition of being so stupefied or disordered

condone - to forgive or overlook (an offence), so as to treat it as non-existent; esp. to forgive tacitly by not allowing the offence to make any difference in one's relations with the offender.

gratification - something given to gain favour, or as a recompense for anything done or to be done; a reward + FDV: condone every evil by practical justification condemn any good for its own gratification;

rope - to tie, bind, fasten, or secure with a rope + FDV: who are ruled, roped, _____,

dupe - to make a dupe of; to deceive, delude, befool

numen - a spirit believed to inhabit a natural object or phenomenon; a dynamic or creative force, genius; deity, divinity + in nomine domine (l) - in God's name.

daimon (from Greek daimôn, an equivalent of Latin numen) = demon - a supernatural being of a nature intermediate between that of gods and men; an inferior divinity, spirit, genius + FDV: by two angel demons,

fee - money

law - a conical hill or mound; a rule of conduct imposed by authority

consternation - amazement and terror such as to prostrate one's faculties; dismay

fornication - voluntary sexual intercourse between a man (in restricted use, an unmarried man) and an unmarried woman. In Scripture extended to adultery.

misericordia (l) - mercy, compassion

omni- - all, universall + FDV: feekeepers of their laws, preservation consternation, fornication, humiliation association and reexaltation recreation.

deliberate - Of a body of persons: To take counsel together, considering and examining the reasons for and against a proposal or course of action. 

sword - to arm with a sword

Matthias - one of the twelve apostles

Thaddaeus - one of the twelve apostles

Simon the Canaanite - one of the twelve apostles

John - one of the twelve apostles

Simon Peter - one of the twelve apostles

Andrew - one of the twelve apostles

Bartholomew - one of the twelve apostles

Philip - one of the twelve apostles

James the son of Zebedee - one of the twelve apostles + Mor (mor) (gael) - great; the Great + (nine Mors and three MacCarty’s).

Thomas - one of the twelve apostles

Matthew - one of the twelve apostles

James the son of Alphaeus - one of the twelve apostles + Mac Carthaigh (mok karhi) (gael) - son of Carthach ("loving") + Jacques McCarthy - journalist of Dublin Evening Herald, famous for wit.

Morpheus - Ovid's name for the god of dreams, the son of Sleep + Murphy - nickname for an Irishman.

are + Maggy (*Q*)

yore - of old time, ancient, former + you

maggie - a girl + Cad's wife = Maggy (From Joyce's list of characters in I.2) + majesty

lorn - abandoned, left alone; bereft of; lonely, desolate, wretched

lore - the act of teaching; the condition of being taught; instruction, tuition, education

wive - to take a wife, get married; to be a wife, act as a wife

wile - a crafty, cunning, or deceitful trick; an amorous or playful trick; a deceit, a delusion

rile - to excite, disturb, to vex, annoy, make angry + FDV: they thank asking for still seeking as born for lorn in lose of love to live and wive the life of wife and wife wive in by wile and rile and rule by rune of ruse made rose and hose held home, but comes cometh elope year, coach and four, sweet peck-of-at-my-heart picks one man more.

ruse - a trick, stratagem

wreathed - formed or combined by twining or interweaving; entwined, intertwined

leap year

coach and four - a coach with four horses

peck - to kiss perfunctorily, a snappy kiss + Peg O' My Heart (song): Peg o' my heart, I love you, / We'll never part, I love you, / Dear little girl, sweet little girl, / Sweeter than the Rose of Erin.

anew - as if a new start were being made and without reference to past actions + XO (*W*)

bask - to expose oneself to, or disport oneself in, an ambient flood of genial warmth, as in the sunshine, the rays of a fire; to lie enjoying the heat which radiates upon one; fig. of the 'sunshine' of love, favour, prosperity + bas (gr) - king (vocative; short for Greek basileus: king).

panorama - a mental vision in which a series of images passes before the mind’s eye + pan aroma.

flore = floor + flores (Portuguese) - flowers + FDV: 9) Now, to be on again anew and basking again in the panaroma of all fibres of speech,

duly - to the extent or degree that is due; adequately, sufficiently, fully

duty + Alexander: Space, Time and Deity (discussed in 'Time and Western Man' by Lewis) + gaiety.

sooty - foul or dirty with soot + city + FDV: if a human being duly fatigued of by the dayety of the sooty,

plenty + planxty - a harp tune of a sportive and animated character, moving in triplets.

gouty - affected with gout, distorted with swellings or protuberances + FDV: with plenxty of time on his gouty hands and roams of space at his sleepish feet

vacant - a vacant space, a vacuum

sleepish - somewhat sleepy

hapless - unfortunate, unlucky, luckless

accuracy - the state of being accurate; precision or exactness resulting from care; hence, precision, nicety, exactness, correctness + Edward Moore: The Gamester II.2: 'rich beyond the dreams of avarice'.

Camelot - king Arthur's palace, a place of idyllic happiness + Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (William Shakespeare: Hamlet).

Denmark + FDV: and [as] hapless beyond the dreams of accuracy as any camelot prince of dinmurk,

auctus (l) - increase, growth + actual

future + futile + futuo (l) - to fuck + future preterite (Latin grammar).

preterite - of or pertaining to bygone time, former + FDV: were, at this actual auctual future futule preterite preteriting instant,

suspensive - undecided or characterized by indecisiveness; (of a situation) characterized by or causing suspense + FDV: in a the state states of suspended suspensive exanimation

exanimation - loss of consciousness; deprivation of spirits, disheartening, discouragement + suspended animation - a temporary cessation of the vital functions, as by freezing an organism + pensive examination + (sleep).

accorded - in agreement with or accordant with + FDV: were acorded through the eye of a noodle,

the eye of a needle - a minute opening or space + Matthew 19:24: 'It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God'.

sight - to get or catch sight of, to see

Copenhagen + hope-in-heaven (rainbow) + FDV: with an earsighted view of hopeinhaven

ingredient - component, present as an ingredient (a component part, constituent, element) + ingrediens (l) - entering + (entrance/exit).

egregious - prominent, projecting; Of persons and personal qualities: Distinguished, eminent, excellent, renowned (obs.) + FDV: with all the ingredients ingredient and egriegunt egregiunt means ways wights and ways



history + FDV: to which in the curse of his persistence the course of his tory has will had been having recourses,

recourse - course, movement, or flow in some direction; resort or application to some person or thing for assistance, help, or safety; a periodical recurrence; a running, coming or flowing back, a return (freq. in phr. course and recourse) + ricorso (Italian) - recurring (Vico).

reverberation - a re-echoing sound; a reflection of light or colour + 4-stage Viconian cycle (thunder, marriage, death, ricorso).

nut cracking night - hellowe’en (the night of all the witches which the church transf. into the eve of all saints) + knot (Slang) - coit + (knot cracking O's).

conjugation - the action of joining together or uniting

node - a knot or complication; an entanglement + (node binding I's) + FDV: the reverberration of knotcracking awes the reconjungation of nodebindings ayes,

redissolution - an act of dissolving again

mouldered - turned to dust, crumbled, decayed + (mind mouldered E's) + FDV: the redissolusingness of mindmouldered ease,

Hoel - father of Isolde of the White Hands + hole + William Shakespeare: As You Like It II.7.26: 'And so, from hour to hour, we ripe and ripe, And then, from hour to hour, we rot and rot; And thereby hangs a tale' + FDV: and the thereby hang of the hoel of it,

nonesuch (Slang) - vulva + FDV: could such a none,

even - evening; the eve of a holy day or church festival

silencer - one who silences + FDV: whiles even led comesilencing comesilencers to comelieswithins comelieswithhers

intempestuous = intempestive - untimely, unseasonable, inopportune + intempesta nox (l) - the dead of night + intempesta... Nox (l) - dismal Night (mother of the Furies), Vergil, Aen. XII. 846.

nox (l) - night + Nox - Roman goddess of night. 

gallicrow - scarecrow + Roman watches of the night: Vespera, Conticinium, Concubium, Intempesta Nox, Gallicinium (evening, growing quiet, lying down, deepest night, cock-crowing).

spot - to pick out, detect, notice, to locate accurately + FDV: and till intempestuous Nox should catch the gallicry and spy lucan dawn,

lucinus (l) - light-bringing + lucens (l) - shining + M. Annaeus Lucanus (39-65 A.D.) (l) - poet, author of Pharsalia, epic on Roman Civil War.



twain - two, couple, pair + FDV: byhold at ones what is main and why tis twain,

melt - metal or other substance in a melted condition. Also fig.

tother - the other (of two) + One man's meat is another man's poison (proverb) + FDV: how one once meet melts in tother wants poignings,

coining - the making of coin, minting; fig. Deliberate invention, fabrication + Poyning, Sin Edward - in 1459 induced the Irish parliament to pass "Poyning's Law," which said all acts of the English parliament were in force in Ireland, and the Irish parliament could pass no laws without the king's approval. 

sap - the vital juice or fluid which circulates in plants; a fool + sun + surprising

fole = foil (a leaf); fool + fulfilling + FDV: the sap rising the foles falling,

nimb - nimbus, halo + limb.

nihil (l) - nothing + FDV: the nimb of how but now nihilant round the girlyhead so becoming,

girly - girlish + Galahad - son of Lancelot, Grail knight.  

becoming - befitting, suitable, having graceful fitness

wrestless - restless; 'not admitting of being turned aside' + wrestrels Jacob and Esau struggled in the womb (Vulgate Genesis 25:22) + FDV: the wrestless in the womb,

Ecclesiastes 1:7: 'All the rivers run into the sea; yet the sea is not full' + FDV: all the rivals to the sea,

(shaking the kaleidoscope) + gain, lose.

aster (gr) - star + FDV: shakeagain, all the O disaster, shakeamore, ah how starring!,

starring - the action of the verb star; spec. the acting or touring of a 'star' performer

Hengest and Horsa, the Saxon brothers who led the initial invasion of England + Hengst (ger) - stallion.

Japhet and his brother Ham + FDV: but Heng's got a bit of Horsa's nose and Jeff's got the signs of Ham round his mouth,

beau - a man who gives particular, or excessive, attention to dress, mien, and social etiquette + rainbow.

pale - paleness, palor + tales.

pall - to become dull or uninteresting, to become pale + FDV: and the bow of beau that was beautiful pales as it palls,

rosered - red like a rose + 7 colours of rainbow [.25-.26]

oragious - stormy, tempestuous + orange

gelb (ger) - yellow + FDV: what was ross rude and oragious grows sinks senks gelb and greem, blue out the ind of it!

blow out - to extinguish (a flame) by a current of air

indigo + end of it

star gazer - one who gazes at the stars + FDV: Violet's dyed! then what would he that fargazer seem to seemself to be seeming at, dimn it all?


seeing + dreaming.

damn + (dimness of sight).

kaleidoscope - an optical instrument, consisting of from two to four reflecting surfaces placed in a tube, at one end of which is a small compartment containing pieces of coloured glass: on looking through the tube, numerous reflections of these are seen, producing brightly-coloured symmetrical figures, which may be constantly altered by rotation of the instrument. fig. A constantly changing group of bright colours or coloured objects + collide or escape + FDV: Answer — A collidoscape.

yurn = yearn + Issy (her conversation with her mirror) + FDV: 10) What then is bitter's life but yurning,

love match - a marriage of which the motive is love + FDV: what is a whut' sour lovematch lovemutch but a brief bref burning,

shee - she + shee (Anglo-Irish) - fairy.

that + toit (tit) (gael) - smoke.

drawe = draw; p. of drive

smoke - something of little substance or value + smoke + FDV: till shee that drawes doth smoak smoake returne retourne?

retourne = return + Rosseter (song): 'What then is love but mourning, What Desire but a self-burning, Till she that hates doth love return'.

pette = pet + Ppt (motif).

pitouet (Provençal) - young boy

"beautiful present of wedding cakes" (the letter) + FDV: Answer — I know, pepette, of course but listen, precious thanks, pette, these are lovely, delicious, simply,

angiolo, angiola (it) - angel (masculine, feminine)

gnaw - to bite (something) persistently so as to injure it or remove portions of it

ashamed + Achaemenian dynasty of Persia (including two Dariuses [113.04] [138.27] [286.07] [307.L27], two Xerxeses [286.08] and three Artaxerxeses [337.36]).

-een (Anglo-Irish) - (diminutive)

nudge - to touch or push (one) slightly with the elbow for the purpose of attracting attention 

I bet you (notebook 1922-23) Leader 11 Nov 1922, 326/2: 'Our Ladies' Letter': 'They'll be running all right for trains when I'll have my hands full again, I'll bet you'.

Parisian - rel. to Paris

smear - ointment

vanity table - a dressing table

rose taupe - dark reddish gray + FDV: [mind the wind, pet, what exquisite hands you have [if you didn't bite your nails] I bet you use [the her fine] French cream [to make [them] look so roses rosetop glowstop dontstop nostop]

slight - to treat with indifference or disrespect, disdain, ignore

..."For every got I care! I can pay my club like she. Three creamings"... (The word "got" may also be "jot" but probably the first letter is indeed a, be it hasty, g. The typist misses the second half of the addition (in the James Joyce Archives printed on the opposite page of the volume), but still somebody strikes out the entire addition as having been faithfully copied) (Robbert-Jan Henkes, 21 May 2002) 

creaming - treatment (of the skin) with a cosmetic cream

tissue - a piece of soft absorbent paper used as handkerchief, for drying or cleaning the skin

clean up - to wash up, change or arrange one’s clothes and tidy oneself

by (one’s) soul - exclamation

espouse - spouse + esposo (sp) - husband, spouse + espés (Provençal) - thick.

Clancarthy + FDV: when I think of Dan Hishon, [[the foodbrawler] & the sociationist party] the & his [other 14] maulers, bend come stoop a little closer, please feelse fealse, delicious simply, I haven't enjoyed such felt so turkish for ages & ages, what are they all the mucking lot of them only, pept, [that's right, hold it steady,]]

footballer - one who plays football

sociation - association, union + socialist

blacklead - to colour or rub with black lead (graphite)

Prendergast, Cecil - hero of Swinbunne's Sadopaideia + prendre (French) - to take + gast (Dutch) - guest + Gast (ger) - visitor, customer.

innkeeper + goal-keeper

fullback - defensive player

mauler - one who mauls; one who wrestles for ball when it is held over goal line + players

hurling - an Irish game resembling field hockey, an early form of football + hurling has fifteen players a side (so does rugby).

dago - a person of Italian or Spanish birth or descent + dickens

baiting - persistent annoyance, torment + waiting + baiting (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - beating.

ornery - commonplace, of poor quality + Orrery, Roger Boyle, 1st earl of (1621-79) - Irish-born British soldier, politician, dramatist for whom the ornery (illustrates motions of the stars by means of revolving balls) is named. 

because + eggcup.

egg and spoon race

ovally - in an oval manner or form + awfully - Slang, as simple intensive: Very, extremely.

provencial - rel. to Provence (a region of France)

Baldoyle - district of Dublin, has racecourse

assent - the concurrence of the will, compliance with a desire + accent


admiración (sp) - admiration, wonder

seeking an opening - in football, trying to find a way to score + (trying to copulate).

belle - pretty, handsome + alliance - union by marriage + (notebook 1930): 'la belle alliance' Prussians called the Battle of Waterloo 'La Belle Alliance', as Napoleon's headquarters were at 'La Belle Alliance' farm (French la belle alliance: the beautiful alliance).

zeloso (Portuguese) - jealous + celoso (Spanish) - zealous, hot, jealous, on heat.

soso - tolerable, passable + soso (Spanish) - dull, insipid + do (Spanish) - in + todo (Spanish) - all.

todas (Portuguese) - all + {'And you must not play the hot [jealous] one! Always calm!' such are the Spanish.}

Come a little closer, said the spider to the fly (nursery rhyme) + FDV: bend come stoop a little closer, please feelse fealse,

delightsome - delightful, very pleasing + FDV: delicious simply,

Juliet + jolio (Provençal) - jolly

Romeo + romeu (Provençal) - pilgrim.

turkish delight - a sweet meat consisting of gelatine boiled, cubed and dusted with sugar

reminds me

the chocolate with a soul (notebook 1930)

mucky - dirty, filthy, contemptible

three halfpenny - Expressing depreciation: Worth no more than a three halfpenny, of contemptible value + hairpin - a kind of pin used in dressing and fastening up the hair + (mirror image *J* is speaking!).

pull one's leg - to fool someone + let me pull.

pu = pull = poo + pooh - An ejaculation expressing impatience, or contemptuous disdain or disregard for anything. Cf. phew, pho, phoo.

