Signs; Letters, I, 213 (March 24, 1924): 

In making notes I used signs for the chief characters... 

(Earwicker, H C E by moving letter E round) 
Anna Livia 
Shaun                                 JJ note: "I know that
d ought to be about roads, all about dawn and roads..."
S Snake 
P S.Patrick 
T Tristan 
I Isolde 
x Mamalujo 
This stands for the title but I do not wish to say it yet until the book has written more of itself.

In A First-Draft Version of FW, Mr Hayman says that in certain MSS Signs are attached to the twelve questions that make up FW I, VI. They are:

1) (rotated E)
4) x
5) S 
6) K
7) O 
8) [an egg?] 
9) [an inside of O] 
10) (Issy's sign is the same shape, but differently positioned)  
12) (None - but , or may be presumed)