10) What then is bitter's life but yurning, what is a whut' sour lovematch lovemutch but a brief bref burning, till shee that drawes doth smoak smoake returne retourne?
     Answer I know, pepette, of course but listen, precious thanks, pette, these are lovely, delicious,
simply, [mind the wind, pet, what exquisite hands you have [if you didn't bite your nails] I bet you use [the her fine] French cream [to make [them] look so roses rosetop glowstop dontstop nostop] when I think of Dan Hishon, [[the foodbrawler] & the sociationist party] the & his [other 14] maulers, bend come stoop a little closer, please feelse fealse, delicious simply, I haven't enjoyed such felt so turkish for ages & ages, what are they all the mucking lot of them only, pept, [that's right, hold it steady,]] listen, lovest, of course, it was so kind of you miser, to remember my sighs in shockings and I'll always and always remind of it with my very best rolling in love even if he was to be ten a hundred vermilion times my age to live on creaking around on his arxle like a crosty old cornquake. O mind you poor fingy I'm very sorry mummum I'm terribly sorry I swear to you I am (On MS p. 137 b Joyce wrote: "I'm only any girl. Thou You may be her man."). May you never see me in my figure when I'm asleep in my birthday dress pelts and that her two hands blanc manges blanche mainges may rot off her leprously the other little winking bitch I know by your cut, sweetest, you'll be going chasing chasting afte with the jumps in her stomach stomewhere because of course I know, pettet, you're so learnedful & considerate in yourself you long cold cat you [Codling snakelet, icicle, [my diaper has more life to it!] O read my [dazzled] eyes, count all [your] quick my rhythmic ticks, [pore into my me volumes, spell me story stark [& spill me often [transname my loveliness & now [here we &] me for all times!]]]] I'd risk a policeman pullooseman pulloosemen passing by the flame that is what in the I beg O pardon pardone that is what O ah did you speak, stuck stuckup! how I'd like enjoy just love to make you flame up your half a banana too when I'd run the my torchlight through your the your hairymejig if even you had one no lovingest I'm not trying to take a rise out of you It's because I'm only any girl and because old someone is not here and because I hate you the very thought of the thought of you and because, darling, of course, dearest, I was always meant for an engineer. I beg your pardon I was listening to every word I said fell from your lips Move your mouth towards me, more, more and more, don't be a, I'm not going to, no, I swear to you by all I hold secret in this world & in my underworld and in the whole wondersworld. Close you, mustn't look, now open, pette, your lips, pepette, like I used to do with Dan Holohan told taught me, wholohan will have ears like yours ours. Do you like that, silenziosus? Are you enjoying, my life, my love? Is it not delicious really, I am enjoying it still, I swear I am. Why do you prefer it in the dark, if I may ask, my sweety? No, sweetest, why would that annoy me but don't! Your lips, love, be careful! Mind my dress above all! So, so, my precious. If I sell you who, dear? I wouldn't for all the jewels above us. Shshsh! Don't start like, you wretch! I thought you knew everything. It's only another queer fish in the damned old river. Excuse me for swearing, love! I swear I didn't mean to! Did you really never speak clothse to a girl before? Of course I believe you, my own sweet dear darling liar, when you tell me! Never! Never in my whole sweet life! Always of till Always love! As long lone as the stars look the lucksmith laughs!
David Hayman - Joyce, James / A first-draft version of Finnegans wake (1963)