Come Back to Erin (song)

nudge - to prod lightly + longing   

miser - a wretched person, a wretch; one who hoards wealth and lives miserably in order to increase his hoard, a niggard



trousseau - a bride's outfit of clothes, house-linen, etc. + trousers - drawers, or knee-breeches.

extension - the reaching or stretching (the arm, hand) out or forth + Joyce's note: 'clothes extend personality'.

trot - to run; to walk out with (as a lover), to escort

cabbagehead - a brainless fellow, a thick witted person + (cakes or chocolates).

snappy - stylish, highly pleasing

garter - a band worn round the leg, either above or below the knee, to keep the stocking from falling down

charm - any quality, attribute, trait, feature, etc., which exerts a fascinating or attractive influence, exciting love or admiration. In pl., esp. of female beauty, great personal attractions.

proud - pride (rare.) 

gloving - the action of putting on gloves + FDV: listen, lovest, of course, it was so kind of you miser, to remember my sighs in shockings and I'll always and always remind of it with my very best rolling in love even if he was to be ten a hundred vermilion times my age to live on creaking around on his arxle like a crosty old cornquake.

vermilion - of a bright red or scarlet colour + a million times (older than her).


Swift had a friend, Laetitia, wife of Reverend Mr Pilkington.

quoniam (l) - since now, seeing that, because, whereas + quondam (l) - at one time, formerly; at times + quoniam (Latin Slang) - vulva. 

flesh monger - one who deals with flesh, a butcher; a fornicator; a slave dealer + fleshmonger (Slang) - procurer, wrencher.

solicit - to entreat or petition (a person) for, or to do, something; to court or beg the favour of (a woman), esp. with immoral intention

converse - conversation; intimate association, sexual intercourse

mug - a drinking-vessel, usually cylindrical, with or without a handle; a cooling drink

October - ale brewed in October + Brown October Ale (song).

pot - a pot of liquor; transf. liquor, drink; drinking, potation (also pl.); a vessel of cylindrical or other rounded form, and rather deep than broad + pot of tea.

on it - (Austral. colloq.): drinking heavily, 'hitting the bottle' + a pox on it!

creak - to move with creaking

Shanks' pony - one's own legs as a means of conveyance

frosty + crusty - having a hardened crust as a covering.

corncrake - a hand-rattle with a ratchet wheel, used to frighten birds from sown seed or growing corn' (Jamieson); also a nursery toy making a similiar grating noise.

airman - a pilot + 4 elements: air, water, earth, fire.

water wag - a kind of small boat used at Dublin

terrier - a colloquial abbr. of territiorial applied to members of the territiorial army

blazer - one who proclaims or publishes, someone who attracts attention

[to the offer of more tea]


poor + pour.

tickly - ticklish, ticklishly + tickler (Slang) - penis + quickly.

sall - shall

my mouth + (penis) + (tea) + (cake).

finger + O mind you poor fingy I'm very sorry mummum I'm terribly sorry I swear to you I am.

[tea is spilled at the end of the Letter ('the' at the end of FW)]

..."May you never see me in my figure how I sleep gracefully in my birthday pelts"... (The First-Draft Version runs: "May you never see me in my figure when I'm asleep in my birthday (dress) pelts". Really entirely lost line.) (Robbert-Jan Henkes, 21.05.2002).

pelt - Applied to the human skin (humorous or dial.) + in one's birthday suit - naked + FDV: May you never see me in my figure when I'm asleep in my birthday dress pelts

tutu - a ballet skirt made up of layers of stiff frills + senza tutti (Italian) - without everything + tutti i sensi (it) - in full sense.

blancmange - a dessert made from gelatinous substances + blanches mains (fr) - white hands + Isolde Blanchemains of Brittany, wife of Tristan.

rot off - to undergo natural decomposition, to decay, putrefy + (when Isolde's adultery was discovered, she was given by Mark to lepers instead of being burnt, and was rescued by Tristan).

winking - dosing, slumbering, the shutting of the eyes

cut - design characterizing a garment, appearence

flirting + fleur (French) - flower.

glass = gloss - a deceptively attractive external appearence + glass - a mirror + (glass jewellery).

somewhere + stoma (gr) - mouth + FDV: and that her two hands blanc manges blanche mainges may rot off her leprously the other little winking bitch I know by your cut, sweetest, you'll be going chasing chasting afte with the jumps in her stomach stomewhere

sink - to degrade; to penetrate into, to press on one + (drown her)

fire - to set on fire

barren - incapable of producing offspring (said of women and female animals); unproductive, fruitless

ewe - the female of the sheep + bare eye - 'naked eye' + rachel (Hebrew) - ewe (Dante, Purgatorio XXVII.104: (Leah speaking of Rachel, both being Jacob's wives) 'my sister Rachel never stirs, But sits before her mirror all the day... Action is my delight, reflection hers').

tay (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - tea + 'Tea for Two' is a song from the 1925 musical 'No, No, Nanette'. It is a duet sung by Nanette and Tom in Act II as they imagine their future: "Picture me upon your knee Just tea for two and two for tea Just you for me and me for you Alone! / Nobody near us to see us or hear us, No friends or relations on weekend vacations, We won't have it known, dear, that we own A telephone! / Day will break and you'll awake And I will bake a sugar cake For you to take and all the boys to see. / We will raise a family, A girl for you, a boy for me, Can't you see how happy we would be?"

angst - anguish + thanks + Angst (German) =  angst (Dutch) - fear, anxiety.

take (a thing) amiss - orig. to miss its meaning, mistake (i.e. miss-take); now, to misinterpret its motive or to interpret it in a bad sense, to take offence at.

esteem - to estimate generally; to deem, think

buttend - a buttock + odd - different from what is usual or common, peculiar, strange + {I hoped she wouldn’t take it badly if I thought her odd}

mushy - weakly sentimental + mish mash - a disorderly mixture + mishe/tauf (motif).

fond + FDV: because of course I know, pettet, you're so learnedful & considerate in yourself you long cold cat you

acquister - one who acquires, or obtains for himself + acquiescence - a silent or passive assent or submission, or a submission with apparent content.

make my acquaintance

codling - a young or small cod; a raw youth (obs.); a variety of apple, any immature apple (Genesis)

snakelet - a young or small snake


diaper - a fabric (usually cotton or linen) with a distinctive woven pattern of small repeated figures; garment consisting of a folded cloth drawn up between the legs and fastened at the waist (worn by infants to catch excrement).

drear - sadness, gloom + tears

pale + pelele (sp) - man of straw, insignificant fellow + {someone drowned him in 'drears', or he is sick from all the ink he uses [Shem]}

weep - weeping, lamentation

buttercup - a name popularly applied to species of Ranunculus bearing yellow cup-shaped flowers

peachest - sup. of peachy (unusually fine, dandy)

meddler - one who meddles (to mix or join in company; to have sexual intercourse (with); to interpose, take part in. Now always expressive of disapprobation, to concern oneself or take part interferingly) + medlar - A tree of the genus Mespilus or the fruit of the tree. The fruit is something like a small apple, and it is not eaten until it has begun to decay, or more properly, blet.

fig - the least bit, the merest trifle

contempt - the condition of being contemned or despised, dishonour, disgrace

courting - the paying of courteous attention (in order to win favour or love), wooing

chide - to give loud or impassioned utterance to anger, displeasure, disapprobation, reproof + cheat.

dazzling - that dazzles the eyes (esp. with brightness); brilliant or splendid to a degree that dazzles + {can't you see through me with your dazzling eyes?}

pore - to look intently or fixedly, to gaze; to look at something (usu. a book) with fixed attention, in the way of study

volume - a collection of written or printed sheets bound together so as to form a book + {speak volumes with your eyes}

spell - recite the letters of or give the spelling of + FDV: [Codling snakelet, icicle, [my diaper has more life to it!] O read my [dazzled] eyes, count all [your] quick my rhythmic ticks, [pore into my me volumes, spell me story stark [& spill me often [transname my loveliness & now [here we &] me for all times!]]]]

stark - blunt, devoid of any qualifications or disguise or adornment + {cast a spell over me}

spill - to pour out in drops or small quantities or as if in drops or small quantities; to reveal information.

swooning - faint, weak and likely to lose consciousnes + {send me swooning}

thwarter - someone who systematically obstructs some action that others want to take; an opponent, adversary + daughters + waters.

transnomino (l) - to change the name of a person or thing + {call me 'Loveliness'}


avoice from afire = mishe mishe + FDV: I'd risk a policeman pullooseman pulloosemen passing by the flame that is what in the I beg O pardon pardone that is what O ah did you speak, stuck stuckup!

poetry + pastries - any of various unleavened doughs, the basics of which include butter (or other fat), flour and water.

Shakespeare + Stoker, Bram (1847-1912) - Irish author of Dracula. FW 145.24-32 becomes more comprehensible if you know that Stoker wrote a jesting piece, claiming Elizabeth I was really a man. The piece was taken seriously by a Mr Titterton, who claimed in New Witness, 1913, that Elizabeth-the-man wrote Shakespeare's plays. 

choreal - rel. to chorea (St. Vitus's dance, a name given to the dancing madness) + choral - of or pertaining to a choir or chorus; a hymn tune; a simple sacred tune, sung in unison by the congregation + Gregorian.

jaculation - the act of tossing, throwing, or hurling, as spears + ejaculation

Garden of the Soul - a prayer book

of (Dutch) - whether, if, or

Leib (ger) - stomach; body + believe



yep - yes


hap - happening, chance, fortune + have

causerie - informal talk or discussion, esp. on literary topics

improve on - to improve or make useful additions or amendments to

keen - Of persons: Eager, ardent, fervid; full of, or manifesting, intense desire, interest, etc.

NEW FREE WOMAN - Journal founded by Dora Marsden in 1913; title was changed to Egoist in 1914, and Harriet Weaver shortly afterward became editor. Joyce's A Portrait was published in installments, 1914-15. 

tickle - stimulate, provoke, amuse, to provide with pleasure or enjoyment

surplus - that is in excess of what is taken, used, or needed + surplice

gentleman who pays the rent (Anglo-Irish) - pig

pie - pious; moralizing, preaching

root out - to discover and bring to light

Bram Stoker + brimstone (hell).

thrall - bondman, slave, slavery, oppresion, suffering + thrill

Dracula - king of the vampires, invented by Bram Stoker

flush - a sudden flood or rush of feeling, a thrill of excitement; a suffusion of the face with blood, as from fear, or intensity of feeling of any kind; rush + fuss.

draw - to represent in words, describe; to pull (a curtain, veil, cloth, etc.) over something so as to cover or conceal it

the shades - the darkness of the nether world; the abode of the dead, Hades + shade - a window-blind.

curfew + curse you.

Solomon + Sonne (ger) - sun + son-of-a-monk.

halve - to divide into two halves or equal parts + have a banana (Slang) - have sexual intercourse + FDV: how I'd like enjoy just love to make you flame up your half a banana too when I'd run the my torchlight through your the your hairymejig if even you had one

torchlight - the light of a torch

whatever - an emphatic extension of what (implying perplexity or surprise) + what for? - for what purpose.


take a rise out of - to cause others to laugh esp. scornfully about someone by making jokes about him + FDV: no lovingest I'm not trying to take a rise out of you

hiplength - extending to or over the hips

godmother - a female sponsor considered in relation to her god-child + Chiniquy: The Priest, the Woman and the Confessional 52: 'Has not Almighty God Himself made, with His own hands that coat of womanly modesty and self-respect'.

reason + riso (it) - laugh.

roundabout - in a ring or circle about; on all sides of; in all directions from + FDV: It's because I'm only any girl and because old someone is not here

tryst - to engage (a person) to meet one at a given place and time + Tristan.

two lips + tulips + tou leipies (gr) - he misses you + lupes (gr) - sorrows

puff = puffed - bloated, swollen, pretentious, arrogant + puff (Slang) - sodomist.

pape = pope + papa - father; The Gr. and L. words (meaning 'Father') were, like the latter, and mod. Romanic padre, addressed or applied to spiritual fathers; in the West at first to bishops generally (as in Prudentius and Gregory of Tours), but gradually confined to the Bishop of Rome (pope).

buck - to act in opposition, oppose, resist; bring, carry; to break up

assoil - to absolve from sin, grant absolution to

vestry - storage room in church + vespre (Provençal) - evening + vesper - the sixth of the Canonical Hours of the breviary, said or celebrated towards evening; = evensong.

pursue - to sue for, to seek after; to try to obtain or accomplish, to aim at

adulterous - characterized by adultery

cocksure - marked by certainty and conviction with no doubt or reservation, perfectly sure

rusty - Of (dark) clothes: Showing signs of age or use; shabby, worn, or faded

phiz - face, countenance

tame - subdued as by taming, submissive, meek + time flies - time passes very quickly

Schweep's - Schweppe's Tonic Water + schwipp (ger) - nimble, pliant + Schwips (ger) - drunk; drunkenness.

marguerite - the common Daisy + Margaret, St - virgin martyr, swallowed by Satan in the form of a dragon. Her feast is July 20.

First Joyce wrote (on JJA 47:288, transition overlay for the FW galley printer) "Blessed Marguerite Moses!", which is typed as "Blessed Marguerite Mosses". 

Belshazzar - in the Book of Daniel, last king of Babylon before the advent of the Medes and Persians + Schoss (ger) - shot + REFERENCE

Sardanapalus - in Greek myth, last king of Assyria, who, faced with rebellion, burned up himself, wives, and palace + sourd (fr) - deaf. 

association - a body of persons who have combined to execute a common purpose + assassinations.

hold hard - to pull hard at the reins in order to stop the horse; to halt, stop

latchkey - key for raising or drawing back a latch or opening an outside door

gleisoun (Provençal) - church

Hushabye baby, in the tree top (nursery rhyme) + bawbee (Scottish) - halfpenny.

pluckless - lacking pluck, feeble in courage or moral stamina

Lancelot of the Lake - knight of King Arthur's, lover of Guinevere, father of Galahad

dearling = darling

mean for - to intend or destine (a person or thing) to a fate

engineer + FDV: and because I hate you the very thought of the thought of you and because, darling, of course, dearest, I was always meant for an engineer.

FRENCH COLLEGE - Now Blackrock College (RC), Castledawson Road, Williamstown, near Blackrock. Form called "French College" because it was founded by French and Alsatian priests of the Holy Ghost Fathers, in 1860.

nom d'un chien! (French) - name of a dog! (expletive) 

contract - to constitute marriage by contract; to enter into marriage

enchos (gr) - spear, sword + encò (Provençal) - home + encho (Provençal) - tap, cock + ego te absolvo (l) - I absolve you.

tengo (gr) - to wet, to moisten; to shed tears + tencho (Provençal) - tint, ink.

please - pleasing, pleasure + please God! (phrase).

long - having a great extent in duration; Of a point of time: Distant, remote

loopy - a slightly crazy, 'cracked'


saver - one who saves, or rescues from death, evil, or destruction + favourite

heroes + erôs (gr) - passion

softness - ease, comfort, mildness, gentleness + King Mark desired Isolde after seeing one of her hairs (dropped by a passing swallow).

treasury = treasure

mot - motto, device, a vitty saying + Dermot + mot (fr) - word + mot (Dublin Slang) - girl + FDV: I beg your pardon I was listening to every word I said fell from your lips

granny - grandmother; Also used loosely for 'an old woman', 'a gossip' + Grania

pullet - a young (domestic) fowl, between the ages of chicken and mature fowl + pullet (Slang) - young girl.

gracefully - in a graceful manner, with grace, elegantly

Minthe - Greek maiden who ended up as a plant + mine

moran mo (moran mo) (gael) - much more

sh - an exclamation used to enjoin silence or noiselessness = hush + FDV: Move your mouth towards me, more, more and more, don't be a, I'm not going to, no, I swear to you by all I hold secret in this world & in my underworld and in the whole wondersworld.

pippy - full of pips (spot, speck, protuberance) + puppy - a small dog used as a lady's pet.

lime - lime light (the intense white light formerly much used in theatre)

bigtree - a valuable evergreen timber tree

gravestone - a stone placed over a grave + grav (Danish) - grave.

hiss - to express disapproval of (a person or thing) by making this sound + hesitancy

mand - maund + mand (Danish) - man + ond mand (Danish) - bad man.

chip - to make a small sound, cheep, chirp

chirrup - to chirp, esp. with a more sustained and lively effect, approaching to twittering or warbling

gigolo - a professional male dancing partner or escort + cigalo (Provençal) - cicada + cigolo (Italian Obsolete) - child.

lug - ear + for the love of Mike - for goodness sake!

passdoor - a door between the stage and the auditorium in a theater

Ich gehe dir vor (ger) - I will precede you

apron stage - the flat wide part of the Elizabetan stage projecting into the audience and used as a main acting area

dovey - a term of affection, little or dear love

cuddle - to hug or embrace affectionately, to fondle

ye - you

divil = devil + angel, devil (Mick/Nick motif).

tete a tete - a private conversation or interview between two persons + toot -  a note or short blast of a horn, trumpet, or other wind instrument.

hear hear - a cheer; to shout 'hear hear', to cheer

courtship - office or position at court; the action of courting, soliciting, or enticing

territorial - a territorial military unit or its member

sot - one who commonly or habitually drinks to excess, a soaker + The Old Sot's Hole, Essex Gate, Dublin; Swift used to frequent it; a discussion there in 1757 led to the 'Commissioners for Wide Streets' + At the Old Sots' Hole, Hosty, O'Mara and Cloran, "the trio of whackfolthediddlers", are joined by "a further – intentions – apply – tomorrow casual and a decent sort".

commission - to appoint to a certain task; to send on a mission, dispatch

nonsense + commit no nuisance (phrase).

