The Serpent 

In the British Museum manuscripts the siglum S pertains to 1.6.5 and K to 1.6.6. S is HCE's servant or barman: passages discussing him frequently exhibit words derived from Scandinavian tongues. 1.6.5 is shaped by the advertisement which secured S's employment. He must rede smudsige flasker ('redd-up dirty bottles'), underholde tre børn ('entertain three children', i.e. serve drink to Shaun, Shem and Isod), 'serve's time till baass, grindstone his kniveses' and begribe fuldstaendig irernes sprog ('understand Irish fully'). He is old and corrupt ('fatherlow soundigged inmoodmined pershoon') but distinct from that 'aleconnerman'.                        

McHugh, Roland / The sigla of Finnegans wake

S 5. Whad slags of a lad would retten oleflacks smuttyflesks, emptout old mans, melk vitious geit, scare off jackjills, smoothpick waste paper papish pastures, sprink dirted water, bear around village, louden on the Kirkpeal, give foottreats footreats given to malafides, might underhold three barnets, putzpulish all boots, nightcover all firelights, grindstone his knivses, serve time to boss, serve time to boss, grindstone his knivses, full over boarded, lewd man of the method in godliness, perhaps perchance he now sits in the spoorwaggen, must fullstandingly fallstandingly begripe irers' language langurge, joblander or northquain bigger preferred prefurred, drinklords to please obtain, may get earnst, no get combitch, he is fatherly fatherlow soondigged soundigged inmudmined inmoodmined persho pershoon but aleconnermen aleconnermon, ney, that must he isn't?
    Answer — Poor old Joe!

David Hayman - Joyce, James / A first-draft version of Finnegans wake (1963)