X 4. What Irish capitol city (ah dea o dea) [with a deltoid deltic origin and a nunous end [(a dust to dust!)]] of two syllables six letters can boast of having a) the most expensive brewing industry in the world b) the most expansive public thoroughfare in the world c) the most extensive park people's park in the world d) the most philohippic phillohippuc theobibbis theobibbous populatio paupulation in the world?
    Answer a)
Belfast Delfas. (Ul) And when you'll hear the hommers of my heart, my floxy lossy loss, bingbanging again the ribs of yer resistance and the tenderbolts of my rivets working to your det di destraction, ye'll be sheverin with all yer dinful sobs for the day when we'll go riding copecurly. You with yer orange garland and me with my conny cordial, down the greaseways of rollicking into the waters of wetted life. b) Dorghk. (Mu) And sure where can you have such good old chimes anywhere, and leave you, and how I'd be engaging you with my plovery softest of soft accents and descanting on the scene before below me of the loose vines of your hairafall with my two hand loving loofs braceliting the silks slims of your ankles and your wildmouth mouth's flower rosy and bobbing at round the soapstone of speech. c) Nublid (Ga) Isha, why wouldn't be happy, avourneen, on the mills money he'll soon be soon leaving you when I've my own garden owned streamy Georgian mansion lawn to recruit on upon by Dr. Cheek's special orders with my panful of soybeans & Irish in my east hand and an bottle James's james's gate in my west, after all the errors errears & erroriboose of embattled embottled history, with yourself churning over the new newleaved butter (more power to you!) the best and the cheapest from Atlanta to Oconee while whilst I'll drowse be drowsing in the gaarden. d) Galway Dalway. I caught hooked my thoroughgoen thoroughgoin trotty the first in Spanish Place, Mayo's Mayo in I make, Tuam's Tuam to I take, Sligo's pea sin but Galway's grace, Holy eel and sainted salmon jumping chuck chubb and ducking duckin dace, I never saw your aequal! says she, leppin half the lane.


David Hayman - Joyce, James / A first-draft version of Finnegans wake (1963)