Henry Arthur Jones: Michael and His Lost Angels [.02] + Mick/Nick (motif).

aves silvae aquae vallis (l) - birds of the wood, waters of the valley + Ave, Salve, atque Vale (l) - Hail, Good Health, and also Farewell (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

Sing a Song of Sixpence (nursery rhyme): 'four and twenty blackbirds, baked into a pie' + eight and twenty.

stile - an arrangement of steps, rungs, or the like, contrived to allow passage over or through a fence to one person at a time, while forming a barrier to the passage of sheep or cattle. 

finger - handle, identify, indicate, designate

eurhythmic - a system of rhytmical bodily movements esp. dancing exercises + arithmetic - the science of numbers; the art of computation by figures.

selftaught - taught by oneself without aid from others, self-educated

in the name of God and all that's holy (phrase)

mistle = missel, mizzle + mistletoe.

Saint Ives, town, Cornwall + The Holly and the Ivy (song).

hoost - a cough

ahem - an exclamation to attract attention to the speaker, or to give him time to consider what he is to say + Issy shaded into all young girls and splintered into phases of the female psyche, a mystery the writer seems to have found more intriguing as he aged. What may be involved here is something we are not yet prepared to explore, the writer's perception of the nature of sanity (Hayman, David / The "Wake" in transit).

Delia (l) - Diana (from her birth on Delos)

íde (Irish) - thirst

mina (l) - smooth

Ops - Roman goddess of fertility, agriculture, wife of Saturn 

Queenie - Parnell's name for Mrs O'Shea 

úna (Irish) - famine

Xenia ("gifts for strangers") - title of Martial's Epigrams. Heroine of Boris Godunov + xenia (gr) - hospitality. 

Phoebe - the Moon personified, a shepherdess in As You Like It. "Phoebe Dearest" is a song.  

reformatory - an institution to which juvenile incorrigibles or offenders against the law are sent with a view to their reformation 

goal - the destination of a (more or less laborious) journey




penancy - penitency, repentance

myrtle - a shrub growing abundantly in Southern Europe, having shiny evergreen leaves and white sweet-scented flowers, and now used chiefly in perfumery. The myrtle was held sacred to Venus and is used as an emblem of love + mortal

bells + Sing a Song of Sixpence (nursery rhyme): 'When the pie was opened, the birds began to sing'.

Ring-a-ring o'roses (nursery rhyme)

the wish is the father to the thought (proverb)

plant - to fix, settle, establish firmly as a principle, opinion or doctrine, to introduce an idea or sentiment in the mind

poser - puzzle, a puzzling or baffling question or problem

nomenclature - a list or collection of names or particulars; a catalogue, a register

day nursery - a nursery used by children during the day 

chaperon - a person, esp. a married or elderly woman, who, for the sake of propriety, accompanies a young unmarried lady in public, as guide and protector + (nurse is chaperone).

mall - a sheltered walk serving as a promenade; in some towns adopted as a proper name

mistletoe - a parasitic plant of Europe, Viscum album, growing on various trees. This plant was held in veneration by the Druids, esp. when found growing on the oak. It is still used in England in Christmas decorations, a bunch of it being commonly hung from the ceiling of a room or hall.

love ribbon - a narrow gauze ribbon with satin stripes

diva (it) - goddess, lady-love, 'fine lady' + Casta Diva - goddess worshipped by Norma in Bellini's opera (about Roman occupation of Britain and druidical opposition to it; the goddess is the Moon) + casta diva (l) - chaste or pure goddess + chista deva (Pan-Slavonic) - immaculate virgin, clean maiden + Dievas (Lithuanian) - God.

sundry - different for each, diverse, separate + Sunday

amour - love, affection + 'In the gloaming, oh, my darling' (song).

PHIBSBOROUGH (PHIBSBORO) - District and Road, North Dublin + All Saints Church, Phibsborough Road, Dublin, has a dome.  

dome - a stately building, a mansion; a cathedral church (obs.); a cupola

saint Andrew - one of the 12 apostoles (patron of Scotland) + ST ANDREW UNDERSHAFT, CHURCH OF - in the City of London, at foot of St Mary Avenue. The name is apparently from the Maypole set up annually until 1517. Andrew Undershaft of Shaw's Major Barbara was a foundling named after the church. 


underworld - the abode of the departed, imagined as being under the earth

nightie - nightgown esp. for a woman or child

wonderworld - a fairylike imaginary realm + FDV: FDV: Move your mouth towards me, more, more and more, don't be a, I'm not going to, no, I swear to you by all I hold secret in this world & in my underworld and in the whole wondersworld.

must not - (you are) not allowed to

buss (Archaic) - kiss + FDV: Close you, mustn't look, now open, pette, your lips, pepette, like I used to do with Dan Holohan told taught me, wholohan will have ears like yours ours.

O'hUallachain (o'hulehan) (gael) - descendant of Uallachain (dim. of uallach, "proud") + "Is milked Dan Tollan - without indecent exposure - near Fox and Geese every Tuesday and Friday" (James Joyce, Scribbledehobble p. 55.) + 'The Fox and Geese' is the archetypal name for an English inn or public house.

facetious - witty, humorous, amusing

flanel = flannel - an open woollen stuff; nonsense, unnecessary ostentation

SMOCK ALLEY THEATRE - Built 1662 in Orange Street, later Smock Alley, now site of church of SS Michael and John (1815), Exchange Street. It was the principal theater in Ireland for over a century, until it closed in 1788.  

pouder = powder + smell powder - to actually experience fighting.

pipetta (it) - little pipe + pupetta mia (it) - my little darling.

linguo = lingo - foreign speech or language

silenzioso (it) - silent + Prezioso [146.31] + {conversation with a mirror/reader} + FDV: Do you like that, silenziosus? Are you enjoying, my life, my love?

whisping - slight blast or a low rustling sound + lisping

delicious + FDV: Is it not delicious really, I am enjoying it still, I swear I am. Why do you prefer it in the dark, if I may ask, my sweety?

before you

misi (l) - I sent + mise (mishi) (gael) - I, me (emphatic) + (mishe/tauf motif) + [mishe]: Draconian cult of Khem, the Cult of the Dragon, or Fire Snake, based on Atlantean magic of the Red Temple.

seal - a token or symbol of a covenant; that which 'seals a person's lips', an obligation to silence, a vow of secrecy; esp. the seal of confession or the confessional + "And He rose in all His power and confronted the young God who meant to obtain the Secret known as the Seal of OTH. But Nyarlathotep blew it all away with an enchantment. But Nyarlathotep cried out to the Other Creation, to the Lineage of Nharahk and the Guardian drew back. And He, astride the Shantak, crossed the bridge of infinity; and, brandishing the flaming sword, which is His Symbol, He passed through the vast Gate of black stone. And He saw the Seal: powerful, burning, destructive. And a Voice full of majesty was heard, coming from the center of infinite Nothingness. Thundering, strepitous, like a dart enveloped in flames throwin across the skies, Great Nadur broke forth in all His glory. And He gave the great Seal of Oth to the young God. A lightning shone within Nyarlathotep's mind, and He created Himself, He generated Himself through Himself, and in front of Him the Aeons were proclaimed. And in front of Him, Nadur spoke Their Names, and thus the Circle of the Gods Circle of the Old Ones was formed. And Their kingdom shall last in infinity (and Their kingdom shall abide forever) by day and by night." (Frank G. Ripel: The Magick of Atlantis: Sauthenerom, the Source of the Necronomicon)

nights + [tauf]: "In the capital city of Atlantis (the main city among the seven ruling cities, one in each island) secretly burned the flame of Gnosis, in the Black Temple." (Frank Ripel) + "There exists in a remote part of the magickal universe a place from which emanates the magickal web-work of the transcendental id. This realm is entirely within the body of the Mother Spider, and hence is derived from the internal interactions of the kalas of her own magickal anatomy. Within this sphere of magick, as there are so many magickal forms of monadic and auric eggs resting, rise all of the several powers of the divine fire of chaos... So let the seeker after the mysteries come to the hyper-ideal spaces of the mysteries where the ophidian magick is lived and forms the basis of all existence. Let such a son of the fire return to the place of primeval chaos, which the gods call "the seat of the gnosis". There in that realm the doors will open without command because they know who is approaching." (Michael Bertiaux: The Voudun Gnostic Workbook).

shsh - an extended sh!

longeared bat or owl + The principal symbols of Draconian and Typhonian Traditions of pre-dynastic Egypt: Number 7, the Cat, Jackal, Hyena, Pig, Black Snake, the Bat and other forms of webbed or winged nocturnal creatures.

ennoy - to do harm, annoy + FDV: No, sweetest, why would that annoy me but don't!

Duvetyn - a smooth lustruous velvety fabric with napped surface, used for women's dresses + duvetyne - a heavy black cloth used in the motion picture and film industry to block out unwanted light + (do not smear dress with sperm) + FDV: Your lips, love, be careful! Mind my dress above all!

golded - made of gold, golden

princess dress - a lady's robe of which the lengths of the bodice and skirt are cut in one piece; also applied to modifications of this shape; so princess cut, frock, line, etc.

Rutland - county in Ireland + Molloy: The Romance of the Irish Stage II.230: (in the late 18th century, when Charles Manners, fourth Duke of Rutland, was Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland) 'A newly-built square was given the name of Rutland; a new dye was spoken of as the Rutland blue; the carriage his Grace had introduced was known as the Rutland gig'.


chare - an occasional turn of work, an odd job, esp. of household work + charis (gr) - grace, beauty; kindness, gratitude + chère (fr) - dear.

Ship Street, Dublin, originally Sheep Street

conversation lozenge - a lozenage with an inscribed motto

Juliett = Juliet (heroine from "Romeo and Juliet") + jewels + FDV: So, so, my precious. If I sell you who, dear? I wouldn't for all the jewels above us.

twinkly - twinkling, beaming + milky + William Wordsworth: Daffodils: 'twinkle on the milky way'.

snap - to bring down by a quick shot; to catch, or seize quickly, suddenly, or by surprise

intended - an intended husband or wife

shshsh - an extended sh! + FDV: Shshsh! Don't start like, you wretch! I thought you knew everything.

actor + auctor (l) - creator, maker, author + author

explike - to unfold in words, to narrate at length + expliquer (fr) - explain.


nieu (Provençal) - cloud + nieuw (Dutch) - new.

niveus (l) - snowy + nivoulan (Provençal) - cloudy sky.

lead - graphite, or plumbago (only with reference to its use as a material for pencils)

Brian Boru - high king of Ireland from 1002 to 1014 + brinbrou (Provençal) - a commotion.

troucho (Provençal) - trout + treacherous + Joyce's note: 'damned old devil' + FDV: It's only another queer fish in the damned old river.

Goths and Visigoths

give (som.) a rest - to stop thinking or talking about + gibo (Provençal) - a hump + gibous (Provençal) - hunchbacked.

bosso (Provençal) - a hump

swearing - the use of profane language + FDV: Excuse me for swearing, love! I swear I didn't mean to!

seraphin - one of six-winged angels who guard god's throne + shorrashim (Hebrew) - roots.

tron (Provençal) - thunderclap + tron (Swedish) - throne.

uiau (Provençal) - lightning + iron.

alpin (Provençal) - Alpine

armlet - an ornament or band worn round the arm

canntal (kontel) (gael) - sorrow + FDV: Did you really never speak clothse to a girl before?

chambermaid - a female servant in a house or inn, who attends to the bedrooms + charmer - one who uses spells and enchantments; one who possesses great attractiveness.


doting - foolishly or extravagantly fond + FDV: Of course I believe you, my own sweet dear darling liar, when you tell me!

liss - tranquility, peace, rest, joy, delight + list

muss - to make untidy, disarrange; to mutter or murmur indistinctly + must

whiss - to make a sibilant sound of some kind, to whistle, hiss; wish + muss wissen (ger) - must know.

go through - to examine and discuss seriatim, to scrutinize thoroughly

matchless - that are not a match or pair (obs.); peerless


Frucht (ger) - fruit + forbidden fruit (Genesis) + Chiniquy: The Priest, the Woman and the Confessional 156: (of a woman's premarital sex with her confessor) 'the only child I have had is the fruit of that sinful hour'.

with + Anglican marriage ceremony: 'With this ring I thee wed'.

bound - to enclose, confine, contain

Amory Blaine - hero of Scott Fitzgerald's This Side of Paradise (1920). He has a girl named Isabelle, but it is Rosalind to whom he mutters these erotic nothings: "I love you, Amory, with all my heart."/"Always, will you?"/"All my life"-"Oh Amory" + Sir Amory Tristram from Armorica (Brittany), one of Ireland's Norman conquerors, founder of the St Lawrence family of Howth (Joyce: "Sir Amory Tristram 1st earl of Howth changed his name to Saint Lawrence, in Brittany (North Armorica)".

mórán mó (Irish) - much more

so long as - often nearly equivalent to 'provided that', 'if only'

locksmith - an artificer whose occupation is to make or mend locks + George Colman the Younger: Love Laughs at Locksmiths + FDV: Never! Never in my whole sweet life! Always of till Always love! As long lone as the stars look the lucksmith laughs!

FDV: Λ If you met on the binge a poor acheseyed from Ailing when the tune of his tremble shook shimming shimmy and shin while his contrary soughed to in the squeak weak of his wailing like a rugilant pugilant Lyon O'Lynn, if he maundered in misery plaining his plight, or, picking up lousies or dropping his teeth or wringing his handcuffs for peace, the poor blighter, & praying the Allfight Allarmies for thomething to eath, if he wept while he leapt and guffalled with a whimper quimper made bad cold bloud above of black mund mundy & no bones without flesh flech and taking kiss kak kake or kick with a suck sigh sucksigh of or simper, a diffle to larn and a dibble to lech, if he begged, the vain shinner the vain shinner begged you to save his immartial _____ sore skillmustered soul from the with a hoo Hoo! hoodoodoo Hoodoodoo! breaking boasts boast that of to wile woe woem & sin he was partial, we don't think we should, Johm, we care to this evening, would you?

binge - an occasion for excessive eating or drinking, uninhibited indulgence in alcoholic beverages; a servile bow or obeisance, to make a low obeisance, to curtsey, cringe + (to the rhythm of Thomas Campbell song 'The Exile of Erin': 'Then came down to the beach a poor exile of Erin, The dew on his robes was heavy and chill; For his country he sighed when at twilight repairing, To wander alone by the wind-beaten hill. But the day-star attracted his eye's sad devotion, For it rose on his own native isle of the ocean, Where once, in the flow of his youthful emotion, He sang the bold anthem of Erin go bragh').

aching exile + aching eyes (Joyce).

ailing - the fact of ailing; bodily or mental indisposition; disorder, sickness + Ealing - a district in west London, England + Ireland

shake a shimmy - to perform a lively modern dance resembling a foxtrot + FDV: when the tune of his tremble shook shimming shimmy and shin

shin - the front part of the human leg between the knee and the ankle; to borrow money

contrary - the exact opposite or reverse of what has previously been mentioned, an opponent + country + FDV: while his contrary soughed to in the squeak weak of his wailing like a rugilant pugilant Lyon O'Lynn,

wake (aftermath)

rutilant - glowing, shining, glittering with either a ruddy or golden light + rugio (l) - to roar + rugir (fr) - to roar.

pugilant - boxing, fighting + pugilor (l) - to fight with a fists, to box.

