9) Now, to be on again anew and basking again in the panaroma of all fibres of speech, if a human being duly fatigued of by the dayety of the sooty, with plenxty of time on his gouty hands and roams of space at his sleepish feet and [as] hapless beyond the dreams of accuracy as any camelot prince of dinmurk, were, at this actual auctual future futule preterite preteriting instant, in a the state states of suspended suspensive exanimation were acorded through the eye of a noodle, with an earsighted view of hopeinhaven with all the ingredients ingredient and egriegunt egregiunt means ways wights and ways to which in the curse of his persistence the course of his tory has will had been having recourses, the reverberration of knotcracking awes the reconjungation of nodebindings ayes, the redissolusingness of mindmouldered ease, and the thereby hang of the hoel of it, could such a none, whiles even led comesilencing comesilencers to comelieswithins comelieswithhers and till intempestuous Nox should catch the gallicry and spy lucan dawn, byhold at ones what is main and why tis twain, how one once meet melts in tother wants poignings, the sap rising the foles falling, the nimb of how but now nihilant round the girlyhead so becoming, the wrestless in the womb, all the rivals to the sea, shakeagain, all the O disaster, shakeamore, ah how starring!, but Heng's got a bit of Horsa's nose and Jeff's got the signs of Ham round his mouth, and the bow of beau that was beautiful pales as it palls, what was ross rude and oragious grows sinks senks gelb and greem, blue out the ind of it! Violet's dyed! then what would he that fargazer seem to seemself to be seeming at, dimn it all?
    Answer A collidoscape.


David Hayman - Joyce, James / A first-draft version of Finnegans wake (1963)