1) What secondtonone myther rector builder & bridgemaker was the first to rise taller through his tale beanstale than the bluegum bo baobab baobabbaum or the giganteous Wellingtonia Sequoia, went nudiboots into a liffey liffeyette when she was barely in her streams trickles tricklies, was well known to wear clout a conciliationcap on the esker of his hooth, sports an [a chainganger's] albert over his, [hullender's] epulence, had several successive successiveful coloured coloured serevanmaids on the same [big] white parlour drawringroam hearthrug horthrug, killed himself his own hungery self as a young man in anger, [bred manyheaded sons stepsons and [a] leapyourown daughter, [& appeared to the shecook]], found food for his five when the market allmarket allmarker was goflooded, brewed pressed the beer of sapientia ale age out of the nettles of rashness, put a roof on the house lodge for God Hymn and a cog in the his pot for homo, was waylaid by a parker and beshotten by a buckeley, kicks lintels lintils when he's cuppy and gives chucks casts Jacob's to the his childer on the parish, owns the bulgiest bungbarrel that was ever tiptapped in the private privace of Mullingar Inn, hears the cricket on the earth and but annoys the life out of preachers predicants, made Man with guts one jerk and minted money with mong many, blows whiskey about around the head but thinks stout upon his feet, [was dubbed out of joke and limned in raw ochre,] stutters when he falls and gets goes up mad entirely when he's waked, is Timb in to the pearly morn and Tomb in by the weeping mourning night and if though he had all the red baked bricks of bould Babylon for to his lusting placys he'd been be lost for the want of eying ogling a poor an old ould wubblin wall?
    Answer Finn MacCool!
The signs accompanying the questions are Joyce's symbols for his characters. He noted them down on MS pp. 150 b and 132 b. I am including them for the reader's convenience.

David Hayman - Joyce, James / A first-draft version of Finnegans wake (1963)