Brian O'Linn - Irish ballad hero, first to wear clothes, make them of simple materials like sheepskin, shells, etc. + Lion and the Fox - Wyndham Lewis' book about "the role of the hero in the plays of Shakespeare", 1927. Like most of Lewis' books it arouses expectations of interest that it does not fulfill and is surely named at 148.36-149.1, which is a portrait of W. Lewis and names most of his books. The Lion and the Fox sets out to be a study of Shakespeare's use of Machiavelli, whose ideal prince (modeled on Cesare Borgia), is to model himself on the lion (strength) and the fox (cunning) (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake.

maunder - to beg, to ramble in speech

misline - to print with lines omitted or arranged in the wrong order + mislier (Shelta) - walker, tramp + FDV: if he maundered in misery plaining his plight,

plain - to complain, to make a doleful sound, mourn

plight - a situation from which extrication is difficult especially an unpleasant or trying one

fox and geese - a board game in which pieces representing geese are trying to corner fox + 'The Fox and Geese' is the archetypal name for an English inn or 'public house'.

picking + FDV: or, picking up lousies or dropping his teeth

wring - to turn and strain with violence

handcuff - a shackle for the hand, consisting of a divided metal ring which is locked round the wrist 

blighter - a worthless or contemptible person + or wringing his handcuffs for peace, the poor blighter,

pray - to ask earnestly for, beg + (playing deaf and dumb).

deaf + Dieu (fr) - God.

nostrum - a quack remedy, a patent medicine + Dominum Nostrum (l) - Our Lord.



eath - easy + eat + FDV: praying the Allfight Allarmies for thomething to eath  

leapt - p. of leap (to run hastily, rush)

guffaw - to laugh loudly or boisterously; to laugh coarsely or harshly


whimper - a fretful cry expressive of complaint or grief + FDV: if he wept while he leapt and guffalled with a whimper quimper

in cold blood - coolly, without excitement + FDV: made bad cold bloud above of black mund mundy & no bones without flesh flech

blue monday - a monday that is trying or depressing esp. because of return to work + Mund (ger) - mouth.

flech - flattery

kake = cake + FDV: and taking kiss kak kake or kick with a suck sigh sucksigh of or simper,

simper - an affected and self-conscious smile; an affected silly smile; a smirk + hook, line and sinker (phrase).

larn - to teach, to give (a person) a lesson (freq. used ironically as a threat of punishment) + learn.

dibble - an instrument used to make holes in the ground for seeds, bulbs, or young plants; a moustache + (a 'devil to learn' and a 'devil to teach').

lech - a prehistoric monumental stone, the capstone of a cromlech; to behave lustfully, to feel or to be lecherous + teach + FDV: a diffle to larn and a dibble to lech,

fain - glad under the circumstances; glad or content to take a certain course in default of opportunity for anything better, or as the lesser of two evils + FDV: if the vain shinner begged

shinner - one who borrows money by the practice of shining + Sinn Feiner + shinner (Slang) - member or supporter of Sinn Féin, Irish nationalist movement, or of the Irish Republican Army (term used mainly by Loyalists and British troops).

peg - to pin down, nail down + begged

immartial - not martial, unwarlike + immortal + {question #11 (*V*) - would he save an exile poet's soul?}

sister soul + schoolmastered soul + mustered - gathered together, collected + shoul (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - soul.

ooh - an exclamation of pain, surprise, etc. + oh, how d'you do? + FDV: if he begged, the vain shinner the vain shinner begged you to save his immartial _____ sore skillmustered soul from the with a hoo Hoo! hoodoodoo Hoodoodoo!

hoodoo - voodoo + "Anyone can become big lucky Hoodoo once they make contact with the spirits behind Voudoo... Let me tell you more about these spirits. Long ago, there was a big island between Africa and Haiti called "Atlantis" and because of many earthquakes, it sank under the ocean called the "Atlantic." One time there was a big school of magick on the island of this same Atlantis and the magicians were very powerful. What they didn't know when they were alive they soon learned after they died. The island, as we said, just sank under the ocean and the magicians went down with it. But they didn't die, they just become spirits with fish-like bodies and frog-like bodies and snake-like bodies. They did this so they could continue their work under the ocean, in their big temple down at the bottom of the sea. They are still down there, but they are also spirits and as spirits they are able to do a lot of things. In fact they know how to do more things now then they knew a long time ago. The older they get the more powerful they get." (Michael Bertiaux: The Voudun Gnostic Workbook)

break wind - to expel gas from the intestine + FDV: breaking boasts boast

wile - while + that whiles - at or during that time + to whiles - during the time, meanwhile + zuweilen (ger) - occasionally + J.H. Voss: 'wine, women and song'.

woman + FDV: breaking boasts boast that of to wile woe woem & sin he was partial, we don't think we should, Johm, we care to this evening, would you?

partial - constituent, component; having a predelection for, inclined to favor unreasonably, foolishly fond + {insinuating that to wine women and song he was partial}

blank ye - damn you! + FDV: Answer: [No, blank you!] But Before proceeding to conclusively confute this begging question it would be much fitter for you, if you dare, to consult with my and consequentially attempt at my disposals of the same time-dime-cash problem elsewhere, naturalistically, of course, from the blinkpoint of a spatialist.

impulsivist - one who acts on impulse

wad + {that he has mark of the earwigs [a wig?]}

conclusively - finally, decisively

confute - to confound, render futile, bring to nought + "Also remember that the Path of Power is a path of no return, and therefore once you have embarked upon it, you will not be able to stop yourself. It is a fool's game to think that you can experiment just a little, or that you will just satisfy your curiosity. If you land up in a cult because of your curiosity there is no saying where you will end up, and if in the process you destroy your life, you will have no-one to blame other than yourself. In such a situation, know too that there is no-one to whom you will be able to turn for help. Medical science cannot help you, psychiatrists cannot control awareness that has got out of control, and the police cannot protect you from mental or emotional manipulation, which can be effected with no overt sign or proof. It takes power to fight power, and in this respect, those warriors who are dedicated to the Path of Freedom have no interest in helping those who have through their own irresponsible actions landed themselves in trouble." (Theun Mares: Cry of the Eagle)

beg the question - to take for granted the matter in dispute, to assume without proof. When one begs the question, the initial assumption of a statement is treated as already proven without any logic to show why the statement is true in the first place + begging - the action or habit of asking earnestly; spec. of asking alms. 

hesitate - to stop or pause respecting decision or action

consequentially - as a consequence or result; with logical sequence or consistency

attempt - to attack, to make an effort or attack upon, to try to take by force (as, "to attempt the enemy's camp")

disposal - power or authority to dispose of, determine the condition of, control, etc., especially in the phrase "at, or in, the disposal of"

dime - a silver coin of the USA, of the value of 10 cents; a petty sum of money + FDV: of the same time-dime-cash problem elsewhere,

cash - money; in the form of coin, ready money

naturalistically - relating to the natural order of things, as opposed to a logical order

veiwpoint - a mental position or attitude from which subjects or questions are considered + Blickpunkt (ger) - point of view + FDV: naturalistically, of course, from the blinkpoint of a spatialist.

spatialist - an adherent in spatialism; one who is concerned with spatial qualities or relations

FDV: Here you From it you will notice, Schott, upon my first remarking that the sophology of Bitchson while driven by a purely dime-dime urge is not without its cash-cash characteristics charactericksticks, borrowed for the its nonce ends from the his the fiery goodmother Miss Fortune (whom who we have had our little private brush with [,what, Schott?]) & as I could have told you behavioristically broke pailletés with a coat of honour homoid icing which is in reality a ridiculisation of the whoo-whoo and where's-hairs theories theorics of Winestain.

Schott - according to Mr Ellmann, Joyce's "no 1 pupil" in Trieste. "What's he like?" "A horseface," Joyce said. In FW, Schott becomes Joyce, lectured to by Professor Jones or Wyndham Lewis + Schotte (ger) - Scot.

sophologia (gr) - study of wisdom; wise speech

Bergson, Henri (1859-1941) - French philosopher, much savaged by Wyndham Lewis in Time and Western Man (the savaging is irrational and anti-Semitic). Lewis said Joyce was of the "time" school of Bergson-Einstein-Stein-Proust [Lewis: Time and Western Man: (of Henry Bergson's philosophy) 'Bergson had said that the intellect "spatialized" things. It was that "spatialization" that the doctrinaire of motion and of mental "time" attacked'] + son of a bitch (*C*).

Demiurge - God the Creator in Platonic philosophy

for the nonce - for the particular purpose, for the time being + nonsense + FDV: borrowed for the its nonce ends from the his the fiery goodmother Miss Fortune

fairy godmother - a fairy who acts as godmother or protector to a mortal child; also transf., a benefactress + (red-haired).



recherche - exotic, rare, exquisite, extremely choice or rare + Proust, Marcel (1871-1922) - author of A la recherche du temps perdu (Remembrance of Things Past).

brush - a quick light touch, a fleeting momentary contact + FDV: whom who we have had our little private brush with [, what, Schott?

Dublin Bread CO. It had restaurants in Stephen's Green North, Lower Sackville Street, and Dame Street; in Ulysses, Haines and Mulligan meet in the Dame Street DBC; "We call it D.B.C. because they have damn bad cakes," says Mulligan.

behavioristically - rel. to behaviorism (the characteristic behavior of a defined organism uder defined conditions) + FDV: & as I could have told you behavioristically broke pailletés 

palette - the set or selection of colours used by a particular artist or for a particular picture + pailleté (fr) - spangled.

homicide - the action, by a human being, of killing a human being + icing - a flavored sugar topping used to coat and decorate cakes + FDV: with a coat of honour homoid icing

by chance - without design, casually, accidentally + chance - that occurs or is by chance, casual, incidental.

ridiculize - to make ridiculous + radicalization

whoo - exp. of sudden excitement, astonishment or relief history + who + there's hair! - there's a girl with a lot of hair! (catch-phrase of the early 20th century).

history + theorics - theoretical statements or notions, theory + FDV: which is in reality a ridiculisation of the whoo-whoo and where's-hairs theories theorics of Winestain.

Albert Einstein (also seen as a representative of modern 'time' philosophy in 'Time and Western Man' by Lewis).

plumbly - vertically downwards + plumbum (l) - lead + plumply - directly, plainly, flatly + FDV: To put it all the more plumbly.

speechform - linguistic form + FDV: The speech speechform is a mere surrogate whilst the quality and tality (I shall explain this what you ought to mean by this in the subsequent sentence) are alternativamentally harrogate or arrogate, as the gates may be.

surrogate - a deputy, a delegate, a substitute + sorrow gate.

whilst - while

Talis Qualis or Tales of the Jury Room (1842), a collection of stories by Gerald Griffin. An English visitor to Ireland strays into the jury-room of a court-house in a town in the south of Ireland. Concealing himself in a cupboard to escape detection, the visitor listens while the twelve jurors each tell a story.

subsequent - existing or occurring after, esp. immediately after, something expressed

alternatively - alternately, by turns (obs.)

Harrogate - name of a borough in the West Riding of Yorkshire; a medicinal water originating  in Harrogate

arrogate - to assume, or claim as one's own, unduly, proudly, or presumptuously (as, "the pope arrogated dominion over kings") + {The writing is sorrowfully bad and the quality alternatively provincial and erroneous, as the case may be}

talis (l) - such, of such kind + qualis... talis (l) - as... so; whatever... such + tale(ability) → tality → talis + ('Such' is a word often abused by many persons) + FDV: Talis is a word often abused by many passions passim.

abuse - to use improperly, to misuse; to make a bad use of, to pervert, or misemploy.

passim - a Latin word, used chiefly after the name of a book or author, to indicate the occurrence of something in various places throughout the book or writings.

work out - to go through a process of calculation or consideration so as to arrive at the solution of (a problem or question), to solve

quantum theory - a theory of matter and energy based on the concept of quanta

tantalizing - that tantalizes; tormenting by exciting desires which cannot be satisfied + tantum (l) - so much, so many + tantum... quantum (l) - so much... as.

frequent - to use habitually or repeatedly; to familiarize with, to associate with (obs.) + FDV: A person will frequently say: Have Are you seen seein much of a Talis and Talis those times? meaning: Will you put up a three of irish?

Taliessin - 6th-century British bard to whom the Book of Taliessin is attributed + talis (l) - such, such like, this + Talis and Talis (l) - Such and Such.

optimally - in the best or most advantageous way + optimas (l) - belonging to the best or noblest, aristocratic + pessimism/optimism.

put up - contribute, pay

free + ri (ri) (gael) - king + a three cold Irish (Slang) - three pennyworth of Irish whiskey and cold water + ('will you buy me a drink?')

casual - showing (real or assumed) unconcern or lack of interest; happening or coming to pass without design, and without being foreseen or expected

tempt - to make an attempt upon (obs.); to attract or incite to some action or to do something; to seduce + FDV: Or a ladyeater may have perhaps casualised to you as you tempted temptoed her a la sourdine: Of you plates?

à la sourdine (fr) - on the sly

if you please [Lewis: Time and Western Man 77: (describes Joyce's) 'genteel decorum... with his "if you pleases" and "no thank-yous", his ceremonious Mister-this and Mister-that']. 

Tallis, Thomas (1515-85) - father of English cathedral music + tal dei tali (it) - Mr So-and-so. 

swordswallower - a performer who pretends to swallow a sword + Bulwer-Lytton: 'The pen is mightier than the sword'.

craterium (l) - little bowl, little mixing vessel + Criterion Theatre, London + FDV: is Is Talis and Talis, the swordswallower, who is on at the Craterium the same as Talis and Talis, the penswiper pencrusher, no fank funk you! who runs his duly mile?

funk - to fear, to be afraid of + thank

duly - to the extent or degree that is due, adequately, fully + Daily Mail + (who reads his newspaper).

post mortem - after death + vortex - a rapid movement of particles of matter round an axis + Postvorta - "Turned-backwards": Latin goddess of childbirth (with Post and Wyndham Lewis's Vortex paintings) + Wyndham Lewis and his followers called themselves Vorticists.  

police + FDV: Or this is a perhaps better example. At a recent postvortex piece-examination of a determined case of spinosism, an extension lecturer on the Hague Ague [[who was trying seesers] Dr 'sHet Ubeleeft] asked the question: Why is this which Suchman tails qualis:

investigation + fustigo (l) - to cudgel to death + fustigatio (l) - a cudgeling to death.

determinism - the doctrine that everything that happens is determined by a necessary chain of causation

splenosis - the presence in the body of numerous separate pieces of living splenic tissue + Spinoza, Benedict de - Dutch-Jewish philosopher, the foremost exponent of 17th-century Rationalism + spinosus (l) - thorny, pricky. 

extension lecturer - lecturer who extends the scope and work of the university, esp. by affording some of the advantages of university teaching and examination to non-resident students.

ague - an acute or violent fever (obs.); esp. a malarial fever, marked by successive fits or paroxysms, consisting of a cold, hot, and sweating stage + Bauch Spinoza, for whom space ("extension") was the physical aspect of God, lived in The Hague.

a matter of form - a point of formal procedure, a merely formal affair, a point of ordinary routine

seer - one to whom divine revelations are made in visions + scissors + Caesars.

Drs (doctorandus) - Dutch academic title

als het U belieft (Dutch) - if you please, if it pleases you + beleefd (Dutch) - polite.

borrow - to make temporary use of or to adopt (thoughts, expressions, modes of conduct) from another person, or (words, idioms, customs, etc.) from a foreign language or people


Macht (German) = macht (Dutch) - power + fact

Gedanke (ger) - thought, imagination, idea + dank je (Dutch) - thank you.

Stuttgart - City, capital (1945) of Baden-Württemberg Land (state), southwestern Germany; Hegel was born and educated there. 

wet one's whistle - to take a drink

coarsely - in a coarse manner + FDV: and to whom Dr. Gedankje [of Stoutgirth] who was wiping his whistle toarsely returted: While you are though beast a son zoom of a whorl!

well + Weil du bist ein Sohn der Welt (ger) - because you are a son of the world    

zoom (Dutch) - seam, hem, fringe + zoon (Dutch) - son + "There is but one moment when the Goddess of Fortune wafts by, and if you don't grab her then by the hem you won't get a second chance!" (Hitler's lecture to his adjutants).

whorl - a structure consisting of something wound in a continuous series of loops, 'a coil of rope' + son of a whore + "Death is a whorl, he said" (Carlos Castaneda: A Separate Reality).

qualis (l) - how constituted, of what sort; of such a sort

FDV: Professor Levis in his (though, as I shall shortly promptly prove, his whole account of the Sennacherib affair and the introduction of the Mr. Shekely and Dr. Hyde problem differs soto coelo from mine is again hopelessly vitiated by what I shall now call the cash diamond and cash-diamond fallacy) — his talked off confession Why Am I not a Born Like a Gentilman? (Feigenbaumblatt and Father, Judapest) wholeheartedly takes off his coat and wig, honest fellow, to show us make us see how as he says 'by Allswills Allswill the inception and the descent and the ends endswell of man is temporarily wrapped in obscenity.

Lévy-Bruhl, Lucien (1857-1939) - French author who, according to The Skeleton Key, wrote La Mentalité primitive (1922), which says time is vague to primitives, whose speech is poor in time-words, rich in space-words + Lowe (ger) - lion + brull- (ger) - roar.

promptly - readily, quickly; directly, at once, without a moment's delay

Shahnanesir and Sennacherib - Assyrian kings whose "sanitational reforms" consisted respectively of (1) exiling the Jews; (2) planning to kill the Jews. In context, this is a reflection of Wyndham Lewis' hopes for a final solution (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake).

sanitation - the devising and application of means for the improvement of sanitary conditions; Also spec. (the provision of) toilet facilities.

shekel - chief silver coin of Hebrews + Jekyll - the name of the hero of R. L. Stevenson's story, 'Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' (published 1886), who appears as a benevolent and respectable character under the name of Jekyll and the opposite under the name of Hyde: used allusively in reference to opposite sides of a person's character or to persons or things of a dual character, alternately good and evil. 

toto caelo - 'by the whole heaven', diametrically

Jericho - name of a town in Palestine, where David bade his servants tarry until their beards were grown; Used in slang or colloq. phrases for a place of retirement or concealment, or a place far distant and out of the way + go to Jericho (Slang) - go to an out of the way place; go to the devil; be drunk.

