O 7. Who are the components parts of our whole who are latecomers by anticipation, are the porters of the passions in virtue of ratiocination and, unify their voxes contributing the conflingent controversies of differentiation, unify their voxes in the one voice of vaticination, who crack the crust of comfort due to depradation, quaff drain the meed of for misery to incur intoxication, condone every evil by practical justification condemn any good for its own gratification; who are ruled, roped, _____, by two angel demons, feekeepers of their laws, preservation consternation, fornication, humiliation association and reexaltation recreation.


On MS p. 135 Joyce sketched out an addition which may have been designed for insertion here:

"from the garth of the pré salés to and Donnybrook's prados and Roebuck's campos and Rondurry the ager Aroundtown And Crumlin's Crumglen's grassy but Kimmage's champ and Ashtown fields
Fin Cabra - - -
    Finglas - - -
    Santry - - - - - -
fields fells of Raheny
    & fails &
baldoyle Baldoyle to them."

On MS p. 131 b Joyce numbered to fourteen, writing after number one: "maggies" and later adding "ring."


David Hayman - Joyce, James / A first-draft version of Finnegans wake (1963)