Coventry - an ancient town in Warwickshire + to send (a person) to Coventry - to exclude him from the society of which he is a member on account of objectionable conduct.

vitiate - to render corrupt in morals, to deprave in respect of principles or conduct; to render of no effect, to invalidate either completely or in part. 

resolve - to decide, determine, settle (a doubtful point)

diamond - the most brilliant and valuable of precious stones, and the hardest substance known + FDV: I shall now call the cash diamond and cash-diamond fallacy

fallacy - unsoundness (of arguments), erroneousness; a deceptive or misleading argument, a sophism. In Logic esp. a flaw, material or formal, which vitiates a syllogism + J.F. Dunne: Experiment with Time: describes 'the great Time Fallacy' (common man's notion concerning time).

talk of - to speak of, about, or in reference to (anything)

leonine - resembling lion, lion-like

confinement - the fact or condition of being confined, or kept in one place; imprisonment

'Time and Western Man' says that 'Ulysses' tells us nothing about Jews and criticises Stephen for 'trying to be a gentleman' + The Letter: "born gentleman".

eatables - food + Wilde on fox hunters: 'The unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable' + FDV: — his talked off confession Why Am I not a Born Like a Gentilman? (Feigenbaumblatt and Father, Judapest)

Feige (ger) - fig, fig tree + Baum (ger) - tree + Feigenbaum (ger) - fig tree + Blatt (ger) - leaf + (Adam and God).

Budapest - capital of Hungary (had a large Jewish population) + Jude (ger) - Jew (Lévy-Bruhl [.15] was one).

A[nno] M[undi] (l) - in the Year of the World (5688 Anno Mundi = 1927 (or 1928) Anno Domini (date of 'Time and Western Man').

wholeheartedly - with one's whole heart, thoroughly earnest or sincere; completely devoted

overcoat - a large coat worn over the ordinary clothing, esp. in cold weather + gabber - to talk volubly, to jabber + William Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice I.3.109: 'spit upon my Jewish gaberdine' + gaberdine - a loose coat reaching down to the ankles, a coarse frock or loose upper garment formerly worn by Jews.

draughty - artful, crafty; rubbishy, filthy; pertaining to a draught, or current of air + doughty - resolute and without fear.

All's well that ends well (proverb) + (allswill ~ Demiurge).

inception - origination, beginning, commencement

descent - decline + Charles Darwin: 'The Descent of Man'.

endsville - the end of the road, 'the end' + FDV: wholeheartedly takes off his coat and wig, honest fellow, to show us make us see how as he says 'by Allswills Allswill the inception and the descent and the ends endswell of man is temporarily wrapped in obscenity.

temporarily - for a time (only), during a limited time

obscenity - impurity, indecency, lewdness (esp. of language); foulness, loathsomeness + obscurity.

phoroscope - an instrument for reproducing a visual image at a distance by means of electricity + faroscope - far-seeing + faro (it) - lighthouse.

subtraction - Math. the taking of one quantity from (out of) another; the operation of finding the difference between two quantities, the result being termed the remainder.

betterment - improvement

readjustment - a second adjustment, a new or different adjustment

refrangible - admitting of, susceptible to, refraction + angle of refraction - the angle between the refracted ray and the perpendicular to the surface of the refracting medium at the point of incidence.

Pythagorean proposition or theorem: "The square on the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides."

squeal - a shrill sound, complain + square - the second power of a quantity + (notebook 1924): 'tin a pig's squeal' Crawford: Thinking Black 54: 'the Chicago packer's boast that everything about the pig is tinned except the squeal'.

hypothesis - a proposition or principle put forth or stated (without any reference to its correspondence with fact) merely as a basis for reasoning or argument, or as a premiss from which to draw a conclusion.

tin - airtight sealed metal container for food or drink or paint etc. + FDV: Looking through at these accidents through the farscope faroscope of television (this [nightlife] instrument needs still some subtractional betterment in the adjustment of the refrangibility angle to the squeals of the hypothesis on the outer tinsides)

heartily - earnestly, sincerely, really; with courage, zeal, or spirit

spacious - great, extensive, ample

immensity - immeasurableness, boundlessness, infinity + { I can easily believe in my own theory that the immensity of space is mirrored in my own microcosm}

FDV: I can easily believe heartily in my own most spacious modality immensity of my own most ownhouse [&] micro microbe microbemost cosm when I am quite assured reassured that the cubes of my volumes are to the surfaces of their subjects as the sphericity of the these globe globes is to the feracity of Fairynelly's vacuum.

microcosm - the 'little world' of human nature; jocularly used for 'body'; man as an epitome of the universe (term also used by Spengler [.09])

ratio - Math. The relation between two similar magnitudes in respect of quantity, determined by the number of times one contains the other (integrally or fractionally).

Kepler's third planetary law: "The square of the period in which a planet orbits the Sun is proportional to the cube of its mean distance from the Sun."

cube - the third power of a quantity

volume - a separately bound portion or division of a work; one of two or more portions into which a work of some size is divided with a view to separate binding; one of a number of  books forming a related set or series.

surface - fig. usually denoting that part or aspect of anything which presents itself to a slight or casual mental view, or which is perceived without examination; outward appearance.

subject - that which forms or is chosen as the matter of thought, consideration, or inquiry; a topic, theme; the theme of a literary composition; what a book, poem, etc. is about 

sphericity - roundness + {volume of books/area of the subjects = roundnes of the planets/x → r³/r² = 4πr²/x → x = 4πr, i.e. 2c [c (length of the circumference) = 2πr] → x = intersection of two circles}

globe - a body having (accurately or approximately) the form of a sphere + (testicles) [.07]

pressing - earnest, warm

parliamentary - enacted, ratified, or established by Parliament

deleteriousness - harmfulness

decorousness - propriety in manners and conduct; the state or quality of being decorous; limits of appropriate social behavior within set situations

morbidize - to make morbid

mand - Final element of com)mand, de)mand, etc.; skinner's term for an utterance aimed at producing an effect or result + man&mad + mand (Danish) - man + manda (Russian) - vulva.

feracity - fruitfulness, productiveness + Sweet Molly Mallone (song): 'In Dublin's fair city' + veracity - unwillingness to tell lies, truthfulness, truth + ferocity.

Farinelli - celebrated Italian castrato singer of the 18th century and one of the greatest singers in the history of opera + Fulcanelli is almost certainly a pseudonym assumed, in the early XXth century, by a French alchemist and esoteric author, whose identity is still debated.

vacuum energy - an underlying background energy that exists in space even when devoid of matter + Fulcanelli told Bergier: "You're on the brink of success, as indeed are several other of our scientists today. Please, allow me, be very very careful. I warn you... The liberation of nuclear power is easier than you think and the radioactivity artificially produced can poison the atmosphere of our planet in a very short time, a few years. Moreover, atomic explosives can be produced from a few grains of metal powerful enough to destroy whole cities. I'm telling you this for a fact: the alchemists have known it for a very long time... I shall not attempt to prove to you what I'm now going to say but I ask you to repeat it to M. Hellbronner: certain geometrical arrangements of highly purified materials are enough to release atomic forces without having recourse to either electricity or vacuum techniques... The secret of alchemy is this: there is a way of manipulating matter and energy so as to produce what modern scientists call 'a field of force'. The field acts on the observer and puts him in a privileged position vis-à-vis the Universe. From this position he has access to the realities which are ordinarily hidden from us by time and space, matter and energy. This is what we call the Great Work." 

apologize + anthropology.

unintentional + ob- - in direction of, towards + obintentio (l) - straining for.

neo Italian

Parisian - of or pertaining to Paris

schola (l) - school

tinker - a craftsman (usually itinerant) who mends pots, kettles, etc.; vagabond, tramp + thinkers.

spangler - one adorned with spangles + Spengler, Oswald (1880-1936) - German author of The Decline of the West. Wyndham Lewis attacks him in Time and Western Man.  

parce que (fr) - because + queue (fr) - tail.

revulsion - a sudden violent change of feeling; a strong reaction in sentiment or taste + Volsci (l) - powerful people of Latium, hostile to Rome.

Romanitas (l) - Romanism; the Roman way or manner

tread on someone’s toes - to offend a person esp. by saying something that is against his opinions + FDV: I need not antropologise for downtrodding on my foes.

brullo (it) - bare + Lévy-Bruhl [150.15]

F.D. - Fidei Defensor (defender of the faith)

SAXE-WEIMAR-EISENACH - Former grand duchy, largest of the Thuringian states, South-East of Prussia + eitel (ger) - vain. 

him + hin (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - hen.

Nuremberg egg - an early and bulky portable watch, globular in shape + (joke of absent-minded professor who holds egg in hand and boils watch).

cauldron - a large kettle or boiler + Lewis: The Childermass (1928), 150: 'your witches' cauldron, Time'.

apan = upon + {an experiment holding an egg and watching a watch boil in a witch's cauldron}

ostensibly - apparently, on the face of it, seemingly

Robert Ket's rebellion (1549) + the pot calls the kettle black - Said of a person who blames another for something of which he himself is also guilty + boiling.

square - solidly or firmly constituted, characterized by honesty and fairness + square feet.

appreciably - to a noticeable degree

augment - to make greater in size, number, amount, degree, etc.

nother - other + nether - situated down or below + Egyptian term for goddess was netjeret and the term for god was netjer. The hieroglyph represents a pole or staff wrapped in cloth with the free end of the cloth shown at the top. Alternative glyphs for gods include a star, a squatting human figure or a hawk on a perch + slogging - hard drudging work, hard beating.

cupolar - cupola like + FDV: Professor Levis Brueller finds, because the number of square squeer faiths in weakly circulation will not be appreciably augmended by the netherslogging of a these my couple of cupolar clods.  

clod - a lump or mass (especially of earth, turf, or clay); Applied depreciatively to the human body as being a mass of 'clay'.

pine after - to long eagerly, to languish with intense desire

Tompion, Thomas (1639-1713) - English watchmaker, inventor of the dead-beat escapement 

haunt - to resort habitually; to stay or remain usually (in a place)

crevice - a crack producing an opening in the surface or through the thickness of anything solid; a cleft, rift

deadbeat escapement - In a watch or clock it is the mechanism that controls the transfer of energy from the power source to the counting mechanism, and in which the escape wheel remains stationary when not moving forward.

escapement - the act of escaping; In a watch or clock, the mechanism which intervenes between the motive power and regulator + O. W. Holmes Aut. Breakf.-t. (1865) 73 'Death alone can silence at last the clicking of the terrible escapement we have carried so long beneath our wrinkled foreheads'.

het - heat; hot + he + het (Dutch) - it, the.

importune - to ask for (a thing) urgently and persistently; to crave or beg for

Mitleid (ger) - compassion, pity + FDV: What the romantic in rags pines after & what he importunes our Mitleid for is a waste of time.

in accordance with - in agreement or harmony with; in conformity to + Cornish - the ancient language of Cornwall, a member of the Brythonic branch of the Celtic languages; it became extinct in the latter part of the 18th c.

mortadella - a large spiced pork sausage; Bologna sausage + Sir Thomas Malory: Morte d'Arthur.

tradition + Tara - ancient capital of Ireland + {is like all time-champions looking for the escapement device explaining time, and like the search for the Holy Grail, all just a waste of time}

common or garden - common, ordinary

retaliation + Book of Taliessin - 6th century Welsh poetry.

overpast - that has come to an end, past + overcast + FDV: His everpresent toes are always far out through his past boots. Hear him squeak!

take heed - pay attention, take notice

loos-wallah (Slang) - rascal, thief + Lewis Waller (1860-1915) - played the role of "Satan" in the stage version of Marie Corelli's Sorrows of Satan. Joyce's sad Satan is Stephen Dedalus, a young man much criticized by Wyndham Lewis. W. Lewis, Lewis Waller, and Lucifer are combined in "looswallawer." (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake).

bolos (gr) - a throw, cast + bolo the bat (Slang) - speak the language + {Hear him squawk, that thief, about how well he uses language!}

tyro - novice + Tyro (gr, l) - daughter of Salmoneus (king of Elis), mother by Poseidon of Neleus and Pelias + tyros (gr) - cheese + The Tyro - art-review edited by Wyndham Lewis, 1921-2.

hurray - a shout expressive of approbation, encouragement, or exultation

mullock - rubbish, dirt, a state of confusion + mullo (Gipsy) - dead man, dead + Malachi Mulligan.

clod - a copper coin (usu. in pl.) + Thomas Moore: Let Erin Remember the Days of Old (song): 'When Malachi wore the collar of gold' [an encounter between Malachi (the Monarch of Ireland in the tenth century) and the Danes, in which Malachi defeated two of their champions... taking a collar of gold from the neck of one, and carrying off the sword of the other].

strip - to divest (a person, body) of clothing, to undress + FDV: When Mullocky won the couple of bob. When we were stripped stripping in number three I will drink I prefer would like the neat drop that would malt in my mouth but I cannot see when.

neat - Of liquors: Pure, unadulterated; spec. not mixed with water, undiluted

drop - a small quantity of drink or intoxicating liquor

malt - melt + to melt in the mouth - said of articles of food that are extremely tender.

purposely - intentionally, deliberately

refrain - to hold back, restrain (a person) from something, esp. some act or course of action

expound - to explain (what is difficult or obscure), to interpret, comment upon

fallacy - erroneousness, delusiveness (of opinions, expectations, etc.)

as to - as it regards, so far as it concerns

specific gravity - the degree of relative heaviness characteristic of any kind or portion of matter; commonly expressed by the ratio of the weight of a given volume to that of an equal volume of some substance taken as a standard (viz. usually water for liquids and solids, and air for gases).

deglutible - capable of being swallowed + FDV: (I am purposing refraining from exposing the obvious fallacy as to the specific gravity gravities of the two liquids lickquids implied. Students of mixed hydrostatics & pneumocanics pneumodipsics will after some difficulty grapple away with my meanings).

lapsus linguæ - a slip of the tongue + loquor (l) - to speak, talk + liqueo (l) - to be fluid or liquid.

royal - noble, splendid, first-rate. Also used as an intensifier, freq. with ironic force.

gorge - the internal throat (now only rhetorical) + Royal George - British ship that sank with 800 persons in 1782; The Royal Gorge is a canyon in Colorado. 

hydrostatics - that department of physics which treats of the pressure and equilibrium of liquids at rest

pneumodynamics - that branch of physics which treats of the forces exerted by air or gases (esp. in motion); pneumatics + pneuma (gr) - breath + dipsios (gr) - thirsty, dry + pneumatodipsesis (gr) - air-thirst, spirit-thirst.

grapple with - to try to overcome (a difficulty); to try to solve (a problem)

Meinung (ger) - opinion

merde alors (fr) - expletive (coarse slang) + merde - dung, excrement + Myrrdin - Merlin, in early Welsh accounts.

Cambrian - Welshman, Welsh + Marshall Cambronne, said to have shouted 'merde' at the battle of Waterloo [009.27] + Giraldus Cambrensis - Welsh historian, wrote on Ireland in 12th century.

brull- (ger) - roar + Brille (ger) - eye glasses.

plea - an argument or reason urged by or on behalf of a litigant or party to a suit, in support of his case + (if you please).

posh - rubbish, bosh (pretentious nonsense, absurd talk)

rubbage - worthless, ridiculous, nonsensical ideas, discourse, or writing + stuff and nonsense (phrase) - senseless talk, rubbish, nonsense.

melodeon - a wind instrument, furnished with a keyboard, the bellows being moved by means of pedals worked by the feet of the performer music hall + melos (gr) - music; limb + ôdeê (gr) - song + mastodontic - pertaining to, or resembling, a mastodon (as, "mastodontic dimensions").

quando (l) - when + candour - openness of mind, freedom from malice, favourable disposition, kindliness + quondam - that once was + FDV: But, on Professor Levis Brueller's showing, the plea is all posh and rabbage for on a melodeontic scale since his man's when is an no other man's quandom.

dank je (Dutch) - thank you + denk je? (Dutch) - do you think?

for aught I care - as far as I am concerned

all is fair in love and war

me - my + FDV: While, for while ought I care for the contrary?, the all is where as in love in as war and the place plane where my me art arts was were soar you'd aisy run rouse a thunder from and where I cling clingtrue 'tis there I climb tree and where Innocent looks best (pick!) there is there's holly in his ives ives.

aisy (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - easy

rouse - to awaken from sleep; to stir up, to provoke to activity + Pretty Molly Brannigan (song): 'The place where my heart was you'd aisy roll a turnip in'.

Innocent I, SAINT - pope from 401 to 417, who condemned Pelagianism, a heresy concerning the role of grace and free will 

all my eye - all humbug, 'stuff and nonsense' + my eye - an expression of astonishment or emphatic denial + 'The Holly and the Ivy' is a traditional Christmas carol. This carol is probably related to an older carol: "The Contest of the Ivy and the Holly", a contest between the traditional emblems of woman and man respectively + honey in his hives.

holly - a plant of the genus Ilex; orig. and esp. the common European holly, I. Aquifolium, an evergreen shrub or small tree with dark-green tough glossy leaves, having indented edges set with sharp stiff prickles at the points, and bearing clusters of small green flowers succeeded by bright red berries; much used for decorating houses and churches at Christmas.

ivy - a well-known climbing evergreen shrub (Hedera Helix), indigenous to Europe and parts  of Asia and Africa, having dark-green shining leaves, usually five-angled, and bearing umbels of greenish-yellow flowers, succeeded by dark berries; it is a favourite ornamental covering of walls, old buildings, ruins, etc. The plant was anciently sacred to Bacchus.

brattock - a tiny brat, a young one + 'my dear little brothers in Christ' (James Joyce: A Portrait III) + LITTLE BRITAIN - French Bretagne or Brittany, North-West France; aka Armorica. Tristram died there; Amory Tristram, first Lord of Howth, was born there, or so James Joyce believed. Ptolemy called Ireland "Little Britain." 

augmentatively - by way of augmentation or addition

comparison - to make like, fashion after the likeness of (const. to)

Cadwan, Cadwalhon, Cadwalloner - kings of ancient Wales

revert - to return to a custom, practice, idea, etc.

expletive - profane or obscene expression usually of surprise or anger; a word, letter, or syllable not necessary to the sense, but inserted to fill a vacancy

sermon - to preach to (a person) + sermo (l) - talk, conversation; ordinary speech + FDV: As my explanations here are probably above your understandings I shall revert to a method which I frequently use with muddleclass pupils.

middle-class schools - schools established for the education of the middle classes, intermediate between primary schools and the great public schools

urchin - a little fellow, a boy or youngster (often applied with commiserative force to children poorly, raggedly, or untidily clothed)

sniffly - sniffling; characterized by sniffling (to emit mucus from the nose; also, to draw up mucus audibly)

gosling - a young goose; a foolish, inexperienced person, one who is young and 'green' + FDV: Imagine for my purpose that you are a squad of urchins, snifflynosed, gandernecked goslingnecked, clothaired clottyheaded, tingled in your pants etc etc.

cloth head - a thick-head, blockhead + clothy - of cloth + Clotar - a tyrant who, in Blackmore's 'King Arthur', ruled France with an iron fist. Responding to please for justice from Clotar's vassals, Arthur traveled to France and killed the king. A certain King Clothair ruled the Franks in the middle of the sixth century.

tangled - interlaced or intertwined in a complicated and confused manner

lacing - a fastening lace for clothing + lessons.

tingle - to cause a thrilling or pricking sensation, stir, stimulate

etc. + Cicero (oration).

Bruno, Giordano (byname IL NOLANO) - Italian philosopher, astronomer, mathematician, and occultist + FDV: And you, Jones Smith, take your tongue out of your inkpot!

Javanese - the language of central Java, belonging to the Malayan family

free and easy - unconstrained, natural, unaffected + FDV: As none of you know javanese I will give you a free translation of an the old fibulist.

fabulist - one who relates fables or legends

parable - a short moral story (often with animal characters), a short fictitious narrative of something which might really occur in life or nature, by means of which a moral is drawn

minor (l) - the lesser (British public schools: surname for younger of two brothers in the school)

satchel - a bag for carrying schoolbooks, with or without a strap to hang over the shoulders

audi (l) - listen! pay attention!

Jupiter (l) - Jove, chief god of the Romans

exaudi (l) - hear clearly! understand! + Litany of Saints: 'Christe, audi nos. Christe, exaudi nos' ('Christ, hear us. Christ, graciously hear us').

The Fox and the Grapes: One hot summer's day a Fox was strolling through an orchard till he came to a bunch of Grapes just ripening on a vine which had been trained over a lofty branch. "Just the thing to quench my thirst," quoth he. Drawing back a few paces, he took a run and a jump, and just missed the bunch. Turning round again with a One, Two, Three, he jumped up, but with no greater success. Again and again he tried after the tempting morsel, but at last had to give it up, and walked away with his nose in the air, saying: "I am sure they are sour." (It is easy to despise what you cannot get.)

MOOKSE: *V*, fox, space, stone, bishop's apron, Latin/Roman, right bank, Adrian IV, London, deaf, pope; moocow, mouse (Maurice [Behan]) + FDV: The Mookse and the Grapes Gripes

gripe - grasp, seizure, fast hold + gripes - pinching and spasmodic pain in the intestines + Spasmodic stomach cramps, constipation and diarrhea, possibly the result of nervous tension, had been Hitler's curse since childhood and only grew more severe as he aged + GRIPES: *C*, grapes, time, tree, handkerchief, Greek/Russian, left bank, Barbarossa, Dublin, blind, heretic.

laity - unprofessional people, as opposed to those who follow some learned profession, to artists, etc. + gentlemen 

semicolon - ";"

highbred - of, pertaining to, or characteristic of high breeding or bringing-up; characterized by highly refined manners + hyphen - a punctuation mark "-".

lubberd = lubbard, lubber - a big, clumsy, stupid fellow; esp. one who lives in idleness; a lout + lowbred.

Ein (ger) - one + eins (ger) - one + Albert Einstein + once

"Once upon a time and very good time it was there was a moocow coming down along the road and this moocow that was down along the road met a nicens little boy named baby tuckoo. (Joyce: Potrait of the Artist as a Young Man).

wast - arhaic p. of be

wohnen (ger) - to live, to dwell + er woonde eens (Dutch) - there once lived + Samuel Butler: Erewhon (in which watches are smashed; the title is name of a country, supposedly discovered by the protagonist. Butler meant the title to be read as the word Nowhere backwards, even though the letters "h" and "w" are transposed).

lonesomeness - loneliness + lit. einsam - lonely + Einsamkeit (German) = ensomhed (Danish) - solitude, loneliness (literally 'onesomeness').

all to - Employed in middle and early modern English as intensive to any verb

hermitlike + archon (gr) - ruler, commander, chief magistrate.

bloody awful

A Frog He Would A-wooing Go (nursery rhyme): 'With a rowley, powley, gammon and spinach Heigh ho! says Anthony Rowley' (also known as The Frog's Courting, The Lovesick Frog, The Wedding of the Frog and the Mouse, etc.)

by my hood - an asseveration (obs.) + I'll eat my hat - A display of confidence in a particular outcome.

William Shakespeare: Antony and Cleopatra + William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet.

summer + Sumerians.

gammon - a smoked or cured ham + gamon (gr) - marriage, sexual intercourse


flabel - to fan + FDV:.A moose he would a walking go so he drubbed his eyes, ascented his nose, packed up his ears put on his impermeable and stepped out of his immoble and set off to see how badness in the west waste of all possible parsable words.

blow the nose + pilleolus (l) - a small felt skull-cap (formerly worn by prelates) + pilleo (l) - to place the pilleus (cap of freedom) on a person's head: token of manumission of a slave.

vaticinate - to foretell, predict, prognosticate, or prophesy (a future event) + VATICAN - On Mons Vaticanus, Rome, probably after vaticinium, Lat. "prophecy." It adjoins St Peter's Cathedral. Contains, among other art galleries, the Pinacoteca, and the Borgia apartments, commissioned by Alexander VI. In the Sistine Chapel the ceiling, Michelangelo's masterpiece, looks down on awed visitors. Vatican gardens, originally laid out in 16th century, include fountains but no waterfalls (It. cascata). The district around the Vatican is the Borgo, also called the Leonine City, after Leo IV, who fortified it in the 9th century. 

pallium - The Latin name for the large rectangular cloak or mantle worn by men, chiefly among the Greeks; esp. by philosophers, and by ascetics and others in the early Christian Church. 

impermeable - that does not permit the passage of water or other fluid + impermeable (fr) - raincoat.

impugnable - that cannot be assailed or overcome + Cervantes: Don Quixote, ch. 2: 'one morning before the dawning of the day (which was one of the hottest of the month of July) he donned his suit of armour, mounted Rocinante with his patched-up helmet on, braced his buckler, took his lance, and by the back door of the yard sallied forth upon the plain in the highest contentment and satisfaction at seeing with what ease he had made a beginning with his grand purpose. But scarcely did he find himself upon the open plain, when a terrible thought struck him' [.21-.36]

harp on - to dwell wearisomely upon in speech or writing + (put on a hat).

immobile - incapable of moving or of being moved, immovable

rure (l) - village

albus (l) - white + The motto of Adrian IV (the only English pope) was "De Rure Albo," "of the Alban country" + ALBA - Ancient name for area in Latium, Italy, including the Alban Hills.

chok full - packed full to capacity, full to suffocation + (England called Albion (from Latin albus: white) in allusion to its white chalk cliffs).


gorgeously + VILLA BORGHESE - in Rome. Known for the extensive and parklike Borghese Gardens, which contain art museums (It. pinacoteca) and fountains, but no waterfalls (It. cascata).  

let out - to extend in dimension

strown - scattered

cascade - a small waterfall; esp. one of a series of small falls, formed by water in its descent over rocks, or in the artificial works of the kind introduced in landscape gardening + cascata (it) - waterfall.

pinacoteca (it) - painting-gallery

aqueduct + hortus (l) - garden + orthodoxos (gr) - having correct beliefs in religion.

currycomb - a comb or instrument of metal used for currying horses, etc. + catacombs.

set off - to set in motion, to start a journey

Lud's Town = London - from mythical King of Brit: "And on the gates of Lud's town set your heads" (Shakespeare, Cymbeline IV, ii) + Caerludd (Welsh) - London (Ludd's town).

a spasso (it) - (to go) for a walk + a space.

badness - the quality or state of being bad + Business is business (proverb).

pensible - hanging down, pendant + pensable (fr) - conceivable + Voltaire: Candide: 'best of all possible worlds' + see how badness in the west waste of all possible parsable words.

lancia spezzata (it) - a prince's bodyguard (literally 'broken lance' or 'broken spear') + Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: The Minstrel Boy (song): 'The Minstrel Boy to the war is gone, In the ranks of death you'll find him; His father's sword he has girded on, And his wild harp slung behind him'.

turkeys + tarheel (U.S. Colloquial) - a nickname for a native of North Carolina (from tar being a major product of this state) + Thorgil (Turgesius) - Viking invader of Ireland + heels.

one and only - one's sweetheart, one's only child or love

Nicholas Breakspear - papal legate to Scandinavia, who later became the only English pope as Adrian IV + REFERENCE

clank - to move with a clanking sound


vee - "V", something having the shape of the letter V + vee (Dutch) - cattle.

treetop - the top of a tree + (triple crown of the pope).

every inch - every bit, entirely, in every respect + William Shakespeare: King Lear IV.6.106: 'every inch a king'.

pent- (gr) - five + (5 x 2 = 10) + FDV: He had not made but a few parsecs when at the dirty of a wrong lane he met the Grapes he came upon a little river stream.

parsec - 30.8 trillion km: unit of interstellar distance, equal to the distance giving rise to a heliocentric parallax of one second of arc, or 3.26 light-years (from parallax + second)

asylum - inviolable shelter; refuge, protection; a secure place of refuge, shelter, or retreat + Azilian culture probably dates to the period of 10,000 years ago (10,000 BC uncalibrated) and followed the Magdalenian culture.

turning - a place or point where a road, path, etc. turns, or turns off

sunshine + Shem/Shaun.

bowery - a shelter or covered place in a garden made with boughs of trees or vines twined together

St Nicholas-without-the-City-Walls - highest and oldest part of Dublin, where the original Viking settlement of the ninth century had been laid + "I shall tell you what Nyarlathotep did when the great Chaos was, and the universe was manifested as such. He, the Voice of the Gods (Voice of the Old Ones), believed in strength and in wisdom, and meant to obtain the terrible secret hidden beyond the stars. Nyarlathotep came to the base of the Mountain of Farthest Midnight; He asked for a sign, and a threefold sword forged in steel came rolling down from above and plunged at His feet. Strengthened, he began the ascent. And, once on the summit, He found Nuhr and Nuhr responded to Him. (Frank G Ripel: Shautenerom)

secund - arranged on or directed towards one side only (esp. of flowers) + according + secundum (l) - in accordance with, according to + Sekunde (ger) - second.

111th + The Prophecies of St. Malachy - a collection of 111 or 112 Latin phrases supposedly describing all the popes from Celestine II to the last pope and attributed to Saint Malachy O'Morgair.

amnis (l) - river + amnis limina permanent (l) - the bounds of the river remain.

boggy - swampy + bogey - an evil spirit + "The subconscious mind is the repository of all images, all ideas, all concepts. Communication with it is possible only through
symbols, and in order to traffic with it a symbolical language is necessary. The only magically effective symbols are those charged with the peculiar vitality of subconsciousness. (Kenneth Grant: Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God)

colline (fr) - hill + colleen (Anglo-Irish) - girl.

take one's rise - to begin, to start, to origin, to begin with (in narration)

daub - to coat or cover with adhering dirt; to soil, bedaub. Also fig. + dubbing

Ninon - nickname for Anne + Lenclos, Ninon de (1615-1705) - 17th century French courtesan + nun ôn (gr) - ever present (Pronunciation 'nin on') + REFERENCE

brown - duskiness, gloom; brown ale

narrow - a contracted part of a river + FDV: It was little and it was brown and it was narrow and it was shallow.  

rinn- (ger) - to flow + rinn (Irish) - point, edge; star + FDV: And as it ran it dribbled [like any-lively purl-it-easy]. My, my, my! Me, me, me! Little brown dream don't I love me?  

dribble - to flow down in small quantities or in a small and fitful stream, to trickle

donn (doun) (gael) - brown + 'Ha, ha, ha, He, he, he, Little brown jug don't I love thee' (song).

parch - to shrivel up with heat + perched + FDV: [And, I declare! Who was there on the yonder side of the stream, parched on the a limb of the olum but the Grapes.]

limb - a main branch of a tree

elm + ulmus (l) - elm-tree + olm (Dutch) - elm tree.

bolt upright - in rigidly erect or stright backed position, perpendiculary + "The Great Deep One, the Great Illusionist of Shape, had not been shaped still, for he existed after the nothingness of the Naxyr. Later, he was called Yog-Sothoth, the shapeless Demon, who is master of all shapes. He is the reverse thirteen [Tree of Death, constituted of 13 spheres of Yog-Sothoth], the inverted triangle, the Nemesis of life which is not unlife. (Frank G Ripel: Shautenerom)

gripes - a covetuous person, a miser, a usurer + grapes + "I learned the deeper regions of the mind, where I could unite myself with the elemental self and thus appear different in my physical body, in the world of space and time. For it was by means of what the mind does in the deepest regions of the unconscious, or what we call "ultra-consciousness," that the physical mutation of the outer self, both body and soul, occurs" (Michael Bertiaux: The Voudun Gnostic Workbook

fit to be tied - extremely angry, hopping mad, furious (Slang) + dried - p. of dry, to be thirsty, to thirst + tried + (grapes dried into raisins).

have joy of - to be highly pleased or delighted with + Joyce + FDV: The Grapes no doubt he was fit to be dried for why had he not been having the juice of his time?

"At the end of this chapter we have to mention master work of Carlos Castaneda who made public existence of Dreaming Body and Time Body... As for Time Body we can say that it is actually Physical Body but transfigured in Time Matter. We already mentioned that Intersection is formed via meeting of Three Time Currents [Past, Present, Future]. In that Space there is no space Matter but Time Matter. In fact, it is still our Space, although it transformed from Spatial to Temporal (Spatial conception of Time). Theoretically, one who succeeds in opening Dimensional door and Physically enter Intersection, would exist only in Present time. And one who succeeds in transfiguration of Physical Spatial Body into Physical Time Body would exist in Intersection, i.e. in all Three Times. It is not allowed for me to reveal more since those are Mysteries of highest Grade of the Order of the Golden Star which at that level develop into darkest Atlantean Cult (Cult of the Black Temple of Atlantis). (Frank G. Ripel: The Magick of Atlantis: Sauthenerom, the Source of the Necronomicon.)

pip - the common name for the seeds of fleshy fruits, as the apple, pear, orange, etc. + {His peeps [eyes] were tear-filled}

nearly + FDV: His pips had been nearly all drowned on him,

pulp - the fleshy succulent part of a fruit + polpa (it) - flesh, pulp + FDV: his polps were charging odours every older minute,

change colours - to become altered in colour; spec. of persons, to turn pale, blush, etc. + Michael Bertiaux: "Space is unconscious until it is awakened by color... Color necessarily implies space and space implies levels of consciousness, so that in the Gnostic universe each color is communicator." → Time changing odours?

every other minute - every minute


dresser - one who dresses (in various special and technical senses), one who attires another; Theatr. One who helps to dress an actor or actress.

design + disdain - a feeling of contempt and aversion.

flyleaf - a blank leaf at the beginning or end, but esp. at the beginning, of a book + FDV: he was quickly for getting the dresser's designs into on the flypape flypage of his frons

frons - forhead, face (of insects) + frons (l) - branch, bough, foliage.


bailiff - an officer of justice under a sheriff, who executes writs and processes, distrains, and arrests

distrain - the legal seizure and detention of a chattel, originally for the purpose of thereby constraining the owner to pay money owed by him or to make satisfaction for some wrong done by him, or to do some other act (e.g. to appear in court).

backside - the reverse side or 'back' of a document, page, book, etc. + FDV: and he was quickly forgiving for giving the bailiff's distrain on the balkside of his cul de pompe.

cul de lampe - "bottom of the lamp" - an ornament placed below the text matter of the page, a piece added on at the end + cul de pompe (fr) - pompous arse.

specious - having a fair or attractive appearance or character, calculated to make a favourable impression on the mind, but in reality devoid of the qualities apparently possessed.

heave - to put forth effort, endeavour, labour, strive + spacious heavens. 

Jupiter gained a new force and meaning at the close of the early Roman monarchy with the building of the famous temple on the Capitol, of which the foundations are still to be seen. It was dedicated to Jupiter Optimus Maximus (i.e., the best and greatest of all the Jupiters).

Dublin + FDV: In all his specious heavings, as he lived by Optimus Maximus, the moose had never seen such a scapegrapes his brooder so near a pickle. 

brother in law - the brother of one's husband or wife; the husband of one's sister + broeder (Dutch) = Bruder (German) - brother. 

pickle - vinegar, plain or spiced, used for preserving vegetables, fish, eggs, oysters, etc. + be in a pickle - to be in disagreeable position, to be in a condition of embarrassment, difficulty, or disorder.

nous (gr) - mind, intellect + [Time: Present (Intersection)]

assumption - the taking upon oneself of a form or character + assumptionomen (l) - taken-name.

stick - to bring to a stand, render unable to advance or retire + FDV:  "Woe, He stood before the Grapes and looked all in an outfit of Aurignacian. "Fie, sour!" said he to the scapegrapes "Have you not a shambleful. Our Father...'' (Joyce never completed the last sentence on p. 217 b. On p. 218 b he makes a new start.)

vis-à-vis (fr) - face to face with, opposite, towards

accessit - an honorable mention + accessit (l) - he [she, it] approached; in a papal electoral conclave, the switching of one's vote to a candidate approaching the necessary majority.

Aurignacian - of or pertaining to the Aurignac cave of the Pyrenees; belonging to the Aurignac era or period, that indicated by the remains and works of art found in the cave + indignation.

mood - to reflect moodily (obs. rare) + move.

all roads + All roads lead to Rome (proverb).

eastward - towards the east + auster (l) - the south wind, the south.


hic - exp. of sound of hiccup + hic (l) - here; this.

sor = sir + tsor (Hebrew) - stone, rock, flint + FDV: He saw sor a stone

singularly - to an unusual degree or extent; specially, particularly, unusually

illud - to evade, elude + illud (l) - that one + old + Singulare Illud - the title of a document issued by Pope Pius XI in 1926, proclaiming Saint Aloysius Gonzaga a patron of youth.

hoc (l) - here; this one, this thing + that

Saint Peter + Matthew 16:18: 'thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church' + seater - as second element, designating a vehicle or article of furniture having a specified seating capacity, as two- (three-, etc.) seater + seter (Hebrew) - secret. 

satt - to sit + satt (ger) - full, satisfied + seat

huc (l) - here; to this place, hither + his

sate (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - seat + FDV: and on that stone he sate his seat

preposterously - unnaturally, irrationally; perversely; absurdly + Popo (ger) - buttocks + pope.

acclamation - in a papal electoral conclave, the spontaneous hailing of an obvious candidate + acclimatation - acclimatisation.

justitium (l) - court vacation, legal holiday + FDV: like where which it filled [to] the full fullest justotoryum

whereupon - upon which, whereon

unfallible - not liable to fail in its action or operation + FDV: and whereupon with his unfallable upon his in alloilable

encyclius (l) - belonging to a circle + infallible encyclical (papal letter).

all-oilable [body]

diu (l) - by day + petreus (l) - of rock + petriarches (gr) - father of a race + dieu (fr) - god + (thou art Patrick).

Wuste (ger) - desert, waste + ouest (fr) - West.

athemis (gr) - lawless + athemistos (gr) - illicit, illegitimate + amethustos (gr) - not drunk, sober + amethyst - a variety of crystallized quartz, of a purple or bluish violet color, of different shades. It is much used as a jeweler's stone.

pederectus (l) - foot-erected (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

Deusdedit, SAINT - pope from 615 to 618. + Deusdedit (l) - "God has given" + {his amethyst sprinkled staff dubbed 'God did it'}

cheek by jowl - side by side; in the closest intimacy + jowel - one of the piers or supporters of a wooden bridge.

fisherman - one whose occupation is to catch fish + frisch (ger) - fresh + Fisherman's Ring - pope's ring of investiture.

blague - pretentious falsehood, 'humbug' + blaque (French) - pouch + blague (French) - joke + blago (Serbian) - treasure, wealth + bag.

belua (l) - beast + triumphus (l) - victory + Belua Triumphans (l) - The Triumphing Beast: part trans. 'Spaccio della bestia trionfante' (Bruno's book) + phanos (gr) - white, brilliant, famous; torch, candle. 

everyway - in every manner or way + every day

addetto (it) - assigned (to a service)

wallat = wallet + Wallace collection of paintings, London (in Hertford House).

collectio (l) - a collectig together

yea - a word used to express affirmation or assent

Summe (ger) - sum

haul - the act of 'drawing' or making a large profit or valuable acquisition of any kind; concr. The thing or amount thus gained or acquired + Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Micah - the sixth of the twelve minor prophets, who was active during the last half of the 8th century BC. + Mishe [Michael].

laic - of or pertaining to a layman or the laity + laicus (l) - pertaining to the people + FDV: he was looked the last laical likenesses

Quartus V, Quintus VI, Sixtus VII - imaginary popes (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake) + Quartus (l) - "Fourth": proper name + Quintus (l) - "Fifth": a Roman praenomen + Sextus (l) - "Sixth": proper name

Leo I, SAINT - pope from 440 to 461, master exponent of papal supremacy. Consecrated on Sept. 29, 440, as successor to St. Sixtus III.

forty-fifth + fault-finding + FDV: He saw sor a stone and on that stone he sate his seat like where which it filled [to] the full fullest justotoryum and whereupon with his unfallable upon his in alloilable and the pederect he walked with his fresherman's trop blague Bellua Triumphans he was looked the last laical likenesses of Quartus V Quintus the Sixth [taking giving alinight sittings to] Leo of the Faultyfinth. 

appetite - to fulfil the desires of, satisfy + bon appétit (fr) - a salutation before eating; literally 'good appetite' + FDV:Good appetite How do you do it, Mr _____ Sir Mookse?

cheep - to make a small sound, squeak

wherry - a light rowing-boat used chiefly on rivers to carry passengers and goods + very

wiggy - wearing a wig; sometimes implying 'extremely grave, formal, or ceremonious' + FDV: cheeped the Gripes [in a wherry whiggy voice]

Magdalenian - rel. to the Lower Palæolithic culture represented by remains found at La Madeleine + maudlin

woice = voice

jackass - a male ass; applied opprobriously to a stupid or foolish person

within the bawl of an ass (Anglo-Irish) - 'as near as makes no difference' + bawl - a shout at the top of one's voice, a loud prolonged rough cry.

lowry = lowrie - the fox, a crafty person + tod lowrie (Scottish Dialect) - familiar name for the fox + FDV: and the jackasses laughed at his voice for they knew their sly toad lowry well.

rarus (l) - rare + rarum (l) - loose textured, thin, far apart, scattered + ominosum (l) - full of foreboding, portentuous, ominous + rerum omnium (l) - of all things.

mouster = muster - manifestation, exhibition, display; a specimen, example + Mousterian culture in the Middle Palæolithic period + FDV: I am blessed to see you, my dear mister.

sanity - soundness of mind, mental health + Santità (it) - (your) Holiness + FDV: Will you not perhaps perhopes tell me everything, if you are pleased, sir sanity?

Ana + elm + aulne (fr) - alder (an American species of holly, bearing red berries.) + "O tell me all about Anna Livia! I want to hear all about Anna Livia."

lithos (gr) - stone + lithia (gr) - fine stone, marble + (stone age).

awn - the 'beard' of cereals and grasses; own + Shaun.

luseias (gr) - may you solve, may you explain (Pronunciation 'lisias') + analyses + Issy.

miserissimus (l) - most wretched + miserandissimo (it) - most pitiful + Miserentissimus Redemptor - the title of a document issued by Pope Pius XI in 1928, dedicating the world to the Sacred Heart.

tempter - one who tempts or entices to evil + the tempter - the devil + retempto (l) - I try again + redemptor (l) - redeemer.

rats - 'humbug', 'nonsense'. Also as a general expression of disgust, annoyance, etc. + FDV: Blast yourself Rats!

bellow - to cry in a loud and deep voice; to shout, vociferate, roar + papal bull.

telesphoros (gr) - bringing fulfilment, bearing fruit in season, efficacious, effective; gallant; sorcerer + Telesphorus, SAINT - pope from about 125 to about 136.

concionator - one who makes speeches, a preacher, haranguer of the people, demagogue + The Prophecies of St. Malachy no. 24: 'Concionator gallus': 'French preacher' (Innocent V) + The Prophecies of St. Malachy no. 33: 'Concionator patareus': 'Preacher from Patara' (Benedict XI).

Sisinnius (l) - pope 708 + Ipsissimus - Lit. 'His own very Self, the Atman of the Hindus. This, the highest grade of spiritual development which it is possible to realize, is ascribed to the First Cosmic Power Zone, Kether (Yuggoth) + sussômos (gr) - united in one body, entire + Mus (l) - mouse.

Zosimus , SAINT - pope from March 417 to December 418 + zosimos (gr) - viable, likely to survive, capable of living.

robin - the name given to various birds + Robenhausian - rel. to stage of neolithic culture (agriculture, stone tools, domestic animals).

quail - to lose heart, be cowed or discouraged; to give way through fear + FDV: roared the Mookse and the mice quailed to hear him at all for you cannot make wake a silken noise out of a hoarse oar.   

Tardenoisian - rel. to early mesolithic culture + Q: (L) Is the carbon 14 dating process fairly accurate, if not, what is its major weakness? A: To an extent. Q: (L) What is its major weakness? A: Same as yours. Q: (L) Which is? A: "Time" does not exist. (Ouija board communication of Cassiopeans with Laura Knight).

you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear - nothing good can be made from material that is bad or of poor quality + nous (gr) - mind, intelligence + mouse.

blast - to blow up by explosion + Wyndham Lewis edited the magazine 'Blast' + FDV: Blast yourself!

anatomy - the artificial separation of the different parts of a human body or animal (or more generally of any organized body), in order to discover their position, structure, and economy.

inferiorness - the quality of being inferior + inferioribus (l) - to the lower regions; from or by the dead + "Only by going beyond the usual concepts of the body to the esoteric understanding of the body as magick, can the gnostic come to an understanding of the deepest parts of the id, that is to say, the transcendental unconscious. For in the structures and functions of the body, we are able to find the fundamental reality, which is the manifestation of the gnosis in space and time... The reason Kammamorian bodywork begins with the head and moves downward to the feet is because with each movement, it enters more and more deeply into the psyche. Finally, it reaches the feet, which correspond to the deepest levels of the soul." (Michael Bertiaux: The Voudun Gnostic Workbook)

no, thank you! [149.11] [150.05] [150.11] [151.35] + FDV: No, hang you!

animal rurale (l) - country animal, rustic brute + The Prophecies of St. Malachy no. 93: 'Animal rurale': 'rustic animal' (Benedict XIV). 

superbly - with a magnificent or majestic aspect or demeanour + FDV: I am superbly in my health supreme poncif. Rot!

supremest - superl. of supreme + supremus pontifex (l) - highest high-priest + pontifex (l) - "bridgemaker".

poncif - The meaning of the word poncif [Fr. pompous] is analogous to that of the word 'chic' + Panzer (ger) - armour + pontiff - the head of the Roman Catholic Church.

abase - to lower or depress, to throw or cast down + {The priestess abased herself before the altar}

beauty queen - orig. U.S., name given to the winner of a beauty contest + Ulysses.3.116: 'Get down, baldpoll!' (Joachim Abbas) + baldaquin - canopy over altar.

satrap - a subordinate ruler; often suggesting an imputation of tyranny or ostentatious splendour + "get thee behind me, Satan" (Matthew 16:23).

rot - nonsense, nonsensical rubbish + rots (Dutch) - rock + FDV: + FDV: Blast yourself Rats! roared the Mookse and the mice quailed to hear him at all for you cannot make wake a silken noise out of a hoarse oar. Blast yourself! No, hang you! I am superbly in my health supreme poncif. Rot!

to be obliged - to be bound by a legal or moral tie

bow - to bend the body, knee, or head, in token of reverence, respect, or submission

whine - a suppressed nasal tone, as of feeble, mean, or undignified complaint + wine

paul pry - an excessively inquisitive person + purple

FDV: — I am till infinity obliged with you, said the Gripes. I am still always having a watch wish on all my extremities. By the watch, what is the time, pace?

by the way

pace (l) - by [someone's] leave + timepiece + what is the time, please? (question the Cad asks HCE which prefigures his downfall).

pining - that pines, languishing

peeve - to irritate, exasperate; to grumble, complain petulantly

index - forefinger + index (l) - pointer, indicator, guide; table, list, summary + FDV: Ask my index!

mund - a hand or palm (as a measure of length) + Mund (ger) - mouth + mind

Achilles' heel - the only vulnerable spot (in allusion to the story of the dipping of Achilles in the river Styx) + achilleios periodos (gr) - Second Palæolithic period + heels

obolus (gr) - small Greek coin; money given to the Church

nase - the nose + Nase (ger) - nose.

serene - expressive of inward calm, untroubled, unperturbed + worship the Nazerene [Christ]

clement - mild and humane in the exercise of power or authority; merciful, lenient + Clement I, SAINT - first Apostolic Father, pope from 88 to 97, or from 92 to 101, supposed third successor of St. Peter + Clemens (l) - "Mild": name of fourteen popes.

Urban II - head of the Roman Catholic church (1088-99) who developed ecclesiastical reforms begun by Pope Gregory VII, launched the Crusade movement, and strengthened the papacy as a political entity + Urbanus (l) - "Civil": name of eight popes.  

eugenes (gr) - wellborn + Eugenius I, SAINT - pope from 654 to 657 + Eugenius (l) - "Well-born": name of four popes.

celestian - one of the sect named after Celestus + celeste (l) - heavenly + Celestius - (fl. 5th century, England), one of the first and probably the most outstanding of the disciples of the British theologian Pelagius + Celestinus (l) - "Heavenly": name of five popes.

formose  - a mixture of hexose sugars; beautiful, comely + Formosus (l) - "Handsome": pope 891-896.

Gregory I, SAINT - architect of the medieval papacy (reigned 590-604), a notable theologian who was also an administrative, social, liturgical, and moral reformer + Gregorius (l) - "Shepherdly (?)": name of sixteen popes.

humour = humor + Joyce's note: 'in merriest of humour'

what + quota hora est? (l) - what's the time? + FDV: Quote awhore! replied the Mookse in highest of humour [rapidly becoming clement urban [& celestinal]].

laudability - the quality of being worthy of praise + audability + Laudabiliter - the Papal Bull issued by Pope Adrian IV (Nicholas Breakspear), delineating Irish religious heresy and granting Ireland to Henry II + FDV: It is just quite about what I came for.

barbarous - uncultured, uncivilized, unpolished; rude, rough, wild, savage + Barbarossa - German emperor who opposed Adrian IV; a kind of grape; code-name for Hitler's invasion on Soviet Union + rousse (fr) - russet.

Thor (also called Orlögg) - strongest and bravest of the Scandinavian deities, the god of thunder, whose weapon was a hammer + FDV: Let there be orlog. Let here be Irene. Let you be Beeton. And let me be Los Angelos.

horloge (fr) - clock + oorlog (Dutch) - war + Orlog - personification of eternal fate in Norse mythology.

Paulinus (l) - of or belonging to a Paulus ("small"): 1) saint (353-431), bishop of Nola, writer; 2) first Archbishop of York (d. 644) + The mystic Nazarene [nase serene] faith was modified by Paul and later gave rise to Gnosticism. Iranaeus represented restricted orthodox opposing movement, previously represented by Peter. 

Irenaeus (l) - "Peaceful": saint (140-202), bishop of Lyons, attempted to prevent rupture of Eastern from Western Church + eirênê (gr) - peace.

Beeton - Mr Morse says, a town eaten up by Los Angeles

measure one's length - to fall prostrate + (one-dimensional).

capacity - active power or force of mind; mental ability, talent + (three-dimensional).

sir + sour grapes + FDV: Ask my index! Quote awhore! replied the Mookse in highest of humour [rapidly becoming clement urban [& celestinal]]. It is just quite about what I came for. Let there be orlog. Let here be Irene. Let you be Beeton. And let me be Los Angelos. Well, sour, do you give it you up?


temporizer - one that shapes his behavior and ideas to fit the dominant pattern of his times or environment; one who seeks to gain time, a procastinator, delayer.

Como? (sp) - How? What do you say?

fue (l) - fie! foh! + fuerit (l) - shall it be?

sancta patientia (l) - holy patience

culla vosellina (Italian Dialect) - (in a) little voice

rhyme and reason - good sense or reasonableness; Chiefly in negative phrases used to express lack of good sense or reasonableness: "without either rhyme or reason," "against all rhyme and reason, etc." + (frozen testicles).  

raisin - a cluster of grapes, a grape + raisins (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - reasons.

cannos = canous - grey, hoary + can not + CANOSSA - Village, North Italy, where Henry IV submitted to Pope Gregory VII and did public penance, 1077; hence the phrase "going to Canossa," meaning "humble submission."  

give up - relinquish, surrender

whimper - to utter a feeble, whining, broken cry, as a child about to burst into tears

wanhope - hopelessness, despair; vain hope + FDV: — I wd can never give you up, replied the Gripes with the his nethermost despair wanhope.

tumble - a fall, downfall + "The Temple of Esoteric Readings is to be found in the ontic sphere of the Teacher of the id-secrets. However, this temple must not be thought of as something unreal, since it is very real and very powerful place of operations. The Teacher of the id-secrets is the Teacher in his aspect as the guardian of the history of the student, which is locked up inside of the unconscious of the student. It is important to understand that there in that deep and very positive world, we are able to locate the exact history of the universe, because the student is the universe in its learning aspect." (Michael Bertiaux: The Voudun Gnostic Workbook

bullocker - a bullock-driver + laudibiliter.

velocity + felicity.

two feet

second + stockend (ger) - hesitatingly + stocking.

special + spatial.

in excelsis (l) - in the highest + index shall sieze.

ab ovo (l) - from the egg (egg was first course at Roman dinner), from the beginning + ab ovo usque ad mala (l) - from the egg to the apples, from the beginning to the end + below/above.

abler - comp. of able + FDV: My temple is my own. But I hear I can never rarely tell you how whose o'cloak you are.

Honorius (l) - "Honorable": late Roman emperor; name of four popes

(nearly fell off tree)

corked - stopped or confined with a cork, furnished with a cork or heel + Joyce's father from Cork.

bott - cadger, sponger + but

pseudo- - false, pretended, counterfeit, spurious, sham, falsely so called or represented + sodawater.

sus in cribro (l) - pig in a sieve (name designating Pope Urban III in Prophecies of Malachy. Malachy's description is an allusion to the Pope's family name, Crivelli. Crivelli in Italian means sieve.) 

semper (l) - always + excommunico (l) - to put out of the community, to excommunicate + ambi- (l) - around- + sum (l) - I am + sumus (l) - we are.

TURKEY - Republic, South-East Europe (Turkey-in-Europe) and South-West Asia (Turkey-in-Asia) + tugurium (l) - hut, cottage + tugurio (it) - hut, hovel + Nova Roma (l) - New Rome (name given by Constantine to Byzantium (330 A.D.), soon become Constantinopolis) + Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Dublin Annals section 1286: 'The citizens of Dublin excommunicated for encroaching on the ecclesiatical rights'.

blivende (Danish) - lasting + believing.

living space - space for accomodation + REFERENCE + FDV: My building space is always to let to men, replied concluded the Mookse.

Leonine City - that part of Rome in which the Vatican stands, which was walled and fortified by Leo IV (c 850) + Leo - "Lion": name of thirteen popes and six Byzantine emperors.) + Lyon.

consistory - a court, ecclesiastical court + consistorium (l) - place of assembly; place where the emperor's council met.

allocution - the action of addressing or exhorting; hortatory or authoritative address

pontifically - in a pontifical or stately manner, in grand style, dogmatically + pompously.

jurisdiction - power to administer the law, administration of justice

Constantine (?288-337) - first Roman emperor to be converted to Christianity. Moved the capital to Byzantium, allegedly granted temporal power in Rome to the pope 2. an anti-pope (767-769).

crammer - a lie

shipwrecked - having suffered shipwreck (destruction, total loss or ruin)

temporal - temporal power; secular as opposed to sacred; lay as distinguished from clerical; Of law: civil or common as distinguished from canon.

by inches - by little and little, very gradually, bit by bit

thrust - an act of thrusting; a lunge or stab made with a weapon

airly - of air, aerial + Wilde to Douglas (in De Profundis): 'but I met you either too late or too soon' + nowhere so early.

sieve - to perforate with holes like a sieve + sus in cribro

contemption - the action of contempting, contempt

decretals - the collection of papal decrees forming the second part of the body of canon law

as safe as houses - very safe, perfectly safe + safe as mother's milk.

holey = being full of holes, having a hole + holydome - a holy place, chapel; holiness + halidom (Archaic) - holy place, sanctuary; holy thing, relic.

seen + FDV: My side is as safe as houses and I see what it is to be seen.

Union Jack - Originally and properly, a small British union flag flown as the jack of a ship; in later and more general use extended to any size or adaptation of the union flag (even when not used as a jack), and regarded as the national ensign + (Act of Union of Great Britain and Ireland, 1800).

yok - laugh, joke + yoke.

parisis - a french coin (from Paris) + praise + parisos (Modern Greek) - equal + FDV: Paris Paryses Parysis belongs to he him who praises parises himself.

tu sais (fr) - you know

crucicrux (l) - a criss-cross + The Prophecies of St. Malachy no. 101: 'Crux de cruce': 'Cross from a cross' (Pius IX) + crucifix.

(pressing grapes into wine) + present.

weight - to oppress with weight, to weigh down + Shaun is Thoth and stuffs and stuffs himself with food, getting weightier and weightier. When he loses his balance (426.31), Shaun proves himself a false Thoth, for Thoth was the god of balance. In the same way Shaun proves himself a false Christ when he tries to fly to heaven and cannot (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake).

momentum - impetus gained by movement + wait a moment.

mein = mine + mein Gott (ger) - my God + gut (ger) - good + FDV: I can prove it against you, my good enemy.

Constantinopolis (l) - Constantine's city + Wyndham Lewis: Constantinople Our Star (in 'Blast' magazine, no. 2, 1915).

bet - to make a bet with or against + FDV: I bet you a this dozen of tomes.

odd - used in numeration to denote a remainder or numerical surplus over and above a 'round number' (as of units over tens, dozens, or scores); and thus becoming virtually an indefinite cardinal number of lower denomination than the round number named + baker's dozen [Christ and 12 disciples].

voluminous - large, numerous + fulminous - pertaining to thunder and lightning.

qua prima (l) - which first + 'Quas primas' - beginning of an argument in the Summa Theologica by Thomas Aquinas + Pope Pius XI's 'Quas Primas' (On the Kingship of Christ) - Pope Pius XI instituted the feast of Christ the King in 1925 to remind Christians that their allegiance was to their spiritual ruler in heaven as opposed to earthly supremacy, which was claimed by Benito Mussolini ("Christ the King" is a title of Jesus based on several passages of Scripture).

compote = compot - computation, reckoning, esp. of the calendar + compote - dessert of stewed or baked fruit.

fructus (l) - fruit, profit + bitter fruit [148.29] + The Prophecies of St. Malachy no. 62: 'Fructus jovis juvabit': 'The fruit of Jupiter will help' (Julius II).

tome - a book, a volume; now usually suggesting a large, heavy, old-fashioned book + Thomas Aquinas.

point + Pein (ger) - pain.

Blick (ger) - veiw; look, glance

jewel - to adorn with jewels

ciel (fr) - sky + caelum (l) - sky + cielo (it) - sky + almighty ceiling.

strike lucky - to hit a vein of good fortune + to strike oil - to hit upon a source of rapid profit and affluence, to reach the oil (petroleum) + Lucky Strikes (cigarettes).

ild (Danish) - fire + blood + blue milk [215.06-.07]

scintila - a glittering particle + scintillant - emmiting sparks + santo (it) - saint + scintilla (it) - spark + satellites + Ulysses.15.4243: (of Stephen) 'He lifts his ashplant high with both hands and smashes the chandelier'.

cloister - a convent + star cluster.

stirabout - a kind of porridge

maple - any of the trees or shrubs of the genus Acer, flourishing in northern temperate regions, many of which are grown for shade or ornament, some valued for their wood, and some for a sugar product + Maple's Hotel, Dublin (appears in Joyce's Portrait) + Naples.

luceo (l) - to glitter, to shine + Lucialys (Danish) - Santa Lucia's light + lucciole (it) - fire-flies.

stop sign - a sign indicating that traffic should stop

sophy - a wise man, sage

Barat, St Madeleine Sophie - according to Father Noon, foundress of the Congregation of the Sacred Heart, which educates girls 


odd - extraneous or additional to what is reckoned or taken into account; hence, That is not, or cannot be, reckoned, included, or co-ordinated with other things; not belonging to any particular total, set, or group.

docens (l) - teaching, instructing, telling + odd dozens.

vellum - a fine kind of parchment (used especially for writing, painting, or binding)

Greek + Graesk (Danish) - Greek.

Rosicrucian - rel. to a supposed society or order, reputedly founded by one Christian Rosenkreuz in 1484, but first mentioned in 1614, whose members were said to claim various forms of secret and magic knowledge, as the transmutation of metals, the prolongation of life, and power over the elements and elemental spirits.

onto - to a position on or upon

lapse - Confused with laps, pl. of lap

pro- - prior, substituting for + proleg - a fleshy leg of some insects + prolexis (gr) - foretelling + prolegomenon (gr) - that which is said beforehand, a foreword + Budge: The Book of the Dead li: 'Copies of the Book of the Dead... were placed... in the coffin with the deceased... the papyrus... frequently... was placed between the legs of the deceased, either just above the ankles or near the upper part of the thighs'.

scupper - colloq. To defeat, ruin, destroy, put an end to + John 10:16: 'there shall be one fold, and one shepherd'.

waterproof - raincoat


drei-und-dreissig (ger) - thirty-three

vraiment, tu sais (fr) - 'really, you know' + tu cesses (fr) - you stop + vremya (Russian) - 'time' + chasy (Russian) - hours.

Nicholaus (l) - "Victory-army": name of five popes and one anti-pope

alopex (gr) - fox + Aloysius - Joyce's saint's name.


number + nimbus (l) - rainstorm; thunder-cloud; saint's aureole + nomen (l) - name.

Euclid - a mathematician of Alexandria who flourished about 300 b.c. + "It is significant that the Greeks, who were unable to fathom the real meaning of the Mysteries,
became, as Gerald Massey described them, " mere mystifiers" having lost touch with the physiological gnosis upon which the Mysteries were based: The Greeks could not master the system of Egyptian mythology, and the hieroglyphics were to them the dead letter of a dead language ... What Herodotus knew of the mysteries he kept religiously concealed ... What Plato had learned made him jealous of the allegories to which he did not possess the clue. Outside their own mysteries the Greeks stood altogether outside of the subject. They, as their writers allege, had inherited their mythology, and the names of the divinities, without knowing their origin or meaning. They supplied their own free versions to stories of which they never possessed the key. Whenever they met with anything they did not understand, they turned it the more effectively to their own account ... Nothing could be more fatal than to try to read the thoughts of the remoter past through their eyes ... The reproduction of the primitive myths from the Aryan stage of language in Greece is on a par with the modern manufacture of ancient Masters carried on in Rome." (Kenneth Grant: Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God)

Anaxagoras - a Pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, famous for introducing the cosmological concept of Nous (mind), as an ordering force. He regarded material substance as an infinite multitude of imperishable primary elements, referring all generation and disappearance to mixture and separation respectively.

Henrik Ibsen - Norwegian dramatist and poet (1828-1906)

Mommsen, Theodor (1817-1903) - German historian, wrote of Rome + + FDV: He proved it by Neuclid, by Inexagoras, by Mummsen, by Thumpsun Thumpson, by Orasmus, and by O. Hone and after that he reproved it altogether by after the binomial the dioram and the penic law walls and the inklespill legends and the rune of the hoop and the lesson lessons of expedience and the judicats judycats of Puncher's Pylax. 

Desiderius Erasmus - the greatest European scholar of the 16th century. Using the philological methods pioneered by Italian humanists, he helped lay the groundwork for the historical-critical study of the past, especially in his studies of the Greek New Testament and the Church Fathers + oremus (l) - let us pray.

Eumenius - (fl. c. AD 300), Roman orator and teacher of rhetoric + Jacobus Arminius (1560-1609) - Dutch protestant theologian (opposed Calvinist doctrine of predestination) + "An ignorant explanation of the Egyptian Sign-Language was begun by the Greeks, who could not read the hieroglyphics. It was repeated by the Romans, and has been perpetuated by "Classical Scholars" ever since..." (Gerald Massey: Ancient Egypt The Light of the World)

Anacletus II - "Renowned": antipope from 1130 to 1138 whose claims to the papacy against Pope Innocent II are still supported by some scholars (Anacletus II was of Jewish descent) 

Malachy, Saint - celebrated archbishop and papal legate who is considered to be the dominant figure of church reform in 12th-century Ireland + REFERENCE 

augurer - a religious official among the Romans, whose duty it was to predict future events and advise upon the course of public business, in accordance with omens derived from the flight, singing, and feeding of birds, the appearance of the entrails of sacrificial victims, celestial phenomena, and other portents.

Capponi, Gino, Marquis (1792-1876) - Italian politician and historian who made a vast collection of documents for a history of the Church 

abracadabra - a cabalistic word, formerly used as a charm, and believed to have the power, when written in a triangular arrangement, and worn round the neck, to cure agues, etc. + Ippolito Aldobrandini of Florence became Pope Clemens VIII and ordered Bruno's execution + the Florentine families of Capponi and Aldobrandini were closely related + brandy.

formula - a set form of words in which something is defined, stated, or declared + formolê (gr) - poison.

reprove - to prove to be false or erroneous, to reject; to prove again

altogether + Ehr- (ger) - honor.

sunder - to dissolve connexion between two or more things, to separate one from another

binomial theorem - the general algebraic formula, discovered by Newton, by which any power of a binomial quantity may be found without performing the progressive multiplications (a + b)² = a² + ab + b², etc. + binomial - a name consisting of 2 terms + diorama (gr) - a clear view through.

Punic Wars - the three wars between the Romans and Carthaginians waged between 264 and 146 b.c. + FDV: and after that he reproved it altogether by after the binomial the dioram and the penic law walls and the inklespill legends and the rune of the hoop and the lesson lessons of expedience and the judicats judycats of Puncher's Pylax. 

Ingoldsby, Thomas - name under which Barham wrote The Ingoldsby Legends 

rure - fall, ruin + de rure (l) - concerning the countryside + (stammering)

rule of thumb - a method or procedure derived entirely from practice or experience, without any basis in scientific knowledge; a roughly practical method + hoop (Dutch) - crowd. 

lessons + blesser (fr) - to wound.

expedience - haste, speed, dispatch + experience

jus - law, a legal principle, right of power + (stammering)

judicate - to judge, decide + judicans (l) - judging

Pontius Pilate - the Roman procurator of Judæa concerned in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ

manuscript - a book, document, or the like, written by hand + Egyptian mummy.

boke - retching, vomiting, belch + "He had himself read many of them - a Latin version of the abhorred Necronomicon, the sinister Liber Ivonis, the infamous Cultes des Goules of Comte d'Erlette, the Unaussprechlichen Kulten of von Junzt, and old Ludvig Prinn's hellish De Vermis Mysteriis. But there were others he had known merely by reputation or not at all - the Pnakotic Manuscripts, the Book of Dzyan, and a crumbling volume of wholly unidentifiable characters yet with certain symbols and diagrams shuddering recognizable to the occult student. (H.P. Lovecraft: The Haunter Of The Dark)


cunning - knowledge, learning, wit, wisdom

conning - studying or learning esp. by repetition, scaning, scrutinizing + Budge: The Book of the Dead xxxvi-xxxvii: 'the LXIVth Chapter... version of it... is entitled "The Chapter of Knowing the Chapters of Coming Forth [by Day] in a Single Chapter"... it was believed to contain the essence of the Book of the Dead'.

muccius (l) - snotty + Latin version of Maurice [Behan] is Mauritius [572.29].

preprocess - to subject to a preliminary processing + procession - a litany, form of prayer + praeprocessio (l) - a pre-advance + Procession of the Holy Ghost [.17] - theological term applied to the relation of the Holy Spirit to the Father and the Son, the Eastern Church affirming that the Spirit proceeds from the Father only, and the Western Church that the Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son.

pro- - prior + precession - a going forward, advance, procession + propraecessio (l) - something for or to take place of a going-before or a preceding.

duplicity - the state of being numerically or physically double or twofold, doubleness + dupliciter (l) - doubly, in a twofold manner.

diplous (gr) - twofold, double

promulgate - to make known by public declaration; to publish

ipso facto - by the very nature or the case, by the fact itself + ipso facto (l) - by the same fact.

Sadko - rich merchant in the Novgorod cycle, a sad contrast to the heretic or raskol'nik (Raskolnikov) as in the story of Dives and Lazarus + sed contra (l) - but on the contrary, but against. 

raskol - dissent from an established orthodoxy + rascally.

griphus (l) = griphos (gr) - a riddle, enigma + gripos (gr) - a haul of fish.

all but

secede - to withdraw from taking part + succeeded

monopolize - to obtain exclusive possession or control of + monophysism - doctrine that human and divine in the person of Jesus Christ constitute only one nature + monophysikos (gr) - of one nature: sectarian belief that Jesus had only one nature, not two (human, divine).

insubordinate - one who is insubordinate (disobedient, rebellious, mutinous) + suborior (l) - to spring up + Sobor - National Assembly under Ivan the Terrible + Duma - Tsarist Russian parliament, 1906-17.